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Daddy's Girl

Mr. Zyne © 2005

Her sleep was interrupted by a familiar mechanical refrain. She awoke and silenced the repetitive summons. It was 2:30 am. She had retired clad only in an oversized Tee shirt. She shuddered in anticipation as she pulled the sheet up to her chin. Once again he had come for her.

“In the darkness I creep to the door of your bedroom. You stir, turn and continue to sleep. I approach the bed and observe the form of your body beneath the sheet. I lean down and cover your mouth with a demanding kiss. Startled, your eyes open. You part your lips to receive my probing tongue. I press your shoulders to the bed as my tongue explores deep into the sweet interior of your mouth. I end the kiss and whisper close to your ear, “ Are you going to be a good girl for Daddy?” You nod your head franticly. Again I smother you in a deep kiss. I rise up and study your face. At ten you look so mature. You are Daddy’s woman child.”

“Do you know that Daddy loves you?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“ Will you keep our secret -- not tell anyone?”

“Daddy, I’ll never tell on you.”

“Good girl, if you tell they will take Daddy away and you will never see me again.”

“No Daddy, I’ll never tell.”

“That’s my girl… now fold down the sheet so Daddy can see you.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“My God, you are so beautiful… Daddy’s little jewel… Are you Daddy’s jewel?”

“Yes Daddy, I’m your jewel… Am I a diamond?”

“No baby, you are Daddy’s black opal… I can see all the colors of the rainbow reflected in your eyes… Raise your shirt all the way up – Daddy wants to kiss your buds.”

“Oh Daddy, I love it when you kiss me there… I t makes me feel warm all over.”

“Yes baby, it makes Daddy feel good too… You taste so sweet… you’re my little chocolate drop… Do you love Daddy?”

“Daddy I will always love you… always.”

“Good girl… Put your arms around me… Give Daddy a big hug.”

“Oh yes, Daddy I love you so much.”

“Are you going to be a good girl and let Daddy kiss you down there?”

“Yes Daddy you can kiss me there… Please kiss me Daddy.”

“Good girl… Spread your legs for Daddy… real wide.”

“Yes Daddy… Oh your tongue is so hot… It feels SOOO GOOD!”

“Quiet… hush… You’ll wake mommy.”

“Yes Daddy… I’m sorry.”

“You’re Daddy’s dessert… Your pussy is as sweet as honey… Daddy’s sugar pussy… My brown sugar pussy.”

“Oh Daddy, I can’t stay still... I have to move… Your hot tongue makes me move.”

“Daddy’s going to hold you and make you take this tongue lashing.”

“I’ll take it Daddy… I’ll take it… I want to make you happy.”

“Baby you make Daddy very happy… That’s a good girl… wrap your legs around Daddy’s head.”

“Daddy I’m getting dizzy… I’m… I’m…”

“Cassie… Cassie… Daddy’s here… Daddy’s got you baby… Daddy’s got his little girl… Feel Daddy’s heart beating against your back? Daddy’s here.”

“Yes Daddy, I feel you… I heard you call me… Daddy I can’t tell you how good you make me feel… I love you Daddy.”

“Daddy loves you too baby… Are you going to show Daddy how much you love me? Are you going to make Daddy feel good?”

“Tell me what to do, Daddy… I will do anything for you… I love you.”

“Do you remember the last time when you pretended that Daddy’s thing was a lollipop and how you sucked it for me?”

“I remember Daddy… you choked me.”

“Yes, but I told you how sorry I was and I promised not to choke you again… Didn’t Daddy keep his promise?”

“You did Daddy, but it scared me.”

“I know baby and Daddy will never do anything to frighten you again… Reach down and feel how hard it is.”

“Daddy, its hard and so big.”

“Will you be Daddy’s big girl and suck it for me?”

“Daddy, will it spit again?”

“Yes baby, but Daddy won’t let it spit in your mouth… I promise… Here baby… Lick it.”

“Yes Daddy I’ll lick it just like a lollipop… Just the way you like it… I’ll lick it all.”

“Oh yes baby lick Daddy’s hard dick… Lick it baby… that’s Daddy’s big girl.”

“Does this feel good Daddy? Is this how you like it?”

“Exactly how I like it… Now take it in your mouth… Open wide and let Daddy slide it in… That’s it…Suck it baby… Suck that dick… Work for your Daddy… Work with it… Do it baby… Do it.”

“Oh God, I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Damn Daddy… Oh yesssss.”

Her body was still convulsing in an intense orgasm as she heard the click, then the hum emitted from the phone. Her body calmed and she replaced the handset in its stand. She checked the clock on her nightstand. It was after 3:00 am. She would have to be at work at 7:30. She tucked her hands beneath her cheek and curled her body into the fetal position. She returned to sleep and sweet dreams of her Daddy.

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