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To Capture a Storm

QuyitStorm © 1998

The Surrender

Her full, moist lips parted softly as she whispered, Master. His strong yet gentle hands expertly clasp the white gold collar about her throat, that would bind their souls for eternity. The purity of the metal warming quickly to the heat of her flesh. "It is done, my pleasure, you are mine." Raising her eyes to meet his she slowly exhales, fearing that the slightest movement or a single word would break the spell cast over the candle lit room. His finger traces along her cheek to her lips, then under her chin lifting her face to his as he swallows her tears of joy.

The sensual melody of an R. Kelly tune drifts into and becomes a part of their reality from the stereo. High vaulted ceilings, over the bed, are laden with silken ropes of various lengths and intricately tied knots. The Jacuzzi is filled with bubble bath and rose petals to entice the senses with their fragrance. She would not forget this night, not in a lifetime.

After bathing and oiling her honeybutter smooth body, Master motions to a long gossamer sheer gown of black which lay draped across the bed. "Go and prepare yourself to meet the beast, my love." Her heart begins to bolt wildly, the beast? Is this not what she has dreamed of, trained for and prayed to experience? Did she not want to give all to please Master? Then why the sudden fear? Rushing into the bathroom she drops her towel before the mirror, then leans back on the coolness of the door to think. She turns slowly to look at herself and see what her new master now owns.

A gasp frees itself from her heavy bosom. "I must stop trembling, if I am to be worthy." Knowing not that her tremble only serves to inflame her master's passions. He is not impatient. For he knows all to well what is keeping his delicious possession. He has never taken her completely, no not like he shall tonight. Once the last clasp is fastened on his Moorish warrior's attire he smiles broadly in spite of himself, and gathers his toys for this evenings delight. Each was chosen with care and love, as one would welcome an adopted child.

The simple act of reaching into the box causes sensations so intense as to make his funky emotions leap to a throbbing stiffness. Already the clear fluids of lust begin to ooze with each beat of his heart. Drawing out the short black flogger with one hand, as by reflex he grasps his thick, black, diamond hard phallus with the other. " Awe yes, he softly moans, tonight!" Laying the flogger aside, he reaches in to retrieve his blindfold, ball gag, nipple clamps and KY. He has planned for this carefully, leaving nothing to chance. The last items, a small bag of red licorice and a long coil of extra rope. A last loving tug on the silken ties anchored firmly to each wheel of the bed reassures him, all will be right. Glancing toward the ceiling at his own skillful work almost brings him to orgasm. But no, we have better things to do with that.

Even in her trembling and terrified state, she cannot deny her excitement. Mindlessly her hands travel the length of her body producing chills of anticipation. Slipping the gown over her head, she wonders if master suspects her insecurity. As the silky sheer fabric drapes over her now pulsating breasts and falls around her long shapely legs, she cannot resist the temptation to allow her fingers to probe the wet slit between them. A hungry clitoris almost jumps out at her from desire and need. It is uncommonly large and demanding. A hand flies to her mouth to stifle the scream rising from her pussy to her throat. The sphincter surrounding her anus spasmed involuntarily. “Enough of this, I must go to him.”

Master was not the only one who had planned long and carefully for this night. Surreal also had a few tricks and treats of her own. From the bag she had adoringly packed days ago, she withdrew a pair of black lace thongs with garter belt and stockings to match. The cool shiny surface of five inch high stilettos, felt erotic to her touch. Suddenly in a hurry she pulled the thongs over her ample hips, thighs and buttocks. Followed by the delicate lace of the garter belt her hands shaking as she secured the clasps to her hose. Gingerly stepping into the mile high heels she turned once more toward the mirror, fingering the fine gold collar around her neck placed there by trust and love. “There is no turning back now,” she whispered to herself.

Reaching again into the precious carryall, she drew out three vibrators. One very large, another of medium size and length, then finally a petite little model that barely filled the palm of her hand. They were all a sparkling shade of black. Hastily she returned them to their black velvet pouch. Through a crack in the bathroom door, Surreal could hear R. Kelly’s signature run dissolve into an earthy moan. At that moment realizing that Master had picked up the tune in his own deeply, seductive baritone. This is it, she thought placing her hand on the only thing that separated her from her destiny, the door knob.

It took every ounce of Master's strength not to grab the vision that emerged into the room. Oh my God, was all that he could think. Standing a a full six foot one, in her heels, Surreal had transformed into an awesome sight to behold. From her long freshly brushed hair to the tips of her open toed shoes revealing blood red polish, she was perfect, she was his. Master steadied himself, with a reminder. I am her master, I must not, I will not weaken. Extending a well manicured hand, all he said was “Come to me my pleasure” “ You have never looked lovelier.”

At this point it was Surreal who was frozen in her tracks, unable to move. She had never seen Master so handsome, so strong looking. In the robes of the Moor, he too was transformed. The polished ebony of his skin was chiseled closely to his athletically trained body. A slow sensual smile revealed blinding white teeth nestled behind a pair of voluptuous lips to die for. His eyes never left her. She felt herself sinking into his heavily lashed gaze. “Come,” he repeated. She found her strength and moved slowly forward.

A kiss so deep as to drown in, met her lips, tongue and throat as she nearly fell into his arms. She need not fear, his power alone would hold her steady. Fighting his own desire, Master continued his probing embrace at a maddeningly slow pace. It was early yet, he would not rush but savor every second of her surrender. Turning ever so slowly, never relaxing his kiss or his soft massage of her breasts and behind, Master navigated them both toward the bed.

Suddenly he released her, causing a gasp to escape beyond her control. Stepping back placing the object of his desire at arms length, his voice steady, he said “Please remove your gown, I want to see what is mine.” Surreal hesitated, almost confused for a moment. Master strolled over to a nearby table to pour them each a glass of fine red wine. “Did you not hear me, Surreal?” he asked. Surreal opened her mouth to say yes Master, but nothing came out. She had never bared herself to him before, Never in all of their night of passion had she allowed him to see her nakedness. At this moment she felt far from perfect and ashamed of her body. Handing her a fluted, crystal wine glass, Master again fixed his gaze, steadied his voice and said, “Take off the gown, before I rip it off.” “YES MASTER” !!!

It was almost a scream as Surreal began to jerk the gown from her body. “Please slow down dearheart, we have all night,” Master said as he sat down to enjoy the show. “I just wanted to get your attention,” he added softly. “That's it, now do you know what is going to happen here tonight”? “Yes, Sir.”

“Is this what you desire, lilone”? “Yes, Sir” “Please, have your wine and calm yourself.” Surreal emptied the glass in two gulps, then slowly lowered herself to her knees at the feet of her Master. Gathering herself, she skillfully assumed the position of presentation. Head and eyes lowered knees spread apart widely.

What a beautiful sight, he thought chuckling to himself. What a silly girl to try to once again hide herself from my eyes. Does she really not know I have seen her, yet wanted her as no other? Will women never learn? He has never really pushed the issue before, but tonight he would have all of her. “On your hands and knees, Surreal,” he said reaching for the flogger. Master rose to his feet and walked slowly behind his submissive, with every intention to flog that big ass and cleanly shaven labia. Using the flogger's handle to spread her legs even wider, Master was greeted with a sight that completely flipped the script.

Master lowered himself to get a better look at the wonder Surreal had presented. With her head down and ass up, all of her feminine glory was offered for his inspection. The cheeks of her behind were quivering, separated just enough to provide the slightest glimpse of her tightly puckered, virgin anus. His eyes traveled down just a bit. There he was entranced by the already engorged and boiling dish before him. The flogger, gripped firmly in his right hand, dropped softly to the floor forgotten. Under a power of it's own his hand found itself gently probing the sopping, inflamed offering of his prize. Encircling her uncommonly large, erect clit he plunged first one, then two fingers in the soft spongy cavern of her love. Surreal’s entire body bucked from the attention. She could not control the not so soft scream rising from her clit.

“Awwwww, oooooooooh MASTER” “ Do you need your Master, Surreal”? “Yes, Sir, she replied in a low growl.” “Patience my pleasure.” Removing his hand, Master steadied his gaze on the full richness of the nectar deposited there. Bringing the hand to his nose inhaling deeply of Surreal’s desire for him alone. Placing the same two fingers in his mouth, experiencing an unexpected shudder in his loins as he sucked and licked them dry. Slapping her hard against her ass, then rubbing it tenderly as she cried out, “You are absolutely delicious my dear, and this pleases me.”

Repeating the hard spanking with intervals of tender caresses, Master continued to probe and devour at his leisure. Surreal was sweating and rapidly approaching orgasm. Master stopped, sensing that she was about to spill over the edge to ecstasy. Slapping her now peachy blushed ass a sharp resounding blow, then allowing the same hand to trail up her back to her neck. He gently yet firmly gripped her collar while covering his other hand in her juices, introducing it to her eager lips, mouth and tongue. Whispering in her ear, “you better not, you had better not cum Surreal, until I command it.” “Do you understand”? Surreal was lost in her own passion as she sucked and licked her own pussy from Master's hands. Her voluptuous ass still on fire from the spanking.

Master reached down with both hands, and brutally grabbed her breasts from their freely swaying position. Yet another soft scream filled the room as he tighten his grasp, lifting her from the floor. “Do you understand?" “Not until I command you”!!!!! For the first time in what seemed like hours, their eyes met. His heavily shaded and stern, hers wide and filled with both pleasure and the sharp pain in her breasts.

Her next words set the stage for the remainder of the evening. “As you wish Master, how may your most humble submissive serve you” ? “Please Master, may I suck that which I love so well, pleeeeeeese Sir”? In spite of himself, Master felt the dull ache in his groin give way to near pain as his pulsating wand began to strain towards Surreal’s hot moist lips. Running her hot, red tongue seductively over thick strawberry glazed lips, she watched as Master slowly released his pounding captive from it’s prison. As calmly as he could, never breaking eye contact, he said “Yes, I will grant your desire.” Wasting no time Surreal licked the palms of both hands, then masterfully clutched her pride and joy in her right hand, while reaching beneath to his sack and the sensitive mound of flesh right behind it.

Drawing him fully into her mouth, she began to rotate and massage his nuts and the mound behind them. "Ummmmmmmm, what a good little whore you are for me." "Yessssssssssss that's my angel, that's my sweet slut." He maintained eye contact only to see that she was staring back at him, enjoying the pleasure she gave. Her tongue was whipping around the plum black, head of his object of her lust. She could feel the first vibrations of the coming explosion. Thick strings of saliva oozed down the sides of this magnificent gift. Surreal used them to lubricate both hands as they worked feverishly to bring her beloved closer and closer to nirvana. Master's knees began to weaken as his body jerked into a submission of it's own. With hands tangled in her voluminous hair he gave way to thunderous sensations. His pelvis plunging forward into her willing throat. She would not gag or choke, she wanted all of him far too badly for that.

The wail that followed shook the very walls as Master let forth the scalding load he had carried all day. The wad that had been boiling in his guts during all of his preparations. Churning, life filled jism held back as he conditioned his sub for this evening. “OOOOOOOOH MY GOD,” Master’s head flew back, eyes shut, mouth open. His entire body quaked uncontrollably as he rammed himself into the very back of her receptive throat. Surreal held steady, never seeking escape. Sucking harder to relish every drop over the molten nectar she was rewarded with. Her eyes began to water as he filled her mouth over and over again.

When the convulsing stopped, they gazed deeply into each other's eyes. Surreal had not swallowed. She drew back and opened her mouth to show Master his gift to her. Smiling gratefully, Master brought Surreal to her feet by her shoulders. Stopping only for a second, he leaned into her with his mouth open. The kiss that followed created a whole new level of closeness and sharing between them as they entwined their tongues around the beginning of the night and swallowed together.

Master held Surreal’s trembling body closer as they exchanged his thick, salty-sweet, fluid of life over their tongues. She seemed to stop breathing as he withdrew his tongue from her mouth and created a molten trail along her cheek to her neck. Master knew Surreal well. He had taken pride in learning her weaknesses as well as her strengths. He braced himself for the response that would be his reward and he gently, then brutally sank his teeth into the valley of her silken neck. Sucking his tender flesh into his mouth then meet it once again with the teeth of a famished predator. He had also learned that by grasping her right nipple and rolled it smoothly but firmly, between his fore finger and thumb, that this was step two towards rendering his slave emotionally helpless.

The force of experiencing her Master’s essence sliding through her body, coating her mouth and throat before finding a home in the depths of her belly, would usually be enough to hurl Surreal over the edge of carnal expression. The searing, sweet pain being inflicted along her face and neck by the peerless skill of Master’s flaming tongue, teeth and lips, made it impossible to stand on her own. Were it not for the iron clad grasp of his eighteen inch pythons, she would have fallen to the floor in a heap of twisted passions. Her captive, right nipple began pushing itself further between Master’s controlling fingers. It grew tender yet seductively painful under his talented manipulation. At this moment, a familiar and welcome quaking began to overtake her. As the heat rose in her groin, her chamber of desire began to pump molten lubrication with every beat of her racing heart. Her body, unable to contain it’s flow opened itself to allow her pre-eruption to form a river. The fluid lust followed itself through her yielding lips and proceeded down both her thighs causing them to slide over one another at their meeting point. Surreal was helpless.

Having relieved the pressure of his preparations and anticipation deep in the back of Surreal’s mouth and throat, Master was now much more able to focus on the task at hand. From the increasingly violent vibration of her body, experience told him that he must stop her from flying toward climax. He didn't withdraw the erotic torture of his mouth, nor the steel hold of his arm from around Surreal’s conquered heart. Instead, he quickly moved his right hand to her bulging clitoris. Knowing full well that finding her extension of him would be no challenge. Thoughts of Vanessa Del Rio flashed through his mind as he located the appendage awaiting his attention. The beastlike groans rising from Surreal’s gut, were replaced by a scream of agony as her master cut off her delight with a heart-stopping, pinch directly on her exposed branch of pleasure. All thoughts of release were replaced by a single minded effort to escape this cruel invader.

Moving his lips to her ear, Master whispered a satin smooth command. “Shhhhhhh, shhhhh, my chosen one.” “I want you to turn around and put your hands behind your back, palms together.” Knowing full well that it would take Surreal’s mind a few moments to readjust itself and follow his direction, Master took this opportunity to savor the intoxicating blend of aromas that permeated the room. He would also allow himself to delight in the textures and tastes of his submissive. The humid heat rising from her body emitted a heady fragrance of woman at her best. The freshness of the rich herbal, body wash combined with her perspiration and his semen, lingering along her neck, was a feast for the olfactory. Her well cared for and nearly flawless skin exuded good health in it’s appetizing softness. He could almost eat her alive. The palm of his hand, still resting over her vagina, was slowly becoming filled with her tropical liquid need. Thick masculine fingers enjoyed the feel of it sliding between exploring fingers. Sounds, like those of a soaking wet mop sliding over an already clean floor, met his ears as he freed his caress and slowly turned her around.

Surreal’s mind was in a state of flux. Every cell in her body was now alive and reactive. On a conscious level she knew well what was about to take place. However, on another level she could not fully comprehend all that she felt. Even though she still felt the desire to orgasm, this desire was now complicated by a reoccurring apprehension. Long before she felt the black rubber shackles being secured just above her elbows, she already knew she was bound to a will other than her own. How strange these mixed emotions she experienced, even now as her submission was freely given. An unexplainable fear overtook her as she realized that in a very real way, she would soon be rendered completely at her Master’s mercy. Even more disturbing was the fact that no matter how much she loved and trusted him and deeply desired this activity, there would always remain an uncertainty.

The drive toward self preservation is one of the strongest natural forces known to man. To relinquish this protective urge into the hands of another could be seen by many as shear insanity. What was it, about her, that made her long to do just that? Master steadied his hand to release the clasp of his precious gift to her. With feather soft grace he removed the gold collar and placed in into it's box. Though his hands barely grazed her throat, searing flames of sensation caused her to suck in her breath.

The earthy scent of the stiff, black leather training collar was working it's magic on Master. Bringing the device to his parted lips he inhaled deeply of it's energy. Three, two inch silver rings adorned the front, a heavy brass buckle in back. The collar itself was a full two and a half inches in width, this would hold his captives neck straight and head high. Once snug and secure the device would serve to remind Surreal of her enslavement and her consent to be so. Cool control, restrictive yet freely accepted, Surreal pondered the explanation she would give if ever asked. None came. Only the gentle clang of metal against metal, resounded in her mind as the silver lock snapped shut behind her neck.

“Palms together Surreal,” words softly spoken by her Dom jarred her back into the here and now. As Surreal placed her palms together in response to his direction, Master focused on his labor of love and compulsion. The restraints had already began to warm to Surreal’s body heat and conform to her arms like a lovers embrace. Three sparkling silver links separated the cuffs to allow for space between her untrained elbows, who were as yet unable to touch. He was however, pleased with her overall flexibility and proceeded to hook the straps of the wrist restraints. Stepping back to admire his work and her surrender Master inquired, “Are you okay, my love?” “Yes, Sir.” This response let him know that her bindings were not too tight, nor was her circulation compromised in any way. Her health and safety were always of the utmost importance to him. “Remember, my dear, to pump your hands on occasion to keep your fingers from becoming numb.” “I will remember, Sir.” Oh, how he adored the look and feel of the rubber against her skin. Running his hands down the length of her back and resting them in the small area which held two dimples, Master leaned forward to gently kiss them each.

Slow seductive hands continued down her legs to linger for a moment at the increasingly painful stilettos she endured for him, her feet arched high into a near tip toe stance. The chains that held the ankle restraints clanked together as Master adjusted and secured them to Surreal’s elegant ankles. He left a trail of fire and kisses along the path from her ankle to her neck. The saltiness of the flesh along her neck lingering on his tongue, he whispered “You are magnificent, my beloved, and I am very pleased.” Surreal was overcome with conflicting emotions. She was bound, trapped, her well-being and her life in the hands of the one she called, MASTER. Yet, a strange sense of freedom was overtaking her. Almost a lightness of body and soul. Even the discomfort radiating from the soles of her unforgiving feet, ceased to be experienced as pain. Her master was pleased, and in his pleasure she found her own. She felt him back away from her, and her heart began to do an up tempo. Even knowing what came next, did not elevate the new inner terror, the joy.

“Open your mouth, Surreal.” The coolness from the two and a half inch, black rubber ball gag was almost welcomed by her full hot lips, and even hotter tongue. “Bite down.” Without a moments hesitation she sank her teeth as best she could with her oral cavity stretched as it was. Never losing eye contact, for he so enjoyed seeing the multitude of emotions in her eyes. The straps were secured behind her head. Master’s fingers reached to caress the supple softness of the small, leather blindfold tucked inside his pocket. His own emotions were on hold as with one fell swoop, he took away her light and her ability to see. Turning her slowly towards him, he simply stared. She could not see, walk or speak, Surreal began to shudder. Her freedom won, as she surrendered her soul.

This work, is my personal gift to my Sisters in Submission & To those who have earned the title of "MASTER".

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