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The Naked Racist

Sharon © 2007

Monique was a beautiful young Black woman who just turned 18 and was a rising Sophomore at a historically Black college. Being on a full academic scholarship and majoring in advertising, she was also very intelligent. Monique was also a very shy young woman and had always had difficulty asserting herself, preferring to indulge in academics rather than partying with her friends.
Maria and Janet were her good friends that she had met her Freshman year and they lived next to each other in an off campus apartment complex that was populated mainly with students from her college.
Monique’s boyfriend, Troy was a bit older. At 25, he had graduated from college and majoring in business had already started his own business. He was also very well built with a lean and muscular frame.

One Saturday, they all decided to spend the afternoon at the beach. It would be a day that changed Monique’s life forever.
The threesome parked the car and got out. It was truly a great day to at the beach. The weather was perfect and the sky was clear and sunny. Overhead, seagulls sang and there was a slight salty breeze.
The four were all sitting in the sand enjoying themselves when Monique retrieved the bottle of oil. She knelt down behind the statuesque Troy and began to rub the oil all over his muscular torso.
Suddenly Monique felt an ice cold wetness spill all over her back and someone’s leg bump her in her side hard. “Hey! Why don’t you watch out idiot!” came an angry voice above her. Totally taken off guard and in shock at the cold wetness from the drink that spilled all over her, Monique looked up a saw a young blonde woman standing above her with an angry look on her face. She was pretty, long blonde hair, maybe 5’ 10” and about 115 lbs. Monique also couldn’t help but notice her incredibly large breasts. She looked to be a 40DD and they were practically spilling over her expensive looking bikini top. The white girl appeared to be in her mid twenties but looked somewhat trashy with all the makeup and feathered hair. In short, she looked like a typical white bimbo and didn’t even know it.
Standing up and facing the angry blonde Monique said “I’m sorry. I was just sitting…”
“Well why don’t you just watch what you are doing!” she said loudly so that many people overheard.
Janet, Maria and Troy couldn’t believe what they were hearing. This girl had some nerve and she was clearly intimidating poor Monique. They didn’t know what to do it happened so fast. They were just looking at this obnoxious blonde run her big mouth obviously trying to intimidate Monique and draw attention to it.
“Well, like I said, I was just sitting here with my friends and…”
“Oh yeah. I can see that they let a lot of YOU people on the beach here” the blonde shot back with sarcasm dripping from her voice.
Before any of the others had a chance to react, Monique’s attitude change suddenly.
“What do you mean YOU people?” Monique said back, a hint of anger growing in her eyes.
“I mean ever since you BLACKS started coming here this beach has gone down hill with your loud rap music and obnoxious attitudes! Why don’t you take MANDINGO here and your HO friends and go back to the ghetto you stupid little girl!”
Monique, raised to hold her tongue in the face of white people, suddenly felt a rage welling up inside her that she’d never felt before. It was the rage of generations of Black women who had sucked up, suppressed, and suffered the taunts and torments of similar narcissistic, spoiled white women. It was in that moment that she decided to take back her power.
Suddenly, Monique Reached out and grabbed the racist’s bikini top right between her breasts! The blonde’s eyes grew wide as she knew what the Black woman was going to try to do. “No! Stop it you bitch! Let go!” The white girl screamed as she tried to slap Monique’s hand away but Monique was too strong. As Blondie screamed, more and more people rushed to the scene. Seeing the young Black teen pulling on the white woman’s bikini top, everyone began cheering for Monique to rip it off, especially all those people who witnessed the racist‘s rant against Monique. Troy and the girls stood up and began cheering Monique on and Maria pulled out her camera. “Oh! This is going to be GOOD! Keep pulling Monique! Rip it off!” she yelled and started snapping away!
As the two women fought over the bikini top like a tug-of-war, the white girl continued with her hysterical screaming and because of that, well over a hundred people had gathered around to watch the show.
Monique gave the blonde’s bikini top a final and very hard pull and with a loud RRRIIIP! it came completely off! The white woman’s huge 40DD tits flew out and sprang to life, completely bared to the crowd. A loud cheer erupted from the crowd and everyone began laughing at the now topless blonde. The bimbo screamed and threw her arms over her tits trying to cover them and began desperately trying to grab her top back from Monique. Playing a playful game of keep-away, Monique held the large bikini top just out of reach of her grasp as she screamed and grabbed at the garment. “No!” she screamed. “Give it back! Help! Give it back you Black bitch!” The blonde was trying to grab it with one arm crossed over her huge tits not only the hide them from the eyes of the laughing crowd but also to hold them in place.
The large crowd had gathered around to witness the denuding and now it completely encircled the two women. Blondie realized she wasn’t going to get her top back from the more athletic Monique and with both of her arms wrapped over her big tits made a run for it. Maria and Janet were not going to let the show end so soon however and when the half-naked white woman tried to run by them, they grabbed her, spun her around and gave her a hard slap on her tight little white ass. She let out a loud squeal and darted in the other direction. However, she made the mistake of running right by Monique. Without hesitation, Monique reached out and grabbed the white girl’s bikini bottom from behind and began pulling on it! “You like showing off that body so much white girl, lets see if you’re a NATURAL blonde!”
Everyone in the noisy crowd began cheering for Monique to rip off the white girl’s bikini panties and strip her naked. Everyone, regardless of sex, age or color began chanting, “Strip her!” “No!” screamed the bimbo at the top of her lungs. “Stop! I’ll be naked! I’ll be naked!” Monique didn’t stop pulling as the blonde tried desperately to stop her. Trying to keep her huge tits covered and hold them in place while also trying to reach behind and stop Monique from ripping off her bikini panties proved very difficult. Finally she gave up trying to hold the giant tits in place and reached around with both hands in a desperate attempt to keep this small Black woman from stripping her naked.
Unrestrained, the big firm tits sprang to life and began bouncing around wildly in all directions! Everyone in the crowd was cheering and laughing at the sight of the panic stricken blonde trying frantically to keep the young Black woman from stripping her naked. Her big tits flying in all directions only added to the comedy of the show and it looked like they were putting on a show of their own.
Finally amidst approving howls from the crowd, Monique gave her bikini bottom a very hard pull and with a loud RRRRRRRIIIIIIP! the racist’s last article of clothing came completely off leaving her totally naked in the middle of over a hundred people who were all cheering and laughing wildly at the sight! Flash bulbs were going off like crazy and camcorders were zooming in from all directions. Monique stood behind the naked white woman laughing hysterically and waving her bikini over her head like a trophy. The white woman however was the only one not enjoying the strip show. She stood in the sand frozen like a statue looking down at herself, arms to her sides and with her eyes and mouth wide open with a shocked and dumb-founded expression on her face. The poor naked girl was in too much shock to even scream, cover herself or run away, the laughter of the crowd ringing in her ears as she looked down at her naked self!
It was at this time, as the naked racist stood frozen in the middle of the crowd that everyone discovered that she had sculpted her pubic into the shape of a neatly trimmed little valentine heart. This brought even more howls of appreciative laughter form all watching. But to top it all off, it was also discovered that she wasn’t even a natural blonde as her little valentine was jet black! Maria with her camera and Janet with her camcorder, zoomed in on the frozen naked woman laughing hysterically at her.
All around the air was filled with applause and catcalls as the white woman was still frozen in shock. Then suddenly she looked up and saw the sea of laughing happy faces. This snapped her out of her shock and throwing one hand between her long legs to cover her pussy and wrapping her other arm around big firm breasts; she took off at full speed screaming hysterically. The reluctant stripper only made it to the edge of the crowd where she was shoved back several times by enthusiastic fans who also took the opportunity to slap and grab her white ass. It seemed that no one intended to let this racist off the hook this easy. Everyone on the beach had heard what she said to Monique and now, no matter what their color, wanted to see her receive the comeuppance she had coming.
After she was shoved back several times, in a total panic she threw herself down into the sand in a comical attempt to hide herself from the eyes of the ecstatic crowd. Flopping and squirming around like a bizarre landed fish brought more guffaws from all watching. “You bastards!” she screamed. “Help! Somebody give me a towel! I’m naked! I’m naked!” No one gave her a towel. Instead, the level of laughter and camera flashes only increased.
Thinking quickly, Monique shouted to her friend Maria. “Hear! Take this!” And she tossed the girl’s bikini to her. Maria happily caught it and waved it in the air herself. Monique jumped on top of the writhing woman sat on her back and pinned her to the ground. “Get off me you black bitch!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. “Help! Somebody get her off me! I’m naked!”
Reaching out, Monique grabbed the silk scarf in the blonde’s hair. She ripped it out and with the skills of a rodeo cowgirl, used it to quickly tie the wriggling woman’s hands behind her back. Knowing what was going to happen next, the entire crowd cheered even louder in anticipation of what they were about to see and Monique wasn’t about to disappoint her fans. “OK white girl!” Monique yelled in her ear. “It’s show time! Smile for your fans!”
“Oh! Please no!” the denuded woman screamed and pleaded. “Somebody help me! Make her stop! No! I give up! Please! I’m sorry! I’ll be good!”
“Too late for that!” Monique laughed and grabbing the woman’s arms, picked her up and holding her from behind made her stand totally naked and on display for all to see. Monique held the blonde firmly from behind as she kicked and screamed and pleaded for someone, anyone to help her. No one did. Everyone on the beach knew that this stuck-up racist had it coming and they were all too happy to see her getting her comeuppance. “Help! Somebody help me!” screamed the white girl. “Let me go you bitch!” Monique help her firmly in place.
The reluctant stripper was in such a panic that, as she kicked and struggled, her writhing made her big white tits bounce and fly in all directions like two over inflated beach balls. She also began kicking her legs apart trying to escape Monique’s grasp, which exposed her pussy to everyone. Her valentine heart on prominent display crowning her smooth hairless pussy lips. She could see the hundred or so people all around looking and laughing at her, their taunts, hoots and catcalls ringing in her ears. What made it even more humiliating for her was seeing all of the women, BLACK women, fully clothed, who were obviously enjoying her embarrassment, their faces contorted in hysterical laughter.
Monique never felt so empowered in her life. After years of being intimidated by white women, the act of publicly humiliating this one made her feel as though she were on top of the world. What amazed Monique was that it was so easy. If she had known how effortless it would be to put a stuck-up white bimbo in her place she would have done it years ago.
Suddenly and to Monique‘s surprise, the climax of the whole show was about to unfold. While Monique held the white woman on naked display a skinny little Black boy ran up to her. Pointing and laughing at her he yelled out “Ha! Ha! You’re naked white girl!” The reluctant stripper screamed back a the little boy, who was only expressing his excitement about seeing a naked white woman for the first time in his life, “Shut up you little n****r!” That shocked everyone there and the entire crowd fell silent in disbelief that this woman could say something like that to a boy. But not taking this lying down, the little Black boy jumped up to the naked racist and reaching up, grabbed both of her big white tits in his eager little hands! This brought a loud high pitched squeal from Blondie. It seemed that she had NOT learned her lesson yet.
Seeing the boy grab the racist‘s tits, everyone erupted in an explosion of laughter, approving hoots and shouts of encouragement for the boy! But he was just getting started and began to squeeze and shake her big tits very hard, much to the crowd‘s delight! Monique held her firmly in place while looking over her shoulder at what the Black boy was doing to her tits and laughed hysterically at the sight!
Blondie kicked, screamed and struggled to escape as the little boy began to squeeze and bounce her large naked breasts around to the enjoyment of the crowd. “You little bastard! You twerp!” she screamed at the top of her lungs as he juggled away. “Somebody get him off me! Make him stop! My breasts!”
Ignoring Blondie’s screams and pleas for him to stop, the little Back boy continued squeezing and bouncing her big tits with even more enthusiasm. It was quite a sight, the little Black boy holding the naked white girl’s sizeable tits as he squeezed and bounced them around in all directions, in circles and even bouncing them into each other as the hysterical woman screamed and squealed for him to stop. “Noooooo!” she screamed! “Let go! Please! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it! Somebody stop him! Make him let go!”
Grabbing one tit in both hands, the boy gave it a big kiss right on her erect nipple! Blondie screamed and pinching each nipple the Black boy flicked them around with his fingers causing them to get even harder! After playing with the naked white woman’s nipples, he shot his hand between her legs and grabbed her pussy. Blondie quickly clamped her legs together tightly but the boy began rubbing her pussy vigorously!
“NO! N-N-NO!” she stammered as she tried to wriggle free of Monique and the boy. “P-P-PLEASE! STOP! N-NO!” Suddenly, she threw back her head and her whole body began to convulse with wild spasms. She was in the throws of a massive orgasm! The boy removed his hand and Monique let her go. The white woman fell to the ground on her back and with her legs spread wide, bucked and writhed around as laughter and cheers filled the air. Her smooth pussy could easily be seen convulsing in its swollen state as she thrust her hips up and down as though she were trying to fuck some large invisible dick.
Finishing up his juggling act with the Miss Two-toned’s big breasts, he gave each nipple a good pinch, which brought a loud squeal from the “blonde” and reaching down, plucked out a small bit of black hair from the “blonde’s” valentine heart between her kicking legs! Holding up his trophy, he ran back into to cheering crowd receiving many cheers for his good deed!
Monique held the woman for several more minutes forcing her to stand naked and on display for the pleasure of the crowd. All the while the she kicked and screamed hysterically! “Please!” she screamed to the crowd. “Somebody help me! Stop laughing at me! Let go you bitch! I give up! I‘m naked I‘m naked!” Nobody helped her. People were too busy snapping away with their cameras and filming with their camcorders. Maria and Janet were no exceptions. Troy stood with the girls, a huge grin on his face and a very large bulge in his trunks.
“Oh look!” shouted Janet. “Her nipples are hard! She’s turned on!” Maria and Troy both noticed her nipples too. Sure enough, they were rock hard and jutting out like pencil erasers. It seemed that despite her embarrassing situation at the moment the humiliation was actually turning the naked racist on. She was also getting moist between her legs and the glistening wetness on her smooth pussy lips could be seen every time she kicked her legs apart. She was vaguely aware of this somewhere deep in her mind but this didn’t stop her from trying to get away and stop this comical nightmare.
Monique finally relented and let the Reluctant Stripper go. The nude woman, however, just stood in the sand crouched over with her legs crossed, looking wildly around and screaming hysterically with her hands still firmly tied behind her back! Her big tits hanging down swinging with the rhythm of her movements. She was making an absolute spectacle of herself and the entire crowd cheered and laughed it’s approval.
Seeing that this naked comical farce was just going to stand there like a fool screaming, Monique decided to get her moving down the beach. “Now get your white ass out of hear!“ she yelled and with a loud SLAP! gave her a very hard spank. Letting out a high pitched squeal, she shot bolt upright and took off at full speed. With her hands tied behind her back, she could not hold her sizeable breasts in place and as she ran, her tits flew in all directions adding to her humiliation and the crowd‘s laughter!
Squealing loudly, the she took off running through the throng of spectators. Everyone within arms length took the opportunity to grab, jiggle and squeeze her tits and ass! “Help! Stop! Let go of me you bastards! I’m naked! I’m naked!”, she screamed as she swiftly pushed her way through the beach crowd!
It wasn’t just the guys. Just as many women and girls were grabbing and spanking various parts of her most intimate anatomy which made it all the more humiliating for her. However, the MOST humiliating thing was the fact that many of the guys and girls grabbing at her were Black.
The denuded “blonde” finally broke through the huge crowd and ran to a small flight of stairs leading to a parking lot. Bounding up the stairs, she streaked through a parking lot with not only the little Black boy who wowed the crowd with his juggling act chasing after her, but several of his little friends as well. They followed her out onto the street and down the busy sidewalk.
It was quite the sight! A completely naked white woman with huge tits running down the street screaming her ass off with her hands tied behind her back. Giving chase and close on her heels, were six young Black kids, three boys and three girls all laughing and cheering as they swatted her ass. Each spank causing her to squeal loudly and run faster. Her tits bouncing in all directions and her little valentine heart on show for all to see. People on the street not believing their eyes. Then with sudden realization of what they were seeing, burst out laughing and cheering the little Black kids on. People in their cars slowing down and blowing their horns in approval at the farcical sight! The naked woman disappeared down the street. Her screams of panic could still be heard and the laughter and catcalls of the Black boys and girl along with them.
Meanwhile, back at the scene of the denuding, Monique was receiving cheers and applause from everyone on the beach. Janet and Maria hugged her and told her that that was the most incredible thing that they had EVER seen. They couldn’t wait to tell everyone about what she had done and how she stood up to the that horrible woman. Maria had a camera and had taken LOTS of pictures and luckily Janet had decided to bring her video camera and she had captured the whole thing on film. They were definitely going to have many fun times playing the video over and over again with all their friends watching.
Suddenly, Troy approached Monique from the crowd. He had decided to stand off and let Monique bask in her 15 minutes of fame with the appreciative crowd.
“Damn baby”, he said as he stood in front of her, his large muscular frame dwarfing hers. “That was the most incredible thing I’ve EVER seen!” He reached out and gently grabbed her arms with his large hands and gave her a gentle and passionate kiss on her soft lips. She responded and wrapped her arms around his slim waist, reaching up to meet his kiss. Janet and Maria each gave each other a knowing look and smile.
“I never knew you had it in you to stand up for yourself like that” he said looking into her eyes.
“To tell you the truth, I didn’t either!” she said.
“Monique, I’ve NEVER seen you more sexy than doing what you just did. I mean, it takes a REAL woman to not hold back and put a rude stuck-up racist like that in her place. And if I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, I have to say that it really turned me on.”
“Well, if I’m to be honest with you I have to say that stripping that white woman naked in front of all these people really turned me on as well and I can tell that YOU are OBVIOUSLY turned on” she said looking down and smiling at the huge bulge in his pants. “What do you think we should do about it?”
“Oh, I can think of a few things.” Troy said as he pulled Monique closer to his lean and well muscled torso.
“Where do you think she ran off to? He asked.
“Who cares! Where ever she’s gone I’ll bet she’s giving lots of people a good show!”
“I like your attitude. And what are you going to do with that girl’s bikini?” Troy asked.
“I think I’ll keep it for a trophy and I‘ve got the perfect place to hang it!” Monique said with a smile holding the ripped garment in her hand behind Troy’s back as they hugged.

Troy had never felt so close to Monique as he did on this night. Seeing her rip that white girl’s bikini off and holding her on display for the crowd then sending her running off naked and screaming down the street touched a raw and erotic nerve somewhere deep within him. He now saw this woman in a new light. No longer a girl, but a real woman. And not just any woman; a PROUD AFRICAN WOMAN. One who could hold her own and take care of herself.
He had taken her out to her favorite restaurant and treated her to a celebratory dinner. Now, back in her living room in her apartment, he eagerly waited on her to come out of the bedroom. When she did she was dressed only in a white terry cloth robe. She said nothing as she slowly walked up to him. He made a reach to kiss her but she grabbed his hands and pushed them down. “No.” she said. “Tonight, I’m taking charge.”
Monique slowly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it out of his jeans and slipping it off of his shoulders revealed his naked muscular chest. She kissed his chiseled picks and ran her fingers lightly down his rippled stomach finding the buttons of his jeans. Popping them open one by one she reached inside running her fingers through his little patch of public hair and finding the base of his thick meaty shaft, grabbed with her small fingers. Troy wore nothing under his jeans and had already removed his shoes. Monique slid his jeans down and Troy stepped out of them. He stood before her naked and proud. She took in the sight of his hot naked body, from his broad muscular shoulders to his narrow waist and down further to his thigh strong thighs. But what she concentrated on was the meat hanging between his legs. Yes, MEAT. That was the only way she knew to describe it. It extended from the little patch of pubic hair, thick and heavy down almost nine inched as it was now in its flaccid state. The large plumb size head capping it off. He was cut, and she liked that. The huge penis hung over two extremely large balls nestled tightly in their smooth almost gossamer sack. They were literally the size of hens eggs!
As she took in his beauty she thought to herself that before her stood a man who should be standing in a museum! He looked to her like a proud African god, a worrier, a chief who could command men and satisfy the desires of any woman.
Monique approached him. He stood still and steady. She only came up to his smooth, massive chest. With her right hand she traced her fingers down his chest, over the ripped muscles in his abdomen, through his pubic hair and finally to the base of his huge cock. Gently, she took it in her hand feeling its heavy weight; it’s thickness and it’s length. With her other hand she cupped the extraordinarily large balls feeling their heaviness and marveling at their size. Gently she kneaded the large balls in her hand. Troy softly moaned.
“Did you really like what I did to that white girl on the beach today?” she asked as she kneaded and stroked.
“Oh yes” Troy sighed. “That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I was so proud of you. You were like an African worrier princess.”
“I could tell that it excited you. It was pretty obvious to me and the girls” Monique giggled. Troy laughed softly concentrating on Monique’s hands.
“Mmmm. That’s better baby” Monique said as she felt Troy’s cock begin to stiffen and twitch in her hand. “Get hard for me and if it helps, think about me stripping that woman today. What did you like about it?” she softly said, still stroking.
“I loved when you tied her hands behind her back and held her on display” he moaned. “That was so erotic when you were holding her there and she was kicking and screaming and that little Black boy grabbed her big tits. I almost came right there. I know it turned you on too. What excited you the most?”
Still stroking, Monique had brought Troy’s massive cock to full attention. Twelve and a half inches of pure ebony meat. “Well” she said looking down at his huge proud shaft. “What excited me the most was all those people laughing at her and how she ran off down the street totally naked with those kids chasing after her.” At that thought Monique let out a loud giggle.
“You sure taught her a lesson” Troy said, looking down at Monique’s hands massaging his shaft and balls.
“Well, now I’m going to teach YOU a lesson. Lay on the floor.”
Troy did as Monique said and lay down on his back. Monique slowly slipped off her rode and stood above her man totally nude. Her soft drown skin shinning in the fire light. Her pert little breast standing out and her nipples fully erect and proud. Her neatly trimmed bush crowning her perfectly smooth and slick pussy lips.
She sat astride his muscular thighs and grasped his long hard shaft in her soft little hands. “Mmmm” she said. “This is some piece of meat.” Troy threw his head back and moaned. Bending over, she gently kissed the swollen head several times before taking it slowly into her mouth. Troy could feel his dick slowly being engulfed by her mouth.
After several minutes of this Monique slid up on his body. She brought her swollen pussy lips right up to Troy’s hard shaft an began to masturbate herself on his thick hard dick. She could feel his massive balls beneath her. She held the pole tightly against her pussy, rubbing it hard on her lips, her legs spread wide astride him. Monique’s bucking and rubbing increased until she looked like a woman riding a wild stallion. “Oh YES!” she screamed. “Your big Black cock feels so good against my little pussy! Oh YES! Make me come! I love you huge cock!”
Troy, breathing hard, reached up and grabbed Monique’s tits and began to squeeze them and pinch her nipples. He began to buck up and down matching her movements.
“I’m coming!” Monique screamed. “Oh! I’m coming!” Monique’s body began to convulse and spasm. The orgasm shot through her body like a lightning bolt as she rubbed her wet, tight pussy hard on Troy’s long stiff shaft. At the same time Troy began to stiffen and buck uncontrollably. Suddenly, a massive rope of white cum shot from his huge dick. It shot well above Monique’s head about seven feet in the air. Then another and another. Troy shot several more thick ropes of his African seed well into the air as Monique continued to rub his dick against her pussy. She saw them and was amazed, even through her orgasmic daze, at how much sperm he had shot and how hard it came out. She had never seen him come like that before and somewhere in the back of her spinning mind she knew that it had something to do with her stripping the white racist naked on the beach. With a wash cloth she had, she gently cleaned off all the sperm from his shaft.
Both spent, Monique collapsed onto Troy’s chest. She could fell his heavy breathing and his heart beating strongly. They lay there for a long while. She could feel his large dick and balls between her still spread legs. His left pec, a hard pillow for her soft face as she fondled his other hard and massive pec with her left hand marveling at its strength and size. She had never felt so relaxed, comfortable and safe in her life.
They fell asleep like that and didn’t wake until early the next morning.
Monique was in her apartment busily studying for her upcoming marketing course she would busy herself with during the summer when there was a knock at the door. “Who could THAT be” she thought as she opened the door.
What Monique saw shocked and surprised her. Standing in her doorway was a beautiful blonde white woman wearing a little yellow sundress. Her massive tits looking as though they would explode out of the front of the light fabric. Monique immediately recognized her as the “Reluctant Stripper”, the woman she had stripped on the beach. A quick wave of fear swept over Monique. What could she be doing here and HOW did she find out where I lived? Is she going to pull out a weapon? These thoughts passed through her mind, that is until the blonde woman spoke.
“I - I came to apologize” she stammered, looking nervously at Monique.
Monique was speechless. She was literally at a loss for words.
“I - I wanted to apologize for the w - way I acted on the beach and to say that what you did to me has well, taught me a lesson” she said looking down at the floor.
Monique’s wave of fear suddenly disappeared and she found herself saying “Well I hope that it did….”
“Jenny. M - My name is Jenny and I came to tell you something else” she stammered nervously.
“What’s that?” Monique asked suspiciously.
“Well” she nervously stuttered, fear in her eyes. “Well. I think that… I think that I need to be taught another lesson. I think that I need to be punished again.”
Monique’s jaw hit the floor. She could NOT believe what she was hearing. Surely this couldn’t be happening; surely this HAD to be some sort of thick. There was only one way to find out.
“Well, don’t just stand there come inside” Monique told her in a sharp tone.
The big breasted blonde walked nervously inside and stood in the middle of Monique’s living room. Monique looked her up and down and suddenly seeing how subservient this white woman was, all of her suspicion was swept away and a tingly wave of power came over her.
“Are you serious?” Monique asked.
“Y -Yes” she said looking down. “What you and your friends did to me on the beach made me realize how wrong I was and that I need to be punished again to make up for it.”
Oh shit! Monique thought to herself. This can’t be true! This is just too good to pass up. What do I do now?
Suddenly, a wave of inspiration came over her. She walked over to her desk and returned with a pen and note card. “OK” she told the blonde. “Write down your full name, your cell number, and your address.”
The blonde did as she was told and handed the card back to Monique. “No. No.” she said to her. “Your name isn’t Jenny anymore. It’s Hotlips. Do you want to know why?”
“Y-Yes” she said, humiliation in her voice.
“Because MASH is one of my favorite movies and the stuck up blonde in it is named Hotlips. Everybody gets off humiliating her and they even expose her naked in public to see if she is a natural blonde. Unlike you she is. HAHAHA!” Monique said not containing her laughter. “You should watch it some time. And by the way My name is MISS MONIQUE. Got that?”
“Yea Miss Monique” said Hotlips.
“Now wait here.” Monique went into the kitchen and came back with a large paper bag, the type you put groceries in. She place the bag open at Hotlips’ feet.
“Now strip!” Monique said sharply.
Hotlips put her purse down on the floor and slowly and nervously removed her sundress. She placed the garment in the bag and stood before Monique wearing only her summer sandals and her lacy white panties, arms crossed over her breasts.
“Drop the arms” Monique demanded and when she did Monique was amazed once again at the sight of the blonde’s huge tits.
“Are those thing real” Monique asked. “They don’t even sag any!”
“Yes” was all the Hotlips could say.
“OK then. Give them a shake.”
Hotlips did as she was told. Giving her upper torso a wagging shake sent the giant tits swinging wildly from side to side.
Monique laughed out loud. “Oh shit Hotlips! How do you walk around with those things?!”
Jenny was clearly sensitive about the size of her huge tits and embarrassed about the display she was putting on for this young Black women and Monique could tell.
“OK Hotlips! The panties! In the bag!”
She slowly removed the little panties and tossed them in the bag standing before her new Black mistress totally naked except for her sandals. Her hands covering her pussy.
“Hands!” Monique ordered. She was really getting into this role and it was exciting her in more ways than one.
Hotlips moved her hands and Monique burst out laughing. “I’m not even going to ASK about that little valentine heart Hotlips!”
Jenny’s face turned beat red she was so embarrassed yet her nipples were obviously erect because of the humiliation Monique was putting her through and Monique could tell.
“OK white meat” Monique commanded. “Down on the floor and put that white ass of yours up in the air and face on the ground.”
“White meat” did as she was told. Her giant tits pressed onto the carpet her little white ass up in the air. It made a perfect target and suddenly there was a loud SLAP!
The stinging spank to “white meat’s” ass caught her by complete surprise and she let out an audible yelp that made Monique laugh with glee. Then another burning slap came and another and another. With each swat to her white ass, Jenny let out a loud, high-pitched squeal that delighted Monique to no end.
Monique had never felt such a rush in her life. To have complete control over this beautiful stuck-up white racist whom she could humiliate however she wished gave her a feeling of such power and satisfaction, the likes of which she had never felt before. Looking down at the subservient little tramp on the floor, Monique was suddenly filled with a rage that came from years of “knowing her place” in the presence of such white women. The thought of her mother and grandmother having to do the same for generations back only served to fuel that fire causing the brutal spanks to only get harder.
Grabbing Hotlips by the arm, Monique walked her to the door with only her purse and sandals. Monique opened the door and the bright sunlight hit both in the eyes.
“I don’t have the time to be messing with you right now Hotlips, so you had better be leaving. I have your number and BELIEVE me, I’ll be calling and when I do you had better pick up!” Monique said with a smile as she held the totally naked woman at the door.
“Wait! No! Please! You can’t throw me out! Not like this! I’m naked! How will I get home?! I live all the way across town!” the naked woman pleaded and begged.
Monique would hear none of it. “That’s YOUR problem!” she said giving her a sharp slap on her little white naked ass propelling her out the door.
Monique quickly shut the door and locked it. Running over to her front window she was just in time to see a naked white woman running across the parking lot in broad daylight, clutching her purse in front of her pussy and trying desperately to hold her huge tits in place. Her little white ass jiggling with every step. Monique burst out laughing at the comical sight!
Just as the naked woman reached the middle of the parking lot there came a loud shout from somewhere Monique could not see.
“OH SHIT!” the female voice screamed in amusement. “Look! She’s NAKED!”
Suddenly an avalanche of male and female voices could be heard from the other end of the complex, all laughing, shouting and whistling!
“Yeah baby! Shake that ass!”
“Look at those TITS! HAHAHA!”
“Hey white girl! Where’re your clothes?!”
The naked woman scampered across the lot in a total panic. Finally making it to her car, a new silver Mercedes two-door sports coupe. She stopped and fumbled through her purse nervously crouching down trying desperately to hide as best she could from the shouting Black college students. Finally getting her keys out, she opened the door and jumped in. Monique heard the car start and watched as she pulled out of the parking lot and headed home all the way across town totally naked and in broad daylight. The students still shouting and laughing the whole time.
A wide and slightly wicked smile made it’s way across Monique’s face.
“This is going to be a VERY interesting summer” she thought to herself.

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