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Dark Connections

Dark Connections was launched February 14th, 2003. The site was created to fill the need for educational resources and personal ads catering to people of color in the BDSM lifestyle. Previously it had been extremely difficult to meet other black lifestylers, and as a result many of us felt isolated, depressed and alone. Dark Connections became the starting point that allowed many kinky people of color to acknowledge, accept and share feelings they'd been suppressing most of their lives.

We believe every person should approach BDSM in their own unique way, however we encourage you to abide by rules of basic etiquette and home training. Please behave respectfully when socializing with other Dark Connections members.

Most importantly, when engaging in the BDSM lifestyle we hope you will always be tolerant with regard to other people's kinks and sexual orientations, and always be honest and honorable about your intentions. 

Please do not post advertisements or personal ads in the discussion group or submit materials (such as stories or artwork) you do not own rights to.

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