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The First Sexual Encounter

teripie © 2003

As he opened the door to the house and slavetea walked into the house she felt alittle nervous. She knew this day would come but was not sure what this day would hold for her. Master had not said much about the day. But when she met him he greeted her in his usual warm embrace. That was one thing slavetea looked forward to at each meeting and before she left his company. He never failed to give her his embrace and in a way his strength. She never looked him directly in his eyes as it was not her place but she always stole a look at his face and enjoyed the smiled that always played on his face when he saw her. That smile and combined with that embrace seemed to set all things right when she was in his presence. For reasons unknown to her she was always a little nervous. It seemed the anticipation of seeing him along with not knowing what things she would learn when meeting him. No matter what the day brought she always learn something from being in his presence.
Slavetea quickly took his jacket and hung it up in the place he directed her along with her jacket. As her Master sat down she quickly sat on the floor at this feet. Then she watch as he took out his cigarette and she took out her lighter to light it for him. She looked around to make sure there was an ashtray close by. Then he arose and started walking. At this she was not sure what to do weather to stay or follow. He looked back and noticed she was still seated. Bitch he called out come here and follow me, oh and don't walk crawl behind me. She obeyed him and crawled behind him as he walked into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom Master took a sit in a chair and looked at slavetea with a slight smile on his lips. This made her unsure of what she was to do next so she crawled beside his chair and waited. He stroked her hair, then grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and looked into her face. Bitch I want to know why you are not undressing yet and presenting yourself to me. Slavetea, said i..... i... was not sure.
With those few words he cut her off and said I do not remember giving you permission to speak so get your ass undress as i requested bitch. With that she quickly undressed and got into a position where her head was on the bed and her pussy and ass in the air for his inspection. Master did not move from the chair just sat there smoking and looking at her ass and pussy which was facing him. He thought he would make her wait for a few minutes in that position until he was ready to inspect her. After about 4 or 5 minutes he got up and walked over to the bed. He gently touched her back and ran his hand down her spine to her hair and felt it. Then he positions himself behind her and put one finger inside her pussy. As he did so he smiled to himself as she was wet. Than he inserted three fingers inside her pussy and moved them in and out. He could tell she was ready for him but he would not allow her the pleasure just yet. Then he took his fingers out and said okay now lick my fingers and when you are finished go into the bathroom and shower. There is soap, washcloth and towel waiting for you. I will come in and watch you. slaveterri got up and licked her juices from his fingers and then went to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom she found the soap he had selected just for her waiting along with the other things he spoke of. As she adjusted the water and was about to step into the shower in walked her Master. He put the toilet seat down and sat as she entered the shower he watched. Start at the top and work your way down I am sure you know the drill bitch. She lathered up her washcloth and started washing her face then her breast arms, shoulders, back and when she got to her pussy he said stop. She stopped instantly. He reach for the washcloth and said open your legs and spread your pussy and ass for me. As she did he washed her pussy and ass. This slavetea found embarrassing as she knew how to wash but she did not speak. After that he handed her back the washcloth and said now bitch finish the job and get your ass out here to me. She finished washing and stood in the shower and let the warm water run over her body. How she loved the feeling of the water hitting her breast and her back. She forgot for a moment what she was doing and where she was. She quickly regain her senses and remembered Master was waiting. Oh no she thought i took to long with this she thought. Once out of the shower, Master was sitting in the chair waiting on her. Come here bitch he said, bend over this chair and hold on to the arms. With that she did as he ordered. As she got into position without a minute he took his hand and smacked her ass. She could feel the heat instantly. Master had heavy hands and make no mistake when he smacked her ass it was intent. Again and again he continued to smack her ass. She could feel her ass getting hotter and hotter with each smack and without looking she knew it was getting redder and redder on her pecan colored ass. She wanted to cry with each smack but she measured her breathes and put the pain inside. After several smacks he rubbed her ass and said now Bitch I am not the one who waits for you to get ready at your leisure. She enjoyed when he rubbed her ass it did sooth the heat alittle. After that he told her to remain in that position and then he took out a flogger. Then he started flogging her back with it. At first it felt like a nice relief from the smacks of his hand but then it was getting uncomfortable. This pain she could not seem to focus out of and after several strikes, sounds of pain escaped from her lips. With each strike she moaned. After moaning a few times Master stopped and lightly touched her back. Then he gave her permission to stand and he came over and pulled her by her hair and kissed her lips. softly at first just on the outside then he passionately kissed her putting his tongue in her mouth and lightly biting her lips. Then he kissed her ear and neck lightly biting and kissing as he went down to her breast. In his mouth he took her nipples and sucked them and nibbled each one until she was moaning with desire. As he worked his way back up her body he undid his pants and took out his dick. She in turn slide down his body and took his dick inside her mouth. At first she took her tongue and circled the head, taking more and more into her mouth as she circled. Then taking her tongue she licked her way to the base and back to the tip and put the head in her mouth and began sucking on his dick. With that he began skull fucking her, making her take more and more into her mouth. As he withdrew back she would take a breath as when he pushed forward it would interfere with her breath. With each thrush she could feel him going deeper into the back of her throat. As he was cumming he pushed his dick into the back of her throat and said bitch don't let a drop hit the floor or spill out, take all of it. slavetea was choking as she swallowed making sure not to waste a drop. Her eyes filled with tears as she had never swallowed or been throat fucked like that before. But she took it all and did not spill a drop. Master said Yes Bitch that was so good you did a great job, and he stoked her hair. Then he took out some duct tape and taped each leg until she was spread eagle on the bed. The he taped her arms out and to each side of the bed. The he pinched her nipples an bit her each breast and suck them until she was moaning and into a place she wanted him to fuck her or command her to do anything just give her the release of cumming. Then he entered her with is dick and she gasp as he fucked her and with each stroke she cried out as he went deep inside her. She had not had a man with his length fuck her so deep with each stroke she could feel him pushing inside her it caused her to groan and yet it felt good and she had not been fucked like that. After a few minutes she felt herself floating and moving with each thrust she would cry out not able to stop herself from making such animal sounds she did not realize was coming from her own lips. With each stroke Master and slavetea found themselves gaining the release and escape they both needed in each other.
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