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Ghetto Girls of Gor (the intentionally lost scrolls)

Resa de Milo © 2001

Chapter 1 - Prelude

So Master told me not to write a story to show how I came to be on Gor, but i'm a taurus and if i've told that man once i've told him a million times - i do what i want.

Now i have heard word of the other slave girl focused books and all i can say is damn you'd think that all slave girls were barbie doll clones. Well, i'm writing this to set the record straight and tell all the women still on Earth that not all of us slave girls are pussies! Sure i'm risking a severe beating in an attempt to get this document back to Earth but hell my sistahs and i are always getting beatings for some shit. So here goes.

Chapter 2 - Snatched

It was about 10 p.m. as i exited the Stadium Armory Metro station in DC. i was on my way home from my Ebonics class at the local city college when this red van pulls up and out jumps these three buff as shit looking men.

Now i'll tell you, i think my feet took off before my mind registered an "oh shit."

They of course caught me cause my damn book bag was weighing me down.

One of the two men holding me by each arm removed my book bag the third man talked to the others in some jacked up language i hadn't heard.

Well i wasn't really focused on their conversation as i continued to struggle and curse. So far they had been oblivious to me until i got royally pissed. i growled biting the guy holding me on the left while twisting and kneeing the other in the balls.

The one i kneed grunted and instantly went to his knees and the other - in his attempt to work his arm from my teeth - loosened his grip just enough for me to break free.

Before the third could snap out of his shock, i took off running.

I think the only thing they managed to hear from me as i sprinted off was, "Biotches!"


Finally home, i bolted all the locks on the door and went straight for the phone. i picked it up but before i pressed the first digit i realized the line was dead.

At that moment, i felt like one of those girls in the horror movies you know is gonna get it. Not trying to play out the role of checking to see if the cord was cut, i turned and ran for my door. Throwing it open i was greeted by the man who had intimately been introduced to my knee.

I turned to run smack dead into the other man i had earlier did a Mike Tyson variation bite on. He grabbed me and pressed his hand so tightly upon my mouth that i was unable to bite at him. i guess he was making sure he didn't lose anymore flesh dealing with me.

I struggled and kicked at the other man only to have him catch my legs.

The third man came out of my bedroom carrying a syringe. He took hold of my arm and held me still as he inserted the needle and injected its contents into me. Then he again spoke to the other men in that strange language.

I wanted to fight. i wanted to hurt them some more. Most of all i wanted to escape, but i was quickly falling under the power of whatever drug that was now coursing through my veins. i was royally pissed, but i couldn't fight any longer.

The one who had injected me with the needle took hold of my face by my chin and forced me to look at him.

Speaking in English but with a strong accent he grinned and said, "A She-larl you are indeed but you will awaken a kajira."

My mind was swirling and i barely could make out what he had said let along know what a larl or kajira was. i wanted to spit in his face or curse at him but all that came from me was a faint moan.

Then darkness enveloped me.

Chapter 3 - A New Day and A New World

So, i'm waking up and before i open my eyes i'm thinking, "damn that was one jacked up dream."

Then i opened my eyes to find myself, chained - by a metal collar around my neck - to a sculpture in the middle of the of this walled garden, butt naked. i blinked twice, cursed and muttered, "this // ain't // even funny."

There was a masculine chuckle from behind me.

I twisted around to face who had the nerve to laugh at my predicament.

I was met with the view of a towering man of tanned complexion and intense grey eyes. His hair was jet-black and pulled back in a tie. A rich red robe of shimmering velvet with a crest of some cursive symbol. In his hand he held a whip and upon his lips there was clearly a smile.

"Let me get out of this collar," i started pulling on the collar too pissed to realized i was unable to remove it myself and continued, "and i'll wipe that fucking smile off your face."

He laughed again, then stood and approached me. i stopped clawing at the collar to reach out for him hoping i could grab his robe and pull his ass over to me.

Instead i was rewarded with a quick lash to my hand from which i drew back quickly with several curses flying from my lips.

"i have so missed the fire of the inner-city Earth girls," he mused as he knelt still out of reach of me. "i brought you and a few other girls here because the Gorean women are born to serve which - in my honest opinion - takes away the true challenge of taming them."

He leaned in closer quickly grasping my throat above the collar. i went to kick at him but my leg recieved a sting of the whip. i tried to claw at him but he blocked it and treated my back to lash after lash after lash.

I cried out in pain and yet his whip continued to sting my back. Tears poured from my eyes as i gasped, and yet all i knew was the taste of his lash.

Only when i was on the verge of passing out did he stop. He leaned in closely and kissed my forehead. Then speaking into my ear he softly said, "i personally chose you. i have waited years to have you at my feet, and regardless of whatever you have known - know that you are now mine."

He released my throat and i, stricken with pain, slumped into a bed of white flowers.

I watched him stand and look down upon me with a soft and almost loving gaze as i passed out.

Chapter 4 - The Taming

Over the course of several days, i was kept in that garden where i often cried to myself when i thought i was alone. When i felt Master was present, i refused to let my fear and pain give him satisfaction.

Sadly there were times that even my best effort to be strong was broken.

One such moment was when i awakened after my first lashing. It was a new day and when i looked up into the day sky i was greeted by three suns. My jaw dropped and i shuddered.

Again there was Master's amused voice which said, "Yes little one, this isn't Kansas anymore."

I turned to glare at him - sitting there so smugly. Instinctually before i could catch myself, i rolled my eyes at him and snarled, "Fuck you."

He returned my glare and i instantly wished i could have ripped my tongue out before i snapped so quickly. And yes that earned me more lashes at that very moment.

Then again as i have already said, i am forever getting lashed.

There was also the demeaning means of how Master fed and watered me. Yes and i do mean fed and watered like some common animal, but then again to him i was an animal or moreso a beast.

"Are you hungry?" he asked while holding me in his arms as i cried from the lashings he had just given me.

I wanted to tell him fuck you again but i was to afraid. Instead i whispered, "yes."

"Food Darah." He said and a girl - also naked and collared - appeared with a plate of food and a small pitcher. She kneeled off to his left, her knees were open where i could see more than i wanted of her and her eyes were downcast. At times, she smiled at me in a kind way. Although, i was too in pain to appreciate her kindness.

Master took a small slice of meat from the dish and held it several inches from my mouth.

"You now depend on me for your very survival," he stated then continued. "Spurn my offerings as i offer them and you will not last long."

In layman's terms, if i bit his ass i'd be in the dog house starving my ass off.

He smiled down at me saying, "take it with your teeth. Then kiss the fingers that feed you."

Oh i wanted to spit at him but hell he'd beaten the badass out of me. Now all i had was a pissed attitude with no back bone. Hell he'd beaten that out of me too.

I painfully moved towards his hand. Opening my mouth, i thought about biting him but that thought faded quickly as i realized i was quite hungry. Then as he had instructed, i took the meat between my teeth and i kissed his fingers.

"Eat," he commanded satisfied with my response.

I chewed the meat and swallowed. Then he preceeded to feed me in this manner a few more times.

After this, he held out his palm in a cupped manner. The other girl then poured just enough water in his hand so as not to spill.

"You will not sip or drink this water in my hand but lap every bit of it," he said then added. "As if you were a cat." He smiled at me as i frowned choking back a curse.

I hesitated. i did't care what he wanted. i couldn't act like an animal. And i definitely didn't want to start for him.

He picked up his whip with his free hand.

I shuddered and started to quickly lap at the water in his hand. It's amazing how good a motivator pain is.

"Slow, long laps," he ordered. "And when there is no more water, you will lick my palm and then kiss it."

I hated myself as i mimicked his orders lapping up all the water from his hand then - masking my disgust - licking and kissing his palm.

He stroked my hair then stood and spoke to the other girl in the language i had heard one of my abductors use. The girl uttered a quick reply which might have been a confirmation as she nodded while doing so.

Then he turned and walked off.

After he was gone the girl briefly left and returned to treat my back with some very soothing ointment. A few times i tried to speak to her but she never responded. i figured she didn't understand me so i just laid there allowing her to do her work. No since getting her whipped too.

When she was done she too departed and i laid there for a while filled with anger but more so fear. i knew i was never going to see my home again and i didn't know what was to become of me. i wanted to believe i could stay strong but he had already broken me and one day i might be the girl tending to the lashes of a new girl.

I did not like this one bit, so i did the only thing i could.

I cried.

Chapter 5 - Adorned

The next morning, i awakened to find my Master and the two men who had held me during my abduction standing over me in a discussion held in the unfamilar language.

My Master took hold of my hair and pulled it just enough to make me rise to a kneeling position. He briefly leaned over to push my thighs apart similar to how the girl from the day before had done. His hand press into the small of my back.

I instantly arched my back as i was still tender from the last lashing i had received. Then he placed my hands palms down on my thighs.

He lifted my chin so that my head was held high but pointing to my eyes then down, he signified i was to keep my eyes downcast.

I positioned myself as he desired.

He stood back and returned to discussing me with the other men. They seemed quite amused and at times there were some laughter but for the most part they seemed impressed.

He turned to me and said, "They are impressed how quickly you have learned your place." He laughed and added, "From she-larl to kajira is what they say."

They laughed again. Then, my Master unhooked a leash from his belt and attached it to my to my collar. Sometime during my sleep, he had unchained me from the boulder.

"Onto your hands so that you can crawl as you follow me into my home."

I lowered myself to my hands and began to crawl as he lead me from the Garden into his house.

I thought it was a house at first as i didn't know anything of it save for the Garden. But as he lead me through what appeared to be a palace of sorts, i realized i was slave to a very wealthy and most likely powerful man.

For the first time during my unfortunate situation, i felt something other than hate and fear, i felt proud. Don't get me wrong. i still wasn't happy about being whipped, made to act like an animal when feed and lead around. i sure wasn't happy about having all this happen while i was butt naked. But being a poor girl who probably would have to bust her ass to barely make it on Earth, i felt special to be chosen, even if as a slave, by one so powerful.

Master led me through several rooms each fancier than the last until we came to what seems to be a grand hall of sorts.

Leading from the wide doors to a structure of sorts were two rows of slave girls all kneeling in the same way Master had positioned me before leaving the garden. As we passed each girl, she looked to Master and cried out "La Kajira."

There were three girls kneeling facing the structure. They also greeted Master as the other girls had, but then - in English and near whisper - they each said to me, "welcome sister."

I looked at each of them when i felt the two men take hold of me and raise me to my feet. When they pushed me against the structure they began to strap me in. Once they were done i was unable to move. Then a man approached followed by a slave girl who carried a tray. Upon the tray were several needles and rings.

When he took hold of my left breast, i tried to struggle but again i was strapped too tight to do anything save for tense up.

I cried out when the piercing pain erupted in my nipple as he passed the needle through it. He repeated the pain invoking task on my other nipple, and navel.

I was panting and sobbing in pain as i had not been anestasized when he began the task of piercing my most sensitive and private part. At this, i screamed and screamed and screamed assaulted by the humility of the act as much as by its intense pain.

Each of these piercing were adorned with engraved hoops which signified Master's possession over me. But i was too far gone to care about the craftsmanship of or claim the jewelry placed upon me.

I cried and choked.

"Open your eyes," Master said.

While i wished he was talking to some other girl i knew i was the only one who had my eyes closed. i knew they had all seen me crying and screaming. Still i opened my eyes to see Master pull a branding iron from heated coals.

Believe me i nearly burst a blood vessel trying to break free from my restraints as he approached me. He took hold of my left thigh and pressed the searing brand into my upper thigh.

I gasped so hard and deep that my lungs stung as the iron scorched my thigh sending a fiery surge from my thigh throughout body.

What seemed like an eternity only lasted a few seconds as he removed the iron from my thigh revealing a brand that appeared to be some cursive lettering with a great bird set in the background.

The two men who had strapped me in began to release me. As they removed the final straps, then held me by both arms and lowered me to my knees in line with the three slave girls who had spoken to me.

As Master passed each of them, they again cried to him, "La Kajira."

When he came to me, one of the men pulled my hair back so that i looked up into my Master's eyes.

"La Kajira," i cried knowing from his eyes that i had to say these words too.

He turned and exited the hall. Then the two men carried me to another room where they laid me upon a soft mat and left me with the three slave girls i had been grouped with.

Chapter 6 - From Sistah to kajira

The three slave girls who had spoken English to me and who i was roomed with turned out to have also come from Earth. They also had been chosen for their social background of growing up fast and hard. Simply put we were all Ghetto Girls.

They explained to me that our Master was Ubar of the city and that he had also grown up in the ghetto as an orphan before being brought home to his family on Gor. Don't ask me why he was taken to Earth because i have never asked him and it's not a kajira's place to be curious.

But of all the slaves he had, we were his trophy slaves as he sometimes called us because we proved that even the most hardened women of Earth were able to be turned to kajirae. Or as Master says, "every woman is destine to be the slave of a man.'

Yes, Yes, i know you're probably saying, damn you whimped out. But what you don't know is that nothing can take the ghetto out of us girls. Master can lash us, starve us, and use us but we will always be badasses no matter what he does.

But then Master loves his kajirae with that extra spice.

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