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Black BDSM web sites and personal pages with content and resources developed for or by people of color involved in the leather and BDSM lifestyles. To submit a site (reciprocal link not required) or to report a broken link contact us.


Personal websites of lifestylers of color

Black Beat
Major annual conference for African-Americans in the D/s, BDSM and Leather lifestyles. Held at an east coast hotel. Includes workshops, play parties at a fully equipped dungeon, and group dinners.

Black Erotica Guide
From the makers of Dark Connections. This site features the internet's only black erotica blogging community and a picture sharing board. BDSM blogs with very adult content.

Black Funk
Sexual cultural center for people of color who have various sexual orientations, identities, passions, desires, and interests including the leather and BDSM lifestyles.

Black Sensuality
BDSM web site for people of color.

Blacks in BDSM
A web page with links to groups, books, articles, and other resources specifically for people of color (black, latino/a, asian, native american, middle eastern, etc) into BDSM.

Black Women for Submission
Dedicated to those interested in the lifestyle of Dominance and submission.

A place for real-time and serious members of the lifestyle to converse and share information and ideas

Daddie Millarca
The personal site of Daddie Millarca, a Vampyre leather dyke and leather contest titleholder.

Domain of Lady Cocoa
A web site for those new (and not so new) to the Lifestyle, filled with insight and personal experiences of a female black Dominant and her submissives. There are also links & resources, a lifestyle art gallery, essays, and information on education and mentoring by Lady Cocoa.

Elaine's Playroom
The personal web site of a black female "pushy bottom".

A pan sexual, alternative social munch group for people of color started by volunteers of The New England Leather Alliance.

Lady QuyitStorm
The tribute page of the legendary black submissive Lady Quyit Storm. Shall she never be forgotten.

Leather/Fetish of All Colors
Information about title holders and people of color in the leather community.

A tribute page to a lovable member of our community who left way too soon.

Master Taino's Leather Family
Hispanic Dom teaches about the "Leather Family" concept as a real alternative to many in our community.

Master Vincent Black Wolf's Dungeon
A site created by a black leatherman for those who want to learn, and get back to the true nature of what Leather and S/M means.

Men of Onyx
An organization formed and operated by men of color who enjoy the leather lifestyle.

New York Panthers Leather Club
A social, informational and educational forum for self-identified gay, bisexual, transgender and same gender loving men of color interested and involved in leathersex, BDSM and fetish activities.

Submissives of Color
A site created by a black female submissive to educate new and novice submissives on safe, sane and consensual play.

Viola Johnson
The official web page of Vi Johnson, author and leather community elder.

Discussion groups

Black BEAT Inc. organization designed to bring together people of color who are a part of the D/s community. Join this group to find out about other BlackBEAT groups in your area.

Black BEAT Munch Headquarters Maryland and DC
A real-time, active group with munches and group events in the MD/DC area.

A real-time, active group with munches and group events in the NY/NJ area.

Black BEAT Philly Metro
A real-time, active group with munches and group events in the Southern New Jersey/Philly area.
A real-time, active group with munches and group events in the Los Angeles area.
A real-time, active group with munches and group events in the Texas area.

Helping to bring the People Of Color BDSM & D/s community closer together, through education and communication.

A group for heterosexual sub black males serving Mistresses.

BZ Conference Workshop
A live video and voice chat conference with new educational topics every week.

Chicago Black Bondage
BDSM group for people of color in the Chicago area.

The discussion group for Charlotte Lovers of All Kink. Covering the black community and their admirers who share an interest in a D/s lifestyle.

The official discussion group for Dark Connections. Use this area to chat with other Dark Connection members and upload photos.

BDSM for womyn of color who are lesbian, bisexual, same-gender-loving (SGL) and transgender. Womyn who identify as butch, dyke, boi's studs, aggressives (AG's) tops, bottoms, and switches, who enjoy the the pleasure of erotic power exchange

Multicultural munch group aimed at bringing all people together who enjoy and have an interest in the BDSM and leather lifestyle be they experienced or novice.

A place where young People of color, (between the ages of 22 and 42) can have the chance to surround ourselves with other POC with like minds.

Ebony DomsNsubs
A place for those of color and their admirers in the D/s lifestyle to come together and share knowledge and experiences.

Ebony Mistress Directory
A group for those trying to locate a black female dominant.

African american, black, BDSM, bondage, pain, rope, chains, discipline, domination, submission, restraint, S&M ,spanking.

The official discussion group for ONYX, an organization formed and operated by men of color who enjoy the leather lifestyle.

Discussion list for the New York Panthers Leather Club (NYPLC) for men of color in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tri-state area.

People Exchanging Power for People of Color (PEP4POC) is a support and social group for People of Color and those who love them.

A discussion group for Black subs and doms in the Greater Philadelphia Area. An affiliate group of the Black BEAT Inc. organization. (Formerly PhillyBlackSubsNDoms)

The study of the Black Female as Superior Queens and Goddesses.
The black male sub group. A discussion group for Black male submissives and the Dommes or Doms who enjoy them.

Yahoo 360
This blogging community has a large network of Black BDSM members. Some lifestylers also use 360 as their profile page, homepage or as a picture sharing site.

Violet Society
An alternative lifestyle group for people of all colors exploring the many flavors of BD/SM, D/s and M/s.

Free picture groups

Bay Area Women of Color BDSM Photo Project
Expanding the aesthetic and cultural perception of the BDSM community by promoting artistically tasteful photographic images of Women of Color in BDSM.

Pictures of gagged ebony women only.

Erotic tag group with some black BDSM content.

Black-owned bdsm businesses
Dungeon Discounters
The BDSM community's original and only liquidator of quality accessories.
Fetish Hosting
Focuses exclusively on providing website hosting and design services to clients who provide products and services to the alternative lifestyle community.

Kinky, naughty, freaky t-shirts for leather lifestylers. Wear your kink.

Forbidden Funk
Hot gay leather videos. Enter a dark zone of leather and lust where hot Bruthas explore their sexual desires with no shame.
Indigo Blaque
Erotic/ fetish photographer, graphic artist and black male Dominant, Darque De Sade. Located in NYC.
Indigo Blaque - A New Look at Fetish - vol I
Indigo Blaque LLC has released its first book of fetish photography. The compilation continues the goal of the Indigo Blaque Project to balance the visual playing field of how women of color in kink are portrayed.
New from Dark Connections films... A funny, informative documentary about black sexuality, fetish and kink. Featuring hilarious on-the-street interviews in Harlem and interviews with famous kinky lifestylers. View the trailer here.

Lair De Sade
A North Hollywood dungeon run by a black Dom with 30+ "playstations" featuring exquisite BDSM furniture and equipment. Mirrored stage, surround sound, leather couches and lion chairs enhance the showroom. Exterior portions are privately enclosed for socializing and smoking and feature cast iron patio heaters.

Pure TnT
The net's largest one stop shop for your BDSM, lesbian, gay and fetish jewelry.

Black BDSM pay sites

Black Girls Bound
A fetish web site featuring pictures of beautiful black women in bondage situations.

Bound 'n' Teased
Ebony and Latin Submissive girls bound, tickled & made to cum by Dominant ethnic females.

DeLano Bound
Black male bondage enthusiast. Site features image galleries and interviews with rope artists, photographers and models.

Ebony Bondage
Fetish web site specializing in ebony bondage. This site is an act of homage to the erotic allure of ebony women in bondage...dedicated to providing high quality, original, fetish, images and bondage video of black women in erotic restraint. High quality images and beautiful models.

Ebony Footjob Hotel
The Ebony Footjob Hotel is a place where you can see Sexy Black Women's feet on Meat! If you're a lover of black women stroking cocks with their beautiful feet then this is the place for you.

Erotic site of a black, leather dyke and fetish model. Site has a small but growing collection of high-quality erotic / BDSM / fetish content. As part CyberDyke -- a network of women making affordable erotic sites for women -- membership price gets you access to several sites in the network

Images of black female submissive Aye Provide and her ebony friends in bondage.
Images of Dominant black women face-sitting, trampling and having their feet worshipped.

Black Pro Dominants

Black Domina
The directory/listing site for black mistresses worldwide.
Dark Connections Pro Black Dominants Listing
The internet's finest selection of professional Dominants of color.
Ebony Mistress Directory
A directory site for ebony, asian and latina mistresses worldwide.
The Black Matrix
The place to find your Mistress of color.

Last updated November 2008