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The Toy Bag Deal

ChocletRN © 2008

Pulling over she feverishly racked her brain to figure out what this officer could possibly want with her.  She couldn’t get any more tickets and she knew her Daddy meant business when he gave her that warning.  She had her license and registration in hand waiting for him to approach the window.  She couldn’t help but be mesmerized by his appearance.  He stood 6 feet 3 inches tall with beautiful deep brown skin that covered each and every gorgeous muscle he owned.  She was still admiring them when he tapped on her window asking her if she knew why she was being stopped.  
Of course her immediate answer was no she didn’t have any idea why she was being stopped.  The officer Her Daddy told her plain and simple she was his property and every time she got behind the wheel of the car she put his property in harms way.  The officer informed her that the speed limit was 35 and she was doing 40.  She immediately swore under her breath thinking to herself he had to be joking.  All she could think about was the swift and strict punishment her Daddy promised her if she got one more speeding ticket.  Her Daddy had a sadistic streak and she knew he meant what he said. 

If she didn’t know any better she would have sworn that the officer was smiling as he looked at her black bag sitting in the seat beside her.  She let out a sigh of relief thankful the bag had a lock on it.  The officer informed her he would let her go with a warning, but the next time there would be consequences for speeding.    
She was late again, but she felt that the fact that she hadn’t gotten a ticket would prevent any punishment.  Her Daddy showed no reaction to the news of her traffic stop.  She left that that next morning with the assumption that everything was fine.  Two weeks went by before she found herself running late again on her way to visit her Daddy. 

She again saw the blue lights and looked down to see how fast she was going.  She nervously fumbled for her license and registration.  This was unbelievable it was the same officer from the previous stop.  She rolled down her window but before she could hand over her papers his hand was in the car covering her mouth and she was out.

She woke up with excruciating pain shooting through her entire body.  She was in a daze and everything seemed foggy.  Every hole she owned was either sore or on fire.    She wasn’t sure if it was urine, blood, or cum running down her thighs.
All of her attempts to move were futile.  She was tied to a work bench with leather wrist and ankle cuffs.  Black nylon rope provided even more restraint.  She heard two male voices as she tried without success to get free.  Se looked at the table next to the bench and was in shock and awe of what she saw. 
The contents of her black toy bag were spread out placed next to several items she had never seen before.  She could not understand why a stranger would break the lock on her black bag.  It bore no markings or indications of what it held.  She knew there were only two keys to her toy bag.  The one she owned the other belonged to her Daddy.

Looking down she could see the single tail of a whip as it devilishly danced at this stranger’s feet.  The experiences she had with single tails were not good.  Her Daddy only used his single tail on her during punishment.  She was still trying to process this information and the pain when she heard the whip whistle through the air and land with a crack on her back.  The sting of the single tail was unbearable.  It landed with matter of fact precision directly over several of the fresh marks that were already on her back. 
When he was finished with the whipping and she heard the single tail fall at his feet.  She saw what she thought was a police baton waved in front of her face.  It was at that moment she realized who her tormentor was.   She just couldn’t figure out why.  He was behind her now and she could feel her ass cheeks being forced apart by the baton.  By the feel of it she was sure there could not have been much lube if any on it.  She could feel the stretching of her outer and inner anal sphincter.     
The baton was repeatedly shoved into her ass as being rammed in and out.  She felt for fur sure was going to pass out as the baton was shoved in for the last time and then anchored in place by ropes wrapped secured around her waist.  When she made the slightest move the baton would slide further into her ass. 
The sound she heard next brought tears to her eyes.  It was difficult to hold still as the menacing buzz approached her ear.  She could see the zaps out of the corner of her eyes.  Her muscles twitched each time the violet wand was passed over various parts of her body.  When the wand stopped the sting of the single tail resumed for what seemed like hours.

She saw the empty champagne bottle in front of her face and knew there was only one hole left.  With the baton firmly planted between her cheeks, she felt her pussy lips being spread apart for the insertion of the bottle.  She was extremely wet when she felt the tip of the champagne bottle inserted.  In between the ramming of the champagne bottle the baton was also being used.  She passed out for how long she wasn’t sure.

She opened her eyes just in time to see the police officer, as she had suspected, packing her toy bag.  He handed the bag to her Daddy and returned his key to him.  That was going to be her last traffic stop for quite some time.

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