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A Black Gap Update

Mr. Zyne © 2005

Part II of the Black Gap Series

Close is the word most folks in Black Gap use to describe Lonnie and Cassie Tucker.

‘Yeah, Lonnie and his Cassie are close… damn close’, is the way some put it.

To this opinion the Black Gap ladies usually respond with, ‘umm hum’ and a nod.

The men are apt to reply, ‘Damn sure wish I could get that close to little Cassie’.

All the Black Gap folks agree that Cassie Tucker is one fine looking young woman and that she is crazy about her daddy.

A little over a year has passed since that Sunday morning that Cassie began fixing it for her daddy. Dawn is breaking over Black Gap and Cassie is on their bed beneath her daddy. Lonnie has her jacked up with her knees pressed to her chest as he fucks her slowly with deep strokes. She looks up at his face contorted with lust and wanton desire. She is as fascinated by the transformation of his features as she was the first time she saw it. With each thrust he plunges his dick deep into her hot wet pussy. She answers his thrusts and surrenders giving him total access to the moist nest between her thighs. The tempo of their fucking increases. His thrusts become harder and more demanding. She moans beneath his onslaught. Their bodies tense and together they soar to the peak of an intense climax. Lonnie rolls from her and then pulls his little girl to him. She lies in his arms and each is aware of the other’s heartbeat. He is soon asleep.

As she lies beside him Cassie’s mind returns to that morning she first crept into her daddy’s room and lay down in his bed. After they fucked he had withdrawn from her spent and drained. She had gotten up and returned to her room and her own bed. In moments she’d heard him snore as he returned to the deep sleep from which she had awakened him by sucking his dick. She remembered lying there in her bed and feeling the wetness of her daddy’s cum as it oozed from her pussy and flowed across her thigh. A beatific smile spread across Cassie’s face that memorable morning as she drifted off to sleep.

Cassie had started her first day as her daddy’s woman by cooking him breakfast. The aroma of brewing coffee and frying bacon woke Lonnie. Upon waking his mind was flooded with images of what he had done.

‘God help me, I fucked my little girl’, he moaned.

His lament was interrupted by Cassie’s calling him to come to breakfast. He got up and put on his robe then went into the kitchen to face his baby.

‘Morning Daddy’, she greeted him with her usual bright smile.

Lonnie was stunned as he viewed her clad only in one of his T- shirts. He felt his dick swell as his gaze dropped to the dark triangle exposed below the shirt.

‘Sit down daddy’. She said and filled his cup with steaming coffee.

Lonnie sat at the table and watched Cassie standing across the kitchen half naked as she prepared his plate. She placed the filled plate before him. He enjoyed the view of her luscious, bare bottom when she turned and went to the stove. His guilt was rapidly retreating to be replaced by hot lust. Cassie stood with her back to the sink and her arms folded across her chest. She smiled at him as she watched her daddy eat.

Like an I-Hop waitress expecting a good tip Cassie cleared the table when her daddy had finished his breakfast. As she worked she felt the touch of her daddy’s hand stroking her ass. She felt the sting of his slap when she turned to take the dishes to the sink. She teased him with her best effort at doing a runway stroll. Lonnie’s dick was now rock hard as he watched her sashay across the kitchen.

Lonnie called her to him and had her sit before him on the table where she had served his breakfast. Still seated at the table he raised and spread her thighs. He then leaned in and licked the lips of her pussy. He covered the length of its swollen lips with broad strokes of his tongue. When he felt her legs relax and rest against his shoulders he focused on her clit. He lashed her clit with his flicking tongue. Cassie leaned back and braced herself with an elbow on the surface of the table. She placed the hand of her free arm behind his head and pulled his face deeper into her crotch as she ground her pussy against his exploring tongue. Lonnie increased the pressure of his tongue on her clit and inserted two fingers into her pussy. He curved his fingers down and rubbed her G spot.

Cassie’s scream pierced the silence. Her body shuddered and spasms flowed through her in waves. A gusher of ejaculate squirted from her pulsing pussy. Suddenly Lonnie’s mouth was filled with fluid causing him to choke and gasp for air. He jerked his head back and gulped her sweet nectar. At the tender age of sixteen Cassie had experienced the ecstasy that many Black Gap women will only read about. Lonnie lifted her from the table then carried her into the bedroom and lowered her to the bed. He took her from behind and fucked her without shame. Afterward, exhausted and sated they slept.

Cassie’s mind returned to the present and she realized it was time to get up.

‘I must have dozed off’, she thought.

It is Saturday. She quickly showered and dressed before leaving to visit Sister Edna. Since the day she first experienced menstruation and Lonnie rushed her to Sister Edna, Cassie returned to her when she needed to discuss women’s stuff. This morning Cassie really needed to talk. When she arrived at the parsonage Sister Edna led her into the kitchen. Sat her down at the kitchen table and poured them each a cup of coffee. She then settled into a chair facing Cassie.

Sister Edna smiled at her and asked, ‘baby, what’s troubling you?’

Cassie’s eyes welled with tears and she exclaimed, ‘I’m pregnant… and… and… I’m scared – my baby will be afflicted’. She sobbed uncontrollably.

Sister Edna reached across the table and took one of Cassie’s hands in both of her own. She quieted the sobbing girl by consoling her in a soft cooing voice. When Cassie was quiet and attentive Sister Edna addressed her:

‘Honey, don’t worry about your baby being born afflicted. Your Mama came to me eighteen years ago. Just like you have come to me. She told me she was in a family way. She was only fifteen, single and pregnant with you. She was desperate and didn’t know where to turn.

I got to thinking and I told her that Lonnie Tucker was a good man and that I knew that he had his eye on her. Your Mama ran with that and in two weeks she and Lonnie were married.

Baby, Lonnie Tucker ain’t your Daddy – Noble Bryant is your Daddy’.

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