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Baroness D Silver photographed by Themaxvilla.com.

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History of Black BDSM

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Interviews with people of color in the BDSM lifestyle ranging from newbies, to leather legend Viola Johnson, and celebrity kinkster Sinnamon Love.

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FetLife Discussion Group

Dark Connections uses FetLife.com as a place to hold lively discussions, network, view member photos and BDSM events. It's kind of like Facebook for kinky people. You can upload photos to your own personal gallery, and there is also chat and PM available. Best of all it's free!

Subs Handbook

Black Munch Groups

Mr. Worf started the first munch group for people of color, Mahogany Pleasures of Darkness. It is currently the longest running black munch group in the entire world. Here's a full listing of black munch groups around the nation. Learn how to start your own munch group here.

Dominant's Field Guide

Black BDSM Events

If you're interested in attending black play parties and/or national BDSM events you'll want to check out the POC Events page on FetLife. It's the only group that exclusively displays Black BDSM events.


Black BDSM Links

A current listing of Black BDSM organizations and businesses. This list does not include social networking groups such as yahoo or FetLife, professional dominants or pay/porn sites.

Collaring Ceremonies

The Old Ass Yahoo Group

From 2002-2009 Dark Connections used Yahoo! Groups exclusively as a discussion forum and member photo depository. We now use FetLife.com which is way more dynamic. You can still join the old Yahoo! group and if you listen real close you might hear Mr. Worf sigh.