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The Client

Nikki © 2005

Chapter 1

Natalie is running late, but she knows she wants to check her email before she leaves so she glances at the clock and thinks to herself, “Well, I can still drive in to work instead of parking at the Park and Ride”. Knowing that she has rationalized this and should have awakened earlier – she sits at her computer and logs in to her email account. Scanning her email she sees the name of her Daddy. She can feel her heart rate increase as she opens her mail. ‘Good Morning, baby girl: you are to arrive at My house no later than 5:45 pm. Adam will let you in. Make sure that you are not late. Bring the burgundy mini dress, the black 3 in. open toed sandals, and your silver earrings. Also, bring the required toiletries. I will see you promptly at 6:15 pm and you are to greet me as you have been trained.‘ Natalie closes the email, glances again at the clock and starts running around the apartment getting the required items for her meeting tonight with her Daddy. As she is going quickly through the apartment she is checking everything off in her mental checklist. Dress – (“oops, the dress is still at the cleaners, fortunately the cleaners is located in my office building”), Sandals (“check”), She reaches in her vanity cabinet for her cosmetic bag (“bottle of J’Adore his favorite, Herbal unscented body wash, her comb and brush, lotion, Mahogany Plum Lipstick and eye shadow, Foundation, Pressed Powder, nail polish remover and nail polish, hair pins, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and head scarf). She knows she now has everything and is even surprised about the dress since she is usually kept naked at her Daddy - Jared’s house. With one last look around the apartment she quickly puts the silver hoops in her ears and quickly grabs the cell phone, charger, and her purse and runs out the door. She is having a horrid day at work. She seemed to have entered the same Prior Authorization over 5 times now and her inbox is stacking up with more. She is worried about what Daddy has planned for her this evening. The phone on her desk rings, “First Health, this is Natalie – How may I help you?” “Hello, baby girl”, “Hi Daddy – how are you?”, “I am well – I hope you are getting a lot of work done and are being a good girl.” “ummm.. Not exactly – I am trying but I am not getting a lot done right now”. “Sweetheart, calm down, this evening will take care of itself but I am not going to be pleased if you are not productive at work today.” “Yes, Daddy” “Ok, baby girl – get back to work and calm down” “Ok, Daddy” “I will see you tonight, precious – be good – bye for now” “Bye, Daddy”. She hangs the phone up and thinks to herself and how did He know that I was not getting my work done? She takes a short walk around the building, does some deep breathing exercises and then goes back to her desk and settles down to business. The day goes by pretty quickly after that including her 30 minute lunch break and she remembers to go to the cleaners in her building and pick up her dress and dashes down to the garage before returning to her desk. Before she knows it is 4:30 and she runs down to her car to head to Jared’s. Traffic is surprisingly light as she drives across South Capital Street to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge . She gets to His house in Old Town Alexandria in record time and looks at the clock and it is 5:15 so she is happily early and has extra time to make the proper preparations for her Daddy. She pulls into the driveway and grabs her purse and overnight bag and dress from the passenger seat. She climbs up the stairs and rings the doorbell. Adam opens the door and says “Natalie, early aren’t we?” “Yes, Sir”, Natalie states with her eyes lowered demurely. Very early in the relationship she was punished for what both He and her Daddy deemed insubordination in her attitude to Adam. She has been instructed to treat all men with respect and she makes sure she does that, as she does not ever want a repeat of that day’s lesson. She winces just thinking about it. Adam watches her and is able to read the play of her thoughts over her face. “Well, don’t dawdle, girl,” he orders. “Come in here and prepare yourself for Jared”. “Yes, Sir”, Natalie states nervously as she steps into the rather large foyer. She begins ascending the spiral staircase with one particular destination in mind. She knows from past experience that her Daddy does not like her to prepare herself in his suite of rooms as sometimes He has surprises laid out there for her.

She goes into the designated suite for her use and walks over to the ottoman and kicks her shoes off and drops the bag on the ottoman. She opens the bag and removes her cosmetic bag and the goes over to the Armoire and hangs her dress on the door. She then walks through the sitting room into the bedroom and then into the bathroom. She starts the shower lays the bag on the vanity counter and begins to strip off her clothes. The bathroom has a separate shower and tub and she looks longingly at the tub knowing that she does not have enough time to take a bath and thinking she has dawdled as Sir Adam says enough. She grabs her shower gel and the washcloth and steps into the shower. She lathers up with the shower gel as the water sluices off her dark chocolate body. She allows the tension and the worry and the nervousness of the day rinse off with the lather. She finishes bathing and steps out of the shower and dries herself off with a big fluffy towel. She reaches in and removes her no scent moisturizing lotion and proceeds to rub it all over her luscious body. She is not a tall woman at 5’1’’ but she carries herself with a confidence and grace that rivals the tallest runway model. She has a butt she thinks is too high but her Daddy says that it is a perfect spankable bottom. She smiles to herself as she thinks that very thought. She leaves the bathroom and checks the clock. 5:45 pm. Ok, calm down, she thinks I have 30 minutes to finish getting dressed and present my self for his arrival. I can do it. She wears no panties or bra when in her Daddy’s presences so she slips the dress over her head and then heads back into the bathroom to do her hair and her makeup. She pulls the brush through her straight shoulder length hair deciding to leave it down because she knows Jared likes it that way. Her hair falls naturally to her shoulders and she remembers how much He likes to run his fingers through her dark brown hair. She then puts on her foundation, and powder. Now comes a little eye shadow and she puts the mahogany plum lipstick on her full lips and makes a little pout at herself in the mirror. She double checks that her earrings are in and walks back into the sitting room. She walks over to the ottoman and slips her shoes out of the bag. She slips her feet into the sandals and admires herself in the full-length mirror on the front of the armoire. “Looking Good, Nat” She says out loud to herself and then sticks her tongue out at her reflection. She glances at the clock of 6:07 pm . She proceeds out of the guest suite and walks to the staircase she looks down and sees Adam in the foyer. She then proceeds to walk down the stairs. Her mother always told her she had a different walk when she was around men. Jared has honed that walk to an art form now and she walks with sensuousness and a confidence that makes men turn despite her short stature.

She walks until she is about 15 feet from the front door and then she sinks gracefully to her knees. She is in her standard waiting position. She is on her knees, eyes lowered, posture straight, hands on her thighs, palms open. She hears footsteps on the front and hears Adam open the door for her Daddy but she remains perfectly still as she was trained. In front of her now, she sees 2 pairs of men’s shoes, a pair of women’s shoes and two knees of what Natalie assumes are the knees of another slave. “Well, done, baby girl”, Jared says. He holds out his hand and helps her to her feet. She gracefully rises. “Thank You, Daddy”, states Natalie. “Well, I wish to present my slave Natalie.” “Natalie, this is Master Darrell” Natalie curtseys to Darrell “and this is his wife, Anika”. Natalie curtseys to Anika. “That is Mistress Anika to you”, says Anika. Natalie with her eyes still lowered respectfully says “Yes, Ma’am”. “And this recalcitrant child is Vicky”, states Master Darrell. Nat looks at Vicky and gives her a warm smile. Vicky looks rather rebellious and just stares at Natalie. “Well. Nat, shall we show our guests into the living room?” Jared asks Natalie. Natalie finally looks at his face since he is addressing her and says, “Yes, Daddy”.

They walk through the marble foyer to the living room. Master Jared is leading the way, followed by Master Darrell and Mistress Anika with Vicky being led by a leash. Natalie knows she is not to walk ahead of her Master nor ahead of any other Dom/mes so she brings up the rear. She stops at the threshold – the room looks different. The furniture has changed and there is a St. Andrews Cross standing in front of the fireplace. Natalie forgets herself and stops just as she enters the room staring around at the different “toy” stations positioned around the expansive living room. She sees that Adam has laid out a spread and plates on the coffee table for the guests to partake of. But she is still fascinated by the change in the room. No longer a formal living room it looks more like a dungeon playroom. She is still gaping at the room when she finally hears her Master snapping his fingers to get her attention. She jumps startled and looks over at him. He does not look pleased and is motioning for her to take her place on the cushion at his feet. He is sitting in a nice comfortable stuffed chair and she briefly notices that the guests are seated on a loveseat opposite him and that Vicky is kneeling on a cushion at Mistress Anika’s feet as she rushes over to her place at his feet.

“Well, Jared, it does not look as if Your slave is as well trained as You claimed”, Darrell states. “Oh, no, she is trained it just seems that tonight is the night she has forgotten her place so We will take care of that little problem shortly”, states Jared. “But first, You need to have some refreshment”. “This girl is a very good bartender”, states Jared. Natalie knows this is her cue and she rises from the cushion and with her eyes lowered she goes to kneel in front of Master Darrell and asks him his drink preference. “Well, if she is as good a bartender as You say, Jared, this should prove it. I want a perfect ten slave”, state Darrell. “Yes, Sir”, says Natalie. Natalie then proceeds to kneel in front of Mistress Anika and asks her the same question. “I will have a Singapore Sling, girl and some water in a pet dish for my pet”. “Yes, Ma’am”, says Natalie. Natalie crosses over to the wet bar set up in the corner, which her Master always keeps well stocked. Natalie removes 3 glasses and a doggie water bowl from the glasses case behind the bar. She hears Master Darrell say,” Looks like she forgot about You old man.” Jared laughs, “she knows my drink without asking me.” Natalie makes sure there is no expression on her face as she makes a screwdriver for her Master, the perfect ten for Master Darrell and a Singapore Sling for Mistress Anika and pours water in the doggie dish for Vicky. She places the items on a tray and delivers her Master’s Drink first, then Master Darrell’s, then Mistress Anika’s and then places the dish in front of Vicky before returning to her place at her Master’s feet.

“Well, Darrell this is a business meeting so let’s get to business”, states Jared. “Well, with the exception of the little discipline problem We noticed earlier, we are almost convinced to let You train our Vicky”, states Anika. Jared snaps his fingers three times and Natalie knows that she is to get into the present position for punishment. The present position is her on her hands and knees with her buttocks presented for discipline. Natalie hears Jared unfold his 5’8’’ inch frame from the chair and hears him go across the room. She is very embarrassed by her behavior earlier and knows that she deserves to be punished severely for embarrassing her Master in front of his guests. “One of the most important things in the training and continued owning of a slave is reinforcement and that they understand the infraction so it is not repeated”, states Jared.

“So Natalie, do You understand why You are being disciplined?” Jared asks. “Yes, Daddy - I did not pay attention to You and forgot my place.” “That is correct, slave” She hears what appears to be a cabinet across the room opening and hears a punishment implement being removed from that cabinet. She feels a presence behind her a few moments later and feels the implement rub across her bare bottom. She knows from the feel of it that this is the cane and although she feels a moment of fear she knows that this punishment is just and deserved. “Aren’t you going to restrain her?” Darrell asks. “No, she knows her place. She will take her punishment without moving although she is allowed to be as vocal as needed – I think 20 strikes will work to help her remember her place and keep her attention focused”, Jared says. Nat tries to relax her buttock muscles because she knows tensing them increases the pain. She does not wish to embarrass her Daddy anymore than she has already. So she takes a deep breath when she feels the cane raise in the air behind her and the first thwack of the cane takes her breath away but she calls out “one, Daddy”. Jared pauses to admire the perfect welt line on her right buttock before he aims and places one perfectly aligned on her left buttock. “two, Daddy”. The next welt is placed an inch from the first one on her right buttock. At this point Nat is shaking but has not moved from position. She is breathing heavily and counting each strike. In a matter of moments, there are 10 perfect welts showing up nicely on her dark chocolate bottom. There 5 welts on the right cheek and 5 on the left cheek. The last one is accompanied by a very breathless “ten, Daddy” Jared pauses for a moment and goes in front of Nat and looks at her eyes and says “good girl, how many more?” “ten, Daddy” Jared nods and then goes back behind her. He then begins striking her thighs – 5 strokes to the right and 5 to the left – evenly placed just like on her buttocks. Tears are streaming down Natalie’s face as she lets out a breathless – “twenty, Daddy”. She remains in position as she has been trained and says a heartfelt thank You in her mind that she stuck to the training and did not move. “Simply amazing”, states Anika. “She never moved a muscle”. Jared smiles as he goes to another corner of the playroom and places the cane in the bucket where used toys go so that they may be cleaned later. He then walks over to the bar and removes a bottled water from the fridge behind the bar. He opens it and walks back over to where Natalie remains in position. He goes in front of her and helps her to drink some of the water. “Yes, she is very well-trained Anika and has learned to accept her punishment quite well – but at times it was an uphill battle – wasn’t it – my pet?” Natalie stops drinking the water long enough to say “Yes, Daddy”. Jared then rises and says now I believe we can get back to business. He snaps his fingers and Natalie rises albeit a little stiffly and returns to kneeling position on the cushion at Jared’s chair. Now how long have You had your slave? Jared asks Darrell. Darrell responds that he has had Vicky for two weeks and that they are unable to get her to do anything. Well, I believe I can fix that states Jared. We need to discuss the specifics of what type of training You wish her to have. Anika speaks up then. We are looking for a domestic slave – one that will serve us to perfection providing the cleaning of the house and one that will also bathe us. She is not to be a sexual slave at all although if I am otherwise occupied Darrell may use her in that manner but she does not need to be trained in that he will use her as he wishes – what would please me more is that she is a complete domestic service slave. Natalie who has been listening attentively to the conversation risks a glance at Vicky to see how she is handling the discussion of the training and sees a seething look on the girl’s face. Natalie looks at Vicky who is looking as if she is about to open her mouth. She looks at Natalie who tries to shake her head no. Vicky makes an outburst. “I will not allow you to keep me or train me”. Jared jumps up and walks over to where Vicky is kneeling. And what pray tell are you going to do about it little girl? “Well, Darrell, I do not allow insubordination in my house – so I am going to begin helping you with your problem now”. Darrell tells Jared that is greatly appreciated. Well, little girl says Jared why don’t we get started. He lifts Vicky up and leads her kicking and struggling over to where the St. Andrew’s cross is set up n front of the fireplace. He attaches Vicky to the cross and then snaps his fingers at Natalie. Yes, Daddy? she asks walking over to him. Get a blue ball gag from the cabinet pet and hurry. Natalie walks quickly over to the gag cabinet and opens it – there are several new blue gags still in fresh packages so she opens one and quickly walks back over to Jared. She quickly walks back over to him and curtseys with the gag outstretched in her hand. Natalie returns to her place on her cushion although she watches the rest of the exchange with an unabated curiosity as the attention of all the occupants in the room is now focused on Vicky and away from her. Jared takes the ball gag and tells Vicky to open up – she refuses as he knew she would so he holds her nose and inserts the gag as she opens her mouth to breathe or scream he is not sure which. He then turns to Darrell and Anika and informs them that there are contracts that need to be sign if they are going to agree to allow him to train Vicky. Also, there are the payment terms to be discussed. He then tells them they will be more comfortable in his office and after the terms are finalized dinner will be served. Anika turns and asks if the girl will be alright and Jared assures her that the girl will be fine and he instructs Natalie to watch her until they return. Natalie responds with the usual yes, Daddy. Darrell then remarks that it is refreshing that the slave always gives verbal responses not just a nod of her head. Jared responds that it is all a part of the training. Anika said this is going to be great and they accompany Jared across the foyer to his office. Meanwhile, Vicky starts trying to struggle against the cross and the gag. Natalie rises from her place and walks over to Vicky. She tries to calm Vicky by telling her that she will be ok and that Daddy is a fair man and that it is in her best interest to calm down and accept that she is here and will be trained and to make the best of it. She also tells Vicky that if she is allowed she will help her. In Jared’s office, the plans were being finalized. Vicky would remain with Jared for 3 months and at the end of that period she will have been trained to be a service domestic. Darrell and Anika are to visit every other Saturday to check progress and to bond with Vicky. Beginning with the following Saturday. The training price agreed upon was $10,000. The contract was signed and also a medical release was signed for Jared to assume care for Vicky in case of a medical emergency as well as a confidentiality statement. Jared shakes hands with Darrell and Anika and says lets go have dinner. Anika says I think I would like a refill on my drink as well. But of course, answers Jared. As they re-enter the living room they see Natalie patting Vicky on her back and trying to calm her. Anika remarks, isn’t that sweet? Your girl is trying to calm our slave. Natalie looks up and sees Jared looking at her. She walks over to him and curtseys. She tells Jared that she is sorry she was just trying to help calm Vicky. Jared informs Natalie that refills of the drinks are in order and Natalie scurries over to the bar to make fresh drinks. Jared pulls the rope for the bell and Adam steps out. Dinner is ready in the dining room as you requested. Jared thanks Adam and suggests his guests go with him to the dining room and says that Natalie will bring the drinks in. Jared also informs his guests that Vicky will eat with Natalie a little later tonight. Dinner is great with Natalie kneeling at Jared’s feet so that she can refill drinks if and when necessary. Adam checked on Vicky from time to time to make sure she was not suffering too badly on the cross. At the conclusion of dinner, they retired back to the living room where Darrell and Anika kissed Vicky goodbye and told her they would see her next Saturday. Jared instructed Natalie to stay with Vicky and he walked his guests to the door. It is a pleasure doing business with you both and I will see you next Saturday.

To be Continued (Part II – The training begins…..)

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