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I look at you in the chair and smile, my heart filled with love. No other man would be willing to go the lengths you will tonight, to allow me to live the most secret of my fantasies. I walk over and check the bindings on your wrists and ankles, making sure you are both comfortable and immobile in the high back chair I chose for our “adventure” tonight. Your ankles are attached to the front two legs, while your arms are straight down your sides, with your wrists bound to the tops of the back legs. You’re nude, with your cock already semi-hard and making a lazy arc in my direction. I look at it and smile even more, knowing that you are going to enjoy this evening as much as I will.

I look into your eyes, and ask you if you are still sure you want to go though with it. You smile and nod your head yes, your eyes full of love and lust. I nod back and place first the gag over your mouth, then the blindfold over your eyes, covering your face while I change into the rest of my “costume”. Slipping out of my robe, I take a quick look at my nearly nude form in the long mirror that hangs on our bedroom door. Once upon a time, I would have cringed at the sight of my large pendulous breasts, full round stomach, wide hips and powerfully built thighs, but your love and attention helped me to realize that beauty and sexiness isn’t a size, it’s a frame of mind. Though you, I came to understand that I could be as attractive and sexy with my size 20 figure as my size six sisters could. It is because of you that I have to confidence to live out my fantasy tonight.

I break from my self-examination and move to my dresser to get the elements of my outfit. First the black satin half-cup bra. Finding something like this to fit my 48DD breasts was nearly impossible, but thanks to a friend of a friend, I was able to locate one. I put it on, and adjust myself, so that my nipples are peeking over the top of the cups. I tease them for a few moments, so that they become pert and stick out even farther then usual. Next, I adjust the matching thong I’d been wearing since I’d gotten home and taken a shower, more then four hours ago. I pull it back up over my hips, making sure the back strap is properly between my ass cheeks, since it had slipped during my masturbation session a couple of hours ago in anticipation of the events of the evening. Finally I put in the black patent leather pumps, accentuating my shapely calves. Looking back into the mirror, I give myself the once over. Seeing that I was as ready as I’d ever get, I walk over to you, ready to remove your blindfold.

When your eyes adjust to the light, you look me up and down and the lust in your eyes increases by a hundred-fold. I turn around and slowly walk to the stereo, knowing full well that your eyes are glued to my ass cheeks as they jiggle with every step. I turn on the stereo and start the tape, an instrumental version of Ginuwine’s “So Anxious”, a song we’d made love to often. Tonight, however, it would serve a different purpose… I turn back around and see that your cock has risen to a full erection. The sight of it sticking straight up in the air, its large head throbbing almost in time with the music, is all the encouragement I need. I find the beat, and start to move my hips and small circles to it, slowly making my way first to my knees, then to all fours, looking you in the eye the whole time. I crawl towards you like a cat, licking my lips as though in anticipation of taking you into my mouth. When I get to about a foot from you, I shift targets, heading towards the bed. When I get there, I use the post at the foot of the bed to pull myself up slowly, licking my way up as though I were licking your lovely cock. When I get fully upright, I hug the post between my breasts, engulfing it completely. Tapping the bottoms of my bra, I make the exposed flesh of my breast jiggle in time with the music, while I licked my lips slowly. You strain at your bounds, the lust for my body getting the best of you. I laugh, enjoying the feelings the desire in your eyes gives me. Shaking my finger at you, I let you know that it’s not your time yet. Coming around to the foot of the bed, I turn my back to you, and slowly bend at the waist, giving you a full view of my generous ass. Bending at the knees, I let my ass dip towards the floor, and begin to sway again to the music. I look back over my shoulder at you and see your eyes half-closed, your blood engorged cock stiffly following my ass.

Knowing that I’m really starting to get to you, I decide to take it the next level. Raising my ass back into the air, I slip my thumbs into the sides of my thong, and slowly start to peel it off my hips and down my legs. When I get it to my knees, I spread my stance as far as the thong would stretch, so that I cunt is exposed to your eyes. Using my left hand, I slide my middle finger into my pussy to the second knuckle and then draw it out slowly, letting you see how wet I am. I hear you moan softly, and my smile widens…so far, everything is going exactly as I expected. Bringing my feet back together, I finish lowering my thong to the floor, easily stepping out of them. Picking them up, I step closer to you and put the crotch part of them under your nose, so that you can smell my essence. I make the treat brief and you whimper when I snatch it away. I smile at you wickedly, letting you know that it will only get worse, before it gets better.

Stepping back from you, I reach for the bra clasp in between my breasts and release it. Putting my hands on my hips and giving myself a slight shake, I let gravity take over and draw my heavy boobs from the confinement of the satin prison. I turn my body to the right and left, almost as if I’m modeling my nakedness for you. I know that you long to touch me in my intimate places, to taste my flesh, to penetrate me fully with your cock, and it makes me hornier then I’ve ever been in my life. Since the music was still playing, I decide to incorporate a quick lap dance into the festivities. Walking back over to you seductively, I go behind you and slowly slide my hands down from your shoulders to your stomach and back again…this has the effect of letting you feel both the touch of my hands on your front and my hard nipples on your back. Tracing my route back down to your pelvis, I tease you for a moment, moving my hands around the base of your cock without coming even close to touching it. You try to move your hips in such a way that my hand will brush against your aching member, but I’m quicker then you are and draw my hands away when the danger becomes to great. Deciding on a new mode of torture, I come around to your front and hold my breasts in both my hands, as though offering them to you. I then lean in and rub either side of your head with a breast, letting you breath deeply of the perfume I’m wearing. While I rubbing your face with my breasts, I straddle your lap, and position myself so that your cock is trapped between our stomachs. I feel it throbbing, and shift myself, to make it’s trap tighter. Then, to add insult to injury, I rub my rock hard nipples across your gag, as you grow more and more frustrated at not being able to taste me.

I step back again, as my need to cum rises to an uncontrollable level. Walking back to my dresser, I locate the large black vibrator I’d bought just for this occasion. Turning it on, I feel its powerful vibrations though my hands and up my arms. I’m so horny, I almost cum just from those sensations…but I still have one more part to my show for you. Coming back to the foot of the bed, I sit down and lay back. I spread my legs so that each one is resting on a bedpost. This gives you a clear view of my pussy and what I’m about to do to it. Teasing my clit with the vibe, first on one side and then on the other, I bring it to its full hardness. I start to moan, unable to contain myself as my passions turn animalistic. Taking the vibe in my right hand, I use my left to spread my pussy lips wide in preparation of its entrance into me. I rub the length of the vibe across my wet hole, lubing it up so that it will slide in easily. When I feel it’s ready, I put the tip to the opening between my legs, and slowly push it inside. It’s tight at first, due to its enormous size, but with a few strokes, it moves in and out of me with ease. I begin to fuck myself like a mad woman, longing for the release of orgasm. Soon the thrusting isn’t enough and I use my free hand to massage my clit, pinching and twisting it in large circles. Without warning, my body erupts in orgasm, juices flowing freely from my cunt down the crack of my ass.

The force of the orgasm knocks the wind out of me, and I lay there for a few minutes recovering. When I can finally lift my head, I look at you see that you are almost to tears, that you have the same desperate need to cum that I did a few minutes ago. Deciding that it is time to end the torture session, I climb off the bed and walk over to you. You look almost grateful and try to move so that I can have access to your bonds. But freeing you isn’t what I had in mind. Again straddling your lap, I grab your cock by the base and guide it into my soaking wet pussy. It slides in easily and I feel your balls against my ass. Using the muscles of my cunt, I begin to massage your cock, drawing the cum up from your nuts. Within a few seconds, I watch as your head falls back and your eyes close and you release your load inside me. It feels as though you cum forever and soon it leaks out and runs down over your balls and onto the chair.

When you finish, you bring your head back up and look at me, the lust replaced with gratitude, but the love still very much evident. I take off your gag, and kiss you deeply, letting you know just how much I love you as well. I pull you into my arms and hold you, safe in the grip of the man I love and who loves me.

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