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Mystery To You

chocol8peach © 2007

She awakes to the gentle touch of her Big Daddy rubbing her thighs. She lets out a soft moan as she opens her eyes. Once open she sees nothing but darkness. She figures that maybe it is the cover over her head so she tries to lift her arm to remove it, but she can't. Her arms are tied to the bed. She tries to move her legs and they
are tied to. She begins to panics and tense up, "Shhhh it's okay" he says to her. "It is okay babygirl, Daddy is here." She relaxes as she hears his voice. She feels safe in his
presence as she knows he cares for her and offers her no harm, just pleasure... extreme pleasure.

He begins by rubbing a feather all over her body, the feather feels nice and smooth. Each nerve in her body begins to tinkle, not knowing where the feather would hit it next. As he rubs closer to her pussy, her body begins to gently jerk in awaiting the
pleasure she will receive. He begins to lick her clit, gently flicking his tongue of
the head of her clit. She lets out a soft moan. He stops. "I don't want to hear a sound from you" He walks over to her and places a scarf in her mouth to gag her. "NOT ONE SOUND!". He returns to her pussy and begins licking and sucking her clit. Trying to stifle her moans, the only thing she can do to express how she is feeling
is to move her body. He licks and sucks her clit and sticks his tongue deep into her pussy and she is just in ecstasy. She feels a hand cupping her breast and pulling at her nipples. At the same time she feels him put two fingers into her pussy and his thumb into her ass. It is at this point she realizes, there is a 3rd person in
the room.

Because she is blindfolded she is unable to see whom this other person is. "Oh my God, who has he brought into the our bedroom" she thinks. As she has given him all control, all she can do is relax and enjoy the present she is being offered.

As he continues to make love to her pussy with his mouth, the mystery person begins sucking and biting her nipples. "Oh shit this feels so damn good" she thinks. As three hands begin to rub on her belly with this immense pleasure, she can only imagine who it might be. Is it a man or a woman, a friend of his or a friend of hers, or a total stranger. She can't wait to get the blindfold off to see who it is.

As the mystery person is still sucking on her right nipple, her Daddy begins to lick her from her pussy, up her belly and to the left nipple and they both suck each nipple together. One hand is slipped into her pussy. She feels a body lowering down on top of her, and a dick being placed at her lips. He removes the gag from her mouth "Open wide babygirl" she does as instructed and opens her mouth to receive the thick long dick into her mouth. "just because the gag is removed does not mean you are allowed to make any noise! I still do not want to hear a SOUND!!"

As she begins to suck on the dick that has been placed in her mouth, she feels two tongues licking her soft wet pussy. One mouth around the clit, the other tongue slowly teasing her pussy hole. "Oh Shit, I am CUMMING" she shouts in her head. As she comes she hears a moan... it is the mystery person. "MMMMMMMmmmmmm she is coming on my tongue" says the mystery person. "Let's lick it together" Daddy
says. She is unable to recognize the voice but now knows it is another woman.

"Okay it is time for me to fuck that pussy now" he says as he pulls his dick out of her mouth. "Now you get on top of her in 69 position. I want you to lick her clit as I fuck her pussy. babygirl, I want you to lick her pussy while I fuck you. AND YOU BETTER DO IT RIGHT!! and remember NOT A SOUND" Oh how long it has been since she tasted another woman's pussy. She has long for this and can't believe it is happening. He inserts his big dick into her pussy stretching her pussy open. It is hard for her to maintain the longing moan that she wants to let out, but instead she wraps her mouth around the clit that is hovering above her.

thinks in her head as he fucks her, and her clit is licked by the mystery woman. "OH SHIT I AM ABOUT TO COME" her body begins to gently jerk, he knows this jerk and he knows she is about to cum and cum hard. So he fucks her HARDER, Jabbing his dick into her pussy until she explodes all over his dick. He takes his dick out to
admire what she has given him. "Lick her Juices off my dick" he instructs the mystery woman. While she does that, he inserts the the dildo into her pussy and begins to fuck her with it. "I want you to squirt for Daddy babygirl"

He puts his dick back into her pussy and fucks her with long strong strokes. She continues to eat the pussy of the mystery woman, as she continue to suck her clit. The mystery woman comes all over babygirl's face. This turns her on even more. Just when she thought she couldn't take anymore she feels as if she is about to
pee. Daddy continues to fuck her harder and harder. She can't hold back any more and lets go. "OH SHIT" he screams. "Yeah that is my babygirl, she just squirted". He was soaked from his stomach down. "Okay, now I can cum" says Daddy. He fucks her harder and harder until he explodes inside her pussy. "Get Dressed" he tells the mystery woman. She obeys and slips out the room.

He removes babygirl's blindfold. "Now you may speak, how did you enjoy that?". Almost out of breathe she replies "DADDY that was awesome, thank you so very very much, but may I ask a question?" "You May" he replies. "Who was the mystery woman?" She ask.......... "That is not for you to know babygirl, I will take of the restraints and you lay here and regain your strength." He gently kisses her forehead,
removes the restraints and climbs in bed next to her.

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