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Death’s Passion

Charmed Blyss © 2004

“Yes Mrs. Logan – we have taken care of all of the arrangements. You needn’t worry your mind with minor concerns. After all we are a full service mortuary.”

Levin continued reassuring the anxious mother.

“Yes, Mrs. Logan we will see you on Friday at 11 am; everything will be just as you requested with our own special touches.”

Levin hung up the phone and leaned back in his chair. He placed his right leg on top of the desk and reached for the walkie-talkie next to him. “Claire, to my office dear.” “Yes, sir.” Shortly thereafter, Claire tapped lightly on the door before opening. She moved with such grace and silence one could hardly believe she was a body in motion. She sat in the chair across from Levin; she placed her hands on her lap and smiled softly to him. She always had a sparkle in her eye when she smiled. That was one of the things that Levin loved about her. Mirth was a large part of her spirit. It made her all the more alive to him.

“Claire…The Logan wake and funeral following will be on Friday at 11. We have just one night to finish everything up because we have other obligations as well. Have you gotten everything in order?”

“Yes Sir. I have the morgue in order. Everything is just as you said.”

“And all the security is in place also?”

“Yes Sir.” Claire blushed and lowered her head. “I have locked the doors.” Claire giggled.

“Good then we shall begin. I will meet you in the morgue in just a few minutes.” Levin beamed back at her.

Claire excused herself. Levin moved slowly to the bathroom of his office. For some reason the light startled him as he flicked the switch to ‘on’. He unzipped his pants and relieved his bladder of the building pressure. He shook his cock and squeezed the last few drips of fluid from the head. He always loved the sound of water, be it flowing from his body, in the river, the ocean, or in the sink. Water is eternally a spirit in motion. He listened for a brief moment as the toilet made it’s flushing noise. Levin always took his time to play in the sink water before leaving the bathroom. Water flows, everything needs water. What is alive does so with water in its essence. Levin thought. He finished at the sink, returned his suit to proper order and made his way to the morgue.
Upon opening the door to the morgue, Levin was seized by a mixture of fragrant rosemary, sandalwood, and mint. He found it quite invigorating. He walked behind Claire, his faithful servant, and studied the contours of her hips with his hands. She sighed softly and pushed her self back to him slightly. “All in due time dear one, in due time.” Levin kissed her neck and nibbled softly at her right earlobe.
Levin moved over to the bodies that were lying on the gurneys. One black male, one black female. They had been shot in a hostage situation at a local convenience store. One bullet to the heart in each victim. Mr. and Mrs. Randal Logan, son and daughter-in-law leaving town on vacation. Levin pondered their circumstances for a brief moment. “Let us begin Claire.”
Claire moved the gurneys together and locked them in place. She turned down the lights slightly so that the shadows of the morgue were enhanced. She quietly walked over to the cd player and placed 3 discs in and programmed it to play continuously. She lit the candles on the stands placed around the morgue. When she finished she stood before Levin. He smiled down at her and stroked her cheek with the palm of his hand.
“Master Levin Caskin, your slave, Claire Caskin, presents herself to you for your sole use and amusement. I do, as you demand of me. I will do so with joy and honor. I take pride in your pleasure. Please allow me to serve you tonight, Master.” Claire looked up to Levin with such wont in her eyes. She was so hopeful every time she said her affirmation before starting a session with Levin. As if she never wanted him to say no, she had to let him know that she did not take him for granted. And this always pleased Levin.
Levin moved to his rolling chair and sat before the motionless Claire. He crossed his legs and nestled his chin between his right index finger and thumb. “Disrobe yourself slave.” Claire started with her top. She unbuttoned the blouse slowly; as she finished she folded it and placed it on a rolling tray beside her. She unzipped her skirt on the side and guided it down past her thighs and finally gliding it from under her feet. Again she folded the garment and placed it on the tray. She unhooked her bra and removed it; lastly her panties, stockings and shoes were removed from her tiny frame. Each item folded and placed on the tray with the shoes being placed under the tray.
She stood before Levin bare as the day she was born. Levin slid in close enough to reach out and touch her erect nipple. He saw her chest expand and her eyes flutter as he pinched the nipple firmly. He wanted it to be harder. Claire’s nipples were large for such small breasts. She was often embarrassed when they were erect under her shirts; therefore she would usually dress in layers. She was barely a B cup. Levin leaned in to suckle on the nipple, then the other. He slid his hand between her gapped thighs to stroke her shaven mound. Gently he pushed his finger between her soft lips and into her hot cunt. Levin removed his finger and placed it firmly on his tongue. How he enjoyed all the tastes of his slave.
Levin stood and motioned for Claire to undress him. Levin was tall with a slender build, but very strong. He had to be strong to handle the bodies of the deceased. Claire’s tiny hands labored over ever item of clothing. Levin’s clothes were then folded and placed on top of Claire’s clothes. His shoes were placed beside hers. Levin embraced Claire’s petite body in his arms. He reveled in the warmth of her body. Her hands traced the curves of his back as he bent slightly forward to hold her. “Let me feel your mouth.” Claire hurried to her knees and opened her mouth to receive Levin’s partially erect cock. As his cock slid into her mouth, it began to grow. Claire kept her hands, palms down, on her thighs. Levin grabbed her head and pressed his cock deeper into her mouth. The heat made him tingle all over. He watched as her soft delicate lips gripped the shaft of his cock. Claire was greedy for everything that belonged to Levin.
After amusing himself with her mouth for a few more moments, Levin helped her up off the floor. He retrieved another rolling tray that had two urns filled with cremated remains. Levin looked down at the body of Randal Logan. Randal’s skin was dark, but had the ashy paleness of death now. He had a round belly that was slightly swollen. Levin grabbed Claire’s hand and moved it to Randal’s cock. “Stroke it.”
Claire began to stroke the dead cock. Her hips pressed against the gurney’s edge. She always knew that the cock she stroked would never become erect, but she always stroked with vigor because it excited both her master and herself. Her free hand caressed the body of the corpse before her. She touched Randal’s nipples, his neck, and his shoulders. She imagined how strong he must have been in life. Levin pushed Claire’s head forward. Instinctively she opened her mouth to receive Randal’s lifeless cock. It was cold in her mouth. Randal had been on ice all this time. She enjoyed the sensation of heat and cold. Her saliva swished around the head of the cock. She wondered how big his cock would have been in her mouth if she had sucked it while he was breathing. Claire pressed her tiny pale hands against the stiffened thighs of Randal. She wiggled her tongue between them so that she could hold his balls in her mouth as best she could. She moaned. Levin pressed his own erection against her bottom. Claire moaned louder.
Levin helped Claire to get up on the gurney with Randal’s body. She straddled the body with her face to Randal’s face. His eyes were shut. His lips were slightly parted. His hands lay to the sides of his body. Claire leaned towards Randal’s lips. She kissed him softly. She pressed her tongue between his lips. She stroked his teeth with the tip of her tongue. She sucked his lips and nibbled on them gently so that there would be no indentations. Levin parted Claire’s cunt lips, and he pulled her hips back to Randal’s cock. “Ride it.” Levin demanded. Levin pulled down on Claire’s shoulders as he helped Randal’s cock to enter into Claire’s soaked cunt. The mixture of cold and hot. The water of his slave. “Ride it, bitch. Ride this dead cock for me, your Master!” Levin demanded harshly.
Claire began to move on the cock inside of her. She looked to Levin for his approval. “Good girl.” Claire pressed herself down on the cock that Levin had pressed into her. She gripped it with every ounce of her being. She held on to Randal’s protruding stomach and then his hands as she rode his body with complete zeal. “Ooh Master…” She moaned. Her clit throbbed.
Levin went to the other gurney, were Randal’s wife lay motionless and cool. Rebecca Logan is who she used to be. Levin looked at the breasts flopped to the sides resting partly on the arms. He wrapped his long fingers around them and pushed them just slightly to the center. He listened as his slave called out to him. Maybe Rebecca called out to Randal like that, he thought. “What passions had Randal conjured in you.” Levin said to the deaf ear of Rebecca. He kissed Rebecca’s cheek. He licked her eyelids with the tip of his tongue. He pecked her nose and lips. As his head shifted to her breast, with the nipple remaining only slightly hard, he traced her once soft form with his hand. He found her way to Rebecca’s cunt. She wasn’t shaven like Claire. But, her hair was soft to the touch with tender curls. “Mmmmm.” Levin moaned. He tasted her nipple. He sucked. What had she tasted like in life?
Levin watched as Claire made slow steady circles with her hips on top of Randal. Claire’s face was flushed from her excitement. Claire leaned forward and kissed the chest of Randal. Levin moved down the torso of Rebecca. He pressed her legs apart to get to her lips. He parted the now rigid lips apart to expose the clitoris. “Oh yessss.” Levin fingered the clitoris as he studied the visible portions of Rebecca’s remains. Her clitoris was like a chocolate drop to him. He pressed his face between her legs. His tongue tasted the dead clitoris. He wrapped his lips around the small part he was able to suck up.
Levin and Claire continued on in this manner for some time. Finally, Levin laid himself on top of Rebecca’s corpse. He pressed his cock between her legs. He was so hot; he had started to drip semen. He loved Rebecca’s form. She was only slightly plump but she used to be busty. He was finally able to get the head of his cock into her taut cunt after much struggling with her limbs. Rigamortis was always difficult to deal with, but he managed. As he pressed his cock in as far as it would go he kissed the bullet wound over her heart. “Such a good heart, so sweet so delicate.” He held on to the body firmly. He traced the bullet wound with his tongue. He sighed and moaned as his hips pressed against the cold dead flesh. He felt an urge to release himself but wanted to hold back until he was with Claire.
He jumped off the gurney and kissed Rebecca’s nipple once again. He grabbed one urn filled with the remains of a homeless woman. Claire was on the verge of orgasm, but held back for Levin’s command. Levin opened the urn exposing the ashes.

“You know the drill little one.”

“Yeee…yeesss, Master.” Claire’s body was trembling as she clung to Randal’s stomach for support.

Levin began to pour the ashes over Claire’s head and body. She released a most primal and guttural scream from her being. Levin’s cock dripped as he watched her body jerk and spasm over Randal. “Say it baby…” Levin coaxed her. “Randal! Randal! I love your cock! Oooooh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me pllleeeeeeeeease.” Levin grabbed her ash filled hair. He licked her skin taking in some of the ashes. Exhausted from her release, Claire slumped over onto Randal’s chest. There was no heaving of his rib cage—his heart was silent. He lay still—stagnant. She inhaled the aroma of death seeping from his skin. She kissed his sternum.
Levin helped Claire off of the gurney; her legs were weak. She could hardly stand. That is how Levin liked her. He picked up a scalpel from the rolling tray next to the urn. He stood next to Rebecca’s form. Claire supported herself by holding the gurney. Levin parted the lips of Rebecca’s bushy cunt. He grabbed the clitoris with his right index finger and thumb. With surgical precision, he excised the clitoris. He stroked the head of his cock with it as he moved to Claire. Claire stood, still panting from her great release, ashes smudged over her body. “Open.” Levin commanded. Claire opened her mouth obediently. She stuck out her tongue to accept her gift. “She is you, you are her always.” Levin placed the clitoris on Claire’s tongue. Claire closed her mouth and chewed. She swallowed and licked her lips. Levin leaned forward and kissed her deeply. “Now it is my turn.”
Claire grabbed Randal’s cock and pulled at the foreskin. Levin again removed a small piece. Claire held the skin in her hand and waited for Levin to open his mouth. Levin opened his mouth and accepted the skin. He chewed…Swallowed. Their lips embraced.
Levin laid Claire on the floor. He grabbed the second urn filled with the remains of another homeless person. He ritualistically poured the remains over Claire’s body. Claire had become a corpse to him now. She lay silent, motionless, taking shallow breaths. He traced her lips with ashes from the urn. He placed ashes between her legs and over her clitoris. He smeared ashes over her beasts. Levin parted Claire’s legs. He pressed the head of his cock against her clitoris and then down to entrance of her cunt. He pushed in deeply. He moaned.
Levin caressed Claire’s corpselike body. She never moved. No matter what Levin did to her body, she never moved. Her cunt was dripping wet. She was on standing orders to always hold her cunt tight when they played this way, and she did. Levin could feel the pressing desire to release. He grabbed Claire’s hair as he pulled and pushed simultaneously. A sudden rush of heat spread through his body like wild fire. His soul was on fire. He looked down at Claire, her eyes closed; he licked the ash from her lips. He jerked. He released. He slumped to her shoulder. His seed spent.
Levin gasped for air. At last, he tickled Claire’s earlobe. She giggled. Levin looked deeply into her eyes and smiled the warmest of smiles. There was the sparkle in her eyes and there was that carefree mirth in her giggle. There was her living soul.

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