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A much needed chance to serve

Peeches © 2002

It’s been soooo busy lately! The kids… work… classes… kids… work… classes… it’s never-ending! I just want to sit back and relax… breathe… and release! Soon…

I’ve arranged to take a day off today and I’ll be taking five days off next month. I can’t wait! Sleeping in and catching up on the housework. One of those days will be completely mine. All mine. Bubble baths, reading, and maybe a massage or two. The kids will be in school, and Joel will keep the kids for at least one day for me so I can have some REAL me time. And best of all, I get today with you! Your time is precious and I cannot wait.

You know all of this though. And you have a WONDERFUL day planned for me. Some tlc, a bit of romance, some eroticism and sensuality, something gentle, something rough, and most importantly a chance to serve, but you’re not giving me any hints about what you have in store for today. You know me well and know that surprises delight me to no end. No matter how tiny. I love them. I love giving and receiving them. It’s a form of pampering and I love pampering and being pampered! The last time we did this I had a smile on my face for days from all the loving… and some definite tender spots from your wicked imagination.

The kids are finally off to school and I have a good book and a bubble bath just calling my name! My favorite incense is burning (ginger-peach) and I put in one of Dasha Kelly’s spoken word CDs as I settled into the bubbles with a new book and a tall glass of water. (He requires that I eat a substantial meal the night before he and I meet and drink plenty of water.) It's a perfect way to relax. And relax is exactly what I do. All thoughts of kids, bills, and work fade away as I lose myself in the soothing touch of the water and the erotic fantasy-land created by Zane.

It’s about time for me to get out. I’ve had to reheat the water twice already, finished preparing my body and my toes are looking like wrinkled grapes. The phone rings just as I am stepping out of the tub. I smile because I know it’s got to be you!

And it is… “Good morning baby. It’s time for you to get out of that tub don’t you think?”

I have to laugh ‘cause you know me too dayumed well.

“Meet me at 10:30, no panties, no bra, wear your hair down.” And then dial tone.

I just have to shake my head at you as I glance at the clock. I have an hour to lotion, dress, and head out. It’s too good of a day for me to ruin it by being late. I want to take full advantage of my time with you!

Quarter after. It’s time for me to go. I doublecheck my reflection in the mirror and I think you’ll be pleased. I'm wearing short skirt, heels, and a blouse with enough cleavage to shock my mama if she saw me (please Lord don’t let me run into her on the way out of the house!). I giggle at that thought.

Yes… you’ll be pleased I think to myself as I lock the door and head on out the door.

When I arrive at your place I receive a bit of a shock. I thought it was just going to be you and I today, but it looks like you have company. There’s a truck and an unfamiliar car parked in front of your drive. I feel a moment of panic, because not only is my cleaveage enough to shock my mama, but the shirt is also fairly transparent. Since you specified no bra my nipples are on prominent display for the world. Piercings and all.

Goodness. The time on the the console reads 10:28. I take a deep breath and make sure my coat is buttoned up tight as I step out of the car and walk to the door. I take another deep breath and prepare to knock on the door. Before I can knock though the door opens and I’m greeted with your smile.

Your smile always melts me. I see it and it’s as though the world disappears. There’s safety in your smile.

I step inside and before I can even glance around your front room I’m grabbed from behind, a blindfold is placed over my eyes, I am led forward into the room.

"What is going on? Who is holding me?" I wonder.

I reach up to pull the blindfold off and I hear your voice telling me to leave it. But your voice sounds like it’s across the room.

I slowly lower my hands.

“Take your jacket off.”

I hesitate. Who else is in the room? Don’t you realize that I’m dressed so scantily? Where are you at? Unspoken questions whirl through my head.

“Do you want me to repeat myself Jennee’?”

I recognize the warning in your tone and I quickly reach for the top button on my jacket. It seems like an eternity goes by until I’ve released the last button and shrugged it off my shoulders. It sounds like as though my coat was caught before it hit the ground, but I can’t be sure.

I hear you chuckle… “If it’s not your legs then it’s your tits you have on display isn’t it? You chose well today pet… you’re beautiful.”

I blush and reach for the blindfold again.

“I said leave it!” The warning is back in your voice and I quickly drop my hands.

“Turn around Jennee'"

I slowly turn around.

“Stop right there! Now bend forward.”

I bend at the waist and feel a pair of hands on my shoulder steadying and balancing me and then I hear an appreciative feminine whisper…

“I can’t wait to taste them… ”

I can feel myself flushing even more as I feel my skirt being raised over my ass.

“Spread your legs wider.” your voice directs.

I must not have been fast enough because I feel a hand (is that you Master?) land squarely on my ass and then I feel my legs being adjusted and then what feels like a spreader bar attached to them.

“Daddy?” I whimper as I fight to try to remain still and not try to close my legs.

I can feel the cool air on my shaved pussy and ass.

“Yes bitch?” as a hand connects with my ass again. “Did I give you permission to speak?”

Goodness… that wasn’t your hand on my ass because your voice is across the room. Who is here with us? “No Daddy… I’m sorry…”

I take a deep breath and try to relax.

All of a sudden I hear your voice whispering in my ear, “I know you are sweetie… just relax… I’m right here with you and I’m not going anywhere. I have a special day planned and I know you are going to please me as you always do.”

I turn my head and lean towards your voice hoping for a kiss and instead feel a woman’s lips on mine. I pull back and feel a hand roughly push me forward to meet her lips.

I hear her roughly tell me to give her my lips… “You’re going to please me today babygirl…”

Then I feel her soft hands release my breasts from my blouse and slowly pull on my piercings. It was so unexpected that I couldn't suppress a moan.

"I'm glad to see you my touch," she chuckled.

I then feel a sting on my ass followed by a hand caressing the sting away. I yelp and hear her tell me to take it as she continued to caress my lips and mouth with her tongue.

“That’s right baby…” as her lips, tongue and fingers are beginning to make my body react.

I feel a hand wander down between my legs and hear a man chuckle. “She’s wet already Shane.”

I feel another sting and then another on my ass.

I can feel the tears start to form because of the pain and I hear you laugh as you say “I wouldn’t expect anything less from my slut. You haven’t seen wet yet…”

The woman’s hands are plucking at the bars in my nipples making it feel as though there is a direct connection between my nipples and my clit and I reach up to pull her head closer to mine. All of a sudden the gentle pluckings and fondlings turn into sharp pinches!

“Did I tell you to touch me slut?”

I gasp and the tears fall because it hurts so bad. “No ma’am… you didn’t…I’m sorry… I’m so sorry!”

The pain is red hot and making my knees buckle as I try to pull away and I feel a different kind of sharpness fall on my ass.

“Be still!” I hear you say and I hear the man chuckle again.

“She doesn’t like her nipples pinched does she?” the strange man wonders out loud. He's stating the obvious and I can tell he isn't looking for a reply from my Daddy.

Just when I think I can’t take anymore the woman removes her hands from my nipples and then I feel a warm tongue replacing the pinching fingers. This is a new touch and doesn't belong to the woman’s exploring mouth. I can tell because I’m still drowning in her kisses. This touch isn't not the man’s because I can still feel his hands caressing and exploring my ass and pussy. And it’s not your touch either Master.

How many people are in here? What do you want me from me today Daddy? I bite back the unspoken questions. I know not to ask them.

I hear a zipper being undone and then hear your groan accompanied by the sounds of choking and sucking. I don’t know if it’s a man or woman pleasing you… but I do know it’s not me.

You must have caught something in my expression because I hear you laugh.

“This bothers you doesn’t it Jennee’? Not knowing… not seeing…” as you let another groan escape.

God I hate you sometimes. You know just what my triggers are and don’t have any problem with using them.

And then you groan again.

I can picture you in my mind. Standing up, your hands bunched up in his/her hair as you hold their head steady so you can fuck their mouth, your mouth open and that look of concentrated desire in your eyes that I love so well as you watch your dick disappear into the back of their throat.

You can see my body flushing, getting turned on by the images you know are going through my mind, seeing my wetness grow. My attention is sharply brought back to what is being done to my body as I hear another zipper and feel the soft kisses of the woman disappear my mouth and a hard dick demanding entrance.

I automatically open my mouth, but get a light slap and hear you roughly ask if I had requested permission to suck someone else’s dick yet.

You are such a bastard do you know that? I think as the cock is rubbed over my lips and across my cheeks. I can feel the precum leaving a trail on my face. It’s all I can do to not open my mouth and try to suck it in.

I feel another slap on my ass followed by the sting from what feels like a crop.

“Suck his dick bitch,” I hear you say from across the room.

Eagerly I open my mouth and immediately feel the dick go to the back of my throat. I gag and hear the man tell me to open wider and feel another sting across my ass. I’m screaming with the spanks and gagging as I try to suck harder on the dick.

And then I hear a man’s groans and I hear your voice saying “open up bitch… take all of it.” as the groans turn into moans of pleasure.

Then I feel hands on my hips holding me steady as the hands on my ass are replaced by a cock in my pussy. God Daddy… how do you manage to do this to me?

I can hear you groaning. Whoever you are fucking is pleasing you and that makes me even wetter as the dick in my mouth and the dick in my pussy keep on fucking me. I can feel fingers on my clit and I don’t know whose they are. I don’t know whose dicks are fucking me either, whose pussy or mouth is fucking you because all I have is the sensation and the sounds surrounding me.

I’m pushed forward onto my knees,. my legs still spread wide by the spreader bar as my mouth is torn off of the cock feeding me as my head and shoulders are pushed down into the carpet. I’m moaning from the sudden absence of anyone’s touch and I can hear your movements quickening as you fuck whomever you are fucking.

I hear you groan as you cum. I know that groan and it makes me groan in frustration because someone else is the recipient of your cum and not me. I can feel the wetness rolling down my thighs. And then I feel hands.

They're unmistakably your hands... kneading my ass, pulling my cheeks apart, a thumb (that’s not your thumb Daddy) teasing my asshole, a tongue reaching out and bathing my ass, dipping into my asshole and making me moan.

“You’re my sweet bitch aren’t you?”

I hear a moan and feel the pressure of her tongue increase as it feels like her head is pushed into my ass.

“Yes Daddy… I’m your sweet bitch…” I moan.

And then her tongue is removed and quickly replaced by your dick.

“You’re going to take all of this dick aren’t you Jennee’?” As you push into me in one thrust.

I scream from the pain and then feel hands lifting my head by my hair.

I feel the weight of your body against my back as you lean in and tell me how much I am going to love tasting her pussy. "Smell it pet. Feel how hard her clit is… taste her juices."

And then I feel someone roughly pushing my face into her lap. I smell the pussy before I taste it… a musky sweet smell mixed with the scent of your cum. The hands in my hair are replaced by her hands as she pushes my face deeper into her crotch and you slam into my ass.

She’s urging me on.

“That’s right babygirl… lick it round and round, suck that clit… use your fingers in my pussy…” As I slam one, two, and then three fingers inside of her wet pussy.

I’m groaning into her pussy as you fuck my ass. I introduce a fourth finger into her wet pussy and her hands are hurting my hair as she holds me over her clit.

“Suck it bitch…” and I’m trying to slip my fifth finger into her.

Her groans are gutteral now and your hands are bruising the sides of my hips, your fingers digging into my ass as you fuck me harder and harder. There are fingers pulling at my nipples and then my fist is inside of her pussy and you’re slamming into my ass. Fucking it harder and harder. Grunting with each thrust. And she is so wet.

Just as I’m about to cum, just as you can hear my readiness to ask if I can cum… you pull out of me and I can feel the cold air on my gaping asshole.

I moan and pull back because I want you to fill me up again. I want you to let me cum. And then I feel a stinging sensation that makes me scream. My pussy is on fire and there is a threat in the woman's voice when she tells me that I better not stop ‘til she has cum and I increase the flicking of my tongue on her clit. I begin to slowly move my fist inside of her pussy.

She pulls me closer. She's smothering me with her pussy as her legs tighten around me and I can’t breathe and I feel another sting on my pussy and then another. I'm screaming into her clit and I hear her moan as her body stiffens against my mouth and my tongue dances on her clit. It’s getting tired now but I know I can’t stop… and then she pushes me away and I struggle to regain my balance.

I can hear her satisfied moans and they make me smile.

I feel the spreader bar being removed and there are two bodies holding me close. Then I feel you straddle my face as you feed me your cock.

Whereas the touches were rough and demanding before… you’re gently feeding me now, your hands cupping my face, letting me lick and suck you like a lollipop. I feel my legs spread apart as a tongue gently licks me from the bottom of my pussy to the tip of my clit. I can feel you gently pushing yourself into my mouth, murmuring to me how good it feels, as I suck and lick and suck some more and my mouth seeming to open wider than it’s ever been before and your cock slips into my throat.

I can hear you groan as you hold my head still and savor the tightness of my throat and then you gently pull back and push back in. I hear a buzzing sound and I feel a vibrator pushed against my clit making my lower body buck. Whoever is holding it knows exactly what feels good on my clit as I moan onto your cock… pushing me closer and closer to the edge. You’re gently moving in and out of my mouth and then you pull all the way out. I want to cum so badly…

“Master may I please? Please Daddy…”

You chuckle again. “May you what slut?”

The buzzing on my clit intensifies and a finger is pushed into my pussy.

“Please may I cum Daddy? Please!?”

You chuckle again and your hands tighten around my head. “Yes bitch…”

As soon as the words are out of your mouth you plunge into my mouth and start fucking me hard. Pushing your way back into my throat. And then it washes over me and I can feel you let go. I can feel you pulse in my mouth as you release and I’m working to swallow as my body is riding my orgasm. And then you’re holding me again and I’m being held by three bodies.

I don’t think one inch of me isn’t being touched right now…

The blindfold is released I can see all of you. The woman whose pussy tasted so good, the man that made my ass sting and my eyes tear, the man who filled my pussy… and you. You’re all looking at me and my body flushes again… and all of a sudden I'm overcome with shyness. I try to melt into your arms. Which one made you cum? I’ve never met these strangers before and they’ve all just watched me lose control…

You help me up and walk me into the bedroom. I thought we were done, and you can see that thought go through my head as my eyes look at you questioningly, but you shake your head as you take my hands and raise them over my head, securing them to the hooks you had installed a few months ago.

Daddy? You can see the unspoken question in my eyes.

And then I see all three of our… do I call them friends? what do I call these people?… come into the room.

Daddy? More unspoken questions.

They’re all holding something and they all have looks of purpose on their faces.

Daddy? The unspoken questions are multplying by the second.

My gaze goes from you, to them, and back again to you. I want the blindfold back please! Another thought I know to leave unspoken.

She’s holding a paddle, he’s (I don’t know what to call him… and I don’t know if he fucked me or spanked me or was fucked by you) holding what looks to be a leather strap with holes in it, and the other man is holding what looks like a flogger except the ends look more rigid and are braided with knots on the end of them.


You look at me and pull out your flogger. I intercept a look between you and the woman and see you nod your head at her as she moves behind me.

“Daddy?” The unspoken question bursts out of my mouth.

There’s a touch of panic in my voice and you look at me for a long moment before I hear your words.

“I’m right here pet…” just as I feel the paddle connect with my ass.

My eyes get wide and I try not to yell and then I feel the flogger land on my back and then the paddle again. I do yelp this time. And then the flogger on my ass. And then the paddle. And then I do scream because I closed my eyes and expected the flogger but instead got the paddle and the swats are coming faster and more rapid and my body is moving trying to move and get away from the pain. But the more I move the harder she hits and the less I feel the flogger. Just when I think I can’t take the feel of the paddle anymore… I feel the flogger and then your hand caressing my ass and then the length of your body against mine.

Your lips are on my forehead… lightly feathering my face with your kisses. Your hands are on my breasts… cupping them and feeling their fullness. Your fingers are gently teasing my nipples. And then your hands move around to cup my ass as you pull me into your hardness and I feel her against my back. Her softness covering me, soothing me.

The two men are stroking themselves… their dicks looks so swollen and so hard. And then you both step back from me and I feel the flogger again. I feel it on my back, up under my pussy, on my breasts, caressing my upper thighs, hard across my ass, stinging my pussy again… and I close my eyes as I can feel the heaviness as the ends of the flogger hit me.

And then I scream as I feel the strap hit my ass. It’s so hard and it stings more than the paddle! And then I feel a white hot pain on my breasts as the snake thingy that the other man has strikes me again and again, wrapping around the sides of my breasts. And the pain of the strap won't go away as it lands again and again on my ass.

My eyes lock on yours and I can’t seem to look away from your gaze as the strap and the snake thingy hit me at the same time. I see your lips move, but the pain and your gaze are all I can focus on. I see you step forward.

“Are you doing okay baby?” I look at you and the words slowly register. I shake my head yes.

“Good. If it gets to be too much, I want you to use your safeword. Yellow if you’re near the edge… red if you absolutely can’t take anymore. Okay pet?”

My gaze hasn’t left yours… and I nod my head again.

“You are doing so wonderful baby… you make me so proud.” you say as I feel your gentle caress on my heated ass and your kiss on the side of my neck.

You step back and nod your head at them again.

I feel the strap first. I thought it was just a strap to begin with, but it’s actually more of a leather slapper… two pieces of leather that make it a heavier slap. And then I feel the snake thingy on my back as they begin alternating with the slapper on my ass and upper thigh and the snake on my upper back and ass… and sometimes on my breasts.

I hear my screams and feel the tears on my face and my body is on fire. I concentrate on clenching my fists and not saying my safeword. I want to ride this pain out.

I see you walk over to the woman, push her down on her knees and push your dick into her mouth. Your eyes on me and the men the entire time. I see the pleasure in your eyes. The pleasure of seeing me in pain and your dick in her mouth.

I close my eyes and try to relax into the pain and then I feel the flogger again and then her mouth on my breasts and I'm sobbing. And then I feel the length of you against my back, your lips on my neck, your hands gripping my shoulders as you enter me. The men are stroking their dicks. The woman is kissing me… and then I feel you start to cum inside of me and the men step in closer and their stroking quickens. I hear them grunting and see their cum shoot onto my body.

Somehow I’m moved to the bed and it’s just you and I. You’re holding onto me and kissing me… and loving on me…

We finish off the day with a shower together. Me washing your body, tasting you in the shower, feeling you bend me over and fuck me once more, you washing my hair, me drying you off, you drying me off…

And you let me hold onto you… as we nap ‘til it’s time to head home to children… roommates… and reality.

Another wonderfully fulfilling time with my Master…

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