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The Arrival

o2bspnkd © 2005

It’s been raining all day long. On any other occasion, this would be a dreary day. But not today, the thought of Daddy coming home was a burst of sunshine through the smoky gray clouds pouring sheets of rain on my office window. He’s been gone all week, but it seems like months! Although at night I haven’t moved from the spot he last slept in, the days have been miserable. I’ve missed hearing the whisper of his voice and the warmth of his body next to mine. My soul is dancing, anxiously awaiting the touch of his hands on my body, and his tender kisses laid gently on my forehead. Daddy is coming home, and I can’t wait!

Hmmm, it’s four o’clock . I’m gonna get a head start so I can prepare a special homecoming. It seems like Daddy has been gone forever, but he will be home in two hours, and I’m going to show him just how much he was missed! Damn, the phone is ringing. Thank God for caller ID, that’s my boss, whatever she wants is going to have to wait until Monday. I hope no one is dead, if so, I hope they have insurance. I’m sure they’ll let me know of the arrangements. I’ve got to get out of here, and today of all days, I would park in the lot down the street. As I made my way to my car, I saw Pam and the girls.

“Hey now, you headed home?” Pam inquired.

“Yeah girl, Daddy is on his way home, and I gotta be there,” I explained.

“I hear you. Have fun,” she replied.

Evidently, the other women didn’t know I could hear them when they mocked me for rushing home to Daddy.

“Who is ‘Daddy’ I thought her father was dead,” one asked.

“He is, she calls her husband ‘Daddy’,” Pam explained.

“Damn, he got her under lock and key. Must have gold on the tip,” another joked.

“He actually has me on a collar and leash, and although it doesn’t have gold on it, it’s so good, he could beat the price of gold any day,” I clarified.

“One day, y’all will learn how to stay out of people’s business, or at least keep your mouths closed. Whatever he does for her he does it extremely well. Look at her glow! I’m taking notes to see if he has a brother or cousin or uncle. Hell, I’ll take his Daddy!” Pam chided.

I giggled to myself as I got in the car. I noticed the tank was almost on empty. I said to I’ll get some gas after I leave the store. I knew I had to get some before Daddy got home anyway. He’d filled it up before he left just so I wouldn’t have to stop anywhere at strange hours. Daddy is always concerned about me stopping by myself, especially at gas stations. He worries about the people that hang out at them. I always try to reassure him that I will beat somebody down. He just laughs, and does what he feels is necessary to keep me safe, even from my own self.

I got to the store, picked up some of Daddy’s favorites--strawberries, blueberries, bananas, grapes--then selected salmon filets, sushi, vegetables, wine and whipped cream. I tossed two-dozen roses in the basket, one for the dinner table, the other to scatter on the floors and bed; some incense and cocoa butter cream. I went to the card section and found a beautiful card that expressed just how I felt about Daddy! I also stopped at the cigar store and picked up a few of Daddy’s favorite cigars. Those things always made him blush, and I just loved to see it. He has a smile so sweet and bright, Stevie Wonder could see it. When I see Daddy smile, my whole world lights up! I know people were looking at me like I was crazy because every time I picked something up, I giggled. All I could think of was, “Daddy is gonna like this!”

I looked at my watch. I had been in the store for nearly two hours! Daddy would be home in just minutes, and I hadn’t done a thing to prepare! I rushed through the check out and dashed through the rain to the car. I started on my way home, and remembered that I hadn’t gotten Daddy’s favorite candy, so I headed to the Godiva store at the mall. I ran through the rain, got the candy and started home again. Now, it was dark and raining really hard, but I was almost home. My mind was racing with the things I needed to do—marinade the salmon, make a salad, display the fruit---all before Daddy arrived.

In the midst of my planning, the car started sputtering, and slowing down, then it just stopped! I turned the car off, patted the gas pedal and turned the key. The car cranked and cranked, and stopped. I tried again. It cranked and cranked, and started! I put it in drive and it stopped. The engine light was on, the battery like was on, but I didn’t know what either meant. It was nearly 6 o’clock . The time that Daddy’s flight was due in. Luckily, his best friend Buck was picking him up, so I didn’t have to go to the airport, but I still had to prepare. But now I was stranded, and didn’t know what the problem was. Daddy had just bought a new battery, so I know that couldn’t be it. Then I looked at the fuel meter—it was all the way to the left of the red “You need some damn gas” signal. I was out of gas! So there I sat, out of gas, in a thunderstorm, and out of time.

Well, Daddy plans for everything, even to help me when he’s out of town. He told me that if something happens and he’s out of town, that I should call Buck. Now Buck is a character and a half—actually, he’s obnoxious until you really get to know him. He’s cool after that, but at times he can get on your nerves. The problem is that he’s “fine” and knows it. He has plenty of money and spends it. He is the most conceited person on earth, and I can’t for the life of me understand how he and Daddy are such good friends, but they are. I really hate the way he treats women. The ones that are so nice and good to him he dogs, the flashy gold-digging ones he flaunts. Daddy says he wasn’t always like that. He said it’s a protection mechanism because he once loved a woman who broke his heart and after that, Buck just went wild. I told Daddy he’s a “ho” with excuses. At any rate, Buck was who I had to call, and on top of that, I needed him not to tell Daddy.

Luckily, Buck didn’t live to far from us, or the mall so he could get me and still get Daddy reasonably close to the time his plane landed. Buck arrived about 20 minutes after I called him. I’d already told him that I thought I was out of gas, so he brought some with him. Sure enough, I just needed some gas, but I still needed Buck’s assurance that he wouldn’t tell Daddy.

“I really appreciate you coming out in this storm,” I said.

“It’s not a problem. I’ll do anything to help you, you’re Ken’s joy,” Buck explained.

“Thank you, but I really need you to do something else for me,” I blushed. “Please don’t tell him that I had to call you. He will be really upset with me because he filled the tank up before he left, and he’s always on me about keeping gas in the car.”

“Well, you know that’s my boy, we don’t keep secrets, and I won’t lie to him,” he said.

I’m thinking, this is a Negro who treats women like doormats, and he can’t keep a little secret? But nevertheless, I had to respect him for his commitment to their friendship.

“But, I know how he is about you, and I know how he is when people don’t do what he asks. He’s very protective of you,” he chuckled, “and I know how he is when you don’t do what he asks. So, I’ll tell you what. I won’t tell him the reason you had to call. But I suggest you tell him.”

“Thank you Buck! I will, one day,” I laughed. “Well, thanks again. I gotta get home.”

I was surprised when I pulled up the house was dark. No one was home. I thought they would have been here already. This is good maybe I can at least set the flowers and fruit out before he gets in. I hurried in the house, popped in my Luther Vandross cds, lit a few incense, arranged the roses in a vase, and the fruit and candies on my heart-shaped crystal dish. I placed two fluted crystal wine glasses in the freezer, put Daddy’s cigars in his humidor and stuffed the wine in the crystal ice bucket. I looked at the clock. It was 7 o’clock . Daddy wasn’t home yet, and hadn’t called. Maybe his plane is late because of the weather? I prepared the salmon and salad, and put them in the refrigerator. I decorated a small heart-shaped Lenox dish with sushi, oysters and caviar. I looked again it was 7:25 . I peeled the petals off the other dozen roses and scattered them over the dining room, then made a trail from there to the bedroom.

I smelled the place where Daddy sleeps, then removed the old linen and put on some new. Fluffing the pillows, I remembered how much fun Daddy and I have playing in the bed. I stopped for a few minutes, clinging to a pillow like it was Daddy, wishing he was home. I laid my favorite black nightie and Daddy’s silk boxer shorts out, turned the bed down and sprinkled rose petals over it. I took out Daddy’s toy chest, made sure everything was clean and placed the cocoa butter and some other oils on the nightstand and dresser. I looked at the picture of Daddy and I on his nightstand, tears rose in the corner of my eyes, my nipples hardened, and an intense throbbing began to swell between my legs. I looked at the clock again. It was 7:48 , still, no Daddy? I was starting to get uneasy, so I turned the tv on so I could catch newsflashes, then I jumped in the shower.

I thought I heard the door close while I was bathing, so I hurried, oiled myself with lavender and chamomile, and put my robe on. I was walking toward the kitchen, and heard voices. When I reached the living room, Daddy and Buck were laughing hysterically. I noticed a big beautiful bouquet of pink long-stemmed roses accented with heather, fern and shimmering pink and green wire ribbon on the coffee table. Daddy’s back was to me, and Buck acknowledged my presence.

“Hey lady, how are you?” he asked.

“I’m great, now that my Daddy is home!” I exclaimed as I jumped in Daddy’s lap.

“How are you baby?” Daddy asked in his strong baritone voice.

“I’m fine Daddy, I missed you!” I whispered as I kissed his supple lips.

I opened his humidor, took out a cigar, cut, lit and offered it to Daddy

“I missed you too baby. Did everything go alright?” Daddy inquired as his massive hand massaged my back.

“Yes Daddy, things went ok. I just missed you,” I explained.

I looked at Buck who jumped in the conversation.

“Well man, I’m gonna go, looks like you have a welcome home party to get to,” Buck said.

“Aw man, stay a minute, my baby won’t mind, will you?” Daddy asked as he blew a puff of smoke in my face.

“No Sir,” I sighed. “I have enough for three.”

“Very good, Daddy’s girl is always prepared,” Daddy complimented as he kissed my forehead.

I got up, took the Luther cds out of the stereo and put Macy Gray in. Clearly, this was not going to be a “Luther moment.” I headed back to the bedroom to put some clothes on when Daddy called me.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“To put some clothes on Sir,” I replied.

“Oh, before I can touch you?” Daddy asked, puffing on his cigar.

I went back to the living room and sat on Daddy’s lap. Macy was singing “Caligula.” At first, my back was to Buck so he couldn’t see, then Daddy placed me on his other knee and Buck could see everything! Daddy parted my legs and slid one of his long, thick fingers inside of me.

“So, everything went alright, no problems?” Daddy asked as he tickled me and blew another puff of smoke in my face.

“Things went okay Sir,” I replied as I clung to his thick neck.

“Good, because I don’t like to worry about you when I’m not around,” he explained, still blowing smoke on me. “So everything went alright while I was gone, no problems, no emergencies?”

“Well, I did have kinda like one, but not really,” I said as I glanced at Buck and caught a breath of clean air.

“Oh, little ones, well, that’s not so bad. I’m sure you handled it,” Daddy assured as he slid another finger inside of my aching pussy and blew another puff of smoke at me. Daddy’s hands are so large, just two of his fingers could stretch me.

“Yes Sir, it was solved relatively easily,” I coughed.

“That’s good Baby. Daddy’s girl is smart, and I like that,” he complimented as he slid a third finger inside of me.

“Thank you Daddy,” I gasped as I felt my juices beginning to leak as I squeezed my pussy around his fingers.

Buck was sitting on the other couch, just watching and drinking his beer. Daddy opened my robe just enough to expose one of my hardening nipples.

“MMMMMMM, I have missed these nipples,” Daddy said as he lifted one up to his tongue. “I would really be upset if I couldn’t suck and lick them.”

“They would miss you too Daddy,” I giggled.

“Would they,” Daddy wondered.

He put a fourth finger inside of me, pushing all of them deeper with each word. He put his cigar in the ashtray, turned my face to his and stared into my eyes.

“And I would miss this pussy if I couldn’t touch and smell and fuck it when I wanted to. Do you know how upset I would be if something happened to you?”

“Yes Sir,” I gasped as I peeked over at Buck who was licking the beer bottle like it was pussy.

“I’m so glad to hear that nothing happened while I was gone, that everything went so well,” Daddy said as he squeezed his fingers into my tight opening.

“Well, Daddy…..” I choked.

“Yes Baby?” he asked.

“One thing did happen.” I admitted.

“What happened to Daddy’s girl?” he asked.

“Well, Daddy…” I said as I laid my head on his shoulder.

“Yes, Baby Girl, tell Daddy what happened,” he said.

“Well, Daddy, I ran out of gas and had to call Buck to come get me,” I confessed. “It was just that I was so excited about you coming home, and I wanted everything to be nice that I forgot to stop and get gas.”

“I see, so you ran out of gas, in the dark, in the rain and Buck had to come get you?” Daddy quizzed.

Daddy snatched his hand out of my dripping hole, and pushed me over on the couch. Daddy walked into the bedroom. Buck was still just sitting there, not saying anything, just watching. Completely embarrassed, I gathered my robe around me. Buck never said a word, and neither did I. I knew that I was in trouble, and it was best not to say anything. A few minutes later, Daddy came back in his black silk boxing shorts and his riding crop. Immediately, I got on my knees. His beautiful 50” dark chocolate body glistened as he towered over me. I wanted to jump into his arms, but this wasn’t the time. I kneeled there with my head lowered, until Daddy lifted it up by my chin.

“Do you know how serious I am about your safety?” he asked.

“Yes Sir,” I answered.

“Do you know it would crush my very being if something happened to you?” he interrogated.

“Yes Sir,” I answered.

“Then why in the hell, would you not stop and get some gas?” he demanded.

“I…I…” I stammered.

“I nothing, you put it off like you do everything else,” he said. “I filled the tank up before I left, and all you had to do was keep it that way. Where did you go anyway?”

“I went…” I started.

“You went shopping, I know that. You and your girls, riding around shopping, but you didn’t think enough of me to stop and get some gas,” he fussed. How do you think I would feel getting a call that something has happened to you and I’m in a whole other state or country, just because you couldn’t stop fuckin’ shoppin’ for five damn minutes to get some muthafuckin’ gas! You’re lucky Buck was around to come get you.”

“I’m sorry Daddy,” I whimpered as tears raced down my cheeks.

“Did you tell Buck you were sorry for interrupting his evening? Did you thank you for coming to your rescue in the fuckin’ tsunami?” Daddy demanded.

“I thanked him Daddy,” I answered.

“And why was it that I had pull it out of you that something had happened? Didn’t we agree that we would share everything, big and small?” Daddy interrogated.

“Yes Sir, but...,” I trembled.

“But nothing, that means we share everything, big and fuckin’ small! It means you tell me everything. I don’t want to have to find out anything from anyone else but you!” he exclaimed.

I glared over at Buck who was still just sitting there, sucking on that beer bottle, except it looked like he’d stuck one in his pants. He promised me he wouldn’t tell Daddy what happened, but he did.

“Bitch, look at me, I’m the muthafucka you need to be concerned about right now!” Daddy roared.

I looked up at Daddy. My face with covered with tears like my office window was with rain. It seemed as if Daddy and the thunder were in sync because every time he said something, thunder rolled and shook the house—and me. I could see the disappointment and hurt in Daddy’s eyes, and I was so sorry. He was right, I should have gotten gas, and I should take care of things so he doesn’t worry. But I was so mad at that damn Buck, I didn’t know what to do. Then, Daddy invited Buck to our space.

“Apologize and say thanks,” Daddy demanded.

“Buck, I’m sorry, and thank you for coming to get me,” I said.

“No bitch, I said apologize! Is that the way you apologize to someone who’s night you’ve ruined? Is that how you say sorry, and show your appreciation?” Daddy asked. “Apologize!”

Daddy moved from in front of me, and Buck stood in his place. I was confused I didn’t know what to do, so I said I was sorry again. Wrong answer. Daddy grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back.

“I know you are a smart bitch, so I want you to apologize for messing up his evening, and thank Buck for coming to your rescue,” Daddy instructed. “Yeah bitch, you suck his dick until I’m satisfied!”

Just as Daddy released my head, my mouth met with the head of Buck’s protruding dick. It caught me off guard because he was almost as large as Daddy. Daddy was not one to share, so this was completely out of character for him, and I never wanted to suck anyone else’s dick—especially this damned Buck! He carefully slid his dick down my throat, but I wouldn’t suck it. I started to bite it for him telling, but I would have really been in trouble. Daddy stood and watched. He knew I was not sucking.

“Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!”

I felt four stings concentrated on my back. Daddy had gotten his favorite crop, the one I hated most, out his toy chest.

“I said suck it bitch!” Daddy threatened.

“Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!”

Daddy was very precise. More stings amplified the first ones. I closed my tear-drenched eyes and started sucking Buck’s rock-hard dick. In a few moments, he was moaning in pleasure. I pretended he was Daddy, and rubbed the shaft of his dick with my tongue. Then I rolled my tongue around the head and the very tip of it, and played with the slit at the top with my tongue. Daddy wanted a show, I was gonna give him one. Plus, I wanted to hurry and make Buck cum so it would all be over. I began to suck Buck’s dick hard so Daddy could see dimples in my cheeks. I rolled my head around his dick, licked his balls and let my slob run down his shaft. Then I grabbed his ass and pulled his dick further down my throat.

“Oh goddamn man, this bitch is a trophy!” Buck grunted.

All of a sudden, Daddy pulled us apart. I collapsed on my side catching my breath and crying.

“Nobody calls her a bitch, but me,” Daddy explained.

“Hey, man, I’m sorry. You know I was just caught up in the moment,” Buck explained. “Look, I’m gonna head out. Catch you’ll later. Erika, I apologize.”

Buck left and Daddy came over and picked me up, I could feel his hard dick between us as he carried me over to the sofa. He laid me down and tenderly wiped the tears from my eyes as he kissed my face. Daddy brushed my hair back and kissed me on the lips, then cradled my face in his strong hands.

“Baby, I would be nothing without you. I do my best to take care of you. I need you to do the same,” he explained as he gazed into my eyes.

“Yes Daddy,” I whimpered.

Tingles danced throughout my body as Daddy kissed my forehead and cheeks and ears. His warm smooth tongue roamed by chest until he got to my nipples, then he kissed and licked them until they were hard. I spread my legs inviting him to enter me, but he didn’t. His tongue traced my pussy until it was gushing wet and my clit until it was as hard as my nipples. Then he stood up with his dick swaying over my hungry mouth. He lowered himself just enough so that the head rested tickled my lips. I opened my mouth to beg for it.

“Not tonight, Baby. Daddy is tired. My flight got in early, and I had to wait for Buck to pick me up.”

Daddy sauntered to the bedroom and closed the door. When I heard it shut, tears squirted from my eyes. I lay on the couch while tears flooded the sofa. My head was hurting and spinning, nose running---I could hardly breathe. A knot formed in the pit of my stomach drawing my legs up to my chest. My entire body shuttered as I lingered in a cold nothingness mourning the loss of Daddy’s attention. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep. A little while later, I heard Daddy’s smooth deep voice.

“I’m starving,” he said standing over me.

I sprang up and started to hug Daddy.

“I said I was starving,” he corrected.

I went into the kitchen to cook dinner. Daddy turned the television on, sat on the sofa and lit his cigar again. While the salmon and vegetables were grilling, I set the table, mixed the salad, and plated Daddy’s favorite dessert—chocolate turtle cheesecake. After roaming a few channels, Daddy got up, went back in the bedroom and closed the door. Tears started gushing from my eyes as I placed Daddy’s food on his plate. When the salmon and vegetables were done, I put everything on a serving tray and took it to the bedroom. It was the longest walk I’d ever taken to our bedroom. I trembled trying to balance the tray as I knocked on the door for permission to enter.

“Come,” Daddy permitted.

I opened the door. Daddy was sitting in the middle of our king-sized bed puffing his cigar. None of the rose petals were on it. They were scattered across the floor. I placed the tray across Daddy’s lap, unfolded the napkin, placed it on his stomach and began to walk out of the room.


“Damn, maybe I was gone too long?” Daddy asked. “Did you forget to pray while I was gone?”

Daddy and I always prayed before each meal, thanking God for our food, each other and the life we share.”

“No Sir,” I replied and extended my hands to him. Daddy opened his palms, but never let his touch mine.

“Dear Lord, we thank you for this food, and the hands that prepared them for the nourishment of our bodies. We thank you for blessing our home and our hearts for Christ’s sake, Amen,” we prayed.

I stood next to the bed as Daddy picked through his food. He didn’t each much at all, and he never looked at me. He didn’t acknowledge my presence until he was done when he told me to take the tray back to the kitchen. At this point, I didn’t care, I was just happy to be near him. I wiped Daddy’s mouth and hands with a warm cloth I’d prepared and took the tray back to the kitchen. A few seconds after I’d crossed the threshold the draft of our bedroom door closing pushed me down the hallway. I cried as I dragged myself down the hall to the kitchen. I looked at the clock on the stove, it was 11:38 p.m. I went back down the hall to the bedroom door, curled up on the hardwood floor and cried myself to sleep again.

I found a wonderful peace dreaming about making love to Daddy in the warm summer rain in our backyard hidden by tall white privacy fence. The pool house, equipped with a bar, furniture and bathing suits for guests was on the opposite end of the yard. The grass was plush like carpet, and Daddy had planted me a glorious rose garden on one side, and on the other my favorite fruits and vegetables. Beautiful plants and grass carpeted the rest of the yard. Some days I would relax in the Jacuzzi or read a book on the patio or just enjoyed watching Daddy trim and nurture our little slice of paradise. Our favorite place to make love was right in the middle of the grass, so I dreamed of us in that place in the summer rain.

I could feel the warm rain washing over our entwined bodies when I realized that I wasn’t dreaming. The warm “water” I felt washing over me was Daddy standing in the door cleansing me with his urine. I got on my knees. Daddy sprayed me from head to toe and I massaged every drop into skin. When he stopped, he tapped his foot-long dick on my forehead, and then rolled it around my face to my mouth. I eagerly swallowed his head, which popped out as Daddy began to back up. I crawled toward him, chasing his dick on my knees. Daddy sat on the edge of the bed holding his massive flesh before me.

“Daddy missed you,” he whispered.

“I missed you too Daddy,” I cried. “Daddy, I’m sorry about the car. I won’t ever do that again. And I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

“Shhhhhhhh, it’s a new day princess,” Daddy assured as he caressed my face. “Daddy loves you.”

“I love you too Daddy,” I blubbered.

Daddy reached down and grabbed both my nipples and squeezed them. Then he placed nipple clamps on them and led me to our walk-in shower, which he had custom made. There are about 10 showerheads in it, so that the water is released from several angles. I turned them on, took the coconut shower gel from the basket and poured some on a sea sponge and began to lather Daddy’s body. I was ecstatic to be near him. The warmth of his body radiated through mine as I massaged his chest and back and arms and legs. I slid my hands between his cheeks then cradled his nuts in my soapy grip. Daddy poured shower gel on my head and massaged it in as I lifted his dick with my tongue. As he slid into my mouth, I began to suck the head. It had been so long since I’d tasted Daddy, I just wanted to savor it, so I just sucked it, rolling my tongue around it so he knew how very much I’d missed him.

I opened my mouth so some of the warm water could seep in and I began to swallow more of Daddy dick. Now I was swishing his dick around in my mouth and sucking and licking it. I could feel Daddy swelling inside of me so that the water and his dick wouldn’t fit. I released the water and took more of Daddy while I played with his balls. Daddy held my head still and began to fuck my mouth. Warm water was rippling over us, just like in my dream as Daddy forced his dick to the very back of my neck and held it there. I was sucking Daddy with all my might as I heard his familiar groan as Daddy’s warm cum began to leak down my throat. Warm water shooting between my legs made my own juices flow. He tasted so good, and I wanted to drink every drop, so I continued to suck until Daddy’s cum squeezed out of the sides of my mouth and down my face.

Daddy withdrew and laid me down in the shower. Holding my head, he planted kisses all over my face and neck and chest until he got to my breasts. The soap had lubricated the nipple clamps, which Daddy pulled off with his teeth and replaced with his warm tongue. He licked and nibbled and sucked my nipples as he slid his fingers in my longing pussy. I opened my legs to him so he could touch every inch of me. Daddy pulled my clit and squeezed it as his rolled his tongue around mine then he plunged his face between my legs. I swear I could feel his tongue tickling the roof of my mouth. Daddy held my legs open while he sucked my pussy and clit. Every time I tried to wiggle away from the intensity, his grip got tighter. Daddy’s tongue fucked my pussy and his nose teased my clit. All I could think was, this is an incredible way to drown! Finally, I couldn’t take any more, and an explosion unlike any I’d ever experienced forced gallons of liquid from my pussy.

Daddy reached for the bar of soap and began rub it over my body. I’d made these special soaps for us. This one was an oval shaped bar, about 6” long and 3” wide. Daddy pushed it against the opening of my pussy, then up and down the crack of my ass. Lather was everywhere, and Daddy and I were sliding around in the shower. The Daddy slid his dick in my pussy. I had been waiting all week to feel him inside of me, and there he was. I opened my legs as wide as I could so Daddy could go all the way in. As Daddy lowered himself into me, I grabbed his neck as if it was my last breath. I could feel Daddy’s dick exploring every inch of my hot, wet pussy. I could feel the rim on the tip of his fat juicy dick rubbing against the walls of my pussy. When Daddy reached the very bottom, he stopped. He just held his rock hard dick completely still in my pussy. I could feel his balls against the opening of my pussy

“Show Daddy how much you missed him,” he commanded.

I wrapped my legs around Daddy’s waist and squeezed every muscle I ever thought I had in my around his dick. I gripped his dick like I was gonna choke it, and I did. I squeezed and squeezed and rocked my hips from side to side and up and down on Daddy as he plunged in and out of me. I could hear water splashing around us as we soared higher and higher into ecstasy.

“Fuck me Daddy,” I gurgled through the water.

Daddy arched his back dived into my pussy. Then he stretched my legs over his arms and started doing push ups in my pussy.

“Take it Daddy, fuck me like the bitch I am!” I demanded.

Daddy’s strong arms flexed with each thrust. Then he slowed down, just swirling his dick around in my pussy like he was making kool-aid. Our hips were in rhythm making circles on the shower floor. Then Daddy slowly pulled his pulsating dick out of me.


He turned me on my stomach, stretched my arms out to the sides, and poured my soap on my back. Daddy massaged the soap all over me, especially my ass. We were laying in a bed of suds when Daddy laid on my back and placed the tip of his dick between my cheeks. His dick slithered between my ass cheeks until the head found my hole. Daddy pressed the head of dick again my asshole until it popped in. I gasped as I felt his thick head push passed the muscle. Then I relaxed and felt Daddy sliding in my ass. He went slowly inside of me, kissing and licking the back of my neck with every inch.

“I love you baby,” he whispered as he rolled his hips around my ass.

I arched my back to meet his body. My legs were spread and Daddy was riding my ass. I loved feeling him inside of me. I loved being so close to him. I loved giving myself to him. When the water had washed away all the suds, Daddy pulled me up on my knees, massaged and pinched my nipples. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass, and then I hear that familiar groan. Daddy started humping me faster. I wiggled my ass against his dick, inviting more of him inside of me. Daddy was thrusting deep and hard and began slapping my ass with each stroke. His grunts became louder and stronger. I could feel his dick twitching inside of me. My pussy and ass were throbbing and I could feel cum rolling down my thighs. Daddy’s massive hands were striking thunderous blows to my ass, and I could feel him about to explode.

“Cum with Daddy bitch!” he ordered as he fucked me furiously.

“CUM WITH DADDY BITCH!” he commanded as he landed my licks on my ass. “CUM RIGHT FUCKIN NOW YOU NASTY BITCH!”



Just then Daddy pulled his dick out of my ass and cum spewed all over my back, like water out of a fire hose. Daddy and I collapsed on the shower floor. We snuggled under torrents of warm water for quite a while.

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