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The Beginning

EastMaster © 2006

Kenya’s awakening to her true nature was spawned by what many would consider a horrible experience. She was raped. But she understood that it was simply an attempt by the weak man to exert power. Power that she knew he had no ability to take from her. 

Lloyd Jensen was on the football team. All of the girls on campus wanted him and most brothers feared him. His propensity for violence as a middle linebacker never seemed to leave him when he left the field. So Kenya was flattered when he offered to take her to the mall so she could by a new pair of jeans. While there, he had his cousin, who managed the store, close it and lock it with them inside. He raped and beat her for four hours then threw her out of the store using the service entrance. She didn’t report the incident. Not so much out of shame, but because she found it sexually exciting. Kenya couldn’t deny the pleasure she felt having her over-active pussy stretched open. She loved being slapped and punched. She found herself saying no because it was expected, not because she wanted it to stop. She wanted him to hurt her, and fulfill her.

It was during that incident that she knew she was a masochist. She needed to be hurt, dominated and humiliated. Even though she hated him for what he did to her, she was thankful that her internal aching had an answer. She knew that her vagina was not like other women’s, and that she needed someone that could control and feed its desire. It seemed to be something from every Black man’s greatest dream and worst nightmare. Her labium was thick, and hugged the supplest inner vaginal lips in the world. Whenever her larger-than-average clit would swell, her outer lips would begin shivering, allowing her sweet nectar to flow uncontrollably. It seemed to have a mind and appetite all it’s own. Her pussy had the muscle control to accommodate any size dick and bring any man to cum with all of his might. 

Her mother warned her at an early age about her “genetic curse.” It was something that ran through the women in their family and made them outcasts everywhere they went. Many tragic situations and shattered lives followed her family’s women and she would have to hide her abilities from everyone. Until she met Him.

Tsing Andre Wang was about as odd a person as His name. His mother, LaFonda Jackson, was a young intern for the U. S. Embassy in Beijing, China when she met Wang Xsiu, a police officer with the local law enforcement body. 
“Waassup, baby?”
LaFonda was stopped in her tracks in the embassy hallway when she heard the familiar phrase coming from a very unfamiliar source. 
“What did you say to me?” LaFonda’s eyes burned with false fury while she giggled insanely on the inside.
“My apologies. I don’t mean to insult. My friend in this building told me get your attention this way.” Xsiu began shifting his weight side to side in his embarrassment. “I wanted to speak to you, but did not know the right words.”
“That’s OK. Just know that you could have said, ‘Excuse me’ and gotten a better response.” LaFonda laughed at his naiveté and his bravery. 
Her curiosity got the better of her and soon found herself pregnant with a boy. Xsiu insisted that he be allowed to help raise the boy and LaFonda found him to be very helpful. Little Andre learned Mandarin, Tai Chi, basketball and how to cook lo mein noodles with neckbones. What Fonda didn’t know was that His father was also teaching Him an old martial arts technique. One that gives Him the ability to disable parts of the body, including the heart, by striking certain nerve-endings in a specific order. Xsiu knew that His son, being half Chinese and half Black would have to fight often to gain His respect. Though His son only grew to 5’ 8” tall, He had a personal power that garnered respect from all men. Over the years, Andre would prove that He had no problem issuing pain. In fact, it seemed that He would have a slight smile on His face when He would tear the tendons around a brother’s elbow that insulted Him publicly. Yes, He relished His power and guarded it closely. His life changed when He enrolled in engineering school at an HBCU in America. She walked past Him and His heart turned in His chest, following her movement.

When He met Kenya, He felt weak for the first time in His life. Her eyes seemed to beg Him to tame her right in front of everyone in the student quad. As she walked by Him and cut her eyes, He blurted out, “Marry me!”
“I don’t know you! Quit trippin’!” she yelled.
“I don’t joke and I mean what I say. You will marry me.” That phrase had been spoken to her exactly 736 times since her freshman year, but this was the first time that the wetness from her cunt started coming. She crossed one leg in front of the other and leaned against the building so the gathering pussy juice could be slowed down. 
Kenya quipped, “And why, pray tell, do you think I would marry you?”
“Because I always get what I want, and I am the only man that can control you.” The statement took her breath away and stopped traffic around her. Everybody knew Kenya and knew she didn’t take brothers seriously. But for some reason, she had no comeback. Her tongue got thick in her mouth and she thought to close it rather than stammer out a weak, inarticulate comeback. ‘Am I afraid because of Lloyd?’ she wondered. Almost as if He were reading Her mind, He said, “I don’t mean any harm. I just want to protect you with my life, and to do so, I would feel more comfortable if I were your husband.” The hushed phrases of “ooooh girl,” “child, you better grab him,” swam around her head as she contemplated this kind of short brother that seemed to stop traffic around Him.
“Well, if your serious, meet me at Stewart Hall for dinner, and we can discuss your proposal.” Her heart was beating so hard that she had to holler the sentence to hear it in her own ears.
“Fine,” He said. “I’ll be there.”

They talked over dinner and shared intimate secrets. They were both very pleased with each other’s appearance. Andre’s slightly slanted eyes seemed to be the perfect compliment to Kenya’s almond shaped eyes. Her long brown hair was the perfect counter to His short, thick, bristly black hair. 
“So, what’s it like to be half Chinese?” she asked. 
“I’m Black. That will never change and cannot be altered. My father made sure that I knew my complete ancestry. From the powerful warlords of the Seven Nations of China to the Nigerian Chiefs that ruled West Africa, he raised me to be a leader and master of my destiny.” With this statement, Kenya’s pussy began to overflow and quiver. 
“…we need Him. He is the one. We need Him for our satisfaction…now”
Her pussy was pleading with her. Before she could get her countenance, she spilled a drink in her lap to cover up the wet spot developing in her jeans.
“OH NO!! Shit, I can’t believe I did that.”
“I’m sorry! Did I do that?” Andre jumped out of His seat to help Kenya stop the spill. “I’m going to have to go the room and change. I’ll be right back.” As Kenya rose to go to her room, she was praying that Andre was the forceful man she believed Him to be. “Don’t be silly. I’ll walk you to your room.” Pussy began smiling in her poly/cotton prison. As they walked, their hearts raced. Being young and desperate for approval they tried to keep the conversation light but meaningful. Kenya’s heart caught in her throat when they got to the dorm’s front desk. 
“May I come up with y-?” asked Andre. 
“Yes! I..I mean, yeah, it’ll only take me a minute.” Kenya felt like a fool. Why was she so taken by this dude? Who was he? He didn’t seem like much, so why was her head spinning, her skin bristling, her throat tight? She got her answer while they were in the elevator.

As the doors to the elevator closed, Andre seized Kenya by the throat. He pressed His lips to hers and forced His tongue into her mouth. The sudden movement took the wind from Kenya as she instinctively threw her hands up and behind her. His passion was overwhelming. Before she could catch her breath, he began squeezing harder and forcing her to her knees. “What…are you…doing?” The frightened, desperate look in Kenya’s eyes aroused Andre so much that he couldn’t suppress the smile on His face or the erection in His pants. “SHUT UP, you little slut!” he barked. “Is it true? Is it true what I heard about you? That you gave it up to Lloyd? Hunh?! That you got off on being fucked in the ass and raped? Is that it?” He wanted to know the truth. He wanted to know if it was a game to her or was it something burned into her psyche. Did she have the deep, carnal need to be beaten and controlled, the same as His need to punish and control? “Sir….please…I can’t…” her eyes were pleading, but excited. He immediately released her throat and pulled her close to Him. “What did you call me?”
Sir, please I need…I want…” she couldn’t explain why she said it, where it came from, or how she knew, but she knew. “Pussy tells me…she tells me…you…the one…Master…Sir…please…” her pussy was creaming furiously. Andre stood rigidly as Kenya peppered His face, neck and chest with kisses and caresses. He understood what her body was saying, he just couldn’t believe it. The elevator doors opening set His mind into overdrive. He knew who and what she was now, and she knew exactly who and what He was. They found each other, now it was time to take the leap. They continued kissing and fondling each other until they got to her room. She fumbled in her soaked front pocket for the key and unlocked the door all while Andre pinched her nipples and bit into her neck.
“What’s going on?” Sierra asked. Sierra was used to her roommate making grand entrances, but this was stranger than normal. She watched Kenya and this dude kissing and groping and falling over each other as they moved to her bed. “Hey!! I’m right here! Can ya’ll find somewhere else to go?” Sierra was beginning to get embarrassed by their ferocity and lust. 
“Why did you call me Master in the elevator?” Andre hoped that His feelings were right, but he had to be sure. Kenya fell to her knees and spoke, “I have searched for someone who could control me…who needed to protect me…I have waited for you.” Kenya was breathless and frightened. What if he doesn’t approve of me? What if he just wants to fuck and doesn’t really care about my needs? 
“Do you know what it means to serve?”
“Do you wish to serve me?”
“I wish to be your servant…I wish to be your slave…I wish for your protection.” Kenya began sobbing from her overwrought emotions. Her pussy never lied to her, and it chose Him as The One. 
“Girl, what the hell are you talking about?” blurted Sierra. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Kenya was too proud and too fine to be on her knees in front of some slant-eyed, sawed-off nigga.
“SILENCE! This does not concern you!” The strength of Andre’s voice pulled all of the sassiness from both women in the room. 
“What of this incident of Lloyd that I have heard about?” he demanded.
“It was not what I wanted, Sir. I like being hurt, but Lloyd did not want to protect me. He wanted to destroy me. He was…afraid…of me.” Andre knew precisely what she meant. He also knew Lloyd. He knew his weaknesses, his need to push people around because deep down he felt inferior. Andre decided at that moment that if Kenya requested it, He would torture and kill Lloyd. Slowly. Painfully. And with great glee in His heart. Andre lifted Kenya’s tear-stained face up to look her in her eyes. Andre asked, “Do you wish to serve me?” 
“With all of my heart and soul,” gasped Kenya. 
“Then your service begins now. Show your Master your love for Him.” 
Kenya reflexively placed her lips on to the top of Andre’s right foot. She caressed His calves as she lovingly kissed His feet. “I will be your slave. I will do whatever you wish. My mind, body and soul are yours. Do with me what you will.” As Kenya kissed His feet, he unzipped His pants.
“It is time to see what your body is capable of.” His thick cock fell out of His pants and began to swell. Kenya’s head popped up and beheld Him. She rubbed her wet check against His scrotum. She felt complete, loved. She slowly placed her lips onto His mushrooming head and began to slurp His full length into her throat. She wanted to make love to Him with her mouth. She wanted Him to know that every inch, every millimeter of Him was the sweetest thing in the world. Kenya continued to suck Him slowly and seductively, letting saliva run down her chin. Andre grabbed two handfuls of her hair and began shoving Himself into her throat. He approved of her mouth’s love and would soon reward her. Their movements were synchronous. They moved as one. Sierra started to become overcome with their power and began rubbing her swollen clit through her gym shorts. Her left hand found her erect nipples while her right slid past the front of her cotton panties and embraced her throbbing friend. 

“Show me what is mine,” growled Andre. Kenya quickly unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked the front clasp of her bra. She threw her top into the corner of the room. Her actions were so violent removing her jeans that she actually scratched herself and drew blood on her thigh. “Patience, little one, patience. I will give you what you need shortly.” Kenya was standing in front of Him completely naked. Sierra’s hand worked furiously in her shorts. She had always thought that Kenya was beautiful, but she had never seen her in the throws of lust. The way her nostrils flared, the heaving of her large breasts, her full wet lips. She was a work of art. 
“Get on your knees with your knees far apart and put your face on the floor. Now.” Kenya dropped and immediately placed her lovely ass high in the air. Andre moved behind her and could not believe what he saw. It was the most amazing looking pussy he’d ever seen. Her cunt and asshole were completely hairless. She was the same Hershey chocolate bar brown all over. Her labia lips were jittering and glistening with her cunt juice. The lips were opening and closing as if they were saying “..fuck…me…fuck…me…” Andre’s father, Xsiu, had always taught Him that control over His body was paramount. He could not let Himself lose control in any situation. ‘But Father, you haven’t seen a pussy like this,’ He thought to Himself. Andre’s abruptness and speed startled Him as He grabbed Kenya by the neck and threw her over the side of her bed. He plunged His hungry cock into the quivering mass of pussy meat. Kenya and Sierra caught their breath at the same time. With each powerful stroke, the bed moved two inches across the floor. The slapping sound of Him pounding into Kenya’s ass made Sierra exhale loudly. She bit her bottom lip and pinched her clit, causing a blistering wave of heat starting in the pit of her soul to wash over her. “AAAAAAUUUUUUGUGGGHHHHHHH,” she screamed. Her very vocal release caused the semen in Andre’s body to move with unstoppable force. 
“YES…YES…YOU…WILL…BE…MINE!!” He pulled out of her thick, creamy cunt and shot His nutt all over her ass. He continued jacking Himself until the last drop of fell onto her calf. “Please, Master…I want to taste you. May this girl taste you?” Kenya pleaded. “You,” Andre looked at Sierra, “Come over here and help your roommate taste me.” Sierra crawled out of her bed and over to Kenya’s vibrating ass. She licked all of Andre’s cum off of Kenya’s ass. She then laid over Kenya’s bed next to her and kissed Kenya deeply, lolling the sperm in her mouth over Kenya’s tongue. Sierra had wanted to kiss Kenya for months. Wanting to hold her, caress her, wrap her legs around her and never let go. Now, she found an opportunity without shame, without fear. “Oooooh, girl, I’ve been wanting to taste you for so long…May I?” she asked Him. 
“Yes, you may.”
With that, Sierra buried her face into the crack of Kenya’s ass. From that moment on, Kenya would be Andre’s slave, and the three of them would share a special bond.

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