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The Woods

Subangel © 2004

You come home after your work out stress is at an all time low for you but you still have a lot of energy you can work walk in and find a note pinned to the door asking you to follow the trail of ribbons this is imagination because I do not know what you property looks like I am going by what I would think of back home from some of my houses I have had
you have to look for the ribbons because they are not that close together but they are out you start to walk you can hear the sounds of nature going and your mind is raising about what you will find when you get you approach you see me standing there leaning against a tree.......there is a blanket on the ground with things surrounding survey around you.....I have put wrist cuffs on and ankle cuffs on and the innocent image you see back lets your mind wander even more

there is a basket on the ground also and you see me start to kneel with my head bowed asking you if you are answer yes........I do not walk over but crawl on my knees to the blanket for I know where I do not understand all yet but you will ........I reach in the blanket and take out a bottle of cognac and some fruit and wine because I am hoping the snap will enhance your appetite for other things
I reach into the basket again and pull out some rope and lay it down.......I pull out a whip and lay it down......I pull out a crop and lay it down I pull out a paddle and lay it down also......with intent.......I want you to se I want you to feel and I want you to know

I have not looked in your eyes yet for that is not allowed but I softly ask if you wish for a glass of cognac and will you please sit sit and say yes I pour and give to you........I can feel the aggression coming from you the aroma of Dominance has filled the air around is a great feeling of pleasure that flows through me because I know so far you are pleased

I hand you the drink and ask if you are hungry at all you reply no not yet......I ask if it is okay if I touch you and you say yes.....I crawl behind you and start to massage your shoulders and your neck letting you feel me and smell me and know I am there......I want you to relax but I also want to unleash the power I know is there in you......I am massaging you and sensing the smile on your face......I ask if it is pleasing you so far and you reply????????

I ask if I can remove my shirt and you say yes so I do as I lean into your back you can feel the nipple clamps that are on me and I know you are pleased you can hear them as the chain that separates them clinks a little bit......I move my arms around you and start to rub the front of you....asking if I can remove your shirt for reply yes go ahead so I do I love the feel of your chest I love the feel of your arms and the strength that comes from them at all times

I have felt that strength in both punishment and brings a smile to my face......I tell you at that time that if it pleases you I will feed you a little bit you say yes.....I reach over and get a strawberry from the pile and dip it in the chocolate sauce.....bringing it to your mouth bite and I ask if it is okay that I have a taste you say no so I continue to feed you......I ask if you would like my skirt to be off you reply yes so I proceed to take it off......

I remove the skirt and move in front of you so you are able to see all of me not that you do not already I kneel in front of you though your eyes do the casting of my body looking at me but I have made sure my legs are spread open for you to your sweep down you see something inside my crotch but you are not sure yet what it is look at me and say......"slave what is that"......I look at you and say "food Master" "for when you are hungry if it pleases you".....the look on your face is priceless....I return to feeding you.

I want to please you with all I have I want you to feel how great my submission is towards you and the power you have over me it is remarkable....I can feel the juices from me mixing with the fruit juices as I clutch my pussy around the fruit I have placed in it. I ask if I can give you even more pleasure by presenting my ass for you..... You tell me yes and in side as I turn and kneel and bend over there is a butt plug that I placed inside it earlier I ask you if you would like me to crawl over to the tree now and be tied up so you might have the pleasure of whipping me for a while.

Now you and I both know I am not a pain slut at all so it is a great thing for me to offer you this because I know how much pleasure it gives you to be able to whip at your whim. I enjoy it because you enjoy doing it and I know the pleasure it gives you. It is a place that I need to be in my mind to over come the pain of what is happening. It is a place of surreal euphoria for me because I have been able to obtain it for you. The pain is there when you are doing it, it is always there but the pleasure you receive out ways the pain of what I am receiving.

I sense you stand up and place your drink down on the blanket you walk over to me and grab me by the hair yanking on it till I stand up. I love that from you have my hair you tell me to bend over for a minute and you place your hand on my crotch feeling the piece of fruit there but also noticing the heat that is radiating of my pussy.......

you move the butt plug around a little bit knowing how I feel as the sensations go up me and through drag me to the tree after I have picked up the tools that you like and you tie first my wrists to the tree tightly because you want me to feel the bark as it digs into my skin and also it is less chance of me moving..... The nipple clamps dig in also because you have tied so tightly you grab one of the ankles and move it beside the tree and tie it also and then connect the other one. I know what is coming.

You reach over and grab my hair again pulling my head back and saying " You know you need know you want this....and you know I am going to give it to you"...."Yes Master, please!!!!!!!!!" You know I need to feel your control all the know I need it. Seek it...long for it for I know that the more power and control you have over me in every way the more closer I come to you

I use the tree for leverage because I sense you bending and picking up the something I am not sure which one it is because I do not know what mood you are in at this moment. You are different when you start this because it takes a hold of you.... you enjoy inflicting enjoy feeling me wince. You enjoy hearing my whimpers of hurt....and eventually you enjoy hearing me scream either for more or for mercy but that does not stop you it is when you have truly finished then you stop but you know that is what I like about you also.

I can hear it as it soars through the air......not knowing till it hits which one you have chosen it is not the paddle as I thought but the whip right of the bat...the first hit is always the worst for it settles in and remains for a long time and with the force you use it stays for a very long time...I already start to whimper because I know what the rest is going to be by that first hit.....and sure enough it starts but you want to prolong it so you have switched from one instrument to the other over a period of time. I can feel ever hit on my ass, thighs, lower back, and legs.....

I can feel the heat radiating off of my is red with welts from all you have used on is hurt and sore but it feels also good in its own whimpers have turned to crying but you still continue and then you suddenly stop walk over to me and grab my hair again pulling my head back......"Bitch see now this is what I want from you......all of it.....sacrificing your soul for me........letting me take it all......having it all......doing it all"....." there is no other way I control everything about you and it is only going to increase........"Yes Master I know"

You pick up the whip again and start some more for you love the screams and have not heard any ass feels like it is on feels swollen and like it is about to burst finally I start to scream the hits feel like they are compounding on each other over and over again......the pain is so great it is hard to feel what is happening around me.....I cannot think anymore......all I can do is feel the pain from every lash you are giving me.

You come around to the front of me and look me in the eyes..... You know and I know that you Own me every last part of know and I know that I am yours to do with as you walk away and go and sit down picking up your drink and still staring at me you take a sip.....your eyes are deep and penetrating going not only to my ass and my face but also deep into my soul. I think you sense the depth of my submission to you but do you feel it also. Do you feel how it surrounds us? Do you feel how it is so intoxicating that you can loose your mind from it? The atmosphere of the D/s power between us is so strong that sometimes you do not think you will come out of it.

Your eyes focus on the handiwork on my love what it is you are looking at. I lean against the tree and cry the tears pour out because the pain is setting in big time. You calmly sit there and sip your drink. You enjoy this moment of knowing you have done this to me. Finally you say "shut the fuck up and stop your crying" I try to stifle the cries as best I can because I do not want to anger you at this point. You come back over to me and start to untie me from the tree. My legs feel like rubber, and my arms feel like weights but I know that you love and care for me.

You grab me by the hair again and throw me to the ground and start to unzip your pants. I know what it is you wish for me to do you do not have to say it to me. I crawl on my knees over to you as you tower above me and I feel you grip my hair again. I bring you to my mouth and start to suck on your cock it is nice to feel it grow and stiffen in my mouth. I can feel it like a snake as it winds it way further into my mouth and start to make its way to the back I pull it in and out of my mouth and let myself savor the taste of feel the heat that is coming from feel it as it pulsates through my saliva.

You are enjoying this I know....I can feel you start to move as the grip on my hair tightens. You move faster and faster in my mouth and tell me to keep going. I can feel the time approaching you thighs have tightened a little bit more and your voice has changed some when you speak to me. You tell me" you better drink every drop that comes not let any slip past those lips of mine"...I look up and then cast my eyes down again and continue are so close.....and then finally a little maneuver with my tongue on the underside of your cock and a massage of your balls and you let loose the flood of cum down my throat. I start to swallow and milk your cock with my mouth.

I know my job is not finished until you are empty I would not dare to release you until you start to pull away. I finish milking you and just sooth you as if I was a baby with a pacifier in my mouth. Mmmmmm the taste is sweet like nectar and the feel is so great I hate to have you move but you do. You sit down and drink a little more of your drink and then ask for some food. I do not look at you as I prepare a plate for you. You eat and watch me at the same time. You finish what it is you are doing and then get up putting your clothes back on. My eyes are still downcast as you say to me "Clean all this up and go into the house when you are done you have the list of things to do when you are done come to me and I will instruct you next"...."Yes Master I understand"....

You turn and walk back to the house I watch you go with a smile on my face. I know who you are. I know who I am. I am satisfied with that.

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