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Officer James

coffee © 2006

Beat cops are a new initiative the mayor started in an effort to make our neighborhoods safer. The cops patrol a range of several blocks at regular intervals. At 6'5, broad-shouldered, brown-skinned, Officer James was hard to miss, in fact since Officer James started his beat, a lot of the women in the neighborhood spent a lot more time outdoors during his shift.

Yet before today, I had only spoken to him once... the time my neighbor's chihuahua, Nelly, bit the chinese food delivery man. He asked me to watch the dog until it's owner returned home.
"Try not to let the little bastard bite anybody else," he'd said with a smile. His voice was deep and reassuring. He just had a way about him that people respected, and we did feel safer when he was around, but much like the rest of the single women and desperate housewives in my neighborhood I was definitely feeling something less than innocent when Officer James was around.

Today was our annual block party and when I saw Officer James coming down our block I made sure to position myself in a way that it would  be hard to miss me. I had on a very short skirt and my hair was expertly touseled.
"Hi Officer James," I said casually as he neared my building, "Can I get you something to eat?" He declined but asked if there was a restroom in the lobby of our building he could use. Mrs. Johnson, nearly fell off her chair rushing to offer the use of her bathroom, but I had already grabbed Officer James by the arm and was leading him up the stairs of
our building.

"You can use my bathroom," I said, cutting Mrs. Johnson off at the pass, "I'm right on the first floor." I led him into my tidy apartment and flipped the switch in the bathroom.
"Take your time," I said.
As soon the bathroom door closed, I rushed to the hall mirror to check my makeup and fluff my hair, then I made a dash to the kitchen to pour him a cold glass of water. I leaned against the kitchen counter in what I hoped was a sexy pose.
"Thanks," he said after emerging from the bathroom. He did a quick surveilance of my apartment and complimented me on my taste in decorating. I offered him the glass of water but he said he couldn't stay.
"Oh.. that's too bad Officer James. I was hoping we could get to know each other a little bit," I was staring him straight in the eyes, my back arched seductively. It would take an idiot to not see I was throwing my pussy at him. He stepped closer to me and I arched my back a bit more and  bit my lower lip.
"What exactly did you want to know about me?" he asked, looking down at me.
"Oh you know..." I said, tracing a finger around the nickle-plated badge he wore on his right breast, "Your first name, where you live, hobbies... stuff like that."
He stepped forward again, now he was less than a foot away from me and he leaned over so close that i could feel his breath on my neck. "Michael James... I live alone... I don't have any hobbies. What else do you want to know Jill?"
"How do you know my name?" i asked incredulously. Was it possible that he'd been investigating me all this time. I wondered if he ran my license plate or bribed the mailmain for my information.
"Medicine cabinet," he replied.
"Oh," and before I had time to be dissapointed that he had gotten my name off my ibuprofin prescription or ponder why he was rooting around in my medicine cabinet, he had me pressed up against the kitchen counter and his tongue was in my mouth and was grinding his body against mine so hard i could barely catch my breath, and then he had his hand up my skirt, and he was pinching my ass, twisting the bottom of my cheek between his big fingers. It really hurt... but in a good way.
"Oh my god!" were the only words I was able to form during the assault. Then just as suddenly as he started, he pulled away.
"I have to get back to work," he said, "but I'll see you on Friday at 1pm. Friday is your day off correct?"
"Uh... yeah..." I stammered.
"I want you to be freshly showered, naked, and waiting in the bedroom when i get here. Leave the door unlocked," he ordered, and then he left.

Officer James had a busy schedule in my neighborhood, and there was a long list of women waiting to fill any empty appointments, so I made sure I was available every Friday even if it meant making up creative excuses to get my husband out of the house when he happened to be home duruing holidays or vacations.

After one appointment , I had just taken my mouth off Officer James' massive black dick when my husband arrived home early from work. I thought my heart would beat out of my chest as they passed each other in the hallway, but my husband never had a clue, and as I kissed him hello I wondered if he would taste Officer James' cum in my mouth.

He didn't.

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