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The Client

Nikki © 2005

Chapter 4

Vicky leaves the sitting room and walks through the French doors into a large bedroom. She really understands why this is called the lavender room since all of the accessories in this suite are in shades of lavender. The curtains at the windows are a very pale lavender in this room. She looks at the predominate feature in this bedroom which is a large four-poster bed on a raised platform. There are steps on the right, left and at the front of the platform for anyone to walk up to reach the bed. She walks up the stairs at the right side of the platform and approaches the bed. As she was told there are pajamas laid out on the bed. She checks the size and nods a size 9 and thinks to herself perfect fit and then she cringes as she thinks did it have to be hot pink? She really hates the color pink. She shrugs and remembering her instructions to shower and go to bed she decides to go check out the bathroom. She steps down the stairs and crosses the room to a door that she assumes is the bathroom. Upon opening the door, she realizes it is a dressing room. She walks in and is amazed at how large the dressing room is. The room is done in the same lavender motif as the bedroom light and dark shades of lavender everywhere. There is a vanity with big round lights around the edge of the mirror. The vanity seems to be well set up for her. There is a large array of makeup laying out in colors that compliment her skin tone as well as foundation and pressed powder that seems to match her skin tone perfectly. She continues to explore the room and notices a shoe rack stocked with 3 inch high open toed sandals. There are 12 pairs of shoes on the rack. 4 each of Red, Black and she give another little cringe, Pink shoes. The same color pink as the pajamas. Somebody really likes pink she thinks to herself. She proceeds further in the room towards a door at the rear and notices that there are dresses hanging on racks in the closet area. They correspond with the shoes, 12 dresses very short almost like a uniform. All designed the same and there are 4 each of Red, Black and that dreadful pink. She feels a slight tremor of dread wondering what she has gotten herself in to. She walks towards the door thinking this must indeed be the bathroom. Opening the door, she is amazed at how large and pretty the bathroom is. Although by now she thinks she is sick of both lavender and pink. Walking in to the bathroom she sees that the bathroom has a separate shower and separate bathtub. There is also a door that she assumes leads to where the commode is since there does not seem to be one in the main bathroom area. The tub is a large Jacuzzi tub with lavender candles set around it. The lavender theme is quite obvious here as well down to the large fluffy lavender towels that are stacked on the towel rack along with the matching washcloths and face towels. There is a bath chair in front of the vanity and as she walks over to the vanity she notices a lotion bottle, some perfume and a toothbrush with toothpaste. Thinking that she has dawdled long enough she opens up the door to the shower and turns it on. She pulls the tank top that Mistress Anika selected for her to well over her head. She folds it and places it neatly on the bath chair. She removes the red demi bra and slides the blue denim mini skirt over her thighs and lets it drop to the floor. She stoops to pick up the skirt and folds both the skirt and the bra and places them on the chair. All that is left to remove is the red thong underwear Master Darrell selected for her to wear. She removes the thongs and places them on the chair as well. On the vanity she notices a dish with hair clips in them and removes one and pins her hair up off her shoulders. She looks at her reflection in the mirror and is pleased by what she sees. She has always been told she was pretty with her gray eyes. She is 5’6’’, light skinned almost white complexion. She could almost pass for white if one could overlook the very distinctive flair that her African Ancestors left on her, the full nose and full lips. Those definitely identify her as being black. She has a slightly muscular build not too muscular but just enough to show that she works hard to keep her body the way it is. She runs five miles a day and hopes that her Master and Mistress remembered to relate that fact to Master Jared because she does not wish to give up her morning runs for any amount of training. Knowing the shower is now warm enough, she stops her reverie and grabs a washcloth and steps into the shower. Luckily there is already shower gel and soap in the shower because she did not remember to look for where they were prior to getting in. She allows the warm water to sluice over her body wincing a bit as the water hits the welts on her backside and the back of her thighs. Although she is nervous about what tomorrow will bring she trusts that Anika and Darrell would not leave her in the hands of someone completely insane. Her shower done she turns the water off and steps out. She grabs two towels and wraps her hair up in one and wraps her body in the other. She walks over to the vanity and begins drying off her body. She picks up the lotion bottle and begins applying the lotion to her body. She sees the blow dryer on the stand and uses it to dry her hair. Completely dry now – hair and all. She walks back through the dressing room to the bedroom and walks up to the bed and picks up the pajama top. She slips the pajama top on and lifts the pajama bottoms off the bed looking for the underwear. Finding none there she walks over to the bureau in the room and opens the drawers – several pairs of stocking, several pairs of shorts and tee shirts but no panties. She shrugs and walks over to the bed and puts on the pajama bottoms. They are more shorts than a complete bottom and she feels a little underdressed. She is a little jazzed up and definitely not ready to sleep so she looks around for the remote so she can watch some TV. Not seeing a remote she looks around for the TV and walks over to the Armoire thinking it must be in there and notices no TV at all. Umm.. What kind of place is this she thinks to herself.

Jared walks down the stairs and into the living room. He looks and sees that Adam has already turned on the monitors that allow them to see everything that is happening in every room of the house. He has already set it to so that the feed is coming from a split screen of the lavender suite and Jared’s suite. “So what is going on?” Jared asks Adam. “Well, Natalie is kneeling as she was instructed in her present position and she has not moved a muscle from that position.” Jared nods. “Vicky has explored the suite, taken a shower and put on her pajamas. It now looks as if she is looking for something and seems perplexed that she cannot find it.” Jared looks at Adam and smiles at the same time they both say “TV”. Adam has also pulled out the microphone so that a button on the console can be pressed and the PA system in the lavender room will be on and announcements can be made. Jared picks up the microphone. “Vicky?” Jared says. Both Jared and Adam watch the screen as Vicky jumps startled and looks around. “You were instructed to take a shower and go to sleep, it is going to be a long day. It is now lights out. You will have an early morning.” Jared then switches the microphone off. He hits a switch on the console and the lights in Vicky’s room go off with the exception of the emergency lighting which is located at the base of the wall leading to the bathroom and on the stairs in case she has need to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. He then turns to Adam. I am going to start her training at about 8 am tomorrow. Helena is coming over at 7 to fix breakfast. I am going to need your help tomorrow. Since it appears that not only do I have a slave to train – I have a slave that has also forgotten her training. So I will meet you in here at about 7:45 and we can start maybe a tag team between the two of them. Adam nods and tells Jared then he thinks he is going to turn in now so that he will be patient enough to deal with two recalcitrant children. Jared nods and says that he going to go up to his discussion with Natalie. He tells Adam he will leave him to put the observation equipment away and asks that he put the alarm on when he leaves. Adam nods and bids Jared good night.

Jared walks up the stairs and down the hallway to his suite. He opens the door and sees Natalie kneeling on all fours – naked - buttocks presented for discipline just as she looked on screen. He walks up behind her and smacks her hard twice on her buttocks the only movement she makes is from the impact of the swats. She lets out a soft gasp behind the gag. He reaches around and removes the gag. She licks her lips which feel quite dry. “Are you thirsty, sweetheart?” Jared asks. “Y-y-ess, Daddy” her voice comes out as almost a whisper. “You may go get some water, baby girl”. She rises gracefully and backs to the bar and gets bottled water out of the refrigerator. She thinks to herself that she is happy that he is still calling her sweetheart and baby girl otherwise it would mean he is really angry with her. She walks back over to where he is now seated on the edge of his bed and kneels in front of him. He tells her she may drink some of the water and she removes the cap and begins to drink. He lets her take sever al sips before motioning with his hand for her to stop. She immediately stops drinking and recaps the bottle. She places it at her side and waits for his next instruction. He looks at her and decides that the best lesson for her is to extend her misery for a while. “I need a shower”, Jared announces. Natalie rises and stoops down closer to him so that she may remove his shoes. She places the shoes side by side in front of the foot of the bed. She then removes his socks and places them on the bed. He stands and she comes to stand on her knees and unbuckles his belt and unfastens his pants. He steps out of the pants and she slides his boxers down his legs. She folds the pants and the boxers and places them on the bed on top of the socks. She rises to her feet and unfastens his shirt. He then goes to walk over to the bar and while he does that Natalie hurries into the bathroom and starts the shower to running. She is in front of the running shower on her knees when he enters the bathroom. He snaps his fingers and she rises and holds the shower door open for him waiting for him to enter. As she enters she takes a wash cloth and the soap with her. His back is to her with his chest facing the shower head and she kneels and begins washing his back, soaping it up really good. She does the same for his buttocks and moves down the back of his legs and thighs. She reaches around him and rinses the washcloth. She finishes the rinsing and rinses his buttocks. He turns and puts his back into the shower so that he rinses off the rest of the soap. She then begins soaping his chest and thighs and arms and the fronts of his legs. She sees his cock getting harder and beginning to stand away from his body. She kneels closer and closes her eyes as the water from the shower hits face as she leans closer and begins sucking his semi-erect cock until it has reached full erection. Using nothing but her mouth as she has been taught she begins to suck him in earnest. Savoring the taste of her Daddy’s dick. She loves the taste and feel and smell of him. She begins to suck him harder as he begins to pump his hips slightly pushing his cock in and out of her mouth. Sucking him is making her hot and aroused and he can sense her arousal. Her sucking becomes more insistent and his pumping increases as he pistons in and out of her mouth as if it is her cunt. She can feel him getting ready to explode and prepares herself to take every drop of his precious nectar. He moans and pumps his cock in so it is almost down her throat. She feels his release and quickly swallows as it seems to keep coming and coming. He pumps two final times and empties the last of his cum into her willing mouth. She swallows and then lathers up the washcloth so she can gently was his cock clean. She finishes washing his cock and rinsing it. He then opens the shower door and steps out. She rises from the floor of the shower and turns the water off. She then steps quickly out of the shower and grabs a towel and begins drying Jared off. She then stands and reaches for his Drakkar Noir lotion and rubs it over his arms, legs and chest. He tells her to dry herself off and blow-dry her hair. While she is doing that he grabs his bathrobe from the back of the bathroom door and goes back into the bedroom. He walks over to where the St. Andrews Cross is and waits for Natalie to enter the bedroom. He has decided not to punish her too bad this evening but she has lost bed-sleeping privileges. Natalie enters the bedroom and pauses briefly as she sees him at the cross. She thinks to herself – oh damn this is going to be a painful night. Another beating? She hopes he does not see the pause and walks over to the cross and kneels at his feet. “well, little one” Jared begins “it has been quite a day and it is a good thing that it is the weekend because I have some plans for you. You seem to have forgotten vital elements of your training so we will have a refresher course this weekend. You also obviously do not need the comfort of a bed since you do not know how to act. So you will spend tonight on the cross.” “yes, Daddy” Natalie responds. He lifts her up from her kneeling position and binds her hands to the cross. He tells her he is leaving her feet free so she can be comfortable. He then swats her ass quick and fast with his hand – too fast for her to count. He then says “Sweet Sleep, Angel” He then goes and turns off the lights and gets in to bed. As he falls asleep he thinks it is going to be an interesting morning.

To be continued...

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