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Unfinished Business

Newbie1105 © 2005

Growing up in Lincoln Houses in Harlem, NYC, Dana managed to beat all obstacles and find her way out of poverty and low expectation. Working for the large record company, Uptown Records Group (known by the popular acronym “URGE”) as a financial advisor, Dana’s hard work paid off. She often came in contact with ruffneck rapper types and had advances made on her often, and who could blame them – Dana was a total knock out, standing 5’10”, smooth brown skin; she was half-black and Cherokee mix, had striking features and a body to absolutely die for – small waist, wide hips thighs and legs that would make any man desire her. Not only did she have outer beauty, but inner beauty as well.

Dana was also a submissive in nature, but had never experienced being with a Dom. Although Dana had thought about having a Dom, most men tried to take advantage of her kindness and submissiveness, and did not understand the gift she was trying to give. Dana vowed that she would never submit to any man again.

Over the years one rapper in particular, Trae Singleton – who went by the stage name Master “G” – had great success in the music industry, made constant advances on Dana. Dana being her charming and beautiful self always respectfully turned him down. Master "G" was different than most rappers he graduated high school and was in the armed forces from which he left with honorable discharge. He was well spoken in business meetings which always amazed Dana, being a rapper and all.

Once Master “G” caught Dana taking the stairway down to the lobby at the corporate office and cornered Dana, telling her that he would like the opportunity take her out. She told Master “G” to please leave her alone and if he did not stop his advances she would be force to press charges, but Dana did not sound convincing in her tone and Master “G” pinned both Dana’s hands against the stairwell wall and kissed Dana deeply – she didn’t resist at first, but then after fifteen seconds she pushed Master “G” away and ran down the stairwell, Master “G” let her go. Master “G” decided to back down but occasionally sent Dana notes and flowers for and her birthday and holidays but pretty much kept his distance. Little did Dana know that this would be her last kiss from Master "G", oh so she thought....

She’d never let him know it, but she did find him attractive, and found his forcefulness arousing. Quite a few times, Trae – or “G” – as he was popularly called around the record company offices – became the focus of sexual fantasies that Dana masturbated herself to 2 to 3 times a week. What an ego-boost “G” would have gotten had he known that this hard-to-get sistah was thinking about him while licking her own cum off her fingers or her favorite vibrating dildo after a relaxing orgasm.

Dana had heard rumors of Master “G” being a Dom and mainly wanted no part of him primarily because he was one of the biggest artist URGE had in its employ, and Dana would not risk her job for this man; and the thought of him being a Dom made her feel vulnerable to him – another reason for Dana to keep her distance. Although she would never admit it she did feel chemistry and had feelings she would keep buried. So she thought would last forever.

One cold night during a thunderstorm, Dana was at home enjoying a cup of her favorite herbal tea while watching the news. A live report came on – “Master “G” was killed. There was a shooting in the Washington DC area…”

Dana was shocked in disbelief and immediately called her office which confirmed the news he had just heard: indeed “Master “G” was dead. A funeral was planned. The church was adorned with white roses and Master “G” was laid to rest in a white suit with a white rose tucked in his breast pocket. He looked as if he were sleeping and Dana stood before Master “G’s” coffin and wondered if things would have been different if had she given him a chance. Dana quietly sobbed.

After the funeral the investigation continued but there were no leads.

Although Dana had reasons for staying clear of Master “G”, she found him very attractive, standing 6’ 2”, 240lbs., and skin dark as coal. Though she would never get the chance to know this man, her reasons for not wanting to give him a chance seemed silly now. Dana, now regretful, mourned his loss of life.

Dana decided to take a vacation and get away from all the post-funeral media coverage, and decided to stay at a friends home that was isolated in a small community in upstate New York. Rachel, an old college friend was out of town and told Dana to stay as long as she wanted. Rachel left the house key under a flower pot and Dana let herself into the massive house.

As night fell, Dana decided to get some rest. As she fell off to sleep, she started dreaming of Master “G”. He called out to Dana in her dream, or so she thought... Dana was awakened by a slamming door and was startled out of her sleep. She went to investigate, finding a few windows open in which the wind caused the door to slam. Quickly closing the windows, Dana headed back to the huge, four-post luxury brass, California king-sized bed. She admired the enormous bed and wondered for a moment of being bound to such a bed. Little did she know she would soon find out...

Dana laid her naked body in the huge bed and blissfully covered herself in the soft white cotton sheets. Just as she was about to fall back to sleep, she felt the room grow cold and immediately opened her eyes and in disbelief. A mist appeared as Dana sprang up from her slumber as the seemingly hazy image of Master “G” appeared – transparent at first – then soon materializing physically before Dana’s eyes.

Dana was frozen in fear, she neither could not and would not move or breathe; yet after what seemed like an eternal second, she began gasping for air. Master “G” (or who or what ever it was) spoke in a ghostly voice that made the walls tremble: “I must have you Dana, I must have you; if not in life then in death. I WILL have you”.

As he came closer, Dana froze, and thought oh shit.!

Master “G” approached and grabbed her by the arms and pulled her to her feet, his strength was undeniable. Dana’s beautiful body fell limp as Master “G” kissed Dana hard on her lips, and Dana feeling his cold lips pressing against hers, she passed out. When she awakened moments later, Dana was bound to the large bed, long silks ties held her arms to each post of the bed and her feet were tied to the bottom post of the bed, totally exposed. Master “G” was silent as he began to finger fuck Dana slipping one, two and then three fingers into her pussy.

Dana’s waxed pussy began to get wet, her nipples stiffening like diamond studs, while Master “G” continued adding fingers until he was fisting Dana, using her pussy juices as lubrication.... Her body involuntarily writhed and twisted, and when she came, her hips and back bucked uncontrollably, her arms and fists clenched as if in the throes of death while her pussy exploded cum all over Master “G’s”. fist.!!!!! The nut she had just gotten from this ‘ghost’ was unlike anything she had experienced – or more properly put, withstood – Master “G” laughed in a surge of ego from the power he knew he had established over Dana, who had passed out both from mental disbelief/shock and physical exhaustion.

When Dana awakened she was still nude and eagle-spread on her back. Master “G”, now as much of a physical presence as the bed she was tied to, started beating her – about her breasts, stomach, pussy; her legs and thighs with a strap of some sort Dana did not recognize at first. She soon realized it was and extension cord that had been laying in the corner of the bedroom. Dana cried as Master “G” beat her – all the while thinking to herself that she deserved this punishment for not giving him a chance when he was “alive”.

Nevertheless, Dana begged for mercy, and suddenly and surprisingly the beating stopped. There was a dead silence, only the sound of her heart pounding and her heavy breathing could she hear. Just as she tried calming herself, Dana felt her ankles being released. She was pulled up and turned over on her stomach her head was pushed down to into the mattress, her full round ass in the air with all her womanhood splayed open Dana knew this position was erotic as hell and poke her ass out arching her back like the little slut she knew he would want her to be..

Master “G” spread Dana’s ass cheeks apart and began finger her asshole. Dana moaned and Master “G” told Dana in his cold deep ghostly voice: “SHUT THE FUCK UP, SLUT!” He then pulled out of Dana’s shit hole and began to rub Dana’s fat bald pussy,with his massive dick and unexpectedly penetrated past her engorged pussy lips. Master “G” showed no mercy as he invaded deeper and deeper into Dana’s insides – his cold balls slapping against Dana’s obscenely spread-open pussy. His dick was enormous in length and width; and its coldness and rigidity was like steel – the contrast between that and the searing heat of her torrentially-wet pussy was a shock that she loved and found herself craving. Just as suddenly, Master “G” pulled out of her hole, her juices literally dripping off his dick. He then opened up her ass hole – and “opened” seemed most appropriate, cause though Dana had had dicks, bottles, beads and the occasional cucumber up her asshole, nothing she had before up there came close to Master “G’s” massive cold dick-flesh deep in her bowels.

Master "G" laughed a ghostly laugh as he watched Dana’s fat ass slapping against his stomach as he banged the fuck out of her asshole. Dana reach under herself and fingered her clit – her juices liberally coating her fingers and she thought she was go insane with the pleasure/pain of having her shit hole being pounded by this ghost-thug – and that is what Master “G” was to her now –when Master "G" saw that Dana was trying to get off he said"GET, BANG, YOUR, FINGERS, BANG, BANG, BANG OFF YOUR PUSSY, BANG, BANG, BITCH..everytim Master "G" spoke the walls trembled.......Dana just gasped, that's all she could do....Dana was totally in his possession as she open herself and welcomed her well deserved punishment, she could care less about whether he was dead or alive – all that mattered to her now was what her body was feeling, and how Master “G” was sexually claiming her, body and soon her soul.

Dana now moaning and grunting like an animal, he pulled out her asshole and re entered her pussy, all the way in – fast and hard, the coldness of his dick sending shockwaves straight from her clit and G-spot, up her spine and to her brain. Master “G” fucked Dana’s dripping pussy doggie style with so much force and precision – the sound similar to macaroni being stirred "WITH THE MAYO" at a very fast pace. Dana submitted herself more and more to him, any shreds of resistance whittled away with each thrust.

Not only did Dana’s pussy drool cum all over Master “G’s” dick and about his balls and thighs, she found herself peeing too – tears welling up in her eyes – such was the violence of this fuck, that she lost control over her bodily functions (hell, if she hadn’t shitted earlier that night – she probably would’ve crapped on him too). She just didn’t give a shit anymore what her body did. All that mattered to her was his dick inside her hole, the throbbing of her clit, her achingly hard nipples ... Dana belonged to Master “G” complete and whole. Dana welcomed the pain and pleasure that he was inflicting on her.

Dana woke up from yet another orgasmic detonation to find Master “G” biting her all over – slowly, deliberately – as if her lush body was a smorgasbord. She didn’t resist, as her ghost-thug "DOM" began biting on her swollen fleshy pussy, his teeth pulling and tugging on her large pussy lips, sucking them hard and growling in a loud ghostly voice. Master “G” extended Dana's pussy lips with his mouth and bit her large clit so hard she jumped completely in the air hands still bound, but Master “G” – HER master now! – held her down and sucked her clit, torturing her even more; Dana was outta her fucking mind.......

“G” commenced devouring her pussy, using his tongue as a whip and beating her pussy both inside and out, his hand slapping her naked and exposed clit which sent shivers throughout her body. He took his fore-finger and middle finger and parted her pussy lips, slipped them in and twisted his fingers inside dana like a "cork screw" at the same time Master "G" began lickng Dana's engorged clit bringing Dana almost to a orgasm when he said "You better not cum bitch" And then in the same breath "G" said CUM, BITCH, CUM, CUM FOR YOUR MASTER BITCH!!! CUM SLUT!!....

As she began to cum “G” choked her while he continued devouring her. Dana, again, passed out.

She woke up to his cold shivering voice dictating to her to “taste me”. She was on the floor – butt-naked – pussy swollen and dripping; her asshole gaping, hair matted and and dried tears streaming down her face which had been contorted like she had never been before – sounds emanating from the core of her primal soul that she didn’t believe herself capable of producing. Dana was utterly at the mercy of “G”, completely defiled, degraded, humiliated – and at that moment in time, she didn’t want to be any other way.

She took his massive dick in her mouth. His dick felt strange and cold but without doubt was large and huge still felt like a dick nonetheless. “G” shoved himself all the way down her throat – against her tonsils as he grabbed a wad of Dana’s hair and began fucking Dana’s mouth and held her head in place as if her head were that of a puppet. She began slobbering all over his dick, long drops of saliva hanging down from the base of his dick and from his balls. Dana could taste her own juices on his dick as it plowed down her throat, her hand reflexively cupping his balls. All she could do is gag and grunt – her vocal cords unable to work as his tree-trunk dick stretched her mouth to its limit. “G” began to moan his dick beginning to throb as he knew his nut was coming. He yanked himself from her mouth, as she gagged more, feeling the urge to vomit, but nothing came out. The cold depths of his voice penetrated her as deeply as his dick penetrated her ravished body as he told her: you are mine...... so much in his possession was she.

Dana was tonguing his balls while “G” grabbing her hair again – "G" shoved his dick back in her mouth, not even giving her a chance to catch her breath– She knew that all he wanted was for her to be his slave, his pussy, his sub and he her "DOM " from the underworld., She knew and submitted and desired and relished her punishment, her degradation, this was her punishment, and she knew that HE knew that he was unleashing both his desire in her as well as his anger at the rejected advances he had made towards her in his former life.

With his dick deep down her throat, her fingers violently rubbing her pussy and clit as her pussy juices streamed down her creamy milk-chocolate thighs, the grip of “G’s” fist on her hair tightened, his manhooded throbbed and bounced, and he moaned a moan so deep it vibrated off the furniture and windows. His ghostly cum shot out straight into her throat with such force she began to choke “G” continued to cum down her throat, his body jerking as he yelled in an echo-of-a-voice “URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, Master "G" realeased a growl that made the whole house shake, surely if there were a neighboring house the police would surely would have been called.

At the same time Dana was trying to cum herself when "G" slapped Dana across the face killing what chance she had of cumming. "Master "G" commanded when i tell you to cum bitch that's when you'll cum, do you understand?"Dana's, two fingers still wedging her clit quickly removed her hand from her twat. The power of her almost self-induced nut caused her Much frustration, her thighs trembling. while “G’s” nut flooded her sweet throat..., she knew that she liked it, she wanted it – she wanted to be controlled, dominated with the erotic power of her Dark master.

Master “G” withdrew his hard dick from her mouth just as abruptly as he shoved it in, but only after he made sure Dana milked his dick for every last drop of his cold ghostly cum, which now had overflowed from her mouth and coated her lips and chin. “G” had Dana to take his dick and slide it all over her face, smearing his nut on her nose, cheeks, forehead and hair. Dana did as she was told, at this point, the more degraded she was by him, the more she wanted it, the more she wanted to fuck him. Dana wondered how was it possible a dead man could cum, but hell what did she care.....

Master “G” then lifted Dana into the air, clear off her feet (perhaps he gained some supernatural strength as well) and like a mannequin had plopped her on the bed. He bound her wrist to the head post, and bound her luscious long legs to the head post along side of her wrist, exposing Dana’s ass and pussy in a difficult but very doable position for Dana's always limber body.

She was having difficulty breathing but was still able to, and who cared, it only added to her submission. Master “G” again fisted Dana, this time he just made a fist and pushed his entire hand in her pussy now again. His fist turned into a mist of sorts, a less-than-physical state she could not, nor did not care to figure out. All she knew was that his semi-physical fist had reached deep up into her cervix, feeling like it was in her womb –hell it was in her womb churning and twisting like the locomotion of a washing machine. He extracted his fist and re-entered Dana’s pussy in one long stroke. He was fisting Dana in and out and her body responded accordingly, her oval hips grinding in rhythm to his every thrust. She instinctively began moaning and grunting at which “G” responded “SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH! I did not tell your ass to say a Goddamm thing – you speak when I SAY SPEAK BITCH !!”. Dana’s quickly shut up – her excitement growing ever more at being talked down to intensified this unbelievable experience.

With that, Dana’s felt her inside beginning to throb again – pulse as if her pussy had a heart of its own. The orgasm that surged through her body as a result of “G’s” mist-like fist fuck was one she thought woud make her body explode. Master “G” was draining her mentally and physically then "Master "G" said "CUM BITCH" CUM!!!! Dana exploded cum was spilling out of dana's pussy as Master "G" continued plunging his fist in and out of Dana. Dana began to sob uncontrollably and Master "G" Materialized and removed his fist from Dan's gaping pussy.

Master "G" then got on his back, hoisted Dana on top of him – her body now nearly completely limp – and made her ride him. She knew logically that she could not withstand another fuck, but she wanted it anyway. If for no other reason than it’s what he wanted. she rode him – sliding all the way up his cold fleshy stiff shaft and slamming back down on it. “G” had her by her hips, sliding her rag-doll body up and down his dick, then once all the way in, he’d rotate his manhood around deep in her pussy.

“Come-on Dana FUCK THIS DICK!! like I know you always wanted to do.... FUCK THIS DICK YOU SLUT!!! ” in his loud ghostly voice that made the walls and room tremble. ...

Dana lost control of her senses – time, surrounding, nothing had any meaning anymore. She was in another state and like an animal yelled and grunted out of sheer instinct. She thought she was going to die – and at this point if she did, she’d rather die like this than any other way. “G” began to growl but dana at this point was unafraid......

Dana felt his hands around her neck, he was choking her and again, she liked it (never before being a fan of breath play which she had heard rumors about she began gasping for air, she heard his voice become increasingly echoed, as if he was yelling at her from beyond mountains. She fucked his dick hard – as hard as she could with every last ounce of energy she had – and just as she was beginning to cum yet again – only to find that Master “G” was completely de-materializing under her. 

She was now fucking a mist, as his voice – which now completely penetrated her soul – had commanded her “FUCK ME DANA, FUCK ME…” as his body had drifted away into nothingness. To Dana, “G” was now a presence – corporeal yet not corporeal. His ghostly miasmic form (like living smoke) had nearly merged completely into Dana. To anyone else there it would’ve seemed as if physics were being defied as she was now riding a form that was not a physical solid – her insides being raptured by a spiritual/ghostly penetration that only she could feel.

With “G’s” dick – or whatever it was – still deeply planted inside her, Dana heard his voice, but this time, a voice and a presence that spoke to her from within her mind – “DANA I AM YOU MASTER. YOU ARE MINE AND ONLY MINE, FOR THERE WILL BE NO OTHER, YOU ARE MY WILL SERVANT, MY SOLE WILLING SERVANT FOR THE REST OF YOURS DAYS ON THIS EARTH ” The voice and presence physical/spiritual she felt from him was as authoritative as that of any physical being. Without question, hesitation or nary the shred of apprehension, Dana submitted to her Master.

Dana’s body collapsed on the enormous bed, and for an indeterminate amount of time she slept. She awoke still half sleep to hear and feel Master “G’s” voice the strangely soothing coolness of his pseudo-body pressing against her. She turned on her back as “G” slithered his form on top of her. He whispered in her ears – the cold breath hypnotizing her:


“Yes” Dana answered yesss in an exhausted voice.

“Good” he said.

“You will receive me at any time; and when my presence is at hand, you shall be mine completely…”

There was silence as Dana fell back off to sleep. She awakened again, and Master “G” was gone, no mist, nothing; yet she knew as surely as the sun rises that Master “G” was a part of her and that she now belonged to him. Master “G” came to her periodically upon which she was both pleasured and tortured; and catered to his every whim and desires without question.

She was his.

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