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Restless Night

DrkRose_Petal © 2006

Part I

Rose tossed and turned all night. When her Daddy was on the road she could never get a full night’s sleep. This time was more difficult because she was horny with no relief in site. Even if she received permission to play in his pussy it wouldn’t be enough to quench the fire burning below. For that she needed her Daddy. She needed him and only he could take care of that need she had growing inside. From the moment he claimed it the pussy she carried between her legs was his and not her pussy to play in without his permission. So she tossed and turned trying to fall off to sleep. 

Rose could never get used to sleeping without his body next to hers no matter how she tried. Whether she was curled up in his arms in bed or asleep at his feet wherever he was she peacefully slept knowing he was there. It was only with the knowledge of what he expected she tried so hard to sleep. He was returning tomorrow and that last thing she wanted was to be punished. He knew she had trouble sleeping and she was even given one of his shirts to hold while she slept. But it wasn’t the same. But she knew that if he returned and she was too tired to greet him properly she would be punished. 

When her Daddy punished her it was always very painful, very sadistic and very effective. In his absence she usually took small naps throughout the day holding his shirt in her arms. If she signed up to work at the hospital she usually signed up for nights when he was not going to be home. She again began a tussle with her sheets as she tossed and turned. There were times she barely got enough sleep to make it through the day in his absence. 

His touch was all she needed to feel safe, secure, and peaceful. His arms around her waist would comfort her to sleep. Rose lived for and loved to serve him, being his little girl. And being his little girl like and little girl she enjoyed waking up next to her Daddy. With him on the road her mornings were not complete because the routine they developed over time could not be completed in his absence. The routine depended on who woke up first. Rose loved being the first one to wake up because she loved her part of the routine.

She just didn’t know how she was going to get a wink of sleep before his return some time tomorrow. Rose once again drifted off to sleep. She felt hands on her stomach and thighs. She was having a very real and very wet dream. She could feel her Daddy’s lips playing with the pussy he owned. She moaned in her sleep unsure of where this dream was going to end. His lips left the pussy he proudly owned as he raised his face to bring her scent and wetness to her own mouth. Kissing Daddy after she came made her want to cum all over again. In that instance it was over the dream ended before it began. Rose hadn’t had a dream like this in a long time. It was then she felt his presence in the room and realized this was no dream.

She startled awake to find her Daddy sitting in his chair in the corner of the room. He called to his baby gurl and she eagerly and immediately complied on hand and knees until she ended at his feet. The horny feelings she felt earlier paled in comparison to what she know felt. She could still taste and smell her wetness and juice on her lips as she licked them several times as she made her way to his feet. Her Daddy always joked with her telling her is she could figure out a way to eat her own pussy he would never have to look for her a play partner. He was going to patent her skill and sell it to all the Doms in the world. 

Once at her Daddy’s feet she reached up to place his hard dick in her warm wet mouth. She gently sucked on it until she was completely awake herself. She got off on pleasing him in this way, and her Daddy knew all too well that she did. She could even cum from sucking his dick. Because of this knowledge she was only allowed to cum after he came and she was finished cleaning up the mess she made. She couldn’t cum until every drop he released was down her throat. She didn’t dare spill a drop that was a mistake she made once that she would not too soon repeat. The first punishment Rose received for spilling his seed is a story in and of itself and for another time. 

The feel of his dick in her mouth made her pussy tingle, get wet and throb. The more she sucked the warmer she felt inside. To her it was an art form and she took pride in how she sucked his dick. Starting with the tip she let it slowly fill her mouth until it reached the back of her throat. She would gag and chock but she never stopped until it was time. She loved the way his dick felt as slid to the very back of her throat. She brought it out of her mouth long enough to place his balls in her mouth. She loved sucking his balls and feeling his skin in her mouth. His balls fit perfectly in her mouth. 

She alternated between slow and fast sucks. Slowly taking him in and quickly sucking from the head to the shaft. She grew too long for that part of the routine that she initially had to get used to. This was the feel of his hand on the back of her head making her push past the gagging and. She was nervous at first but now she needed to feel his hands on her head. The smallest form of restraint at his hands excited her. She could only move her head one way and that was deeper into his dick. She craved him calling her his bitch and telling her she had better not stop or spill one drop of his essence. 

She could taste that first drop on her tongue and engulfed the head completely to have that taste in her entire mouth. She could feel her pussy getting wetter and longed for its release. Rose was hungry and only he carried what she needed to survive. His entire dick filled her mouth as she sucked the head working her way to the shaft. She licked the entire length of his dick to feel each and every vein along its side. She again took his balls in her mouth and sucked. She was almost sure they were throbbing in her mouth ready to explode. 

She could sense when he was nearing that point and she once again placed the entire length of his dick deep throat. She could feel more drops of his seed now and knew she only had to work with it a short while more until he exploded into her mouth. She didn’t know how her Daddy had so much cum inside. She usually fought to drink every drop and the few drops that landed on his leg were always quickly licked away. 

Something about this time was some how different. He normally came in her mouth by now after which she cleaned up her mess before cuming herself. Then she had to clean herself up. Rubbing her hands in her pussy while he watched she would lick her juices off her hands. It was like a catch 22. The more she rubbed the wetter she got. Every drop in and on her pussy was placed in her mouth and licked or sucked away. 

But this time just before he exploded he lifted her body to settle her wet pussy on his hard dripping dick as he sat in the chair. Her breathing came fast and her moans grew louder as she took every inch he gave into her pussy. He knew she loved him fucking her lying down or sitting up it didn’t matter she loved having his dick in any hole he could get it in. She especially loved taking it from behind. 

The thought alone of feeling his dick inside her body was enough to make her cum. Their bodies were in sync moving and pleasing each other as she felt his hard dick sliding in and out of her pussy. She could feel her body began to shake. That was when her Daddy stopped pulled her to a standing position and bent her over the side of the bed.

His voice telling her to assume the position melted into her thoughts and her body instinctively climbed on the side of the bed. She placed her knees on the bed and brought her chest down to her knees. This allowed him access to her pussy or her ass. The cool air swirled across her pussy and if that wasn’t enough her Daddy had the tip of his dick at the entrance to the pussy he owned but not moving. She was still unsure as to which part he was going to fuck. She was going to be fucked however he decided and she was going to be fucked in whichever hole he wanted. The hole he used simply depended on his mood. Her mouth, pussy and ass were always his for the taking.

Rose was now in a fog and unsure of where it came from but she felt her Daddy place a warm lubricant in her ass just before ramming his hard dick into her pussy. Her body was confused he was in her pussy but he lubed her ass to take that as well. The pleasure he got from fucking her mouth and pussy paled in comparison to the pleasure he got from fucking her in the ass.

She had been trained by her Daddy to be ready for his use when and where he wanted. At first she was first anally trained with butt plugs of all sizes before he moved on to small than larger dildos. The end result turned out to be her Daddy fucking her in the ass until he came inside of her. Or if the more sadistic side of her Daddy took over, the end result was him fingering her in the ass until she was open and ready for his fist. 

She grew to love her Daddy taking her ass however he pleased. She simply grew to love having her ass penetrated. She knew she was about to be fucked by his dick or his fist. She felt his first finger in her ass and moaned. She was in too deep to even feel the initial pain of having something stuck in her ass. Once she was over that pain she began to enjoy and even crave at times having something in her ass. Her Daddy had turned her into quite the little whore when it came to that. But he didn’t mind because no one else was allowed to have this part of his little gurl. 

She felt more and more fingers being engulfed by her ass. While on her knees with her ass in the air she would soon beg her Daddy to allow her to cum. The answer was always no he wanted to push the limits to see how much his little gurl could take. When she felt that quick pain of his entire fist being inserted past his wrist into her ass she was overwhelmed. With her face in the pillow she begged her Daddy to please go deeper and faster. He knew her body better than she did. He knew she could take what ever he gave. This was the many joys he found in her servitude. 

Rose entire body shook as she could feel his fist going in and out. The tears came and she could do nothing but let them fall. She didn’t know how much more her body could take before it released every drop she held inside her pussy. Rose was now rocking back and forth onto his fist. Taking in every inch she could get. She was literally fucking herself with his fist. He could tell she was zoning out. When she got like this he let her move through it. 

Rocking back and forth on his fist her breast swayed back and forth. When her Daddy reached around and grabbed her breast tightly pinching it she could no longer hold it in. It was at this very moment her Daddy leaned into her ear and told his baby gurl to “cum for Daddy”. When Rose came she squirted every where. He could feel her juices running down his arm as she moaned and cried because it felt just that dammed good. 

To be continued...

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