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If Only for One Night

babydoll © 2008

           I am reading though my email late one fall night. Looking for a message from the man I hope will train me to be His. At the sight of his online name, my heart and pussy jumps. I am brought back to the sound of his voice over the phone line. I love the way he makes me laugh and think. I quickly open the email.

“Little baby doll,
I hope you sleep well. I always enjoy talking to you. I will be home this weekend. Will you like to spend Saturday evening with me; about 5 p.m.  Maybe the night as well? Do you think you are ready to submit to me for this time? Think on it and give me an answer by Thursday.

I am stunned. I have waited so long to read those words. Within a short time, I compose an email in reply:

i would be deeply honored to take you up on your invite and i feel more than ready to kneel at Your feet and submit to You.  Five is fine. What do i wear?
baby doll”

My mind is spinning. I have dated a few men within the BDSM lifestyle but, most are fakes. When I started to talk to Daddy, I was very nervous. I did not want submit to a big phony. I met Him in person anyway and, I was surprised at his demeanor. He was a gentleman even when He kissed me. I melted when He held me in his arms and just talked. All of a sudden my thoughts are broken. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, my PC is alerting me I have a new email.

 “My pet,
I want to see you dressed as such:
Hair down
Low-cut Top
 Short Skirt
Open-toe Heels
Bra and Garters
Sheer Hose
No Panties

            At last it is Saturday, the day in which I will give myself to Daddy for the first time. I have no clue what is in store for U/us tonight. In the morning, I jump up and go shopping. I want to look just right for Him. I wander though store after store u till I hit the jack pot. This store is lovely. Every thing is in my size and very feminine. I find champagne colored sheer silk chiffon V-neck long-sleeve blouse with a silk camisole under it.  The sales lady leads me to a chocolate brown wool crepe slim skirt that hits a few inches above my knees and, it clings to my body like a second skin. In the back of the store is a large boutique with beautiful lingerie. I choose an ivory, gold, and cream graduated floral embroidered lace and satin strapless bra with matching four-strap grater belt. I find silky sheer coffee colored hose to wear. I quickly look for a shoe store. Time is passing fast.  At a small shoe shop, I uncover the prefect heel. It is chocolate brown suede trimmed in champagne satin. The pump has a cute open-toe and bow at the point.  I start to move fast to get home. I still have to bath and dress.

            I turn on my I pod radio in the bath. Usher’s “Superstar” is first on my play list. I sing along as I run my bath. I add my amber musk bubble bath to the water and, look at my honey colored skin in the mirror. I realize I must remove the fine hair that covers my public area and legs at once. I put out the supplies to shave myself clean.  As I pull the razor over my body, I think on tonight. Daddy and I have talked about what W/we liked to do or try. “What would he want to do?” I ask myself. I have been training my ass with a butt plug for the last two weeks, so that hole will be open for Him if he desires. “But what if you wants to give me my first enema”, I whisper out loud. As Luther Vandross’ “If only for one night” starts to flow around me, I think I may be in over my head.

            When I have finished cleansing my full body, I raise out of the tub to dry off. Its 4 p.m. by the clock in the bathroom. “Time to shake a leg”, I think. I rub lotion my curves with thick cream. Then spray on a perfume of vanilla and warm musk.   I don on my bra and garters. Then I set down at the mirror to apply light makeup to my round face. When I am done, my lips are red as desire and my lashes are longer than sin. I roll on my sheer hose and step into my heels. I flat iron my long midnight hair into a smooth cover for my neck and shoulders. I slip into the camisole then button up my blouse. I quickly step into my skirt. Ten to five reads my bedroom clock.

            I am waiting by the front door. I hope you do not see me looking. I cannot wait for You to call for me. My cell rings. “Hello,” I whisper. “Come outside, baby”
You reply. I wonder how you go here and I did not see or hear anyone. I peep out of the window. Sure enough, You are parked on the curb. I pick up my overnight bag and purse then step outside.  I walk to your deep blue truck. You look so handsome. Your smile is bright and sexy. You smooth deep brown skin is so delicious. You are wearing a wine cotton button-down shirt and black slacks. Your shoes are leather loafers. When I reach your truck, You pull me into a big hug. “Would you like to eat, baby doll?” You ask. I am speechless so I nod yes. I can not believe You are here again. I climb into the truck and You close the door. You get in and start to drive. “How was Your week,” I ask. “Ok, better now that I am able to move around, “You say with a chuckle.  W/we arrive at a small Italian eatery.

            Dinner is so lovely. You talk of your week and I discussed mine. W/we share a rich bottle of Merlot wine with O/our food. Time seems to fly by, as we laugh and talk. Before long, W/we take O/our leave and climb back in Your truck. “Are you positive you wish to give yourself to Me tonight?” You ask me as you search my face. “I want to submit to you tonight, Daddy,” I reply. You pull out a thick black collar from under the seat. “Then rule one, “You explain, “when I put this collar on you will do as I say. No questions. No back talk. Just do it. If I want you to talk I will tell you. Mercy will be your safe word when W/we start the hard stuff.” My head starts to swim as you buckle and then lock Your collar on my neck. “Rule two; if you are to answer me you will call me Sir or Daddy, nothing else. Now, do you understand, slut. You may reply.” You tell me. “Yes, Sir.”  I  say very low. You pinch my nipple between your fingers. The pain is quick and harsh. “What did you say?” You snap at me. “Yes, Sir!” I cry. You turn to start the truck and I wonder if I can please you tonight. As you drive, you explain to me that W/we will be going to a room so that W/we can be alone. Nothing to interrupt U/us, is the way you put it.

            W/we put up in front of a nice hotel. The kind of hotel out of town businessmen live in seems to me. You step out of your truck and help me out. You pull O/our bags from the bed. W/we talk up to the doors and I think to myself, “This is it. I will give myself to Him tonight and I will do what I have to please Him” You finish up the check in and, then lead me to the room. It is very cute; all Oak wood and Pastels. There is a small sitting room and a larger bedroom. W/we walk in to the bed room with a king-size bed. “I am so happy to see you have obeyed me in your outer clothes. Now, strip is that I may see if you followed my order about your underwear, “You say. I look in your deep brown eyes and melt. As though I was in a trance I remove my clothes and heels. “When you are in that collar, unless I say so do not look in my face, slut.” You snap. I drop my eyes quickly. You push me on the bed and start sliding down to my legs. I feel your warm, wet tongue stroke my clit u till stands at attention.  Then, You suck and lick my pussy u till You feel my hot cum squirting on Your tongue. It runs down your chin and wets the bed.  “Damn, girl you said you could squirt but, I did not think it would be like a waterfall,” You remark with a laugh.

            While You were tasting my sweet, hot pussy, Your cock was getting so hard it was aching with need. You would not wait. You want that pussy now, so You pull Yourself up my body. My pussy is stretched wide with Your thick hard cock in one stroke. You slide it in and out so fast and hard. I think You are trying to make me cum once more.” Come on, bitch,” You growl,” Cum for Me.” At your command, I cum with a loud moan and my pussy starts to pour its juice everywhere. You pull out as my pussy is milking You and, turn me over on my stomach. I am moaning with need but, Your hand pushes me down on the bed. 

 I hear You unzip a bag and think to myself, “What is He getting out?” All of a sudden I feel Your large hands slapping my ass. To my shame, I feel my pussy getting wetter as my ass is getting redder. You smack it and the ache in my pussy is getting stronger as I fall in to sub space.  I am moaning with pleasure/pain at your blows. You enjoy my sighs and watching my ass glow with Your handiwork. “Open your ass to Me, slut,” You order me. With unsteady hands, I spread my ass cheeks to your hot stare. You love the way my rosebud is waiting for you. You can not help but to tease me with a long stroke of your tongue along my crack. My body relaxes u till I feel something poking my ass hole. You patiently slide the lubed nozzle of an enema tube in my ass. Slowly, You fill my ass with warm water. I feel so full and aroused as well. Then, I feel you fat cock head against my ass hole. There is so much pressure in my butt now. “I can not take it,” I think to myself, “but I must for Daddy.”  I hold the enema in my bowels as You fill my ass with your hard cock. You move slow at first, letting me get use to the feeling of you and the water. As my ass balloons to take you, You ride me hard and well. Fucking me so deep in my ass I can not breathe.  Every so often, you pull out and check if I am holding the enema. I am holding everything in for Daddy.  I hear a swift in take of breath and a whispered curse as you cum in my ass. “Would you like to cum for me, slut? You may answer.” You tease me by rubbing my clit as you stoke my rosebud some more. “Please, Oh Yes Please Sir!” I yell. You pump in and out u till I cum hard on you cock. Full of your jism and water, You tell me I can go to the bath and let it out.  I obey quickly.

            You walk into the bath and address me, “I am so proud of you, baby. I did not know if you could take an enema but you did for me.” I start to blush super red. I turn to start the shower in order to have some thing to do. You move behind me and remove Your collar. At once, I miss the weight of it on my neck. “You may speak freely now, pet.” You coo as you stroke my hair. I can not put into words how I feel but, I try.

 “Thank you so much. I did not know I could do that either. I hope can learn to please you more.”  You turn me around and kiss me deeply. “No thank you for submitting to me tonight,” You reply. W/we step in the shower and wash each others bodies. The water washing U/us clean and Your kisses bringing me back from subspace. W/we dry off with the thick white hotel towels and climb into bed. “You just might have potential, baby doll,” You whisper in my ear. “Thank You, Daddy” I whisper back. You and I fall asleep to the rhythm of O/our breathing in the dark.

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