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The Lesson of Humility

EastMaster © 2006

“Go to the bathroom. Remove your panties and throw them in the trash. Go to the house, dress in what I have prepared for you and be kneeling for presentation when I get there. I will enter the door at 7 PM sharp. For your own safety, don’t disappoint me.”

She read the note sent to her in an official federal government inter-office envelope. How in the hell was He able to pull this off? Who helped Him? Kenya knew that He was resourceful, but not this talented. She looked around her office as if looking for a hidden camera or a nosy coworker. She rose from her desk and walked to the bathroom. Once inside the stall, she slid the thong down her thick, brown thighs and under her five-inch pumps. Despite her glowing shame, she began to get excited. 

“Stop it, girl!!” she said to herself. “You know you don’t want any wet spots in this skirt.” She was very in-tune with her body and it’s overwhelming capacity for sex. As a teenager, she would have to wear sanitary napkins when going on dates with boys she liked for fear that her wetness would seep through her clothes. She never went all the way boys when she was young, thinking that she would save herself for the man she would marry. She found that man while in college, but before they would meet, she had her virginity taken from her by an acquaintance she thought she could trust. But that’s another story.

Her 5’ 2” frame was populated with large, melon-like breasts with always-hard deep brown nipples. The areolas were the diameter of Coke can. The bra read 36DD, but it was a statement of modesty. Her high, muscular ass kept her muscled body moving with efficiency. Kenya seemed to be a creation of Aphrodite, the perfect sexual toy for the deserving mortal man. Her almond shaped eyes and high cheekbones were framed with a head full of thick brown locks. Her thick lips quivered subtly when she spoke. Despite the low register of her voice, it belied a sensuality that caused most men within earshot to develop hard, embarrassing erections. But probably the most powerful thing about her was her Pussy. It seemed to be something from every Black man’s greatest dream and worst nightmare. Her labium was thick, and hugged the supplest inner vaginal lips in the world. Whenever her larger-than-average clit would swell, her outer lips would begin shivering, allowing her sweet nectar to flow uncontrollably. It seemed to have a mind and appetite all it’s own. Her pussy had the muscle control to accommodate any size dick and bring any man to cum with all of his might. 

Right now, her pussy was screaming at her, “THIS GIRL NEEDS TO LEAVE THIS PLACE!! HE BECKONS USSS!! WE NEED!!” The thought of her Master’s dick and brutality started making her stomach jump. She heeded the call of her desperate cunt and began to walk to her desk. She packed her purse and logged out of her computer.
“Kenya, we’re all going over to TGIFriday’s to get –“
“Get out of my way,” Kenya growled.
“Damn girl, what the hell’s wrong with you?” Denisha didn’t understand the tone in her friend’s voice.
“I’m sorry, Dee. I just…I’ve got…I’m not going to be able to make it. I have an appointment to keep.”
“OK. Well we’ll miss you. You think you slick, but I know that man of yours probably told you to get your ass home. When you gon’ tell that fool to leave you alone?” quipped Denisha.
“I know girl,” Kenya giggled, “you’d think that I’d get tired by now.”
SHUT UP YOU STUPID BITCH!! Kenya screamed in her head behind her smiling face. She always hated Denisha and knew that she would be all too happy to take her place at the knees of her Master. But she would not have it. She would kill that bitch with her bare hands if she walked too near to her beloved EastMaster. Kenya was His collared slave and wife for the last 20 years.

She hurried to her car and drove recklessly to her home on the outskirts of the city. As she walked through the kitchen, she saw the note on the refrigerator:
“The kids are at Joyce’s. They will be there all weekend. Get dressed. Now.”
Her juices were sliding past her knees now as she began to run up the stairs. Her bedroom was nearly empty and cold. She looked on the bed to see what was required of her. The clock read 6:15 and she thought, “I’ve got to satisfy Pussy before she drives me crazy.” She ripped her suit off and jumped onto the bed. When her back hit the comforter, she heard the crackle of paper. The note read, “You’d better not touch my Pussy before I get there. If you do, the pain you feel will be unbearable.” 
“DAMN! How does He always KNOW?!?!” Kenya stood up and walked to the bathroom. After wiping her inner thighs with toilet paper, she began getting dressed. She took her collar off of the bed and fastened it around her neck. The slight clinking of metal made her eyes cloud over slightly and hastened her hands. She buckled the waist-cinching leather corset under her heavy titties and around her muscular stomach. She pulled her hair into a ponytail, freshened her eyeliner and lipstick, pulled her stockings higher and kneeled on the towel placed on the floor in front of the bed. It was 6:45 and she knew she should be ready for Him early. These fifteen minutes would allow her to meditate and lock herself into focus. 

She could feel her pussy beginning to quiver as the cool air brushed against it’s spread lips. The wetness beginning to build, her nipples began to harden. She could feel His thick, brown dick pushing against her lips. She could taste the salty, meaty musk of Him in her mouth. As her meditation deepened, her body started to sway side to side and her mouth watered. She could feel Him in every hole of her body. Her asshole spasmed uncontrollably, trying to adjust to the fat cock her mind imagined. 

The front door slammed shut and she was brought back from her reverie. She tilted her head up at a 45-degree angle with her eyes forward. He insisted that her eyes meet His when He walks in so that she would feel the brutality in His mind. He swiftly and quietly walked up the stairs and towards her. 
“This girl has been anticipating your arrival, Master.” Kenya whispered.
He grabbed her by the trachea, squeezing just hard enough to make her panic. 
“Were you commanded to speak? ANSWER ME!!” 
“No, Master, I wasn’t.” He released His hold on her throat and walked forward to press his crotch into her face. She was beginning to worry. Why would He choke me so hard? What’s going on with Him tonight?
“STAND UP,” He commanded. As she stood, she felt three, blunt-knuckle jabs to her body, one to the base of her spine, one to the left side of her neck and one just below the right shoulder blade. Suddenly, the left side of her body went numb and she lost control of her left leg. Kenya immediately fell to the floor, involuntary muscle spasms wracking her left side. The loss of control over her body made her panic. He said that He would never to this to me, she thought. The panic started making her weep. As she was weeping and drooling from her immobile lips, He spoke:

“Tonight, we will see just how selfless you can be. You claim that you have given yourself to Me totally. Well, I think there’s some changes that I want made to you.” He struck her right temple slightly and rubbed her neck. The feeling and control came back to her body. “To the stockade…” He said. She slowly walked downstairs to the basement and stood in front of a locked door. Her Master reached around her and unlocked the padlock. As she took her first step into the room, He attached the leash to her collar and jerked her forward. She lost her balance and fell almost perfectly into the stockade. He locked it down and began rubbing her firm, jello-like ass searching for the sweet spots. 
“I will not tolerate insolence,” He growled.
“Yes Master.”
“Tonight you will learn humility.”
“Yes Master.”
“Are you prepared?”
“Yes Mast-“ SMACK!!
The first swat of the leather-bound paddle caught her in the smile between her ass-cheek and her upper thigh. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH” she exhaled. Her pussy started glistening. He could almost hear its joy screaming at Him. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He alternated between the halves of the smile bringing more and more wetness to her. Kenya began to grunt and gyrate her ass with each stroke. The desire to feel His dick in her throat was beginning to choke her. Her pussy was crying out to feel Him. Her fists were clenched as He struck her 16 more times. 

As the heat radiated from her raw, deep maroon ass, she was blindfolded. “Master, may this girl speak?” 
“Please Master, please will you fuck me? She cannot bear to be without you now. Pussy needs your dick! She needs it now!”
“SILENCE,” He belted. “She will not be fed until I say so.” 
Suddenly, she heard a familiar click and hum. ‘Finally,’ she thought, ‘some relief.’ She felt the lube being applied to her quivering asshole. Her pussy started gasping for air as the butt plug entered her ass. As satisfying as it was, it was not what she was looking for. ‘Where is it? When is He going to feed me?’ What she soon saw would shake her to the core.

As He pulled the blindfold from her eyes, she saw her thick, brown locks cascading to the carpet.
‘OH SHIT!!!’ she thought, ‘He’s SHAVING my HEAD!’

She took great pride in her hair. She knew how many Black women couldn’t grow hair like hers. She wallowed in her pride over it and lauded her hair over other women. She often wondered how much other women seethed at its beauty when she would run her fingers through her hair absently. Now, it was falling in clumps as the clippers scratched along her scalp. She started screaming and He forced a ball gag in her mouth. Her mind started racing. Why would He do this? How long has He been planning it? What was she going to tell her coworkers? 
“That’s right, Goddamn it!! You think you’re so cute, don’t you? Soon, you will learn what true beauty is.” She started crying hysterically as more hair fell to the carpet. SMACK! The shock of the heavy leather flogger distracted her just long enough. “Stop squirming!” He bellowed. Her head stopped moving and her sobs became heavy as He continued His work. 
“Now, that’s much better…” He rubbed her freshly shorn scalp as her sobs slowed. He slowly poured warm baby oil on her head and started massaging her scalp. The new sensation started her pussy quivering again. ‘How is this possible?’ she thought. ‘I cannot fucking believe this.’ As her head pressed up against His solid palms, He removed the gag. He continued rubbing her scalp as He slid His thick cock into her mouth. She started grunting and moaning from deep in her soul as the taste of His flesh flooded her mouth. She was so taken by her lust for His dick that she didn’t feel the stockade being opened. He pulled out of her mouth and led her out of the stockade and onto all fours. 

“Please Master! Please…I need…”
“Silence. I will not warn you again.” 

He slid the 10” vibrator into her gasping pussy. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMM” As she exhaled her pussy’s relief, He raised her onto her knees and forced His cock down her throat. She grasped His leather-clad thighs and forced her nose into His stomach over and over again, desperately trying to bring His liquid love to the surface. He could feel the familiar rush from his swollen balls. His cum was rising so quickly that it astounded Him when it started running down His slave’s chin. Kenya was gagging and coughing, trying to take His full length and His cum into her mouth and throat. “UUUUUUNNNNNNHHHHHHAAAAAAHHH!!!” The animalistic sound escaped her Master’s throat in a strained, broken fashion. When she was able to control her breathing, Kenya smiled wide. She lived for these moments of her Master’s satisfaction. She nuzzled His slick, limp dick against her nose and beamed with anticipation of the questions the next workweek would bring.

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