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Fantasy the Maid

Ande Diqiu © 2006

Fantasy sits on the couch, anxiously awaiting her employer’s return. Sure, she was technically off work now, but after two years of working for him, it was only right that she wait for him to come back and share the results with her. Fifteen long months of court proceedings, all because of one little word: divorce. She rolls her eyes as she picks up a magazine to read. Haven’t these people ever heard of pre-nuptial agreements? She supposed not. When you’re rich, money becomes trivial. She glances at the clock: 6:58; he would be coming in exactly two minutes. Always on time, never early, never late. That was Frank all right. Fantasy began to read, and exactly two minutes later she heard the front door open and slam shut. She quickly straightens her uniform, trying to pull the short French maid’s outfit down.

Within a matter of seconds he is in the library. Fantasy shuts the magazine and looks up at him hopefully. He doesn’t notice her and tosses his briefcase down as he begins to undo his tie. She clears her throat causing him to look at her. He smiles warmly. "Hey, what are you still doing here?"

"Waiting for you of course. How’d it go?" She stands up and walks over to him, gently placing her hand on his arm.

He sighs, "Well, you’re not out of a job. Although, I might be as soon as I kill her and her lawyer…"

Fantasy chuckles, "That bad, huh? Might not be a good idea to kill her though. You go to jail, and no one gets any money."

He shakes his head "Nonsense. Of course people get money. I think that Simon and Sophie are worthy beneficiaries."

"Exactly what are you two cats going to do with that much money?"

Frank grins at her, "Well it seems like there is a lifetime supply of cat food up for grabs."

Fantasy rolls her eyes and laughs, "Well, if you’re alright then, I’m going to go..."

He grabs her wrist firmly, "Don’t, not yet at least… I want to show you something."

She watches him curiously as she allows him to lead her downstairs into his bedroom and finally into the closet. He turns to face her, holding both of her hands in his, "How long have you worked for me?"

"About two years, why?"

He smiles at her, "How many times have you cleaned this closet."

She grins, "Too many times, speaking of, I’ve been meaning to talk to you, we really should work on your organizational skills."

He laughs silently to himself as he reaches underneath a shelf and presses a small button. The back wall of the closet slides away revealing a fully equipped dungeon. Frank smirks as he watches the Fantasy’s look of shock. She takes a step forward then hesitates, not fully wanting to go inside. "You ever try any of this before?" he asks while motioning to the room. She shakes her head, staring straight ahead; she turns to him, "How the hell did all of this get here? I must have cleaned this closet a hundred times or more. How did I not notice anything?"

He shrugs and walks behind her, "Why would you expect to find something you never knew you needed…" He places his hands on her waist and draws her close to him, "Do you ever wonder why I married Alicia?"

"Because she let you beat the shit out of her?"

He frowns, "No. And be careful what you say, even if she is my ex now…"

Fantasy sighs, "I’m sorry, why did you marry Alicia?"

Frank reaches up, pushes her hair to one side and places a kiss on her neck, "She was a replacement." Fantasy closes her eyes, "For who?" "You."

She turns around to face him, "What do you mean me?" He smiles, "I’ve always admired you, ever since you began working for me, but I didn’t know you well enough then to bring this all out in the open… but now…"

"Now you can…" she turns around to face the dungeon again, "I don’t know about all this…"

He pulls her into him again and licks her neck, causing her to shudder. "Look, I don’t expect you to go along with this, and I would understand completely if you left now and never wanted to see me again. But all I am asking is that you please indulge me, just for tonight…" He bites down on her neck firmly.

"If I agree to this, will I be able to stop…"

Frank smiles and kisses her neck, "Of course dearest, if you ever want to stop just say "simon"…" He gently pulls her hands behind her back, "Just one night. How do you know you won’t like it if you’ve never tried…"

Fantasy stares into the dungeon for a while, "Alright, for tonight…"

Without saying another word, he leads her into the dungeon. When they reach the inside, he hits another button causing the door to close again. He then grabs a riding crop and then to face her. "Kneel." She kneels down in front of him instinctively holding her hands behind her back. "From this point on, you will address me as Sir. If you don’t you will be punished. Do I make myself clear?"

She nods, "Yes Sir."

Frank smiles, "Good girl, you catch on quickly. Now I want you to strip, nothing but your bra and panties. Do it NOW."

She hesitates and he hits her left breast with the crop. She cries out in shock as she feels the sharp pain on her breast. "I gave you an order, don’t make me repeat myself…"

"Y-Yes Sir…" She quickly takes off her dress, her thigh highs and her heels not wanting to be struck again. "Good, my little slut is learning. Now, look around you, I want you to crawl to something you would like to play with. Do it now."

Fantasy looks around her and focuses the sawhorse, the spanking stool, and the x-frame. She has no idea what any of them are for and therefore does not know what do choose. She yelps in pain as a blow lands on her stomach. "I’m waiting…" She decides not to hesitate and crawls over to the sawhorse. Already the pain on her breast and abdomen has decreased to a dull throb and he entire body aches for more. She stops and kneels in front of the sawhorse. "Now, get on it you little cunt." Fantasy shivers as he says this, the very word "cunt" causing her to become aroused. She climbs onto it and is immediately tied. She is bound tightly at the wrists, the elbows, the knees and the ankles, her body prostrate and powerless over the beam.

"Now, let’s see, what to play with first…" Frank walks over to the wall and pulls a flogger from its hanging place. He drags it slowly over Fantasy’s back causing her to shudder. "I think this will do for now, but we’re missing something." He crouches down in front of her, holding a golf ball. "Open up." She hesitates and he slaps her "I gave you a fucking order you worthless little whore." Fantasy immediately opens her mouth, allowing him to place the golf ball in it, "Good girl. If you let go of that, you will be punished."

Frank hits her across the back hard with the flogger. She bites down on the golf ball and screams. He waits until she has stopped screaming and then proceeds to flog her for ten minutes. Fantasy’s screaming quickly turns into moaning. Although her entire back sears with pain, she is already wet, and her body aches for more, each new hit bringing her closer to complete rapture.

Frank tosses the flogger aside when he is finished with it and goes to retrieve two candles and an ice cube. He shoves the ice cube up her ass and then lights the candles. He slowly drips the wax all over her back, making sure to go over each welt. Fantasy groans in pain and pulls against her bindings. Her entire back feels as if it is on fire. She begins to moan as the wax cools and the ice cube begins to melt. Her muscles relax some as the pain begins to die away. She feels her hair being stroked. "How did my little slut like that?"

Fantasy unconsciously pushes the golf ball out of her mouth to answer, "I like it very much Sir…" Frank violently yanks her head back by her hair, "You stupid little cunt, you can’t do anything right, didn’t I tell you not to let go of the ball? Is that too hard to get through your little slut mind?" He lets go of her hair and unties her. "I’m sorry Sir I forgot."

He grabs her by her hair and drags her into the bathroom, "We’ll see how much you forget now. Into the tub you whore." Fantasy quickly climbs into the bathtub and he ties her arms to a ring at the back of it. He binds her elbows together, her arms together and her legs apart. The ropes are coarse and rub painfully against Fantasy’s skin, causing her to move in search of a comfortable position. He slaps her, "Don’t move." He shoves a ball gag into her mouth and takes out a pocketknife to cut off her bra. Her breasts become exposed to the cold air in the bathroom, making her nipples even more erect. He places nipple clamps on them. She moans as she feels the clamps on her breasts. The raw pain makes her even more aroused. Frank watches her and then turns the water on high at the coldest setting possible.

Fantasy screams against the gag, desperately trying to move away from the water. Frank leaves her for two minutes. When he comes back he shuts the water off. "Now, have you learned your lesson?" Fantasy nods slowly. Her entire body shivers from the cold, but the heat in between her legs is like fire. "There’s a good little slut." He shoves a hard plastic vibrator into her before turning the water on again. Fantasy moans and squirms as the sensation from the water and the vibrator bring her to a climax. One like she has never felt before. Something raw and explosive. Her body goes limp but continues to spasm as her muscles continue to contract.

Frank unties her and carries her out of the dungeon and into the bedroom. He sits on the bed and gently cradles her in his arms and strokes her hair as she comes down from her euphoria. When she is no longer incoherent she focuses on him. He smiles and kisses her on the forehead. "You did very well…" Fantasy smiles back at him, "Thank you Sir."

"Fantasy. I love you, I want you to be mine, either as a sub or a slave…" he kisses her again. "What would be the difference?" "As my slave you will stay here with me, you will be completely taken care of, all I will require of you is your love and obedience to me. As my sub you would have your own life outside of me." He opens the drawer of the nightstand and pulls out two clipboards with contracts and two collars one mark "Submissive" the other marked "Slave". He hands them to her along with a pen. "I drew up these contracts a month ago, hoping that we would get to this stage. Choose one or neither. The decision is up to you. Just know that whatever your decision, I will respect it and you will always be welcome here with me."

Fantasy thinks for a short while before signing a contract. She hands it back to him and he passionately kisses her before placing the "Slave" collar around her neck.

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