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Daddi Panther © 2002

I come home and all the lights are out. “Perfect,” I say to myself, “she got my instructions.” I walk into our bedroom and the scenery is gorgeous. Candles are lit everywhere and I hear slow jams caressing the aura of the moment. In the middle of this masterpiece of a night you lay there blindfolded. I stare at your beautiful body and I sigh knowing how lucky I am to have found you. You have opened up your heart and mind to me in so many ways that I never thought possible. It is because of you that I know true happiness. I have to make myself snap out of the trance thoughts of you have put me in. I walk over to the bed and softly whisper in your ear, “Hello Baby, I’m home.” I see your breathing getting faster as you feel my breath on you. “I’ve been waiting for you just as you instructed,” you say. “Yes I see that, aren’t you a good girl,” I say sarcastically. “I’m whatever you want me to be baby,” you say. Just hearing those words come out of your mouth sends shivers down my spine. I want to take you right now but I know tonight nothing will be rushed.

I tell you that you will have to wait a little while longer while I freshen up and I see that pouty face you make which almost makes me laugh. “Don’t worry sweetie I won’t be long.” I run to the bathroom and jump into the shower wanting so badly to be next to you. I use the almond scented body wash because I know you love that smell. Within 10 minutes I’m out the shower and I rush to dry off knowing you must be going mad waiting for me to return. 

I lie down next to you on the bed and tell you to raise your arms over your head onto the headboard. You readily comply and the next thing you feel are silk scarves being gently place around your wrist and tightened. “Is that too tight,” I ask. You shake your head no and I notice how hard your nipples are getting. You love the feeling of being controlled if only for a little while. I run into the kitchen and bring something out the refrigerator and lay it on the dressing table next to us. You don’t know what is it and before you have time to ask my lips are covering yours slowly sliding my tongue in and out of it. Your shallow breathing is becoming more pronounced as you feel my hands sliding down your body. I get up and kneel over you and you slightly jump as you feel warm oil dripping all over your body. Quickly you feel my tongue rubbing the oil into your waiting skin. I start at your neck, kissing and sucking on it, whispering in your ear how much I couldn’t wait to get home to you. I hear you moaning slightly and I start to move my tongue down in between your breasts. Cupping them in my hands I move my tongue slowly around each nipple. You twist when you feel the ball of my tongue ring hit the tip of your nipple and that makes me even more aroused. I move back and forth between your nipples wanting to make sure each of them gets adequate attention. I can almost feel the heat that is generating between your legs and as much as I want to attend to it, I know that we have all night. I want you to see me; I need to look into your eyes so I gently remove the blindfold from you. “Look at me, baby,” I say and you tilt your head up. I stick my tongue out and twirl it around your nipple. “Do you like it like that,” I ask. You reply “yes!!!” My lips cover your nipple and start sucking on it alternating between being gentle and hard. I hear your moaning increasing. “Do you like it like this too?” “I like everything you do to me,” you replied. “Very good answer,” I say with a slight smirk on my face. “But that’s enough for you to see for now,” as I replace the blindfold back over your eyes. “But I want to see you,” you say. “I would rather you feel me,” I reply and you nod in agreement.

My lips leave your nipples and make a slow trail down your stomach, slowly rubbing the warm oil in with my tongue. I lick in and around your navel kissing slowly down and around your thighs. The heat from you is so close to me at this point. I know you are growing impatient as your legs start to shake a little bit. “Relax baby we have all night,” I say to you and you try to calm down. I lift your leg and bend your knee working my tongue around your thigh licking the creases where your thigh meets your pussy. Damn the scent that is coming from it is driving me wild but I try to stay focused. I kiss down your legs until I get to your feet, which I place one by one into my mouth slowly, sucking each of your toes just like you like it. You feel me lower your leg and start working my tongue back up in between your thighs. I’m staring at your pussy, inhaling and exhaling its aroma. 

Your mind is swimming listening to my moans trying to figure out what I’m going to do next and you feel something cold touch your pussy lips and you jump. “Shhhhhh, calm down,” I say, “just relax.” You attempt to lay still and you hear my fingertips hitting the inside of a porcelain bowl. Slowing from the bowl I start to insert cool cling peaches inside your pussy. At first you have no idea what is going on. You feel the coolness of the peaches start to warm up inside of you and you feel yourself getting fuller as I attempt to place more inside of you. Slowly they slide in hitting your walls as they fill you up. I look at your beautiful pussy and realize that you can’t take anymore. I start to kiss your inner thighs telling you to contract your muscles to make sure the peaches stay inside until I am ready to retrieve them. The aroma is driving me crazy as I feel your legs shaking in anticipation again. When I feel you can’t take anymore I slowly start to suck the peaches out of you. Each peach that hits my mouth causes me to moan because it is covered in your delicious juices. “Mmmmmmm, you taste so good baby, I could do this all night.” “I’m sure you could sweetie,” you reply to me. “I want you to share this with me,” I say as I take one of the peaches and rub it against your lips and watch you lick them. You moan and I know you agree with me that the taste is incredible. “But that is for me,” I say as I take the peach away from you and swallow it. I continue to nibble on the peaches, kissing, sucking all around your pussy, making sure not to touch your clitoris just yet. I can see it getting hard and I part your lips with two fingers and blow on it. I feel you twitch and I hear you scream out, “Damn please stop teasing me.” I ignore your plea and continue blowing on your clitoris watching it harden. The peaches are starting to slip out so I suck the rest of them out savoring every drip of your juice.

I need you real bad and I can’t control it anymore. I rub my face side to side over your pussy making sure your juices are saturated all over my face. I place your legs over my shoulders and widen them so I can attend to every inch of the feast in front of me. I start by licking your pussy lips up and down, sucking gently on them. Licking the creases where your thighs meet your pussy taking my time to make sure every part get its due attention. My tongue finds a puddle of moisture and I can’t help but to dive into it. In and out of you my tongue goes, slowly at first making sure I caress all of your walls; speeding up the pace periodically just to make you scream. My face is wet with your juices now and as if by a strong force my tongue finds your hardened clitoris. The ball of my tongue ring hits it and I hear you let out a loud moan because its still cool from the peaches. I have to hold your legs still in order to proceed with the task at hand. I lick your clitoris from left to right first then up and down, just barely touching it with the tip of my tongue. You are yearning to release so bad right now, but you know you aren’t allowed to just yet. Like sucking on a lollipop I take your clitoris into my mouth and bob up and down on it. I can feel it throbbing against my tongue and your legs are trembling out of control. “Not yet,” I think in my head. My tongue leaves your clitoris and moves back down to that pool of nectar waiting for me to devour it. Back and forth I go never really giving you each time to get use to either feeling. I want you to feel it all, I want to feel it through every part of your body. I can feel your clitoris crying out for my attention again so I move back up to it gently nibbling on it, sucking it, licking it, hard then slow, gentle then fast. I need to taste you and I don’t want you to hold back anymore. “Come for me baby,” I whisper to you as I feel your body tighten up. My tongue is now lying there at your hole waiting for my just rewards. I feel your warm nectar slide down over my tongue and I can’t help but begin to fuck your pussy with it. I need to have all of it in my mouth, no drop can be wasted. As I continue to suck all of the juices out of you, you are screaming out my name (damn you know how much that turns me on to hear). Your trembling subsides slightly and I come up laying slightly on top of you, kissing your beautiful, trembling lips and loosening the scarves around your wrists and gently placing your arms around me. You squeeze me tight as I plant small kisses all over your forehead. It’s time for your blindfold to come off.

I reach my arm down to the side of the bed and get something that I know you will like. “Turn over for me,” I say to you and immediately you know what position to assume. After a few moments you feel me entering your still very wet pussy. I hold you by your waist directing my dick into you. Slowly just like you like it. I look down at it watching it penetrate you and I get so turned on knowing how good you must be feeling right now. I push in you more and more hearing you almost gasping for air while I’m teasing your pussy and holding your juicy ass in my hands. “What a beautiful site,” I think to myself. At first I let you control the pace. I watch you push back slowly, just grinding yourself into my dick. I like to watch you get use to that full feeling. You rotate your ass in circles and move back and forth knowing that I love that view. Finally you take it all in and I hear you let out a moan of pleasure like a wild animal in heat. I follow your lead pushing when you pull and pulling when you push. I see you have your rhythm all worked out and I giggle to myself thinking how hesitate you were to try this not so long ago. But now you crave it, you need it, you want it more and more: but tonight I have also another surprise in mind. While I’m slowly fucking you I rub my finger around your clitoris to heighten your pleasure. Once again you feel the warm oil, however now it’s running down the crack of your ass. With my index finger I slowly start to penetrate your ass. You tense up at first not sure if you can handle it but I remain there letting you get use to the feeling before continuing. “Just relax baby, I’m not going to hurt you,” I say. Slowly I feel your body giving way to my probing. You start to relax your muscles and continue the rocking motion that we started earlier. As my dick got deeper inside your pussy so did my finger get inside your ass. You couldn’t believe how good this was feeling to you. You had often told me that it was a fantasy of yours to be fucked in the ass but you never got up the courage to do it. Feeling me full you totally up was an overwhelming feeling at you wanted to come so bad. It turned me on to hear the animalistic noises that this feeling was generating from you and it made me start to pump you even faster. You started to pump with me and I now knew without a shadow of a doubt that you were in ecstasy. “Fuck me harder,” you screamed out, and without missing a beat I readily complied. “Oh my lawd that feels so fucking good,” you continue to scream as continue to flick your clitoris with my free hand. You start bouncing back and forth on my dick and my finger letting both penetrate you to the fullest of capacity. My pussy is dripping wet from all this excitement as I feel as if I’m about to explode with you. I remove my hand from your clitoris and grab your ass and start to buck in and out of you uncontrollably. “Shit,” you say “please don’t stop,” which of course I have no intention of doing. Fucking your pussy and ass harder and faster has brought you to levels I never thought possible. I feel that familiar tighten up of your body and my pumps get even more faster and harder getting as deep inside of your pussy and ass as possible. I hear you starting to call out to me that you are coming and it’s all I need to hear to explode. “Got damn,” I scream out as I slowly come out of both of your orifices. 

Grabbing my damp washcloth that is near the bed I clean my hands off and cuddle next to you. You are still breathing so hard that I can feel your heart thumping as I lay my head on your breasts. “Are you okay baby,” I ask. “I am now,” you say and begin laughing. “How about you,” you ask. “I’m wonderful,” I say back. “You know I have to get you back for this don’t you?” you say to me. “I was hoping you would say that,” I say back as I wink at you. “I’m always up for a good challenge sweetie.” “I hope you are you,” you say and laugh cunningly.

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