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Nocturnal Vows

Dark Abyss © 2005

The moon is full and bright, so close that I can reach out and pull it down from the clear, cool night sky. My bare feet sink into the white sand as I guide my blindfolded submissive. It was just yesterday afternoon that W/we exchanged vows at O/our commitment ceremony, where all of O/our friends (straight, gay, vanilla, Dominant and submissive) came together to wish us well in O/our union. But tonight is something even much more special than any of O/our vanilla friends could fathom. Tonight on this white sand-clad beach, I was collaring my loyal submissive of four years. she has served Me without question and taken My firm hand with no complaint or use of our safe word. she has always trusted My direction and provided me with intelligent feedback when requested. her loyalty has brought her here tonight to receive the greatest gift I have ever given to anyone.

Both of U/us are dressed in black beach attire, Me in a linen-cotton blend shirt and pants and she in nothing but a bikini top, sarong and blindfold. W/we wore minimal jewelry on O/our hands and neck. I wore only my wedding band and BDSM-symbol ring. she wore only her engagement ring, wedding band and after given permission, her anklet and toe rings. her neck was bare.

she follows closely behind Me, clinging to My arm. Once W/we reach the desired location close to a huge rock formation along the beach, “On your knees”, I instruct her. she assumes the proper position, kneeling with her ankles spread apart and head lowered.

I reach into my leather bag and begin preparation for O/our private ceremony. I light and place a hurricane lamp deep in the sand nearby for added light. I then take out her leash and the one object that she has desired to wear all her life, My collar. It was custom-made of white gold, non-descript and thin enough for everyday comfort but still extremely sturdy, even enough for a leash. Inside it is personalized with the engraving of O/our names along with today’s date. It has an O-ring symbolizing the eternity of O/our commitment and a handy spot to attach her leash. I also have a buttplug and a piece of cowhide that I unroll and place over on the huge boulders nearby.

Holding the collar, I reach down and remove her blindfold. Being the obedient sub she was, she didn’t even think to lift her head until permission was granted. “Lift your head and look at Me.” With bright eyes and her warm smile, she looked up awaiting my next word. “Look around you. Doesn’t the moon look beautiful?”

she takes in the beautiful evening scenery. “Yes, Daddy”, she replies, “…and look at all the stars.”

“I know, the sky is so bright. That is God’s blessing for our union. Give me your hands.”

Holding her soft, delicate hands, I tell her, “Thank you for being my other half, always providing Me with the love and companionship that I need to better Myself as a world citizen and a strong Dominant. It is because of your undying faithfulness and unrestricted devotion that has helped in making Me into the person I am today. And now that W/we have exchanged O/our vows before God, O/our friends and families, we must exchange O/our vows as Master and slave. Look at the sky again. How many stars do you see?”

“i’m not sure, Daddy. There must be thousands, maybe millions of stars in the galaxy”, she said as she looked back up at Me very child-like.

“Yes, I’m sure. Know this: as long as W/we remain united as one, I will spend every day of My existence pulling down every single star from the sky for you. You have been without question the most loyal, deserving submissive that I have ever encountered. Because of that, I present you with this collar as a symbol of My love and affection. Also as a symbol, whether recognized or not by others, you will wear it at all times to show the world that I own you.

I place the collar around her neck, fastening it securely. “I promise to you and God that I will at all times honor your feelings and needs. My Dominance will never override your best interests, but instead cultivate your growth in all aspects of life. I will always provide for you as well as keep you safe, happy and free from harm. Although W/we have two separate bodies and minds, W/we now share the same spirit. You know belong completely to Me. I love you.”

“Permission to speak?”

“Permission granted.”

“First, thank You so very much for taking me in, training me properly and molding me into the perfect submissive that You desire. You have always been more than worthy of my love, affection and devotion. my submission has always been given to You freely and has never once been a burden to me or my life. Without Your guidance and direction, my life’s successes would be limited at best. It gives me great pleasure to serve You and honor You. Elevating my status from submissive to slave has been my most focused goal these past four years. i will take so much pleasure in referring to You as my Master. i will continue to serve and honor You everyday i live. Thank You so very much for having me. i love You more than You could possibly ever love me.”

I attach the leash to her collar’s O-ring and assist in lifting lift her up from her kneeling position. I bend down to dust the sand from her knees. W/we kiss slow and long, grinding her waist into My pelvis. She can feel that I’m wearing My strap and I know it’s making her weaker by the second. I break off the kiss and lead her over to the giant rocks, not too pointy but definitely jagged and somewhat uncomfortable. The cowhide scrap will provide a little comfort, but not much. She’s a good bytch; she’ll be able to take it.

I lean her back against the rocks and begin kissing her again, grinding My hips into her. She picks up one leg in an attempt to wrap it around Me. I reach down and can feel her wetness seeping through the fabric of her sarong. Forcefully, I remove it and toss it aside. Sure enough, this evening’s festivities have excited my bytch and I can see her leaking down her inner thighs. Moving My hands roughly over her mound, back up her stomach and to her breasts, I remove her bikini top and pinch her nipples hard. She winces in pain. I kiss her to stifle her shrieks, but pinch them again and twist them roughly. I can feel her breath shorten in my mouth as I fondle her full, brown 36-C breasts softly gently this time. I suck, kiss and lick them to take away some of the pain momentarily. “Wrap both legs around Me.” she does as instructed. “What do you feel, slut?”

“Your Dick.”

I use my body weight to push her back and ass into the jagged rocks and correct her, “Your Dick?! Your Dick, what?!”

“Your Dick, Daddy. i feel Your Dick against me.” With shortened breath she asks, “May i please feel It in me, Daddy?”

Without hesitation, I grab her neck roughly as if to choke her. “you sure you wanna get fucked here…now…against this rock…outside like a nasty slut?”

“If it pleases You, Daddy.”

“Ho’s can always please Me if they’re nasty enough.” I reach down to her crotch and grab roughly, but not enough to cause physical harm. I feel her hole gush more pussy juice out onto My hand. Taking that same hand, I reach back up and smear her juices all over her mouth and lips.

“Mmmmmm”, she moans, licking her lips. I can’t help but wanna taste her juices right off of her tongue. I stand so I can taste her pussy all over her mouth, which she offers Me generously. W/we swap her juices back and forth between O/our tongues while I play with her swollen, throbbing clit. The more I rub and tease it, the more it swells and begs for My mouth. I give My slut another serving of her own liquids to enjoy all to herself. While she licks her lips, I drop down on My knees to give her fat clit a hard, strong tongue-swipe. I do this a few times and sit back on My heels so that I can watch her writhe against the rocks with excitement and anticipation of the next lick. She looks so uninhibited and is ready to perform whatever nasty, filthy request I may have. She looks down at Me and open her legs wider. “This is Your hole, Daddy.” She opens even wider, giving me her famous child-like look. “It’s always open…for You…whenever..You want it.”

“stupid ass, don’t tell Me what I already know.” I reach out and tease her clit, rubbing it gently with the pad of My thumb, making her hole leak again. I watch it run down her inner thigh. I place two fingers at her pussy’s entrance and push in swiftly and deeply causing her to moan loudly. I love looking at her pussy. It’s the perfect shade of reddish-pink, warm, soft, wet, deep and it envelops Me like it was custom-made. I reach over and get the buttplug. I tease her clit with it, poking it with the tip of the plug. I wipe up some of her dripping mess from her thighs with it. Placing it up to her still-leaking pussy, I drive it in firmly. I watch My slut’s body stiffen as I fill her up. Once she’s coated it nicely, I remove it swiftly and without warning, leaving her instantly empty and wanting more. I smear her cream all over her breasts, letting My natural resource of the evening breeze to assist in hardening her nipples even more. Hmmm…still some left on the plug. “Open your mouth, bytch”, I command. Slowly she opens, taking a little in at a time until she’s got it completely in her mouth. “Get it wet, as wet as you can. you better slather your spit all over it cuz it’s the only lube your asshole will receive.” I move it back and forth in her mouth. “More, slut.” Desperately, she tries to conjure up more saliva because she knows I’m serious. “Not enough!”, I bark, as I administer an open-handed slap to her face. “Spit on it!” She obliges Me and spreads it out all over the plug with her tongue. “That’s more like it, baby. I don’t want to hurt my little gyrl’s asshole, but I will if I have to.”

Once she’s succeeded in getting it well-lubed, I turn her around, bending her over positioning her hands on the rock and kicking her ankles apart. “For doing as instructed, I’ll cut you some slack, tramp.” I spread her cheeks wide and spit on her pretty, puckered asshole. “A little more lube for My little gyrl.” Slowly I glide the tip of the saliva-covered buttplug into her asshole. Little by little, I watch it disappear into her until it’s finally gone and all I can see is the base. I press My crotch into her firm, round ass so she can feel My dick once again. I reach around to play with her clit, causing her to moan deeply. She moans louder and louder as I grind My dick against the dildo base. She scoots back offering her ass to Me. “You want Daddy’s dick, don’t you bytch? Nasty bytch always beggin’ for My shyt”, I chuckle.

“Permission to speak?”


“Please…please fuck me, Daddy. Hard…deep, Fuck me like a skank.”

Grabbing her hair and pulling on her leash simultaneously, I lean into her ear, “Bytch, you are a skank. How else do you think that I would fuck you?” With that, I unzipped My pants, and began teasing her pussyhole with the head of My cock. “you better not let that plug fall from that ass. Grip it, bytch! you get sloppy and you’ll be punished.” I begin pushing My dick inside, inch by inch. Halfway in, I pull back and hear her disappointment. “you better not say a fucking word”, I bark, driving It in all at once ‘til she’s filled completely. My hands reach around to play with her breasts as I pump harder into her and she pumps back to meet My every thrust. I moan in her ear and kiss her neck. I know she’s on fire now cuz she can’t stop pumping back on My cock. “Cum get this dick bytch. You know your sorry ass wants it. Cum get it. Show Me what a ho you can be.” By this time, she’s bucking back wildly against my crotch. I tug on her leash and push her face against the cowhide material on the rocks. Holding her head down against it, I drive in as deep and as hard as I can. I can see tears spill from her eyes as she begs between heavy breaths and forceful thrusts, “Permission to…cum? Please, Daddy…may I…please…cum?”

“you wanna get My dick dirty, don’t you bytch? You wanna spill your worthless cum all over My dick?”

“Yes please…”

WHACK!!!…right on her ass. “Yes please, what?!”

“Yes, please, Daddy. Please let…me cum...Daddy.”


“Give it to Me, bytch. Gimme that cum, slut. Make it good”, I growl in her ear.

Just as if she had been waiting all her submissive life for this moment, her muscles tightened and her head fell back on My shoulder. she began to tremble with ecstasy and called My name over and over, “Daddy…mmmmm Daddy…Daddy…Daddy…mmmm…”

“Yes baby, I’m here. I got you. Mmmm, let it all go”, I whispered in her ear. “Give it all to Daddy. I got you.” her tremors subsided ever so slowly as I kissed along the back of her neck and earlobes. she moaned and melted into Me as I gently fondled her breasts from behind.


“Yes baby?”

“May i kiss You?”

“Yes you may.” Carefully, while keeping the buttplug deeply submerged in her ass, she lifts herself off My dick and turns to face Me. she places her hands on My face and kisses My lips softly and gently at first, then slipping her tongue into My mouth. Breaking O/our kiss, she says, “Thank You, Daddy. Thank You so much for being what i need.”

she drops to her knees, still firmly clinching the plug in her ass, she begins licking My dick. Slowly at first, then sucking it down into her mouth ‘til My cockhead reaches the back of her throat. she sucks long and hard, pushing back the base of My dick so that it grinds against My clit. All the while she’s looking up at Me with her hazel-grey eyes, swallowing My pole. Harder and harder she pushes it back against My clit, moaning and gagging on My cock. She knows how I love listening to her give Me a sloppy, wet, nasty blowjob. I place one hand on the back of her head and one on her shoulder. The pressure is building and she knows I’m about to blow. I moan deep and begin pumping into My slut’s mouth. Watching her suck Me off is making My orgasm build more and more. Her eyes are filling up with water as she sucks as hard as she can to get me off, moaning and groaning like My dick is all she lives for. Seeing those big crocodile tears stream down her face from sucking me so deep sends Me over the edge and I grip her shoulder as hard as I can with one hand while my other holds on to a handful of her light-brown locs. I stammer and growl like a person possessed, shaking violently as she rocks her mouth back and forth along my pole. As she pulls her mouth back, I can see how slick and well-coated it is with her saliva.

While my body attempts to calm, she slides her mouth all the way off and proceeds to slap and smear it against her face. “Thank You, Master. I live to please You”, she said so innocently as she never broke eye contact. I reached down to remove My strap. Before I could remove it completely, she frantically began pawing at my pussy. I placed one leg on a large boulder beside us so that she could drink from Me. she lapped at My hole hungrily and covered her face with My cum, moaning and gripping My ass. I leaned over and licked My cum from her face so W/we could share yet another liquid kiss under the moon and stars.

“Permission to speak?”


“Daddy, i can’t wait for O/our anniversary.”

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