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Dancing with the Devil

Daddy’s grrl © 2007

I knew I shouldn’t be there.

I knew it from the moment he asked me to come. From the moments when I repeatedly said “no,” through the steps I took up the block and now that I stood here at the intercom, finger poised over the buzzer – I knew I should turn around. But I didn’t. I stood there, holding a bag of muffins, an iced coffee and with the makings of a nice, fat blunt in my purse. He had asked me for a chocolate muffin and I obliged, I shouldn’t be bringing him shit – but the obedient little slut within couldn’t help herself.

I pressed the buzzer. No response. I pressed it again. Nothing. Is this a sign? I thought to myself. It probably was, but I was too jaded to read it and I pressed the buzzer for that magical third time. Just as I finally took the hint and turned to walk away, I heard the crackle of a response from the speaker and a high-pitched beep invited me in.

Once in the elevator I had reached the point of no return and I knew it. If these two decided to have their way with me, there was no way I could stop them and it was debatable if I’d even want to, despite my vow of celibacy. He knew about it, and swore he’d respect my wishes but the look in his eye as I walked in made that doubtful.

Surprisingly they were perfect gentlemen despite the fact that they had both tasted my intoxicating essence and, indubitably, each wanted another sip. But they maintained perfect composure as we smoked, chatted and laughed about some of the ridiculousness that is life and then it came time to make my departure.

The Quiet One bid me adieu with a nice hug and I invited the Devil – the one who had extended the invitation to debauchery in the first place – to do the same. He hugged me firmly and I began to relax into it but then I sensed that this was about to take a wrong turn.

His grip around my body tightened and he walked me backwards toward the door as he squeezed me, repositioning his arms and cupping my ass cheeks in his hands. I tried to push away, but he pinned me against the wall by the front door and began trying to kiss me, forcing his tongue between my tightly sealed lips.

I squealed and writhed, trying to get him off but his bulky stature was built for situations such as these and his leverage was impeccable. Just as he worked his lips into sync with mine the doorbell rang and we both jumped. His eyes grew to the size of saucers momentarily, returning to their normal size as he slowly and silently looked out the peephole.

We both sighed with relief upon realizing it was one of his employees, and he opened the door to let her in. I knew her casually, so I greeted her as I stealthy slipped out the door as she came in. The Devil would not be deterred, however and he followed me out into the hallway. My heart began to beat a little faster and I quickly pressed the elevator button. I felt ecstatic when the door opened immediately, but it still wasn’t fast enough. He grabbed me hard by the left wrist when I tried to run into the elevator and pulled me out of it back into the hallway. I pulled and twisted trying to free my arm to no avail.

“Stop it! You’re hurting me” I said sharply but quietly, not wanting to get too loud in the hallway and possibly attract the attention of his neighbors.

“So stop fighting me,” he said with playful malice as he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me tightly to him. He kissed me roughly, forcing his tongue between my lips again. I pushed away and stepped toward the elevator, pressing the button with my hip as we moved back and forth, almost dancing as his tongue continued to violate my mouth. The elevator door opened again and I backed into it and managed to shove him out and press the door close button, but he put his hand in the path of the closing door and it opened again – damned sensors.

He stepped into the elevator, grabbed my right arm and twisted it behind me turning my back towards him and pressing my face against the cold metal wall of the elevator. I squirmed and pushed back, but I had no leverage in the position I was in and I was stuck. Helpless. He used his free hand to pull my shirt up and roughly groped my breasts through my bra. I squealed as my exposed midsection touched the cold wall and he laughed callously.

“Please, I’m not playing! Stop it!” I cried.

“I’m not playing either, you dirty bitch. You knew what was gonna happen when you came over here – I’m taking this pussy. I bet it’s wet, too, you fuckin’ slut,” he said coldly as he shoved his hand down my pants. My pussy was indeed dripping and feeling the wetness excited him more.

“Oh hell yeah,” he said through clenched teeth. He pulled my pants down from the back and quickly unbuttoned his own, revealing that beautifully thick, long, black dick. I felt its warmth and heaviness against my ass, and I remembered my celibacy vows and how good I had been for so long and I began to really buck and fight against him. I twisted and pushed but the struggle only seemed to electrify his desire.

He pulled me towards him and then slammed me roughly against the wall as he forced himself inside me. I gasped and continued to fight, but he adjusted me into the perfect position and the fullness of his huge, erect cock tore deeper into my tight, re-virginized pussy. He pushed in and out, in and out – he seemed almost possessed as he groaned and continued to ravage me. I tried one last time to push away before the fatigue and pleasurable sensations took over my body, and when they did I collapsed back into him and my hips began to move uncontrollably, gyrating with the rhythm of his perverse abuse.

When he realized that I had acquiesced, he clutched my throat triumphantly and his strokes grew deeper, firmer and longer. He took full, lengthy strokes from head to hilt and slowly back out again, compressing my throat and taunting me with whispers in my ear:

“Mmm hmm, look at you. You know you wanted this dick I don’t know why you tried to fight me. This slutty little pussy is wet as hell and it’s so tight, it feels so fuckin’ good!”

“Why are you doing this?” I squeaked, “I said no!”

“You might have said no, but this pussy says yes. This pussy loves my dick bitch, just accept it,” he hissed as he continued constricting my airway, fucking me hard and deep. Deeper and harder he pushed, the friction began to make my delicate tissues sore but the pleasure overrode the pain. Without warning, he ripped his pulsating dick from my pussy and let out a loud grunt as he spurted his load into his own hand. He pulled his pants up with his unsoiled hand and then pressed the “door open” button – the elevator had not moved from his floor. The door opened. He kissed me on the cheek and offered a sly smile, pressing the button for the lobby as he wordlessly exited the elevator and went back into his apartment.

I regained my composure as the elevator went down, I tried to wrap my mind around what had just transpired as I fixed my clothing and got ready to exit, though I really wished I could sink through the floor.

As I approached the door to the building it began to swing open in my direction. I was confused because I didn’t see anyone through the glass top half of the door, but I looked down to discover that it was the Devil’s youngest daughter pushing it open!

My breath caught in my throat as our eyes met. She has met me before, and knows my name but thankfully she did not acknowledge me, and I was able to slip out while his wife and other 2 children chatted with a neighbor with their backs to the door.

I walked quickly down the block, turned the nearest corner and then regained my ability to breathe. I limped off, rubbing my bruised wrist, feeling the soreness of my pussy and the guilt in the pit of my stomach and I vowed never to be lured by THAT Devil again.

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