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The Brush-off Part 1

queen_sweet_babydoll © 2003

Life is funny if you sit and think about how you get from one moment to the next. Never thought I would be where I am today five years ago. Years ago I was shy, meek, inexperienced, unsophisticated, and almost painfully unaware of my own body. I was an innocent child looking for a daddy, a protector and a hero even if I did not know it then. When he finally came for me I was completely powerless to stop from devoting my heart to him.

Today is my birthday and also our third anniversary as Daddy and baby doll. We are on our way to a party at my favorite restaurant. Daddy has arranged it all. Gotten all my friends together, having my favorite chocolate mousse served and even having all the waiters wear pink to make me laugh. After a wonderful dinner he turns and presents me with a small black rectangular box. Inside is the most beautiful silver necklace. I am shocked even though Daddy has been giving me gifts for years. Flowers, candy, sometimes just small dime store toys as tokens of his love for me. I am so stunned that I almost do not hear Daddy when he leans over and whispers in my ear that there is more to come tonight. It all makes sense. Daddy asked me to wear my hair up and no jewelry. I feel amazed as Daddy slips the jeweled necklace around me and fondles my neck causing goose bump and chills. My mind jumps to memories of nights in Daddy's arms, his lips on my neck licking and sucking the spot that drives me mad with desire. Caught up in my daydreaming I do not notice Daddy has walked me outside to the car and deposited me inside.

Once home Daddy picks me up, cradles me to his heart, softly speaks into my hair and ear telling me to close my eyes and carries me inside to the bedroom. I smell vanilla and a hint of melting wax. Daddy sets me down on the bed and orders me to keep my eyes shut. I hear him move away from me and then return. Daddy sets something in my lap and tells me I can open my eyes. It is another gift. I cannot help myself the child in me and I quickly rip the paper off to reveal an antique silver hairbrush with soft white bristles.

Daddy pulls me up until I am standing. First he slowly sinks to his knees at my feet and takes off my shoes. Next he glides his hands up and down my legs, pushing my dress higher as he goes. He places gentle butterfly kisses all over my exposed thighs making me slightly weak. I can feel his desire as he presses his warm mouth to my satin covered heat. My hips buck and Daddy holds me tighter in his strong embrace. He stands then he deliberately slides the zipper of my black dress down and it falls from my body in a pool of silk. He bends and releases the garters from my stocking, then leisurely rolls them down my legs. Daddy jumps to his feet and draws me near, crushing me to his chest. He stokes the space between my neck and shoulder with his tongue and undoes my bra pulling it from between our bodies.

Daddy steps back and the cool air puckers the nipples my lush rounded breasts. He walks me over to my vanity and sits me down. Our eyes meet in the mirror. He smiles and takes the suddenly heavy brush from my hand. I lean back against him and he takes all the pins out my hair letting it fall to my shoulders. Slowly he pulls the brush through my hair. His fingers following each brush stroke, but they continue past the ends of my hair. They trail lightly over my back, causing me to arch like a pampered cat. Soon, his lips follow the brush's path, stopping to explore the scented hollow of my neck.

At the first touch of the bristles against the tightened skin of my areole I gasp. The bristles are so soft though there is the faintest undercurrent of prickles as the soft bristles scrape over my flesh. Daddy lifts the brush and focuses on my other nipple. The sensation intensifies and to my surprise, I could feel myself growing moister. He smoothes the brush over my heated skin. I feeling my hips arch with longing. With daring I feel him move it lower and lower, circling over my belly, and lower still. The bristles catch and tangle in my pubic hair, the small catches and pulls making my back arch in pleasure and surprise. The pain becoming a facet of pleasure! All thoughts quickly run from my mind as the brush dips lower, just barely grazing my clitoris.

The bristles scrape and tug at my sensitive clit causing me to moan. All thoughts are forgotten as the sensations overwhelm me. Daddy's fingers catch and roll my nipple in time to the frenzied movements of the brush against my clit. My wetness covers the brush. Instinctively my hips rotate and he rewards me by thrusting the handle deep inside my hot cunt. I moan loudly at the invasion and sweat beads my forehead. I scream for Daddy to fuck me hard and make me cum.

Daddy fucks me slowly at first, and then more and more insistently. Moans spill from deep inside my soul as I rock my pussy roughly on the handle. He uses both hands to slam the handle into my cunt. I had been fucked this hard and thoroughly before but I am still thrilled at the fuck. I stare almost blindly at daddy as my peak looms just behind my eyelids. He fucks me like a man gone mad.

I crash over the edge and the sensations wash over me as my entire body clenches and releases in the throes of orgasm. My world tilts and I begin to slip from the seat but Daddy quickly catches me in those wonderful arms of his. He lifts me and carries my limp body to our bed like I am no more than a rag doll. I am totally sated and sleep claims me promptly as the afterglow fades. The last things I remember are gentle kisses and soft murmurs of comfort as I doze peacefully.

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