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Darrell Williams © 2004

F.B.I Headquarters-- Quantico, Virginia. Present Day.

Clarice’s birthday came and went. No one at work was aware of her birthday, and she wasn’t in the mood to go out. Just then, a knock at the door disturbed the peace in her house. It was a special delivery of a small box from an unknown address. Clarice carefully opened the box revealing a leather bound book inside. There was something very familiar about the book. It made her think of Dr. Lecter.

Several years had passed since the last time Clarice had heard from the infamous Dr. Lecter. Just the thought of his cool snake like eyes staring at her frightened her in many ways. His darkness was overwhelming, hypnotizing, very much like a snake that hypnotizes his prey. Recently, he had mailed her a gift of a book of erotic poetry translated from French poet LaBohem. He was expressing his feelings for her, and she could not bear it.

She opened the book carefully reading the note inside. “To my Dearest Clarice – I eagerly count down the days to when we shall see each other again… H.” Clarice shivered, and closed the book sitting it down on the table. She was quite familiar with the dangerous games that Dr. Hannibal Lecter liked to play. She knew that she should keep her guard up, and to expect anything. A madman is one thing, but a mad genius is another matter entirely.

That evening, Clarice lay restless in bed. Her thoughts drifted between her work, and the mysterious Dr. Lecter who affections seem to be genuinely quite warm towards her. However, she doesn’t know if he wants to make love to her, or eat her with a fine wine. Maybe both. She walked downstairs and poured herself a glass of milk, placing it into the microwave. Warm milk always seemed to put her to sleep. She was going to need plenty of rest for the days ahead. Clarice picked up the heavy book, sitting it on her lap. The book was quite old, and smelled of leather, and parchment. She opened the cover, and glanced over the first page. Inside the book was a hand painted of two lovers in a field. To the right of the picture began a lovely poem about two lovers, and their separate journeys through life that brought them together. Soon, Clarice had read most of the book, and drifted off.

Clarice closed her eyes, her thoughts drifted slowly away. She found herself in a dream like state. She was the gym at Quantico. She found herself in the gym standing on the edge of a large wrestling mat. A single light glared down onto the mat blocking her view of any items in the gym. Across the room a door slammed shut followed by the heavy footsteps of a person approaching her in the darkness. A masculine figure approached her, and stopped at the edge of the mat. “Attack.” The voice said. Clarice hesitated. “Attack!” The hooded figure rushed toward her, tackling her, forcing her down onto the mat. Clarice struggled desperately with the figure, writhing, and squirming. She noticed that the she could not make out the face of her opponent; the bright light shielded it. The opponent pinned her arms to the mat, straddling her thighs with his own. “Arrgh!” she yelled, trying to push him off of her. Quickly, Clarice pitched her hips to the side, forcing him to loose his balance. He fell over onto his back. Clarice grabbed his arms, holding them down with her knees. She reached down pulling back the hood revealing the face of her supervisor, Ray Campbell. Clarice was startled. During the moment of her surprise, Ray flipped her over again onto her back, sliding himself between her thighs. Lustily, he laughed while grinding himself against her. His laughter subsided, with his right hand he reached toward his face, unmasking the smiling face of Dr. Lecter.

The next day at work, Clarice received a phone call from a Sheriff Montgomery in Wade County. The call was about the capture of a suspected moonshine chemist that she had been investigating named Rose. Mr. Rose’s activities were well documented by the FBI. He was well known for his quality moonshine exports, and was well connected in the moonshine underground. His capture would be quite valuable to the FBI. Clarice made arrangements to transport Mr. Rose to the holding facility at Quantico, Virginia herself.

The trip to Wade County took about two hours for her to complete. Sheriff Montgomery greeted her outside the doorway of his small office, smiling with all of his teeth. “Agent Starling? I’m Sheriff Montgomery of the Wade County district. You sure did arrive her quickly ma’am. The prisoner is about ready to go. We were just about to sit down to lunch. Would you like to join us? Joannie makes a great fried chicken.” Clarice politely declined the offer for lunch, and began filling out the paper work for her prisoner.

A few moments later, a deputy came over eating a chicken leg. “Hi ma’am, I just came over to give you the keys for the prisoner. He’s in cell #2. If you have any problems with him, just give a hollar.” Clarice nodded to the deputy, and took the keys from his greasy hands. A few minutes later, she completed the paperwork and walked down the hallway toward the holding cells.

Clarice walked to the holding area. In the back of the cell was a lone figure in jeans, matching blue jean jacket, wearing a red baseball cap. He had shoulder length hair, and thick moustache, and beard. “Mr. Rose? I’ve come to transport you to Quantico. Please stand up, and place both of your hands on top of your head.” Rose stood up, facing the wall, hands on top of his head. “The FBI only sending women nowadays?” Clarice quickly slapped the handcuff on his wrist. She pushed him against the wall with her elbow, while forcing his legs apart with her right knee. With her right hand, she patted down Mr. Rose, and pulled his arms behind her back. She felt a small prick against her wrist as she closed the handcuffs around his wrist. She walked Mr. Rose to her car, and pushed him down inside into the back seat. A few moments later, they were on the highway headed back to Quantico.

The trip was going to be a long silent one from the looks of it. Clarice was enjoying the somewhat familiar scenery, for the second time when Mr. Rose broke the silence in his deep southern accent. “I was hoping to get me some of that chicken before we left. It sure smelled good.” Clarice’s concentration was broken from her driving. “I’m quite sorry about that. I will see to it that you are fed at the center.” The trees passing the car began to blur. Clarice’s eyes began to get heavy. She drifted off momentarily, as the car slipped into the next lane. Clarice shook her head, and opened the car window. Mr. Rose asked another question, “Are you ok? You are starting to look a bit peckish.” Clarice, glanced at herself in the mirror. She was looking pale. “You might want to pull over for a bit.” Mr. Rose commented.

Clarice nodded sluggishly, and pulled the car over to the edge of the road. She felt sleep coming on and she couldn’t stop it. Mr. Rose asked, “Agent Starling? Agent Starling are you ok? Are you okay… Clarice?” Clarice felt two strong hands reaching for her, as she blacked out.

The sound of Beethoven’s Concerto in G Major playing softly awakened Clarice. Clarice smiled, yawning from the best sleep that she had in some time. She was still quite sleepy, as she ran her fingertip against the fabric of a 500-thread pillowcase. As her eyes came into focus, Clarice noticed the leather restraint around her wrist. “Wha-what is this?” she mumbled. The leather wrist restraint was connected to a stainless steel chain that disappeared below the floor. Clarice attempted to sit up. Her eyes darted around the room. Next to the bed was a small table with a lamp, and a porcelain vase with fresh cut flowers inside. Across the room sat the blue jean jacket, and red baseball cap of Mr. Rose.

Clarice was beginning to panic. How could she have allowed herself to get into this position? Clarice began trying to free herself. She tried to pull her hands together, but they would stop only inches away from each other. Just then, she heard the rattling sound of pots and pans in the kitchen. A moment later a figure appeared. “Clarice. Are you hungry?” The voice that waifed to her ears, wasn’t the country voice of Mr. Rose. The voice she heard sounded vaguely familiar, but she couldn’t place it. “Mr. Rose? You’re making a big mistake here. I am a federal agent!” A few moments later, the pans in the kitchen stopped making noise. The shadow of someone approached the doorway. Clarice strained her eyes to focus on the person in the doorway. As he approached the bed, she noticed that he was carrying a bed tray. “I know you are quite capable Agent Sterling. Are you hungry?” It was Dr. Lecter.

Clarice’s blood ran cold. She was suddenly consumed with fear. Dr. Lecter sat the tray on the bed near her. “I see that you are awake.” He smiled. “Why am I here Dr. Lecter?” Dr. Lecter stood up, and turned away. “Well Clarice, your question is quite valid. You are here because I abducted you.” Clarice was not happy with that answer. “Did you come back to finish me off? Maybe eat my fucking liver with fava beans!?!?” In anger, Hannibal turned around and grabbed a knife from the tray, pressing it hard against her throat. Clarice flinched closing her eyes, her chest heaving erratically. “Are you going to kill me?” Hannibal said nothing. Angrily with his left hand, he churned the handle of a crank. Clarice felt a tug at her arms, and soon they were hoisted above her head. It was quite painful. “What are you doing to me??” Clarice demanded. Hannibal said nothing. Soon, most of Clarice’s body was dragged out of the bed. Hannibal stood, and pushed the bed away with his foot. The motion forced Clarice’s toes to hit the floor. Her legs were bound as well. Clarice stood naked in front of him. Her chained arms were pulled above her head, legs bound together. Hannibal continued to crank until Clarice’s toes barely touched the wooden floor. Hannibal placed the knife to her throat, and said, “If I were going to kill you, I would of done so two years ago, Clarice.” Hannibal slowly slid the sharp edge of the knife against the meaty skin of Clarice’s neck. The knife traveled further down her body outlining her breasts, and nipples. “Just plunge it in. Get it over with.” She begged. Hannibal said nothing, then with his left hand, roughly squeezed her breast. He bent over biting the outline of her nipple hard, but not hard enough to break the skin. Clarice gasped. “No. No please…” Hannibal sucked, then flicked her nipple with his tongue. He pulled his lips off her breast with a resounding smack. He stared into Clarice’s eyes, then smiled. A small tear fell from her cheek. Hannibal licked the tear from her face.

“Maybe I should carve you up into cutlets.” Hannibal quipped. Hannibal dragged the tip of the knife down, over the soft flesh of her stomach. With her pulse racing, Clarice sucked in air, holding her breath in order not to move while he did this. Torturously, he slid the knife over her skin stopping at her neck. To her surprise, he replaced the knife with his lips. “Oh my” Clarice uttered. He bit her neck, sinking his teeth into her flesh, but again, not breaking the skin. He placed the knife on the table. His hands roamed Clarice’s rapidly excited body. He slid his fingers down between her thighs. “Wait.” She whispered, “I’m on my period.” Hannibal smiled, sliding his fingers down, and inside her. He stared into her eyes intensely while his fingers worked over her expanding clit. Slowly, he worked one then two fingers inside of her slowly in and out of her moistening cunt. Then, he slowly pulled his fingers out, pressing his fingers to his tongue licking them clean.

Hannibal kneeled between her thighs, and parted them. He ran his tongue up the length of her thighs to her wetness. Clarice shivered as his tongue slithered into the depths of her wetness. “Ohhh…” she moaned, panting as he licked. Clarice’s fear changed to desire as her juices began to flow. “I-I-I don’t know if this is right.” She stammered. “Hush, Clarice. Did you know your flow is quite light?” He said, returning to his licking, and manipulations. Clarice’s face turned beat ready, her breath turned shallow. Her hips thrusted involuntarily as Hannibal’s tongue moved to the center of her being. “Ohhhh!” she gasped, straining on her toes, while struggling to keep her balance. Hannibal released the catch, releasing her legs. He wrapped them around his head, and continued to lick. “Oh my god. This is too much. You must…uh. Uh. S-s-s… Ugnhhhh…” Clarice shook as an intense orgasm swept over her. She could not say anything as she wriggled and thrust herself against Hannibal’s lips. She was enjoying this game.

A few moments later, she felt another even stronger orgasm race through her. “OH my god!” she moaned as she came hard. Hannibal held her thighs, and pulled her to his face. The juices of her cunt ran freely now. Panting, Clarice moaned, “No more please. I can’t take anymore. I beg of you.” Hannibal lowered her feet to the ground. He circled behind her, licking small droplets of blood from his lips. He warmly encircled his arms around Clarice’s middle, pulling her to him. His warm embrace was inviting.

“Dr. Lecter, I had no idea.” Clarice moaned astonishly. Dr. Lecter’s hardness pressed against Clarice from behind. Hannibal playfully kissed her neck. His hands roamed freely over her body, cupping her breasts in his hands. Soon the familiar fires of desire were growing inside of Clarice again. Clarice felt the hardness pressing against her buttocks. She had often dreamt of how it would feel to have him, the legendary Dr. Lecter inside of her. The thought of him so close again, made her pant. “Please…Please Dr. Lecter. Fuck me.” She whispered. She felt the chains loosen relieving her arms, then, something warm and hard pressing against her wetness from behind. Dr. Lecter pushed the head of his cock between the dewy folds of her lips. Clarice sucked in air as Dr. Lecter’s cock slid deep inside of her. Soon he was completely inside of her. A moment passed when only silence filled the room.

Dr. Lecter pulled Clarice close to him, and began to thrust slowly, pumping rhythmically in and out of Clarice’s overflowing hole. Dr. Lecter continued thrusting slowly gaining in intensity and speed. Clarice was beyond herself in ecstasy, moaning incoherently. Soon, Dr. Lecter began grunting. Softly at first, then building in loudness until both of them were moaning loudly.

Dr. Lecter pulled Clarice’s hips to him meeting her thrusts. He seemed possessed. He was now ramming himself into her wildly. Clarice was delirious with pleasure. “Yes. Yes. Take me Dr. Lecter. Take me!” she moaned, while pushing her ass backward as far as she could, straining against her restraints. Clarice suddenly came again, shaking violently against the restraints. Dr. Lecter’s grunts grew more impatient. As he thrust, he began to yell, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” He clutched Clarice hard against his body. Clarice began to cum, as she came, she felt Dr. Lecter’s teeth sink into the flesh of her shoulder. She yelled as the mixture of pleasure and pain swept over her. “AHHHHHHHhhhhh!!!!” Dr. Lecter exploded inside of her. They both fell to the floor in a quivering mass.

They laid on the floor for sometime. All was silent. A single drop of blood rolled down Clarice’s shoulder onto her breast. Clarice exploded, “You brought me here to torture me!? To make me your play toy for your sick little games??” Hannibal circled his arms around her. He licked his lips, and chuckled, “No Clarice.” He pulled her to him tenderly, kissing her gently. “No. That is not why you are here at all.”

The end?

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