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BDSM stories written by, for and about people of color. Contact us if you'd like to see your fictional stories published here.

May 2009 "Say Yes..." Babydoll
May 2009 "Out on a Limb" Babydoll
Dec 2008 "Friday Night with Master Marcellus" slave jasmine
Dec 2008 "Officer Garrett" Heidi
Dec 2008 "If Only for One Night" babydoll
Nov 2008 "The Toy Bag Deal" ChocletRN
Nov 2008 "The Plane Crash" Sasi
Nov 2008 "The Feeding" MyHaloBroke
Nov 2008 "Bad Doggy" Bishop
Nov 2008 "A Spell of Hunger" cyberdiva
Nov 2008 "The Nature of the Beast" MyHaloBroke
Oct 2008 "Love on the Back Hand Side" Afrobrown
Oct 2008 "Cycuntica Destiny" Sasi
Oct 2008 "Damaged" coffee
Oct 2008 "Amen" coffee
Sept 2008 "Ebony’s Tattoo" ChocletRN
June 2008 "The Making of a White Sissy Slut" AfroerotiK
June 2008 "Ebony’s G Spot" ChocletRN
May 2008 "Ebony’s Daddy" ChocletRN
May 2008 "Ebony’s Jewel" ChocletRN
April 2008 "Shelley's Punishment" by Khepera del Sadico
April 2008 "Reflections on a connection (for TD)" by Khepera del Sadico
Feb 2008 "Tamed Tiger" tigress
Feb 2008 "Serving Ms. Harris" coffee
Feb 2008 "Mistress Desires Your Service" Vyxen
Dec 2007 "Dancing with the Devil" Daddy’s grrl
Nov 2007 "The Naked Racist" Sharon
Sept 2007 "Plantation Lullabies" AfroerotiK
Sept 2007 "The Strangers" Peeches
Sept 2007 "At Home" Peeches
Sept 2007 "Sin in Georgia" Mr. Zyne
Sept 2007 "Dirty Little Bitch" coffee
Aug 2007 "The next night after dinner" Kendall
Aug 2007 "King of the Damned Claims his Prize" ChocletRN
Aug 2007 "Ménage à Trois:  The Genetic Freaks" cyberdiva
Aug 2007
"Mystery To You" chocol8peach
July 2007 "Lessons in Discipline" Daddy's grrl
May 2007 "The Masturbatrix" Chris Bellows/Pink Flamingo Publishing
March 2007 "Bun in the oven" Daddy’s grrl
March 2007 "The First Time" Daddy’s grrl
March 2007 "Wake Up Call" Daddy’s grrl
Nov 2006
Nov 2006
"Late Again!" ChocletRN
Oct 2006
Oct 2006
Oct 2006
Oct 2006
Oct 2006
"The Beginning " EastMaster
Aug 2006
"OPEN new WET" IntriguingAG
Aug 2006

"Midnight in Yosemite" Allan M.
Aug 2006

"Lisa The Bitch" NiaNandi

Aug 2006
"Night Visitor" Mr Taqtiks
Aug 2006
"Haute Dog, The View" Beneatha Younger-Mann
Aug 2006
"Chimera" cyberdiva
Aug 2006
"Taken" Infinity
Aug 2006
Aug 2006
"Further in the Night" LatinoDomsDestny
Aug 2006
Aug 2006

"Ghost Eyes" Vyxen

July 2006
"The Freak of July" IntriguingAG
July 2006
"Maid for Hire" Infinity
May 2006
"Hotel Pleasure" Ande Diqiu
April 2006
March 2006
March 2006
"Breaking Point" Tasha Harris
Feb 2006 "Hooked on Porn Fliks: Another Cut" IntriguingAG
Feb 2006 "A Black Gap Girl " Mr. Zyne
Jan 2006 "A Black Gap Exit" Mr. Zyne
Dec 2005 "Hotel Bonaventure " Scottie Lowe
Dec 2005 "Desk" Blackfist
Dec 2005 "A Black Gap Update" Mr. Zyne
Oct 2005 "A Black Gap Story " Mr. Zyne
Oct 2005 "The Client" (chapter 5) Nikki
Sept 2005 "The Client" (chapter 4) Nikki
Sept 2005 "The Client" (chapter 3) Nikki
Sept 2005 "He Touches My Face" Ms. Madison
Sept 2005 "Ebony's Sisterly Love " Choclet RN
Aug 2005 "The Client" (chapter 2) Nikki
Aug 2005 "The Client" (chapter 1) Nikki
Aug 2005 "Out of Character" Peeches
Aug 2005 "The Arrival" o2bspnkd
Aug 2005 "Stalked" BlaqueThoughtz
July 2005 "Daddy's Girl" Mr. Zyne
July 2005 "Cumslut" Blackfist
July 2005 "Officer Friendly" Ken
July 2005 "Yes Daddy" Cece
June 2005 "Life on the Farm" slave to Sisyphus Rain
June 2005 "Indulgence" Blyss
June 2005 "Martha Stewart: My Confessions..." Darrell Williams
June 2005 "Control" Searching
June 2005 "Long Distance" sexyvxxn
June 2005 "Spice" Scottie Lowe
June 2005 "Spanking that Booty and Hot Wax" Ken
June 2005 "Hupendi Muziki Wangu" Dark Abyss
June 2005 "Unfinished Business" Newbie1105
June 2005 "Law Enforcer" coffee's unofficial entry
June 2005

"Death Becomes Her" LovePotionJezebel
June 2005 "Times Square" sexyvxxn
June 2005 "Grand Theft" Miagirl
June 2005 "Family Ties" searching
June 2005 "Little Girl Lost" WomanChild
May 2005 "Speechless" Daddi Panther
May 2005 "The Lesson " Daddi Panther
May 2005 "The Weekend" Daddi Panther
May 2005 "Tonight" Daddi Panther
May 2005 "Torture" Searching
March 2005 "Banana In The Split" Beneatha Younger-Mann
March 2005 "Tonight, My Love, Shibari" Beneatha Younger-Mann
Feb 2005 "Nocturnal Vows" Dark Abyss
Feb 2005 "Dominant Black Tales and Submissive White Tales" AfroerotiK
Dec 2004 "Regina's Awakening" Ande Diqiu
Dec 2004 "The Woods" SubAngel
Dec 2004 "The Scavenger Hunt" Beneatha Younger-Mann
Dec 2004 "Captive" CuriousBlkFemSub
Oct 2004 "Coiled" Jae Dayan
Oct 2004 "Childish Games" Beneatha Younger-Mann
June 2004 "Death’s Passion" Charmed Blyss
June 2004 "Silence…." Darrell Williams
June 2004 "Domme of the Dead" Olivialuck
June 2004 "Bend Over the Rainbow" Goddess Dee
June 2004 "3:30 a.m." O2bspnkd
June 2004 "The Layover" coffee
June 2004 "Tracy Meets Uncle Sam" Rumpwhacker
Dec 2003 "What a night!" LatinoDomsDestny
Dec 2003 "The DreamTime Gate" BabylonCrush
Dec 2003 "A much needed chance to serve" Peeches
Dec 2003 "Daddy Jones’ Desire" TantrikBlyss
Dec 2003 "Andie's Daddy" coffee
Dec 2003 "The Brush-off: Part 1" queen_sweet_babydoll
Dec 2003 "Licking" bgtreasure
Dec 2003 "The First Sexual Encounter" teripie
Dec 2003 "How to succeed in business without trying..." Mr. Worf
Dec 2003 "First Time" Mr. Zyne
Dec 2003 "Lips" Cntrler
Dec 2003 "Totally Clueless" Katon Napiér
Dec 2003 "First Meeting" suga
Dec 2003 "The Test" lovebunny
Dec 2003 "Angela's Way" wingwagon
Dec 2003 "Forgiven" Angelique
Dec 2003 "Ebony's Story" ChocletRn
Dec 2003 "Love in Humiliation" Peaches
Nov 2003 "Yisa's Goodnight Kiss" vanillasubgirl
Nov 2003 "Ebony Gets in Touch" Choclet RN
Oct 2003 "Sir Walt's Surprise" Choclet RN
Aug 2003 "Ghetto Girls of Gor (the intentionally lost scrolls)" Resa de Milo
Aug 2003 "The Soul of A Slave Girl" Resa de Milo
Aug 2003 "Untitled" BlkDomCalif
June 2003 "Pet" Bliss
May 2003 "Desire's Pleasures" Yve
May 2003 "Ebony's trip" Choclet RN
May 2003 "Master" Angelina
Mar 2003 "To Capture a Storm" QuyitStorm

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