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Sub Sistahs!

Nfnity © 2006

Part 1

She drove to the agreed upon meeting place with excitement growing inside her. She had shared many conversations with her sub sister online, on the phone, and in their initial meetings. They had met face to face before but now she was nervous. This overshadowed with the knowledge that their first intimate time together would be in front of the one they both served and deeply loved made the drive seem longer than it actually was. When she finally arrived she realized that they were already there. Looking at her watch she saw the time she was ten minutes late. She quickly exited her car and stood gathering her thoughts. She was attempting to slow down the pound of her fast beating heart. She started down the pavement and listened as her three inch heels clicked loudly on the side walk. She had been practicing and she was so proud of herself. She had walked all the way from the car without falling on her face. She remembered back to before she became a part of his house. She had never worn heels, dresses, or skirts. She hadn’t yet realized the depth of her sexuality or begun to explore it, until now. 

She walked with her skirt flowing and swirling around her legs. This added a cool breeze to the hot, moist area between her legs. She stood at the door unsure of what to say once she entered. Should she immediately apologize for being late or wait until he spoke and then answered. Her sub sister had already warned her that punctuality was a must and that their Daddy accepted nothing less than just that. She liked and appreciated that her sub sister took her under wings. She helped her to understand things about herself that she had never realized. She had never felt the things her Daddy made her feel. She didn’t know what being submissive meant. She only knew that she needed him to love, protect, and discipline her. She knew she could and would do anything in her power to please him serving him made her whole. She could hear sub sister’s voice telling her that it is a love beyond, time, space, body and mind. The love is through the soul. 

She knocked at the door and quietly waited for the answer. She looked up and saw the most beautiful woman she had ever seen looking back at her. The full figured woman was wearing a robe that she quickly discarded after answering the door. She watched her hips move across the room and her breast looked delicious. No one said a thing and she looked around the room until her gaze met that of her Daddy. She was frozen in her tracks because she knew what was next but she couldn’t bring her hands to her cloths. She felt a small sigh of relief as her sister asked their Daddy if she could help her get out of her clothes. The answer was yes so she was approached by her sister. 

She stood there while this big beautiful woman took off every piece of the clothing she wore. Their eyes locked and she knew this would be the moment she dreamed it would be. She could feel her breath coming faster as she felt the moistness between her legs begin to lightly drip between her thighs. She felt her sister’s hand between her thighs and then her fingers lightly caress her pussy. Her sister stopped and led her over to their Daddy. She looked down until he spoke. She looked up when she heard his voice she always shook inside. “You were late” it was stated matter of factually and was not a question. He explained that she would be dealt with. 

Her sister was again at her side to lead her to the bed and lie her down. Her sister was lying next to her caressing her face. She didn’t know you could feel such things from a woman. Her sister pressed her lips to hers and she felt her tongue as her own mouth instinctively part to taste what was before her. She lay there while her sister gagged, blind folded, and tied her legs and hands to the four post of the bed. Again she felt her sister’s lips but now she also felt her sister’s fingers caressing her breast and pinching her nipples. Her sister’s mouth never left hers. She had always been self conscious of her status as a BBBW. But tonight she felt more beautiful than she ever had. 

She felt the hot lips on her inner thighs and soft hands part her pussy lips. Her sister was now playing with her pussy and teasing it until she loudly moaned. Her sister reminded her she was not allowed to cum without their Daddy’s permission. He liked what he saw and looked no where near close to giving that permission. Her sister was now sucking her pussy lips while fingering her clit. She was so wet she knew for sure she was on the verge of letting go. Her sister sucked her lips more until she took her clit inside of her mouth and began sucking feverishly on it. Her clit had never been treated like this before.

Now she felt her sister climb on top of her as she began grinding her pussy onto hers. She straddled her in such a way that both pussies rubbed and grinded together periodically having their clits touch and grind. She was on the verge of tears and she felt them coming from deep inside as her body shuddered. Her sister slid off of her and was again sucking on her pussy while periodically rubbing her thumb across her clit. She didn’t know how much more she could take. 

When she felt her sister place her two fingers inside of her she was not caught off guard. Her pussy was now wet, open and eager to take what ever was placed inside of it. She was writhing in ecstasy now and her she couldn’t stop from begging for release. The answer again was “No”. She felt her sister’s fingers still inside her but now there were more. She felt it and was sure of it there were more fingers now. Her sister added another finger and was up to four and was slowly and rhythmically placing each one into her wet spot. Her orgasm was going to be huge she could feel it inside her ready to explode. She let out a soft moan as her sister inserted all of her fingers slowly curling it into a fist into her pussy. She moved her hips to match her sister’s rhythm. Now she was crying, she needed this so bad. She couldn’t explain the feelings having this hand inside her made her feel. Her back was arched and she held her tongue knowing not wanting to beg any more. She heard her sister’s voice. “Daddy, I think she wants to cum” “Jasmine” she heard “ask Daddy if you may come”. After that she only remembers waves of fluid gushing down her legs and having an orgasm like she never had before. She lay with her arms encircling her sister until it was time she was dealt with. Coming ten minutes late would never happen again.

To be continued…

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