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Angela's Way

Wingwagon © 2003

"I like you a lot but I think that we just have completely different tastes in things." She said to me as we sat over dinner and I was about to be dumped.

"What do you mean.we have very similar tastes; we like the same movies, the same music. Damn, we are almost a carbon copy of each other." I said to her not so much pleading as confused.

"You don't understand", her words trailing off looking down into her drink.

"Make me understand," I said, "I want to understand what is going on. I care about you a lot and I thought what we had has been pretty good."

She just sat there and said nothing, looking good as usual. She was small framed with a pretty, dark complexion and beautiful eyes that she hid behind granny-glasses, her nod to her professional nature. We met a few months earlier on New Year's Eve at a party and "fucked in" the New Year. We clicked sexually as well as socially, it turned out we had many friends in common and so we enjoyed each others company in groups and alone. But when we were alone we fucked everywhere in movie theaters, restaurants, clubs and even in a church closet at a wedding but thats another story.

She loved my dick and I loved every inch of her, a bit small for my taste. She quickly showed that what she lacked in size she made up for in stamina and imagination. So when she came to dump me, which is what this was about, I needed to know just on "GP" what the hell was wrong.

"If you cared about me you would just drop it. Please I really don't want to discuss it with you. We are just different." She said starting to get up from her chair, abruptly ending our conversation and our relationship.

I didn't get up I just stayed in my chair to try to sort out the issues that brought us to this point. Nothing came to mind, so I just chalked it up to inexact science of human interaction, drank my drink and left.

Well a few days later, I got a phone call from her. She sounded a bit harried and said if I wanted to know why she broke it off I should come to her house now. Now I was comfortably resting in my place n Harlem and she lived in Brooklyn but I got up and hopped the "iron horse" and headed to "BK".

When I got to her apartment, I rang the bell and the door opened, the place was dark but for candles which lit the entire room. A chunky Latina woman in a robe answered the door.

"Is Angela here?" I asked quizzically, attempting to look over her shoulder into the apartment but the room was too dark.

"Come in" she said in a rude way almost like she was commanding me. Now my curiosity was getting the better of me. I had to know what the fuck was going on.

As I entered the living room area, it was all becoming very clear. Angela was on her knees, her hands tied behind her back and a ball gag in her mouth.

"Slave, your boyfriend is here." Said the chunky woman as she took off her robe and stood there in full S&M regalia, shiny, black leather from head to toe. Angela attempted to say something but the ball gag muffled her word.

The Dominatrix moved over to her and picked up a riding crop. "Did I say you can speak, slave?" then she hit her hard on her ass. Angela's face winced at the force of the blow. The Dominatrix took out the ball gag. Angela whimpered. "No, mistress." Then the ball gag was replaced.

The Dominatrix looked at me and said, "Arent you shocked that your little girlfriend is my personal slave?" a smile crept on her face as she caressed Angela's face.

"Shocked, no. Amused, yes."

I then sat back on the couch looking at this scenario play out.

"Well slave, your boyfriend is amused, let's show him what a good little slave like you does for her mistress."

The Dominatrix took her high heel and pushed it in to Angela's back. Her head sank to the floor so only her ass stuck up in the air with her hands still tied behind her back. The Dominatrix whacked Angela's ass some more; welts sprang up all over. Then she took the riding crop and she looped into her arms and proceeded to lift Angela's arms up. I knew this had to be painful but Angela kept her eyes closed and no sounds of discomfort or pain came from her mouth.

"My slave is a good slave, she loves pain and I love giving pain." The Dominatrix then lifted Angela up by her hair and took the alligator clips off the table and clipped each onto Angela's inch long nipples. As the clips closed Angela let out a small groan that was barely audible due to the ball gag in her mouth.

The Dominatrix then took a chain and attached it through each clamp and then attached it to a clit ring. Then the bitch pulled the chain as hard as she could. Angela, now on her knees, struggled as the chain pulled against her, tears rolling down her cheeks. The Dominatrix whipped into her ass with three hard whacks.

"Don't you dare to fucking struggle just because your dick is in the room, you know the rules, slave." And then she whipped her again and pulled the chain some more.

"Still amused?" she said to me. I was less amused and more concerned but I said nothing. "Well this should really amuse you." And then she laughed.

On the table was a big Bowie hunting knife. She took the knife and moved it around Angela in a threatening manner but I did nothing. Then she started to touch the knife to Angela's skin. Each time the blade touched Angela, she moaned loudly even through the ball gag.

"Take that shit off," and at that point the Dominatrix cut the elastic off of the ball gag with the knife. She continued her knife play with Angela moving the flat edge of the knife all across her body. Angela moaned like I never heard her moan with me. She was so erotic and yet helpless. She grabbed Angela and began kissing her and then she spit a big wad on her face.

She let the spit drip down Angela's face while she inspected the array of toys on the table. She picked up a dildo and attached it to her of outfit. It was very big and it had studs on it. She stood in front of Angela and told her to suck it. Angela sucked the big dildo with ferocity. Her hands still tied, she was all mouth and tongue. Every now and then the Dominatrix would grab the back of her head and force it down her throat but it was so big it barely got very far in before she started gagging.

"You like my big dick, slave?" The Dominatrix said as she shoved the big dildo in Angela's mouth over and over again.

"Ye- th mi- thress," Angela mumbled as she sucked all over the big dildo.

"Good because I am going to fuck you and then give you a special treat. Do you like that, slave?" she said as she took the dildo out of Angela's mouth.

"Thank you, mistress," Angela said her head bowed down and then she put her head back on the ground with her ass up again. The Dominatrix grabbed a paddle and began whacking Angela's ass with it. The sound of it whizzing through the air and then the smack as it hit Angela's ass was almost too much to take. My dick was rock hard but I wasn't going to pull it out, so it just strained against my pants as I kept watching.

The Dominatrix moved behind her with the studded dildo and began rubbing it on Angela's pussy and then inserted it. She fucked Angela hard and fast, alternating between spanking her ass and pulling her hair. It was just too much for Angela as the Dominatrix shoved this huge dildo into her pussy mercilessly.

The Dominatrix then spit on Angela's asshole and shoved her thumb inside her as she kept fucking her. Angela's moans and groans were incessant as the Dominatrix relentlessly went about her business of "torturing" this poor girl. The Dominatrix reached for a buttplug on the table and replaced her finger with it and began fucking Angela hard with it. Angela's whole body shivered as she rammed both the dildo and the buttplug into her simultaneously.

The Dominatrix kept this up for a while then she pulled the dildo out of her and left the buttplug in. She rolled Angela unto her back, quickly removed the strap-on and then squatted over her face. Angela began to lick her pussy and asshole. The Dominatrix leaned forward and was shoving the thick plug in and out of Angela's ass. Angela's tongue was working its magic on the Dominatrix because now she was moaning and rubbing her pussy all over Angela's face. Her face was drenched with wetness. Angela reached down and began playing with her own clit. The Dominatrix continued shoving the buttplug in her ass then she pulled it out and took the studded dildo and tried to push it up Angela's ass. Angela twisted and turned as this massive dildo penetrated her rectum. The dildo inching more and more in, Angela's hand moved rapidly on her clit as if the impending orgasm would be the "mother of all orgasms. The Dominatrix was close to cumming herself as she rode faster and faster on Angela's face.

"Make me cum, slave, make me cum" she said over and over, now pleading to Angela.

Angela now had one hand on her clit and the other in her pussy; the dildo lodged in her ass unattended as the two women brought themselves to a resounding climax.

As she came, the Dominatrix rode Angela's face even faster as she moaned Angela's name over and over. "Oh Angela, you are so good to me," she kept saying as she finally slowed down. Angela on the other hand was bucking her hips up and down as she came. The dildo in her ass damn near came flying out as she bucked up and down her fingers in her pussy and rubbing her clit the Dominatrix still on her face. I damn near came in my pants without touching myself from the sight.

The Dominatrix then stood up over Angela's face and said, "you have been such a good slave today, here is your special treat."

The Dominatrix began to piss on Angela, a full torrent, in her mouth. Angela opened her mouth and drank it down. It ran out the sides and all over her face and chest. Angela was playing with her pussy and seemed to be on the verge of another orgasm as the river continued to flow. The Dominatrix pissed all over and as Angela was cumming aimed the stream right on her clit. This move sent Angela over the edge.

The two of them kissed deeply for a long time and then the Dominatrix excused herself and went into the other room. The room smelt of urine and sex. Angela looked like she had gone ten rounds with Tyson and she crawled on hands and knees over to me.

"This is what I wanted to tell you," she said to me.

"So why didn't you just tell me?" I asked.

"Because just telling you is not enough, I needed to show you that I love kinky sex and I like hardcore S&M, the harder the better. This was a light session; Yvonne is still learning to become a good Dominatrix. I like to be really abused and I don't think you could satisfy me in that way." She said.

Then she continued, "You have satisfied me in so many other ways and I love having sex with you but this is what I truly love and you are too considerate a lover to be a true master. I hope you understand but I am not even interested in anything but hardcore S& M."

"Let me say this, we may have different tastes but this was the best show I have ever seen in my life and if you are game one day I would like to try this slave-master thing, nothing permanent but just a one shot."

"I would like that. I would like that a lot," she said. "Well let me go clean up and I will speak to you later."

I got up to let myself out as she crawled back to her bedroom. As I was about to open the door she said "I look forward to our session together" she paused, "master."

"As you should, slave, as you should." I said to her as I headed out the door thinking to myself - I wonder if I can get one of those outfits in my size.

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