Beautiful bondage model - Source Unknown

Black BDSM Stories

The Story - Kieth Meistersohn
When and where Daddy says. It's Daddy's way, always. - Khepera del Sadico
Cycuntica Destiny - Sasi
Damaged - coffee
Amen - coffee
Ebony’s Tattoo - ChocletRN
The Making of a White Sissy Slut - AfroerotiK
Ebony’s G Spot - ChocletRN
Ebony’s Daddy - ChocletRN
Ebony’s Jewel - ChocletRN
Shelley's Punishment - by Khepera del Sadico
Reflections on a connection (for TD) - Khepera del Sadico
Say Yes... - Babydoll
Out on a Limb - Babydoll
Tamed Tiger - tigress
Serving Ms. Harris - coffee
Mistress Desires Your Service - Vyxen
Dancing with the Devil - Daddy’s grrl
Friday Night with Master Marcellus - slave jasmine
The Naked Racist - Sharon
Plantation Lullabies - AfroerotiK
The Strangers - Peeches
At Home - Peeches
Sin in Georgia - Mr. Zyne
Dirty Little Bitch - coffee
The next night after dinner - Kendall
King of the Damned Claims his Prize - ChocletRN
Ménage à Trois: The Genetic Freaks - cyberdiva
Mystery To You - chocol8peach
Lessons in Discipline - Daddy's grrl
Officer Garrett - Heidi
If Only for One Night - babydoll
The Masturbatrix - Chris Bellows/Pink Flamingo Publishing
The Toy Bag Deal - ChocletRN
Bun in the oven - Daddy’s grrl
The First Time - Daddy’s grrl
Wake Up Call - Daddy’s grrl
The Plane Crash - Sasi
The Warm Gift - ChocletRN
Late Again! - ChocletRN
The Feeding - MyHaloBroke
Summer Vacation - Nfnity
Sub Sistahs! Part 1 - Nfnity
Restless Night Part 1 - DrkRose_Petal
The Lesson of Humility - EastMaster
The Beginning - EastMaster
Bad Doggy - Bishop
OPEN new WET - IntriguingAG
Midnight in Yosemite - Allan M.
Lisa The Bitch - NiaNandi
Night Visitor - Mr Taqtiks
Haute Dog, The View - Beneatha Younger-Mann
Chimera - cyberdiva
Taken - Infinity
Fantasy the Maid - Ande Diqiu
Further in the Night - LatinoDomsDestny
Officer James - coffee
Ghost Eyes - Vyxen
A Spell of Hunger - cyberdiva
The Nature of the Beast - MyHaloBroke
The Freak of July - IntriguingAG
Maid for Hire - Infinity
Hotel Pleasure - Ande Diqiu
It's So About the Chemistry - IntriguingAG
Love on the Back Hand Side - Afrobrown
To Capture a Storm - QuyitStorm
Master - Angelina
The last of countless nights of passion... - Tasha Harris
Breaking Point - Tasha Harris
Ebony's trip - Choclet RN
Hooked on Porn Fliks: Another Cut - IntriguingAG
A Black Gap Girl - Mr. Zyne
Desire's Pleasures - Yve
Pet - Bliss
A Black Gap Exit - Mr. Zyne
Hotel Bonaventure - Scottie Lowe
Desk - Blackfist
A Black Gap Update - Mr. Zyne
Untitled - BlkDomCalif
The Soul of A Slave Girl - Resa de Milo
Ghetto Girls of Gor (the intentionally lost scrolls) - Resa de Milo
A Black Gap Story - Mr. Zyne
The Client - (chapter 5) Nikki
Sir Walt's Surprise - Choclet RN
The Client - (chapter 4) Nikki
The Client - (chapter 3) Nikki
Ebony Gets in Touch - Choclet RN
He Touches My Face - Ms. Madison
Ebony's Sisterly Love - Choclet RN
Yisa's Goodnight Kiss - vanillasubgirl
The Client - (chapter 2) Nikki
The Client - (chapter 1) Nikki
Out of Character - Peeches
The Arrival - o2bspnkd
Love in Humiliation - Peaches
Stalked - BlaqueThoughtz
Daddy's Girl - Mr. Zyne
Cumslut - Blackfist
Ebony's Story - ChocletRn
Officer Friendly - Ken
Yes Daddy - Cece
Life on the Farm - slave to Sisyphus Rain
Indulgence - Blyss
Martha Stewart: My Confessions... - Darrell Williams
Control - Searching
Long Distance - sexyvxxn
Spice - Scottie Lowe
Spanking that Booty and Hot Wax - Ken
Hupendi Muziki Wangu - Dark Abyss
Unfinished Business - Newbie1105
Law Enforcer - coffee's unofficial entry
Death Becomes Her - LovePotionJezebel
Times Square - sexyvxxn
Forgiven - Angelique
Grand Theft - Miagirl
Angela's Way - wingwagon
Family Ties - searching
Little Girl Lost - WomanChild
Speechless - Daddi Panther
The Lesson - Daddi Panther
The Weekend - Daddi Panther
Tonight - Daddi Panther
Torture - Searching
Banana In The Split - Beneatha Younger-Mann
Tonight, My Love, Shibari - Beneatha Younger-Mann
Nocturnal Vows - Dark Abyss
Dominant Black Tales and Submissive White Tales - AfroerotiK
The Test - lovebunny
Regina's Awakening - Ande Diqiu
The Woods - SubAngel
The Scavenger Hunt - Beneatha Younger-Mann
Captive - CuriousBlkFemSub
Coiled - Jae Dayan
Childish Games - Beneatha Younger-Mann
Death’s Passion - Charmed Blyss
Silence… - Darrell Williams
Domme of the Dead - Olivialuck
Bend Over the Rainbow - Goddess Dee
3:30 a.m. - O2bspnkd
The Layover - coffee
Tracy Meets Uncle Sam - Rumpwhacker
What a night! - LatinoDomsDestny
The DreamTime Gate - BabylonCrush
A much needed chance to serve - Peeches
Daddy Jones’ Desire - TantrikBlyss
Andie's Daddy - coffee
The Brush-off: Part 1 - queen_sweet_babydoll
Licking - bgtreasure
The First Sexual Encounter - teripie
How to succeed in business without trying... - Mr. Worf
First Time - Mr. Zyne
Lips - Cntrler
Totally Clueless - Katon Napiér
First Meeting - suga