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Cntrler © 2003

Note from author: This story started out as a collaboration with a submissive friend. We were each to write a chapter a piece. I started the story...

I met a Lady on the Internet. I later met her in person. I was patient. I didn’t want to be but I knew it was the right thing to do. I admit, in a heartbeat, I love lips. I love a woman with lips. Not the razor thin lines some people have, no, I love full lips, thick lips. We talked, online and on the phone. We email and chat and have found a curiously, compelling, compatibility. We liked each other from the word go.

This Lady has been studying her submissive side. She has told me she is ready for the real thing. No more reading and talking about it. I agreed. I am to meet her at my place tonight. She has her instructions. Her uniform, matching red high heels and thong. I told her the door would be open just step inside and strip to her uniform kneel and wait.

I arrived at home and immediately went to the shower I’m running on time but time is creeping up on me. I enjoyed the shower and as I finished drying off I walked into the living room heading for the kitchen. I stopped, looked out the corner of my eye and spotted my Lady. Quiet, kneeling, head bowed, eyes lowered. I wrapped the towel around me and told her,
“Crawl to me now.”
She comes to me quickly.
“On your knees.”, I commanded.
She rose head still down eyes lowered.
“What is your purpose here?”
“I am here for you, Daddy, for your pleasure, for your use, I give my body, heart, my mind and my spirit for your desires.”, she replied.
“Do you recall what I desire, what I expect and what I have deemed necessary?”
“Yes, Daddy”, she answered quickly.
“Wait”, I instructed, and left the room. I returned immediately carrying my bag of tools and toys.
She stayed, kneeling, great posture with excited nipples and prominent lips.
“ Damn’, I thought to myself, ‘ooohhhh I want to play with that.”
I tossed the bag into a chair in the living room then stood in front of her, still wrapped in a towel.
I reached down and took each nipple in fingers and pull her gently to her feet, she gasp, and moans. Guiding her chin to bring her eyes in contact with mine I bend down reach around her small frame under those round cheeks and lift her head to my level.
“Hold me I instruct.”
Instinctively, she hugs and wraps her legs around me, we kiss, deeply, long ,yet, slowly. I absorb the feel of her lips, the fullness, how they seem to wrap and suck at the same time, the gentleness, the moisture and a body so small yet strong. I squeezed the ass cheeks and exhaled as she sucked my neck rubbing and reaching out with those lips .
“Daddy loves that.”
I walk us to the couch and gently let her feet land on the cushions. I take her hand as she steps to the floor and I sit. Pulling her into my lap we kiss and caresses each other, exploring. Her little body is a toy in my hands. I slide her down, between my legs, as she gazes at my erection.
“ I will give you the instructions for the evening . Do you recall how I do that?”
“Yes, Daddy!”, she stated. She immediately plants her lips around the head of my dick and locks her eyes on mine.
“Good girl.”, I tell her while stroking the side of her face with my fingers.
I proceeded to tell her what I wanted from her that evening, how I wanted her to behave and respond to my instructions. I repeated what we had already covered and for every agreement and response I needed from her she was instructed to give my nuts a gentle squeeze as she cradled them in her palm. I could tell she was enjoying the instruction period.

The first thing to do was to show her my house. I told her to take my bag and spread the contents out in a presentable way that will allow all of them to be viewed at once. I went to the bedroom to get something on. Upon returning she was kneeling, head down, eyes lowered. I was in pouched briefs, black. I walked up to her stroked the side of her face gently, cupped her chin in my palm raised her head up and kissed those lovely lips, slowly.
Grabbing a handful of hair I said, “On your hands and knees.”, she complied.
Using her hair as a leash I walked her to the chair and floor area where she had displayed the contents of my bag. I raised her to her knees, I placed a collar and leash on her, told her to remove her shoes and go to the side of my leg that I slap whenever she is in this position and no talking. I slapped, we toured. I had her on the bed on all fours, legs spread like beautiful chocolate female property, happy, proud and safe. I thought of the independent, strong willed, suspicious, Lady I had come to know that matched the same Lifestyle interests as I. This feeling of control, power over such a confident and intelligent being, the sense of freedom to act out your whims and filling that need for responsibility continues to be addictive. We return to the living room. I raised her to her knees and rubbed her face in my crotch.
“Keep your mouth parted slightly.”, I told her. I ran my hands through her hair, moving my crotch all over her face. I stepped away abruptly.
Put your shoes back on, take your thong off and present your self for inspection. I inspected, slowly, thoroughly.
I patted her left ass cheek. I told her to get something to drink from the kitchen. I sat and watched her walk. Smiling. How she served me was important. It told me if I had to train her in this area. I was not looking for a trained geisha. I was looking for consideration. How she would manifest that toward me. As she walked back to me I remembered my nipple jewelry.
‘Yes this is a visual delight.’, I said to myself.
“You may speak freely now.”
“Thank you, Daddy.”
She placed a napkin on the end table got a coaster from the coffee table place it next to the napkin and handed me a glass of red wine, half full, impressive, even if she doesn’t know what she did. “Thank you, baby.”
I watched her walk again, smiling some more. She returned with water for herself. We chatted about the house and drank as she sat between my legs. I soon had her in ankle and wrist cuffs bound to the ends of the couch laying across my lap. Within easy reach I had an assortment of paddles, plugs and vibrators. I used my remote to turn on the music, which started with Phoebe Snow’s “Teach me Tonight”. I played with those cheeks, jiggling, shaking, squeezing all to the moans and guttural sounds she produced along with the music. I placed lube on my fingers and penetrated her, I teased her clit and spread her open to see what the world can’t see. Then I placed an anal vibrator in, some vaginal balls inside her, turned the vibrator on low and rubbed her cheeks. I started spanking, not hard, just enough so that she could tell I was slapping her and increased the intensity with each rise in the vibrators level. I occasionally tugged at the ring attached to the vaginal balls but never pulling them out. I teased the doorway of her pussy but only enough for a ball to get snug. I took a pocket vibrator and every so often gave her clit a few fleeting moments of contact just to keep every erogenous zone in the region happy. She was quite vocal. The only words I understood were Daddy, damn, shit and what.

Your turn....

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