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Tamed Tiger

tigress © 2007

I wish to lay my body out across your feet, like your personal pet tiger.
As I turn over and look up into your strong soul, your piercing eyes, my body gets weak.
I started move in a, softly, in a seductive way, wishing he can read into my eyes like Braille what it is, I seek, to please on this night,  his night.
In a sexy way, he  slightly put his foot on my neck.
"Who owns you my pet?"
"you my sir."
He clinch his jaw and snatch me up by his petite waist and sat me on the counter.
"You are mine little one. I love you with my entire heart."
My heart drops.
I search his beautiful shaped eyes for truth, my eyes move from side to side out of fear releasing each tear drop.. Fear of my love that is so strong that has  scared vanilla men away. True sub missives love with a depth ness, that can only be cherished by a Dominant.
He held my chin up. "Release it, tell me."
 I see it, the love that I searched for all my life, I think if more tears flowed out of my eyes, his slightly watery eyes will flow of tears of finally feeling complete.
"You are heaven sent sir, I love you." He licked away my tears, as he held my weak body steady. As his tongue moved towards my lips, I lashed out for his lips.
"Down Tiger. Allow me to have this power at this moment in due time you will get to have control."
I whimpered and moaned as he ravished my lips. There I was helpless, like the submissive I was built to be.
My heart was racing like never before, the feeling was overwhelmed in love and in passion all at the same time. He  lifted me off the counter, and carried me to the bedroom.
He peeled my clothes off me, while kissing and touching me, and I wanted him to know that I was being obedient, so I dared not to show any form of control. He laid me down on his California King bed. He walked around the entire bed, just watching me, studying me, I wish I knew what was in that sadist mind of his.
He pulled out the leg restraints, he pushed my legs up strapped the restraints around my thighs onto my shins. He used rope to hold each leg wide as possible as he tied the rope to the posts. He hand cuffed my hands behind my back.
"Are you okay little one?"
"yes sir."
He climbed on the bed towered over me, he kissed my neck ever so slowly, his soft finger tips  sent chills throughout my entire body. He traced his fingers over my erect nipples, and pinched one while slightly biting the other.
I gasped out in ecstasy with relief. He moved his hot mouth down my stomach kissing it the lower he went. He stopped at my navel ring, and tugged on it and all of a sudden he slide his finger deep inside my wet essence. I cried out. He came back up to my breast and sucked them, still fingering me with his controlled rhythm.

"You so wet... all of this is for Daddy?
yes.. yes..  I moaned with pleasure. my pussy muscles gripped his fingers, never wanting to let him go.
"You are being such a good girl. Right?"
Ahhh, yes Daddy your good girl."
Are you Tiger right now?
"No, Daddy, I am a kitten in your eye sight."
"That is right and don't you ever get beside yourself and for get it. You are Tiger when I want you to be Tiger."
He pulled out his wet fingers and put them to my mouth, teasing me while I sucked each drop off his fingers.
He then put his entire mouth over my swollen clit, and  started sucking it. I screamed out in agony, pleasure, and ache.
He tapped my clit fast with his tongue.
"Please Oh Please!" I moaned and groaned aggressively.
He got up, and put my pink gag around me.
"Control little one, did I ask you to speak?"
He pinched my clit so hard that I felt like fainting from the pain. He brought me back to reality when he gently licked his pussy again.
As soon as my legs began to buck, he rose up, and stripped off each piece of his clothing. He towered over me. He locked connection with my eyes.
He gently guided himself slowly into my melting pot, never leaving my eyes. My heart yearned him, my body craved him, he owned my emotions, and my thoughts at this very moment. He rode me like I was his wave, he moved with each moan that was calling his body the loudest. He growled like a beast, moaned like a lion in heat.
He stopped. my hazy eyes open to search for the reason. I felt the pulse, so alive, that it felt like my was heart beating ever so loud. He started moving....moving to the rhythm of my pulsing pussy. He was concentrating, his eyes were closed. I became wet with each stroke, I gasped. I moaned. I whimpered.  He has never done this before. He sped up the pace just a little. He released the gagged that had been keeping my speech hostage.

"I feel it Daddy." He was stripping ever piece of power from within the depths of my soul. He rocked my body so steadily. He moved in and out in and out never leaving the beat behind.
Look into my eyes little one. He whispered and he continued...
"Thank you for allowing me to..  ( ooo ahhhh oooo I purred softly.), Own you, ( yes..oooo yes.)to have you,( "oooo yes, Daddy")  to love you and to control the Tiger within you. 

As I began to release, he devoured thick  lips. He pulled his mouth from me and  gripped my shoulders as he started to explode, erupt with passion, power. On this night, I ,his submissive was tamed by a true Dominant in  His Jungle....
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