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Officer Friendly

Ken © 2005

One of those gorgeous days, she is in a wonderful mood. Music is playing and she is doing some things around the house, feeling so good about herself… dressed in a very large man’s shirt, heels and panties…no bra and nipples hard, hell they are always like that lately. Going from room to room to make sure everything is in order.

She is in the kitchen when there is a knock at the door….she goes, peeps out and asks, ‘Who is it?’. She can see it is a policeman, when he responds, ‘I am Officer Friendly ma’am.’ Making sure the shirt is long enough to cover up anything that might be showing, she opens the door to a well built, handsome man. He has the brightest white teeth when he smiles and says, ‘I will only need a few minutes of your time.’ He takes off his hat, short, curly coal black hair and a slight dimple…but she can see he is fine as hell and nice body!!! As he goes by her, she looks down and sees his handcuffs rubbing on a tight ass and damnnnn, he is slightly bow legged. She feels her pussy tingle right then…hell, it has been a long time since anybody hit this like it should be done. “How may I help you officer?” ‘Well ma’am, we are doing courtesy safety inspections in the neighborhood.” She agrees that is a good idea and proceeds to go through the house as he points out things she should be aware of, locking the windows at night, leave lights on when gone, etc. When they go into her bedroom, he mumbles to himself and she imagines that fine body on her bed fucking her like she needs it…her hand unconsciously feels her plump mound…just as he turns and she looks sheepishly at him and asks, ‘Do those cuffs hurt when you put them on people?’ He smiles and asks is she would like to try them on. She puts her hands behind, and he proceeds to lock her wrists, making sure they are not too tight. He notices how hard her nipples are, dark and almost poking through the soft shirt. She notices his hand is on her hip, big wide hands that are so gentle…he is close enough for her to smell his cologne…a good looking man who smells so damn good too. He grips her waist with one big hand and pulls her to him, kissing her on the lips…once she is over the initial shock, she is tense but enjoys the hell out of it. Ohhh, his lips are so soft and just moist enough…he can feel her tension, so he whispers…’Happy Birthday!’ She then remembers it is her birthday and that was why she was so happy and skipping around the house, getting ready to hang out with her friends later. But how did he know it was her birthday?

He pulls her tighter to him as both big hands clamp down on her hips, she has to catch her breath as he is making her body do things that are beyond her control. When his lips break the kiss, she gulps in air, light headed as he rests his head on her shoulders, his face so warm as he pushes the shirt back to bare her naked skin. She turns her face and her nose and cheek are flush against the rich, soft head of short curly hair that smells like coconut and fruity. Just as she gets her breath, he takes it away as his hands drop to the curve in the back of her ass where her ass meets her thigh, he caress her so gently while his face and those damn sexy ass lips search down inside the front of the shirt. He loves her scent, so inviting as he rubs his dick making sure it is in the right position when he presses it against her. Her skin is so smooth and silky, almost as if she has just lotioned it, he kisses and nipples her skin while he pushes his face down until his lips are fractions away from her throbbing nipple. She finds herself wanting, mentally begging him to suck it, she wants to feel his hot mouth all over her titties, sucking, licking, biting them…he feels her arching her back as his hot breath in on her nipple. He sticks out his tongue and pushes the shirt away from the nipple, dark and plump…so close he can see the lovely bumps on it. He can no longer resist…running his thick hard tongue over the tip and then wrapping it around as his hand comes up, takes a handful and squeezes so the whole end of the tit, nipple and all is engulfed in his soft mouth. She feels herself dripping, pussy on fire as she needs that hard, deep fucking now!!!! She puts her face and chin against the back of his head and neck…’uncuff me, please uncuff’, she says…she wants to hold him, to feel his body to pull his mouth down on her titties until the ache is gone. Her thighs squirm and rub against one another as she feels her pussy getting wet, lips swelling and making her panties crawl up between her crotch. His left hand still massaging her ass as his lips work her nipples into a frenzy…fingers of his hand on her ass now pushing up under the edge of her panties and in between her smooth cheeks. ‘Touch it, please touch my asshole….rub it, let me feel your hand in my ass…put one of those big fingers up in it!’ She can’t believe the thoughts running through her mind. She can hear him suckling and moaning, enjoying as he brings her sheer delight…he stops and runs his tongue down along the cleavage, sending chills through her body as he works his way to the other nipple to give it equal attention. His hand feels the whole end of the tit so gently in his mouth…how can hands so big be so damn gently. His touch almost as delicate as a woman’s. He feels her entire body begin to respond, he still has his fingers slowly creeping toward her dark circle from the back, as his balls his hand up in the process, her panties are pulled tight between her creamy pussy lips…rubbing her clit just right. She gaps her thighs open by bending at the knee…’Mughhhh!’ She realizes that she damn near just came from the friction of the panties alone and this big stud all over her. He has her body bent backwards, she is knows from his muscular body and the strength with which he is holding her, there is no danger of her falling. Hell maybe she should try to fall so he can fall on top of her and fuck her good.

He pops open all the buttons oh the shirt and let it fall back, now she can see him licking her tits with that wide, rough, pick tongue…every swipe of it covers several inches and it is so hot. His grunting and groaning sounds like he is thoroughly enjoying himself. She knows he is when he holds her by the waist and thrusts his him forward so she can feel how hard his dick is. She can tell it is hard but not how big…is it 6…8…9…10…12 inches….ohhhh she could use a big hard cock stuffed up her, fucking her and making her work and sweat. He lets her fall back slowly until she sits on the bed…hands still cuffed…her breath quickening as he steps back and does the most provocative strip tease she has ever seen. First working to remove his gun belt and dropping it to the floor while rubbing that bulge in his crotch…his hands are so big she can’t tell if all the material he is gripping is just pants or all American, home grown, southern dick!!! His hips gyrate as if he is fucking an invisible pussy…she finds herself moving as if he is fucking her…like watching a ping pong game, your head just naturally goes back and forth following the ball. She looks down and sees her phat pussy sitting up phat and juicy and stuffed in those wet panties, legs open to catch that dick he is throwing. He pulls his shirt out of his pants and runs his hand up under his shirt, stroking that body…ohhhh if only she was using her tongue to do that! He hands get about nipple high under his shirt, she can see that coffee colored skin where there is a gap between his pants waist and where his shirt is hiked up, he throws his head back and moans the most gutteral sound…making her clit and nipples all throb to be sucked and licked. He continues to fuck the air, hips hypnotizing her, bringing her into his nasty, filthy world…oh yessss, that’s what she needs right now….to get fucking nasty, to be a hot in the ass, cum slut…to let go this one time and just explode all over this sexy motherfucker. He continues to work his magic spell as his left hand drops down to rub that hard stomach, lifting the shirt for her to see his taut muscular body…sliding his hand back up slowly and lifting the shirt with it…until his hand slides around his neck and behind his head. One hand tweaking his hard, bark black nipple and the other holding the bottom of the shirt up to his shoulder so she can see his fuck muscles working….rippling underneath his skin and she knows they must control that dick she so desperately wants in her pussy….ass…mouth everywhere!!! He drop the hand from his nipple and unbuttons the waist of the pants…eyes still closed and succulent lips drawn back over those pearly white teeth, like he is in seventh heaven. Big hands work and stroking his dick down in his pants right in front of her damn face….teasing her, torturing her…making her want him. My goodness, he is jacking off…’don’t cum….please don’t cum, I want it in me!’ His big arm muscles all sinewy as he keeps beating his dick, jacking it like a jackhammer. He takes his fist out of his pants…opens his mouth and licks the whole palm of his hand so seductively, then eases it back in his pants and pumps that dick some more…opening his eyes and looking straight into hers…’I am getting him ready for you baby!’ By now she knows her bed has to be wet with all the juicy she feels running between her ass…she is almost sliding around it in. He turns his back to her, grabs the crotch of his pants and jerks in one powerful, quick motion and rips the pants off. Her lips purse as she sees that tight ass, barely covered by the tail of his blue shirt…long thighs and bow legs. Running across his back and down between his shiny cheeks is a thin purple string…he wiggles out of the shirt and she can see his full muscular body from the back…back bulging and ass with deep dimples on both sides as he squeezes his cheeks and simulates jacking off. He bends forward and his cheeks spread slightly, fine wisps of curly hair now visible and the fullest set of balls dangling between those hard thighs. Nestled there to be squeezed…she cans see every deep wrinkle in them…she can even see the dark seam that runs down the middle to separate the boiling sack. Her tongue gets thick in her dry mouth…when he jacks his dick the balls bounce up and down…he reaches back between his legs with one hand and eases one finger between the cheeks and cups his balls as he looks around behind him and smiles wickedly. Just when she thought he could do no more to excite her, he slowly turns and she sees his hand almost a foot in front of him, tugging and playing with the head of the thickest dick she has ever seen…but she does not see the real thing, it is covered in a purple sleeve like a sock over it. He has on a g-string with a sleeve…he lips fall open…the sleeve so tight and so then she cans see the shape of the head, like a bell or a mushroom…my goodness you can see the phat vein running down the shaft!!!! That dick must be at least 10 inches long and as thick as coke can…pure hard dick on that hard ass body. He leans back and pumps that big motherfucker like he is priming a cannon to fire….body shiny as if he is covered in some shiny oil, feet planted apart and ass tight with that g-string…oh damn she needs to feel it. He walks toward her sill jerking off, the she can see a wet spot on the head of the sleeve…from the front his dick head is about a half inch wider on each side than the shaft, but with each stroke she sees clear precum ooze through the purple sleeve…a dark stain growing wider from the wetness. He comes to her, dick straight as an arrow, takes her by the back of the head and pulls her to with inches of his stiff dick…using his stomach muscles to make it bob up and down. He straddles her so his knees are on the outside of her thighs, she can feel the heat of his naked skin on her legs…his dick poking her between the tits, leaving a small sticky spot wherever the head rubs. He grinds and teases her for a few minutes, his hard ass bouncing on top of her thighs. He lifts himself until he is standing over her on the bed, letting his cock rub against her face and in her hair…grabbing her by the hair, he pushes her head back and sits his balls on her chin and his dick is lying across her face and the head extends up past her forehead. He smiles, ‘lick it…taste it baby’, he says. She obeys and licks the sleeve, then purses her lips around it…she can feel the heat of that dick through the sleeve but that is not enough. To his surprise she pushes her face up in his crotch and captures his balls in her mouth, her tongue running along the wavy, wrinkled lines crisscrossing his full balls. She sucks one deep into her moth,…he inhales, afraid to move…she rolls it around in her hot mouth as he has one foot flat on the bed and the other he is on his toes, ready for the pain if she decides to bite down. The danger and excitement of having your balls in someone else’s control is exciting…making him harder and hornier. She has her head leaning to the side to get those nuts good, lapping, licking and sucking them...he smells so natural, so good…she runs her tongue back farther and up the back of his balls. He moans loudly...yes, she knows this is his weak spot now. She flashes her tongue over and over that same spot until he lifts his leg and she takes both balls in her mouth, sucking as much in as possible, then relaxing and taking another mouth full…his natural animal hormones effecting her as she sucks him.

When his wet balls pop out of her mouth, he climbs down and lifts her feet, putting the soles against his hard body as she falls back on her cuffed hands. He takes off one heel, begins to lick and suck her toes and feet. One ankle in each hand he spreads her legs so he can see that phat pussy, now so swollen you can see the shape of the lips through the satiny material. Seeing the fine wisps of hair peeking out the side and the V shape as the panties lock tight between her ass makes his cock throb. Using only his hips as he tongue washes all over her feet, he guides his hard dick until the head rests on the very front of the mouth, he pushes as if to tear through her panties…his hard dick stiff enough to push the panties in between the lips and up against her clit. She moans….’fuck me dammit…put that dick in me now!!!’ But he takes his time and she watches the way his body moves, rotating and then back and forth like he would be if he were really inside that creamy pussy. His mouth is sucking hard on her toes and she feels that fire between her thighs go up a notch. He is pushing his dick so forcefully in her crotch, the sleek bond between the dick sleeve and her wet panties, breaks and his dick head slides down between her cheeks and pokes the panties up in her asshole. She flinches as the sweet pain. He licks down her legs and reaches up with that big hand…taking a handful of panty and pussy and gently massaging it. His hand feels so fucking good she came cum just from this…oh my! He has her whole pussy encased in that big paw. He squeezes her lips in a small tight bundle as the ball of his thumb hovers on the mound and pressing in on her clit driving the panties tighter in her crotch…oh the creamy material rubbing inside her ass and pussy lips just right…so smooth. He takes a handful of pussy and panties and work the until the panties are wrapped around and intertwined inside the lips…she feels her clit ready to explode as she lifts her lips to grind against his hand. His lips have crept up the insides of her thighs as he inserts two big phat fingers inside her tight, creamy pussy…’ahhhhhhh.’ He finger fucks her slow and gently, fingers in hr to the last thick knuckle…he can feel the rich, smooth, creamy texture of her juices between his fingers as they rub together inside her tight well. Up and down he pulls then, then holding them still, he wiggles then inside, one up and the other down then back and forth as he turns his hand, the fist pushing up on the mound and clit. He is so close with his lips he can smell that sweet pussy smell…there is nothing like it in the world…his lips get thick and nose spreads as he inhales natures nectar. He can hear the juicy cream smacking and popping as his face nears her pussy…she cans feel him breathing on the inside of her thigh…lips close to the crease of her pussy. His face touches the leg of the wet panties…as he moves his wrist back and pulls his fingers out just a little, he sees that pinkness and wrinkled lips. Sticking out his tongue, he traces the edge of the lips until his tongue hits hid fingers and he licks the cream off them. He parts his fingers to open her pussy more and sees the meaty hood trying to hide her clit, but the pink tip sticks out. He flicks the baggy hood back with his tongue. Again and again he does it, as he pushes the hood back, he can feel the round barrel of the hood as his tongue slides over it, mouth full of pussy meat and her juices on his face…all over his fucking face. What more could a man ask for? He slowly licks her, puckering his lips over her clit and souping it up out of the hood, holding it in between his lips so the head of it dangles freely in his mouth…then he sucks and relaxes so it flaps around and vibrates. She lifts her legs and starts to cum…he sucks it faster and softer as he hears her scream…’fuck I am cumming baby…suck it suck it suck my pussy…oh shit I am cumming! I can’t stop cumminnnnnnnn!!!’ He adjusts his grip so her clit doesn’t slide out and takes more of her pussy in his mouth as she cums in his face, thighs clamping down on his face as her clit is now super sensitive…she tries to worm herself away from that good pussy eating stud…but he just follows her as she slides around on the bed…turning from side to side, trying to close her thighs. He has her up on her shoulders as she relents when she feels herself cumming again. The sounds she is making can’t be understood….’agghhh mmmmmphhf ahhhhhh oh yeah oh yeah yesss eat it baby suck it lick my ass and pussy!’ He obeys spreading her open and running that wide tongue, rough buds strking that hard clit and circling her puckered asshole as she cums in his mouth. Ass and pussy wet and dripping as he face fucks her…his face totally covered in her juice.

He gets between hers legs, reaches behind to uncuff her, she sits up and takes his throbbing member in her hands and almost gags as she takes the head down her throat. So coated with spit and his precum she slides sleeve and all in her mouth…he struggles to push her away and then wrestles that monster out in full view…the big pink head sitting in a mound of thick soft skin that rolls around the coal black shaft. She squeeze it and pulls it toward her, the head almost covered in the thick skin, that musky, sweet dick smell as she jacks him off and sucks him…he stands there like a Greek statue, holding her by the head and fucking her mouth. Her hand finds it way to his tight ass and pulls so he rams more dick in her greedy little mouth. Trying to take deep breaths in between sucks on that much meat is hard, but she does it. Slurping and sucking as his slippery dick grows stiffer and the skin is so tight, not and ounce of slack. She takes his balls in the free hand and gobbles him as he slides in and out, her face rubbing on his soft hair. She takes it out and jacks him off, looking as her fingers wrap tight around that dick and then relax…wrap, relax, wrap, relax…over and over until her arm hurts. Precum running down the head like a thick syrup which she catches on her tongue as she lifts his dick high and licks the whole length of its shiny underbelly. Pumping that dick and squeezing those balls until she feel his leg shake…she keeps jacking and sucking hoping to be rewarded with that milky white shower of cum. But he fights her off and grabs her thighs and hips, opens then and drops down on top of her, her pussy catches him as he guides the head in…she is so tight from lack of a good fucking and being so horny that the muscles are squeezing. He works his hips, determined to get the head in…she relaxes and feels the head break through…her pussy clamps right behind the ridge of the head…it feels so soothing, so good, she just holds onto it for a moment. Then he pressed his knees into the side of the bed so he can get good leverage and still use his hands. Playing with her tits, running her thighs and ass, holding her legs open, he pushes all ten inches oft hat big dick straight down as she grabs the back of her knees and inhales…he works that dick so it angles down on her clit and she cums before he fucks her five minutes. Locking him between those thighs so he can’t do anything but fuck…the calves of her legs on his hips…if you were behind him you could see that black cock sawing in and out of those swollen lips, Her lips dragging over his dick when his ass rises up to pull out, dick covered in creamy white juice. She digs her heels in his thighs and ass and he grips her ass with both hands as he uses his legs to hold his body above her…fingering her asshole as he pumps that pussy. The room filled with kissing, humping, moaning, wet juicy sounds, pussy popping, air escaping as he fucks her. You can see his balls almost in her pussy she is so relaxed and he is so deep, rocking up and down as she looks up and sees twin knots of his shoulders. Muscles bulging as he dicks her down and she takes it all. She cums again as he kisses her and mauls her tits with his hands then his hungry lips…her nails dinging in his side…he is blowing air in a rhythm tic fashion…head thrown back, body glistening with sweat and oil. She turns her head back and forth, catching a glimpse of two people fucking in the mirror…her legs open so far they look disjointed….back to her head. He looks like he is swimming, body and head going up and down smoothly like a big ocean wave…head down, shoulders up, rolling that ass and pushing that dick farther up in her. Cream running down the crack of her ass as she just keeps cumming on that sweet dick. He sinks it in one time and just grinds on her clit, she moans and bites his nipple and then he fucks her fast and furiously. As she is cumming he lifts enough to swing her leg past his body and she lies on her side while him still fucking her. His big nuts and hot ass sliding on the bottom leg as he holds the other leg to his chest…ramming that cock home. He grabs a fist full of her pussy, so gingerly, and uses his hand to stimulate her while he takes her hard and fast. ‘Fuck me daddy…ooooh fuck this pussy good agghhhhhh!’ Her voice urging him on…’oh this pussy is good…take it…take this dick…I’m gonna fuck you all damn day…one your legs!!!’ He is grunting and moaning when he has one knee on the bed and shifts so he bends the other and that foot is flat...holding her legs open so he gets good thrust and can see her whole ass and pussy exposed. He slaps her ass and spanks her, as it stings he rubs that spot and squeezes it then slaps it again. She explodes or the fourth or fifth time…who knows how many? She rolls over on her stomach and lifts her ass with her head down in the bed as she screams and he climbs on her back and bangs the fuck out of her. His strong arms and big hands holding her by the hips and ass so she can’t move and he lays and old fashioned good ass fucking on her….she knows her pussy will be swollen and she will feel this for the next few days. She feels his sweaty body on her back, his lips on her neck then his teeth lightly biting her neck and shoulders, that slippery dick now sliding through her ass and up under her pussy. He is deep in her when he pulls her up on her knees and uses his knees to push hers apart and then he fucks her with only his hand and dick touching her body. He fucks her like that for a long time, spanking and rocking her as her tits bounce and ass shakes, Then he goes in full and fucks her fast…grabs her by the left shoulder with one hand and gripping her ass and right hip with the other and spits out,’ oh shit…I can’t hold It baby….I I I agggh ughhh ummmphfff… oooooooeeeeee um gonna cum fuckkkkkk!” She feels his dick sink up against the opening of her womb…his big hand pushing down on her back and jerking her hard against his nasty, old, sweet dick….’cum on baby, cum I me cum in me!!!’ He is pressing on her, pushing her forward as he gets ready to nut…standing up and squatting behind her as he spanks her hard…she feels herself cumming and when he reaches under and spread her wet pussy with that big mitt…she screams when his wrist and ball of his hand rubs her clit….he jams that dick down to the bottom and blows a ball of cum into her…then it seems like it gets silent for just a moment…all is still….then all hell breaks loose and she sinks her teeth into the bedspread and catches the fucking she has been dreaming of. Her legs spread out so he can get up in those wet cheeks good and fuck her…his hand milking her clit and he dumps long, steaming hot streams of cum down inside her…so much it runs out and down the insides of her thighs. She looks over her shoulder and mouths…’cum on my ass!’…He pulls out and pumps his dick while guiding the hot lave right on her puckered rosebud…she cans feel the force of it as it lands on her cheeks and backs of her thighs and the heat as it splatters on her spread asshole. She feels his hands spreading the cheeks as she looks back and can see his stiff dick bobbing and jumping as it invisible hands are working it…shooting loads after load on her.

They collapse in a sweaty heap. He holds and caresses her, kisses her face and soft lips as she drifts off to sleep. He watches and holds her a little longer….he is so glad her friends chose him to be her birthday present.

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