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The Soul of A Slave Girl

Resa de Milo © 2001

Before my Master captured me - and yes he captured me as well as my heart - I was a lonely girl lost searching for my destiny. Let me tell you this. When you have within you a strong force driving you towards something it is only misery when you spend your life fighting it to feel more a part of the world and not apart from the world.

But Master saw this in me even when I did not see it myself.

Once not to long ago, I believed I was free. I believed that I was the keeper of my happiness and my security. But now I know I am a slave and this has made my life all the more wonderful.


I was living in Washington DC, a city that many visit for it's political power, it's grand museum and simply for it being the capitol of one of the great nations. But from my view DC was only a reminder of all the suffering that can happen and be ignored by the everyday person. That is being poor myself, I knew the pain of those who suffered so publicly.

I stayed away from people mostly because many felt I was a pathetic self pitier. This was due to the fact that after a bought of lymphoma and a run of unbelievable bad fortune, I had come to realize that life is neither malignant nor benevolent but more so benign. I didn't work nor could I work when my bought with cancer demanded I live the life I was meant to. But I did not know what I was meant to be, since I spent my life trying to be what others told me I should be.

One day upon a rare occasion, I venture out to a bookstore. I love bookstores, but I have always had to stay away to save myself from a torment of not being able to buy the books I desired to get. You see, I'm an obsessive book collector and voracious reader. Of course the two often go hand in hand.

This lovely mid April day, I was seeking out some poetic works. It not common that I do this, but I recently had decided I needed to expand my readings beyond the Barker, Koontz and Rice novels. But a note I will say on them is that I was drawn to the characters. The richness of their personality, the magical air of their experiences and the beauty of the world as it framed itself around them. In part I loved these characters because they existed, and I hated them because they never existed within my reach.

I was browsing a poetry collection of works by Carlos Williams Carlos trying to decide which book to get.

"He's a very interesting poet," the man said.

I turn to face him - a man several inches taller than me - as he smiled softly in my directions. I was instantly uncomfortable. I looked at him blankly not sure what to say. Then he reached towards me and I, already uncomfortable, flinched only to realize he was reaching for a book.

Appearing not to have notice my reaction, he showed me the book and added, "This one I have myself. It is a very good collection of his works."

He then handed me the book.

I smiled and looked over the book absentmindedly. After all, here was this man - a not too bad looking man at that - standing around with little miss man-a-phobic.


The next hours or so were a haze. I don't know how I get swept off into things, but I found myself invited to lunch with this man, whose given name was Daniel. Eventually even, I was talking and enjoying myself. But then once I feel welcomed by a man and not under scrutiny, I am very open and talkative. He was also treating which is something that is an oddity with me. That being I never liked asking others to go out with me and I especially hated admitting I couldn't afford to go somewhere. This wasn't because I couldn't go but because of the pity and some feelings of obligation people had - in the past - held for me.

As that hour passed so did weeks, months and even a year. We had become very close friends. We would go out together or sometimes when I was ill he'd come and spend quiet evenings watching movies with me curled up in his arms.

At best I could say we were friends, but friends very few people in this world could understand. It wasn't a brother-sister thing. Our relationship was one build on respect in each other, and this allowed us to be comfortable in situations that normally would lead a man and a woman into sex.

Then the day came that everything changed for me.


We had gone to the theatre on several occasions. Daniel loved the arts and seemed to have a great interest in expanding my love of them as well. This night was a bit different. All the excursions we had gone on were local affairs. He had treated me to all of them, but then he had always said my company was worth every cent.

Now that was always flattering to me - although I know now he meant it. But before I knew, I always felt that while I did have good qualities that most people still felt I was a waste to be around. Again, Daniel wasn't of that mindset.

What Daniel had planned for me was a trip to see Carmina Burana preformed in the Theatre district of NYC. We flew up there and did some sight seeing. Though really I was the sightseer since he had traveled to NYC for business several times.

We enjoyed the performance, and I was extremely happy having at last seen the one classical work I had always dreamed of seeing. We took a late night flight back into BWI which I didn't think much of at the time. that is, that we had left from National Airport and returned to another one.

I was extremely worn by the time I sat down in the car with him. At one point I recall being on the verge of consciousness when I felt him caress my hair and tell me he loved me.

Then I drifted off to sleep.


When I awakened the next morning, I found that I was naked, collared and chained to Daniel's bed. There was a ball gag in my mouth and beside me laid Daniel who was gazing at me as he caressed my face and hair gently.

I struggled and tears poured from my eyes because I was afraid. Not only was I afraid, but I felt abandoned and abused for my heart to trust him. But honestly, who would ever suspect to have something like this happen to them.

He kissed my lips and ran his hand across my breast, then my stomach and slowly to my cunt. I tried to close my legs to stop him but they were held open by a spacer bar. I shook my head vehemently with great pleading in my eyes.

Then his fingers dipped into me and for a moment I was embarrassed because I was extremely wet.

He smile and said, "From this point forward, you shall address me as Master as you are my slave and you now live to serve and provide me with all that I desire."

I looked at him in shock, but my mind was becoming a haze of confused thoughts and sensations as his thumb played at my clit. His fingers were thrusted in and out of my pussy as it sucked and slurped as if begging for more from his fingers.

I closed my eyes and moaned through the ball gag in my mouth. My control faded quickly. My body and animalistic nature began to take over. Before long, I was squeezing my pussy around his fingers. I was arching my back and pumping my hips towards him wanting more and more of his touch.

I was so lost to my excitement that I nearly came when his finally thrusted his entire hand into my pussy. All I can recall is that I growled insane with lust.

At this reaction from me, Master removed the ball gag from my mouth with his free hand. My mouth remained wide open as I panted wildly.

Still pumping his other hand in my cunt, Master thrusted his cock in my mouth. At first he held it so deep in my throat that I gagged. I was still wild with sexual lust but panic joined this sensation as I couldn't breath. I bucked my hips forward fearful of choking to death. Yet in respond he thrusted his fist harder and deeper in me.

Still choking, my mind seemed to swirl as I though he surely intended to kill me this way.

With great fear in my heart, I passed out.


When I awakened, I was not in heaven, hell or some form of limbo. No my neck was still collared and chained to Master's bed along with my hands. Now, however, the spreader between my legs was gone, I was on my knees facing the head of the bed with a few pillows under my stomach and abdomen to avoid straining my tied wrists, and Master was fucking my ass furiously.

"Enjoy your sleep my pet?" Master asked me with a distinctly tender but humored tone.

Answering him was a bit difficult. The ball gag was still gone from my mouth and his cock no longer was there asphyxiating me, however combined with the fact that he was fucking my tight - and only once before fucked ass - was the detail of some device he had attached to my clit which was sending maddening sensations threw throughout my pussy.

It was then that I couldn't speak as I realized the throbbing of my cunt and I came almost immediately after he asked me the question.

He chuckled softly still fucking me with great might. Then he said, "you've been cuming all night my sweet pet. I'd tell you how many times but honestly I lost count."

I moaned and came again.

He laughed and fucked my ass until he finally came.

Master then plunged a few fingers in my ass and pulled them out in a scooping motion. He presented a large amount of cum upon his fingers just an inch from my mouth.

To my amazement, I licked my tongue out and swirled it around his fingers then sucked them into my mouth where I hungry cleaned the mixture of cum, my juices and the hint of shit from his fingers.

Master stroked my hair as he caressed my ass, still propped in the air. He removed his fingers from my mouth and only seconds later I felt the biting sting of several lashes struck at the same instance.

My body tensed and I once again came.

Master repeated the strokes then caressed my burning ass with his palm.

He then said, "See how you can enjoy anything once released from your fears."

He leaned down and kissed the nape of my neck then added, "You are my slave. I am your Master. You will never suffer fears because I will protect you from the world and you will serve me like the natural slave you were always meant to be."

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