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CuriousBlkFemSub © 2004

It was a long day at the office. I took the long drive back to Long Island from Manhattan, from my job as an interior designer for a private company. As a 40 year-old African-American female, it wasn't easy getting this position and status, I've certainly worked hard enough for it and now I'm indulging myself of everything I feel I deserve after all these years.

I made the grueling trip and finally reach my town Babylon, N.Y, I drove straight for the mall just ten minutes away from my home. I got out of my car, locked the car doors and proceeded to the mall entrance, from the mall parking lot. Since summer was approaching I needed some cook wear and utensils, so I made my way to the basement of the department store. Spent nearly an hour searching for exactly what I wanted and stood on line and paid for my new items.

I had enough of shopping and was ready to go home and as I approached my vehicle I got a strange feeling but quickly shook it off. I got in the car and looked at my rear view mirror when I was staring at a black male I tried to run but the stranger put a knife to my throat and told me to drive. I drove for what seemed like forever, but it was more like an hour. When we approached an off road, I was told to follow the road and I complied, when we reach the end of the road there was a cabin, I was ordered to exit the car and was told that no one was around so screaming would be useless. We got out and entered the cabin. The cabin was fully equipped and seemed like this man took some serious planning in this abduction. He told me to sit down and pointed to a chair, I sat and kept quiet.

The tall man, black about thirty-five, 6' 5" and about 240 lbs. asked what my name was, I said, Denise. He said hello and not to worry that he wasn’t going to hurt me just to relax and listen to what I was told. I said okay.

He then led me to a bedroom where he told me to undress and lay on the bed. I did as I was asked to do. I was then handcuffed to the headboard and footboard, hands and legs. I asked that he "please don’t do this" He answered saying that it was necessary and that he had to go out to run an errand.

I was then left alone and fell asleep and when I awoke it was night. My husband I know must be frantic with worry. I prayed that I made it out of this so that I would see my family again.

The man returned and was making a lot of noise outside the bedroom. When finally the doorknob turn slowly and I watched in horror, not knowing what was going to happen next.

The man then un-cuffed me and told me to shower and directed me to a well kept bathroom with all the essentials. When I finished he had laid out clothing for me or should I say lingerie, he told me to put it on, It was a black laced teddy with matching thongs. I dressed in the teddy. The man then introduced himself, calling himself Ray. He told me that I reminded him of his deceased wife and that he knew my pattern and had been following me for weeks. He told me he wanted to make love to me and then he would decide whether to let me go. After he was done with me, but it all depended on my cooperation, if I gave myself to him completely.

I asked what exactly did he expect from me and he answered, "follow my lead and submit to me" and then he said "obey my every whim" that last statement made me shutter in fright, and I had no idea what to expect. This man was sick, but I knew I had to survive for my family so I began to prepare myself for the inevitable.

Ray was quite charming though, making dinner for us and setting the table by candlelight, there were flowers and crystal and music, champagne as well. I was told to eat up, I think the food was take out though it was good, consisted of roasted chicken, roasted potatoes and carrots and asparagus. After dinner Ray poured champagne… and poured mine in a large goblet and told me to drink all of it. He cuffed me to the chair where I was sitting and told me he would be back. I heard the shower going and quickly looked around the room for an escape, but it was no use I was cuffed and he had the key. I quickly gave up the idea.

Ray was back in about fifteen minutes he was naked and sat on a nearby couch, looking at me a rubbing his member. He was a very dark man with a long, thick cock, and I wondered if it would hurt me. I tried not to look at him but he told me to look at him and don’t look away, I thought this is really sick. But I figured I’d better listen to this raving lunatic.

Ray proceeded to approach me and take off the cuffs. He pulled me to my feet and began to breath very heavily, starting to rub my breasts and suck them feverishly, I got scared and I started breathing hard as well. Ray then lifted the black nightie and rubbed my pussy through the thong I was wearing, pushing me down on the couch spreading my legs and devouring me in an instant, sucking all my juices out of my pussy sucking me dry I thought he was trying to literally eat my pussy.

Ray then calmed down and started to be a little calmer, licking me slower and making my pussy wet all over again. He then ordered me to suck his cock. I then began to suck his cock it was huge at least ten inches and very fat. I had a hard time taking it down my throat as I was ordered to do, and he quickly told me “Don’t disappoint me” So I began to deep throat him like I had done my husband numerous times. Ray began to moan and groan and was breathing very hard. He told me to stop. I quickly pulled away. And he then told me to stroke his dick, I did. Ray then laid me down and started rubbing his large cock up and down the length of my pussy at a very fast pace to a perfection. Then without a hesitation he entered me in one stroke it was very powerful and he hurt me. Ray began to fucked me like a dog in heat, grabbing my thighs and lifting them placing them on his shoulders, and grinded in my pussy with deep deliberate fast thrust and I was screaming in pain and pleasure. Ray shot his load deep in my pussy, his cum spilling out of my pussy it must have been a large cups-worth. Ray pulled out of me and then came again this time squirting his come all over my face and body I’ve never seen any man come like this before.

Ray got up cuffed me again to a nearby chair, and went to the bathroom. He came back and wiped my face and pussy with a warm cloth very gently and then he began to eat my pussy again. Pulling back the skin to gain access to my clit, he began sucking on my clit, I could barely control myself then ray stuck two fingers inside of me and began to twist his fingers in and out, still paying attention to my clit I came in minutes and ray began to suck all of my cum out of my pussy, I mean every drop like he was a starving animal, it was pretty intense.

At this point I tried to relax a little bit more realizing that he just wanted to be pleasured and that I should do what he asked. What choice did I have I was pretty tired and Ray decided that I should rest as well as he. So Ray grabbed my hand and led me to a different bedroom, it had burgundy walls and a beautiful large brass bed and white sheets and a thick white comforter, and large pillows, Ray pulled back the sheets and comforter and told me to get in, I climbed in the large bed and laid down, Ray then said take off the nightie, I did as I was told and then he told me to lay down, he told me that if I tried to escape the dogs were out -- pit bulls -- and that they would surely attack if I tried to leave, and also said that he wouldn’t cuff me but if I tried to escape he would kill me.

Evening turned into morning and I saw just a shadow of light coming through the thick curtains, Ray jumped up as if someone was trying to kill him and immediately turned to me, he started rubbing his already erect penis and told me to come to the end of the bed where he bent me over and wet my pussy with his saliva and this time gently penetrated me slow since my pussy was almost completely closed from the swelling, ray pumped me slow and deliberate going deeper and deeper and he then grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them very wide as wide as they would go and he had some momentum going on, he started to talk to me asking me if I liked it, I said yes, he said good and then began to pound my pussy I begged him to slow down, and he said shut up, and really started fucking the shit out of me, I think he realized that I was too dry and he left the room and came back with some lubrication jelly, rub a good amount on me and started fucking me some more grunting and moaning, the jelly made it more pleasurable and I started to moan as well, Ray came again equally to the first time but this time he pulled out and told me to open my mouth cumming inside my mouth he told me to swallow and I’d better swallow it all. I did.

My ordeal continued for five days, of continuous fucking and sucking, after the fifth day I woke up to find a note, saying that I was free to go and that he had gotten the fulfillment he needed to go on in life realizing that I wasn’t his dead wife and said I was a good fuck and hope that the ordeal was not to much for me to bear. -Signed, Ray.

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