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Bend Over the Rainbow

Goddess Dee © 2004

“I’ll get you! And your little dog too!!” Screamed the Witch.

Miz Dot was used to the old bitch carrying on – but the theme was getting tiresome.
Swiveling her chair, she turned to the controls and cranked the blue dial up a few notches.

She grinned in satisfaction as the witch’s screams turned to howls. The water level in the tank rose a couple of healthy inches, creeping further up the wooden stool placed right in its center.

The witch dangled from a crossbeam over the open topped tank, shackled at the wrists, naked, her green-tinged warty skin seeming to glow in the lights reflecting off the lapping wavelets. Her horrid feet, bound at the ankles scrabbled at the slippery seat of the stool, seeking a purchase…that wasn’t quite ever going to be there.

“Oh bitch…you gonna MELT” muttered Miz Dot, as she snapped her fingers for Toto to come to her. She eased her voluptuous body back in the sinfully smooth calfskin leather chair, pressing a button for the footrest to engage.

The little dog gleefully ran to his mistress, hopping up neatly between her spreading thighs. Miz Dot moaned in pleasure as she raised her frilly skirt and Toto bent his fuzzy head, eagerly lapping at her juicy cunt.

Her smooth chocolaty thighs tensed, and relaxed, her rounded hips quivered and jostled as the dog nuzzled and licked her rising clit, and feasted on the cream oozing out of her pussy as she climaxed, strong fingers clenching on the smooth armrests of the chair.

“Good boy. Oh yes, you do a body good!” Purring and stretching, Miz Dot pushed the panting pooch from between her legs, and rose to see how the Tin Man was taking his latest bout of rust-inducing torture. Toto curled up on his straw-filled mat – which seemed to twitch slightly under his paws - following her with his eyes as she crossed the room.

As Miz Dot glided up near the Tin Man’s cage he clanked and wheezed, squirming in jagged minute movements from the table rack he was riveted to. She could see him trying to raise up is arms in vain to the can of WD-40 dangling eternally out of reach overhead. His once-shiny carapace was a mess of rust, gaping holes and flaking metal.

“T..t..t..ttt…!!” was all he was able to manage. An internal gear suddenly made a loud grinding noise, then fell silent, a wisp of black smoke rose between the warped seams of metal loosely holding his neck to his chest plate. Miz Dot nodded in satisfaction and continued on past the pitiful tin knight in rusty armor and looked in on the Lion.

This was always a special treat for Miz Dot! She grinned in pleasure, her face lighting up with unearthly pleasure transforming her for a moment, into a sort of wicked Black Madonna, her tight glossy afro a permanent halo to the angelic madness glittering in her deep brown eyes. The muscular animal roared out his fear, sensing her approach.

His feline frame was draped over a half barrel, front and hind legs lashed securely to metal rings in the floor. His once proud tail yanked cruelly to one side, tucked and tied to the coil of rope securing his torso to the wooden curve of the barrel.

Laughing deeply, her breath quickening, Miz Dot tore off her frilly outfit, reaching for an interesting appendage hanging from a hook on the wall. As she buckled on the strapon, she caressed the thick smooth golden shaft jutting out from her crotch.

She remembered yanking one of those yellow bricks out of the road, carving it, sanding it smooth into this terror likeness of a huge golden phallus.

The lion struggled, its claws uselessly scrabbling at the hard stone floor. “Courage THIS you motherfucker!” growled Miz Dot as she sank her dagger-like nails into the beast’s flanks and thrust the impossible cock deep into the lion’s asshole.

His balls were in a vise, and painfully pressed and rubbed against the splintered edge of the barrel as she thrust and jerked, ignoring his ear-splitting shrieks of horror and humiliation.

She orgasmed twice, her own cries of pleasure rising above the Lion’s mewling entreaties. Right on schedule, the electrodes clamped to the witch’s dark green nipples kicked on, and her piercing screams put the cherry right on top of Miz Dot’s deliciously depraved ice cream sundae of torturous delight. She came again, thrusting hard and deep, tearing at the lion’s battered tissues, his roars reduced to grunts.

Miz Dot leaned over and rubbed her gorgeous brown tits over the silky fur of the lion’s back, a fatuous grin spreading over her face.

* * * * *

Later that evening, over a light snack of barbequed flying monkey wings, Miz Dot decided to end the Witch’s misery. She flicked a switch, gigging the electrodes to their highest setting, and cranked up the blue dial.

Watching intently from her comfortable recliner, Toto firmly tucked between her legs, licking up his own sweet snack, Miz Dot watched the water level rise over the jittering convulsing form of her nemesis.

Grinding her pussy against Toto’s talented tongue, she came, the green flesh of the broom riding bitch dissolving before her eyes, the death rattle a beatific lullaby as she slipped into satisfied sleep, her fingers curled in the little dog’s fur.

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