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The Freak of July

IntriguingAG © 2006

Everybody arrives by 5 for the 3pm “cookout”.

They are your above-average, bourgie anonymous black folk show-up, then turning this upscale neighborhood street into a virtual scientific theory, mathematical formula with an Alfa 166, an Audi A8, a Bimmer 740i, a Cadillac STS, a Corvette Z06, an Infiniti M45, a Jaguar XJ, a Lexus LS, and a Mercedes/Maybach!

The theme? Luxury cars. Bring a toy that starts with the first letter of your car! The invitation read, “Bring it clean and sanitized for your personal use.” 

Visitors were to sign in at the door, and indicate what exactly they would be contributing to the Independence Day sizzle. The host, Kontroller, lays out the rules after the guests got drinks and got comfortable. The room was buzzing with anticipation. 

“We run a pristine play party. This bitch is like a fucking health clinic; so don’t be putting your shit on other people’s shit without their permission. For some of you, this is a departure from what you are accustomed to. This is my place. I‘m 6’4’’ and my boi over there is a bouncer at Rumors. Fake and we will not hesitate. You spread toys and shit around from person to person without cleaning and sanitizing them, you’re playing with people’s lives. Ain’t that much play party in the world! Feel me?”

“Now, you ladies and the rest of ya’ll bruthas who can’t get through the, uhm, program, before you gotta go bust a nut, feel free, but take it out on the decks. There are trash cans, condoms, sanitized hand towels, and some other various items for your personal use. Don’t leave used condoms, dildos, and panties and shit on my deck! Be respectful and you’ll be invited back. Just cuz ya’ll got a little money don’t mean some of ya’ll ain’t nasty. Speaking of money, you were asked to bring a $50.00 bill per car toward the cost of refreshments, security, and amenities. I am happy to be your host tonight. This is my love and pet. She will collect your cash now. That’s our Mercedes out there, and she will be very happy to demonstrate later her idea of pure Masochism. She will read you the list.”

After collecting the money, she speaks from a presentation pose slightly leaned in against Kontroller’s knee. He pats and strokes her head. “Welcome everybody. I organized the ‘program’ in a manner I think you’ll find most enjoyable. Two of you came alone and have already e-mailed about your interest in performing together. If you got here and decided to perform alone, we love masturbating exhibitionists! So, without further ado, the list reads as follows.”

Alfa 166 AFTERCARE stuff
Audi A8 Ate J (Spreader Bar)
Bimmer 740i BONDAGE (restraints)
Cadillac STS CANE
Corvette Z06 CROP
Infiniti M45 FLOGGER (for 45 licks!)
Mercedez/Maybach MASOCHISM

“One more thing,” Kontroller interjected. “Some of ya’ll are gay. Some of ya’ll are lesbian. Some of us are straight. Some swing both ways. Keep it respectful. If somebody didn’t come here a gayboy, he probably aren’t trying to leave here one. If a woman don’t roll with bruthas, put your dick away; she don’t want dat shit. Stay out of her face and keep it moving. We run a clean party in a safe, sane, consensual atmosphere.
Don’t make us bounce you onto your $90k ride!” 
He nods to Mercedes.

“Let’s go!” Mercedes shouts excitedly. 

First, Jaguar, a retired couple, sets the tone with their DVD which features two leatherwomen on a fucking mission. 
The best part is the close-up on the sub’s eyes. The camerawork allows you to see her go off into subspace. It’s amazing. While the DVD is rolling Bimmer and Infiniti – a male and a hetero couple – have agreed to combine their “acts”. Bimmer, a single bi man helps to bind the Infiniti man to a medical stretcher with rubber tips, perched and secured against a wall. The woman, part of the Infiniti M45 team, then straps down Bimmer on a flat-laying cot. Cadillac, a bisexual switch joins them, bringing along her cane. The women give each sub-boy “45” lashes – one using her cane and the other one wielding her flogger. With this display and the film still rolling, the room becomes warm with the scents of sex, even though there is lots of a/c flowing. 

By the 30th lash, Alfa and Audi, two straight couples have excused themselves to the decks, visibly urgent as they crossed the room. The rest seem mesmerized by the fast-developing magic.

Next up are Kontroller, dressed in leather “Top to bottom” with Mercedes the masochist. Two gay bruthas, the Lexus couple, ask to join the act. Kontroller welcomes them front and center. Each couple displays, well put-together scenes, oddly similar, giving the impression that they might have consulted ahead of time. House music plays on low as a backdrop. At one point Kontroller is fucking his sub up her ass and she is spread eagle against the wall, and the Lexus top is fucking his sub up the ass, too, in the exact same position. They begin chanting, “break it off in my ass, Sir…” and when they get the same rhythm going, it’s beautiful thing, better than synchronized Olympic diving! 

As the remaining few look on, Alfa (the Aftercare couple) return from the deck, just in time, it would appear. Passing them in the foyer and heading toward the deck is the Corvette lesbian “crop” couple. The unfolding leather scenes have gotten to them, and girlfriend has a pole of her own to ride. They walk out of the back door to find Audi A8 (Ate!) eating out his wife whose legs are in spreader bars. Her wrists are tied to the deck railing and she is wearing a ball-gag. “You filthy bitch, you want me to keep eating your pussy; don’t you? All night huh? All fucking night; right?”
he is shouting. She vigorously nods her head, “yes” and the two sistahs walk past them, one winking and the other nodding her approval. 

Alfa provides goody bags, full of all kinds of neat aftercare ideas and products. 

“Can we all just get along?” J Happy Freak of July everybody!

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