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Sin in Georgia

Mr. Zyne © 2007

It is rush hour when Willis Waters exits the crowded interstate and drives toward his Uncle Dan’s house.  He arrives at his destination and pulls his Lexus SC into the driveway and parks.  The mercury metallic sport coupe gleams in the evening sunlight.  Willis knows that he is blessed to afford his ride and the lifestyle that he enjoys.  He is a handsome young man.  His six-two athletic frame looks as good naked as it does clothed.  His facial features are those of an African Adonis.  From his head flow shoulder length dreadlocks. Willis went to college on a football scholarship.  A severe knee injury ended his dream of playing pro ball. He got his degree and now works hard at a job that he loves.  He is living large at twenty-four years of age.  Willis gets out of the car and walks to the door of his uncle’s modest townhouse.  He rings the doorbell and hears Dan’s response.

 “C'mon in boy.  I’m in the kitchen.”

Willis enters the house.  He walks through the living room into the kitchen.  He sees his Uncle Dan sitting at the table sipping beer from the can that he holds to his lips.

“Git you a beer and sit down”, the old man commands.

“How the hell you doin”, he adds.

Willis opens the refrigerator and surveys its contents.  He sees three six packs of Coors on the top shelf.  Two cans are missing from one pack.  Four eggs rest in the door’s egg holder.  There is about half a block of extra sharp cheddar cheese on a lower shelf.  On that shelf is also a Tupperware bowl.  Its contents are no longer identifiable.   Willis gets a beer then shuts the refrigerator door and joins his uncle at the kitchen table.

“I’m good” Willis replies.  “Damn traffic gets worse every day”.

Daniel Turner is seventy-two years old.  He is a spare, rawboned man who stands six feet tall.  There is a twinkle in the eyes that peer from his milk chocolate hued face.     He is actually Willis’ great uncle.  Daniel was Willis’ grandmother’s brother.  Willis was raised by his grandmother, Bessie Waters.  Bessie was a widow when she took Willis in to raise.  He was less than two years old.  Daniel lived with his sister and helped raise the boy.  Uncle Dan was the only father figure Willis knew.  Just before she passed away two summers ago, Willis promised his grandma that he would look after Uncle Dan.

“That visit down home done spoiled you boy.  It’s a whole lotta difference between here and  Sylvania County, Georgia.  One hell of a whole lotta difference!”  Dan nods his head for emphasis as he speaks.  “Shit, traffic ain’t no problem back in them woods.”

“You got that right.” Willis answered. 

"Boy, I ain't seen you since you got back from down south.  How was your trip?  Did you get any of that sweet Georgia pussy?"  Dan's face exploded into a toothless grin.

Willis laughed and responded, “The trip was fantastic and yes, I did”.

“I know you did boy.  Them country girls will lay down in the fields for you”.

Willis’ mind returned to his encounter in Sylvania County, Georgia the place where he was born.  He met Cynthia Battle in a juke joint beside of a dirt road a few miles off of the interstate.  The name of the joint was Smiley’s.  None of the locals remembered who Smiley was but most were intimately familiar with the juke that bore his name.  Smiley’s is where the local folks partied hard From Friday night until the wee hours of Monday morning with some taking a break during daylight for a little sleep, necessary chores and church.

Willis checked out Smiley’s the night of the Saturday that he arrived in the county.  He had ordered a beer at the horseshoe shaped bar when he turned and saw Cynthia.  She sat alone at a corner table.  Cynthia Battle was an attractive woman in her early forties.  She was high yellow with fine auburn hair and delicate facial features. Their eyes met and they exchanged smiles.  Willis asked the bartender to pour a glass of what she was drinking.  He picked up his beer and the cocktail and walked to her table.

“May I join you?” Willis asked.

“ I can’t say no to a man bearing a gift “, she answered with an mischievious smile.

Willis sat down at her table and placed the cocktail beside the one in front of her.  They exchanged small talk.  Willis found her easy to talk to and he enjoyed her banter.  He learned that Cynthia lived in Atlanta and that she had returned to the county to attend Family and Friends Day at the local Primitive Baptist church on Sunday.  Like him, Cynthia was born in the county.  She was single.  She grinned when she told him that folks here called her Sin.

“Is that Cyn with a C or Sin with an S?” Willis asked her.

“The one that the devil makes you do.  The fun Sin”, she replied.

Cynthia laughed at his reaction to her response.  She told him that she had been asked that question many times.  “Are you a sinner?" she asked him.

“I damn sure want to get into some ot this Sin”, he answered.

They both laughed. Then each paused and studied the other.  Each felt the force of their mutual attraction. They both knew that the deal had been struck.  It was now just a matter of completing the obligatory dialog and observing the necessary pleasantries.  Willis had switched to Dewar's and water.  They had consumed several drinks and exchanged many secrets when she agreed to go with him to his room.  They left Smiley’s and she followed him in her car to the motel where he was staying.  When they arrived he led her up to his room and they entered. 

When they were inside the room with the door locked Willis sat on the bed.  He asked her to remain standing so that he could look at her.  The adverse impact of forty-two years and a single child-birth on Sin’s figure were negligible.  The black sleeveless matte jersey dress she wore fell elegantly over her fine curvaceous form. Its V-neck revealed a view of her luscious cleavage.  Her black peep toe pumps extended the length of her calves.  

She turned slowly and she seemed to feel the intensity of his gaze as he viewed her.

Willis spoke, “Damn, you are beautiful…  Strip for me”.

Sin reached down with both hands and grasped the hem of her dress.  She pulled it up and revealed the black thong that covered her pussy.  She wriggled out of the dress and let it fall to the floor.  Her luscious tits were supported by a black lace bra.  Willis went to her and he kissed her.  Sin parted her lips to receive his tongue and answered his embrace by bringing her arms around his neck.  He kissed her deeply as he held her closer to him.  Sin felt his stiffened dick pressing against her.

Willis released her and he began to undress.  Sin pulled the covers to the foot of the bed then sat on the sheet.  She removed her bra.  Willis kneeled before her.  He was naked.  He slid a hand up each of her ample thighs and  hooked his fingers over the sides of the thong.  He pulled it from her waist and down the length of her legs to her feet.  After he freed her feet from the garment he discarded it on the floor.

Willis told her to lie back on the bed.  He positioned one of her legs on each of his shoulders and moved his face to her pussy.  He began eating her.  With his tongue soft and broad he lapped the full length of her pussy lips.  Sin responded with a slow grind.  Now he directed the swipes of his tongue to the inner side on one lip, then he worked the other lip.  He tasted the love juice that began to trickle from her hot pussy.  He tongue fucked her pussy – in and out, around and around, sloooowly.  She moaned.  With his hands he spread the outer lips of her pussy and with his tongue pointed and stiff, he gently flicked first here then there, but always returning to her clit.  This drove Sin wild.  She cupped her hands behind his head and pulled his face deeper into her gaping pussy.  She bucked against his mouth and gasped in little ragged breaths.  Willis continued to tongue lash her writhing, wet pussy.  A strident moan escaped Sin’s throat.  She tensed then collapsed in an intense orgasm.

Sin was still trembling when Willis positioned her lengthwise in the bed and mounted her.  He entered her and fucked her with deep, rapid thrusts.  Sin brought her thighs up high and spread them wide to give him access.  He fucked her like he owned her.  Sin was no longer moaning.  She was rambling a stream of disjointed words.

“Daddy…Oh Daddy…  Please Daddy..  Oh my…  yes… yeesss…  Oh God!”

They came together.  He remained atop her and felt his essence drain into her.  She held his body locked between her legs as the final spasms of her orgasm surged through her.  They were both drained when they parted.  They slept.

The touch of her lips on the head of his dick woke him.  Still groggy he felt the hot, wetness as she took the swollen head into her mouth.  He was fully conscious when she began to gently caress his nuts with one hand as she sucked his erect dick.  Willis guided her head with his hands and gently face fucked her.  He felt his climax approaching and held her in place by her hair as he began thrusting deep into her throat.  He came and she accepted his load and swallowed.  She stayed down and drained him.  Again he drifted off to sleep.  It was daylight when he woke.  Sin was gone. 

“I still remember them families out there in the country.  What was the gal's name?  I bet I know her folks”, Dan said.
“Her name was Battle…Cynthia Battle…  They call her Sin”, Willis answered.

“CYNTHIA BATTLE… Boy, you done fucked your Mamma."

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