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The Plane Crash

Sasi © 2008

The plane crashed deep in a remote area of the mountain of Tanzania. Everyone else on board was killed but remarkably Johanna survived. She was dazed with cuts and bruises but alive. She stumbled away from the wreckage just as it blew up. The force of the blast forced her against a large tree knocking her unconscious. There she lay until the noises of the jungle awaken her. As she woke there was a large snake creeping close to her … she screams and a large silverback gorilla crashes through the bush and attack the snake killing it. Shaking it to make sure it was dead, throwing it to the ground and beating his chest in triumph. He turns and glares at Johanna then back into the bush he disappears as quickly as he came.

Johanna stilled stunned begin to walk, weaken and in a semi conscious state stumbling and falling as she moves forward. In the distance there is a clearing with what appears to be human maybe native of this strange land. She could not make out what they were.  She slowly fell to the ground losing consciousness once again.

What she had happened upon was the troop of gorillas that was led by the large dominant male silverback that saved her from the snake. She lay helpless at the mercy of a troop of wild gorillas. The alpha female was the first to approach her lifeless body and poked at it to illicit some sort of response. They had never seen a human before and gorilla being the curious creatures wanted to know what it was. The large silverback quickly reprimanded her and pick up Johanna up and carried her to his nesting site. The other followed at a distance he gently laid her down and turned, beat his chest again, growling and showing his teeth proclaiming to the others that what ever this was it belonged to him

Later the alpha female approached the nest with a piece of fruit to appease the angry male he accepted and allowed her to come closer to him. She turned and presented herself in submissive posture to him. He then touched her swollen pussy and smelled and tasted her…showing of teeth and his cock protruding announcing that she was ready to mate. He mounted her and fucked her fiercely…with a jerk of his body and a guttural sound he dismounted her. The sound of their mating brought Johanna around and she rose up with fear in her eyes and quickly put her head back down and pretending to remain in her unconscious state. They must have fucked 20 times before the alpha female returned to the troop. Johanna watching this even in her fear was somewhat aroused. The violent nature of animal mating habits has always fascinated and caused her to become sexual aroused

The silverback set back on his hunched and rested fading into a sleep. When Johanna thought he was fast asleep she attempted to escape but the other in the troop alerted the silverback with their chatter. He stood begin to beat his chest… Johanna stopped in her tracks and sat down. The troop gather around her… a baby inched close to her she held out her hand and it latch onto her… the mother was chattering showing sign of her displeasure… she ripped the baby from Johanna and pushed her down…. Johanna stilled somewhat dazed from the experience, just lay still in a docile position. The troop quiet down and begin to make their nest for the evening. They settle in for the night with Johanna becoming the newest member of the troop.

As the sun comes up the troop begin to stir, ready for a day of forging for food. This time of year fruit and grubs were plentiful. Johanna watch as the other of the troop found food in old dead trees and fruit that had fallen to the ground. An older female offered her a grub which she attempted to eat, but regurgitate it. The fruit she found more palliative.
After eating their fill the troop set out to find a place to rest. In a cove of trees they rested in the afternoon sun.

The alpha female approached the silverback again submitting herself to him. Johanna watched attentively at them mating, the silverback rough handling of the female made her wet and view of his large cock only added to her arousal.

The scent of Johanna’s arousal seem to entice the silverback he walked over to her and begin to sniff her and touch her hair and then her breast, which cause her nipples to harden and the heat between her thigh to increase she moan at this wild animal touch… the erotic feeling that she wanted so to give way to…The Silverback pounded on his chest and sat back on his hunches, with his cock exposed and moving in way that excited her even more.

This eight or nine hundred pound animal that could break her in half without any effort at all .She wanting it to fuck , to feel that big cock deep inside her…she stood with out a moment hesitation and walked over to this animal and presented herself as she had seen the alpha female do. The Silverback moved toward her… she was fearful but the excitement of the moment had engulfed her… The silverback sniffed her and licked her sending a rush of pleasure through her entire body… Before she could recover he mounted her fucking her deep and fast as he exploded in side of her there was a wave of orgasmic pleasure that she had never known. He dismounted her and she lay there with wave after wave of orgasms moving through her body. The sensation and jerky movement of her body awaken her she sat straight in bed panting like a dog in heat. Reality set in that it was all just a dream.

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