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Say Yes...

Babydoll © 2009

            As fall turns into winter, I am in awe of the change I feel with in myself. I am moving toward a different place with my lifestyle. In the past, I have viewed submission in theory. Sure, I had put it in practice but without a real Dominant it was in vain. Daddy has shown me a new way to walk this path. Submission in degrees is the way that He teaches. I return home one cold night and check my voicemails. The first message I hear is from Daddy. He tells me to answer my phone at 9 p.m. on the dot. My mouth breaks into a smile two miles wide. I love talking to Him. I work around my house and prepare my son for bed. As soon as I am done I relax with a glass of deep red wine and, and wait for Daddy’s call.

            Ring! Ring! “Hello, Daddy,” I purr into my cell. “How are you doing, baby doll?” You ask. I start to tell you about my day and how I feel. You always know how to make me laugh. W/we talk about everything; world politics, the lifestyle, Your childhood, and my family.  “My pet, will you by free this whole weekend? I want to show you something,” You ask me. I think for a minute. “Yes, my son with be with my mother. Plus my weekend is clear of any other duties,” I reply. You lay out what You want me to wear and bring. I have most of these things but a few I will have to look for. 

            I spend the rest of the week picking up a few things to bring with me. In an old-fashioned lingerie boutique, I find the perfect thing to wear for Daddy. A gold satin long-line boned corset with six garters is waiting for me in the posh shop. I also pick out skin-tone shimmer nylon hose. I want to look like a million bucks for Him. My gold satin high-heeled open-toe mules will be a great match. With in my favorite clothing store, I find a stunning red silk crepe dress. It is a halter dress with a full skirt. It will go with my black satin open-toe sling-back heels for Friday night. By Thursday, I have filled in my over-night bag with clothing to wow Daddy.


            Friday dawns bright and so cold. I awake with glee because I will be spending time with the man I want to teach me. My day passes by in a flash. When I return home, I quickly check my email. Daddy has sent me a message with details for tonight and this weekend.


“baby doll,

I am certain you have listened and collected everything I told you to. Tonight I want you in a dress with your corset under your clothes. Sexy shoes on your feet. I will be there about 7 p.m. Make sure you have clothing to go to a lifestyle club as well as everyday clothes.


            I read Your email over again. “Will He play with me in public?” is my first question.
Looking at my watch, I realize it is 5 p.m. and I need to start to dress. I start my shower. Stream fills my bath as I wrap my hair in a red silk scarf. It is done in a classy French twist. I wash my womanly body with the scent of roses. I carefully remove any body hair. As I clean and smooth my curves, I know that I am starting to slip into my true role as Daddy’s submissive. My radio in the bath is playing as I readying myself for You. “ All you go to do is say yes..” is being sang by Flotry. That’s my song. I am saying yes to You again tonight. I step out of the shower refreshed and prepared.

            I unwind my head scarf as I walk into my bedroom. I look to my bed where my clothes are laid out. I pick up my corset. The satin feels like a kiss as I hook and tie it on my hour and a half glass body. I rub my rich skin with coco butter to soften it to Your touch. I pull up my sheer hose on my thick deep gold-tone thighs and slip them on to the clips with a sigh. I fantasize about You ripping them off of Me. I stop dreaming when I see the clock reads 6 o’clock. I sit to my dressing table to paint my pretty face. As I brush on color and paint my lips, I wonder if you will be proud to show me if you see fit. Quickly I slip in to my red dress and black sling-back heels. I pick up my overnight bag and pocketbook to walk to the front of the house.
            I pick up my cell on the first ring; I am anxious to see You. “I am outside, baby,” You say before I can speak. “Yes, Daddy,” is all that I can say. I close my front door behind me and walk out to the night. I catch You looking at me with hunger in your beautiful brown eyes. You get out to open the door on the opposite of Your truck. I check You out on the sly. You are wearing a great looking black super-fine wool suit. Your tie is solid black silk and your dress shirt is bright white against your deep skin tone. “I hope you are ready for this weeknight, girl,” You tell me while you close the door. “Am I ready?’ I ask myself. Before I have second thoughts, You lend over your seat and kiss me so slowly. “Will you submit to me in all things this weekend?” You inquire. “Yes Daddy,” I answer with out a doubt. You pull out a gold chain with a garnet heart pendent. Tonight this will be the collar you will wear. If you continue to please me you will earn it for keeps.” You explain before you clasp the chain on my neck. You start Your truck with a roar. W/we drive to the other side of the city with the radio playing silly love songs. You tell me of your week and I talk of mine. Before long, W/we pull up to a lovely old hotel.

            This hotel sits off of the main street. “This is a place that is safe for people in O/our lifestyle.” You tell me as we step out.  A bell boy dressed in an old time uniform takes our bags. W/we go though the huge golden double doors and I feel like I am leaving the outside world. You lead me into a large room on the ground floor. The room is laid out like an European hotel dining room. There is mirrors and dark wood everything. Here and there, couples are feasting on fine foods. I notice that one thing is strange. Every table only had one chair and a pillow on the floor. As W/we walk to O/our table I notice why. The Dominants are sitting in the chairs and the submissives are kneeling on the pillows. “Kneel down, my pet.” You command when we reach the table. I drop to my knees on the cushion and, a wait your next order in awe of this place.

            You order dinner with a quickly. I am trying my best to look impressive for You but, my eyes start to wander around. Some submissives are fully clothed as I and others are nude. “Eyes down, girl. You must remember my rules. You will be deal with your whorish ass later. ”You sneer at me. I am so red with embarrassment. I do not have time to dwell on my faux pas for dinner is being served. The waiter places two plates in front of you and then the prime rib in front of you. He then lays out baked potatoes, French green beans, and rolls to your left. To your right, the waiter places two red wine glasses and an opened bottle of a Merlot.  “I think you should have some thing to do with your hands, girl. I want you to fix my plate and feed me. I also want you to pour the wine,” You state in a matter-of- fact way. I prepare Your plate very carefully. I want you to view me as graceful. I feed you with my eyes down cast. I stay in my place and wait u till you offer me the chance to eat. You allow me dinner and then stand. “I am pleased at your table service, girl. You will follow me upstairs and I pray you remember the basic rules. Stand and follow,” You tell me.

            I walk behind You as W/we climb up the central staircase. This hotel really looks like a private turn-of-the-century club. You stop at a door and pull out a key. “When you and I walk in here, W/we can not be heard and W/we will not be stopped. I will decide what you do and when you do it. You also will be disciplined for your forgetfulness,” You explain. You open the door and pull me in. “Undress, Me!” You order in a pissed off tone. Before I can look around, I am rapidly buttoning your suit jacket and pulling off your tie. I unbutton your shirt and trousers. I finish by pulling off your dress shoes, adding a quick kiss to your feet. I hope to get back in your good graces by remembering protocol. “Take that dress off, bitch,” You snarl. I am afraid of what is next. I rip off the silk dress as fast as I can. “Leave the corset and switch into your mules,” You tell me. I obey and wait for your next move.

            In the meantime, I catch a quick view of this suite. The floor is a dark hard wood and, it is covered with old wine toned Persian rugs. Beyond the small sitting room, lies a huge bedroom. In the center is a queen-sized dark cherry four-poster bed. “Walk to the bed and Kneel, whore,” You growl. I walk with pose to the bed and got to my knees on the thin gold and wine wool rug. I open my legs and fold my arms behind my back in the position I know you like. When my head is slightly bowed, You walk in front of me. “You belong to me,” You whisper in my right ear. The sound of your voice leads me into subspace; a space in time where my very being is to please you in all things. My body starts to ripen and my pussy is getting wet.” And because you belong to me, I can do what I want and I make the rules.” You continue. The tone of Your voice is very calm now. You are starting to enter deep Dom space. You are in complete control. “Get up on the bed on your back, now! And close those eyes that can not keep still” You order me. I put myself up the tall bed and lay back as commanded. When my eyes fall shut, You pull a leather blindfold on my flushed face. I feel Your strong hands cuff my wrists and ankles with heavy leather cuffs. I hear the click of the chains as you lock my arms and legs to the posters of this monster of a bed.

            You remind me of my safe word and then I hear your feet on the floor. “What is going to happen to me?”Is the question that runs over and over in my mind. Out of no where, my breasts are slapped with quick strong blows. The pain washes over my chest and runs down my body where it makes my pussy start to drip. “When you are in my collar bitch, you will keep your eyes down to the floor,” You snarl at me as your blows fall fast and sure. I stay quiet and take Your discipline.  “Do you understand my rule about where your eyes should be now slut? You may answer.” You demand. “Yes, Daddy,” I sob. “I am glad you got the picture. Lets move on to the fun part,” You sneer.  Slap! Slap! Slap! My thighs turn into an inferno of pain as You smack them with the flat of Your hand. The blows sound so loud in this room. Under the blindfold, I focus on taking the pain for You. My pussy starts to ache with each slap of your hands. You start to hit harder as you notice I am arching my body toward You. I want to be a good little pain slut for Daddy so, I offer more of  my thighs to You. My moans and sighs make Your cock so hard it stands out from Your body in a 90° angle.

            Suddenly, You stop. My heart is beating super fast and hard. The bed springs cry out and dip around me. I feel Your hot skin close to my face. You shove Your rock hard cock in my mouth and down my throat. “My cock will stay here u till you make me cum, bitch.” You tell me.  I work Your cock with my lips and tongue like candy. I love the way you taste and smell. Your cock is so sweet and thick in my mouth. I start to pull up your cock u till I can suck the velvet of your head. I suck it so hard and strong you tremble and start to cum. You seed pours down my throat in a river. I am so happy I could work you u till your came in my mouth. I feel like I am going to cum myself. My pussy was going even wetter as I stoked your cock within my mouth.

            “I am proud of you, baby. You made Daddy feel real good. To reward you, I will give you something I know you will like,” You tell me. I feel you move off of my face. I miss your weight as soon as you get down. I hear locks unclasp. “Is He going to fuck me now?” I wonder to myself. “I know you like a good flogging, my pet. Therefore, I will allow you to fly under my whip,” You explain. My mind clears. I move in slow motion as you push and pull me over on my stomach in the bed. I feel you stretch out my arms and legs once again to be bound to the bed. The sound of You unzipping your bag is loud in my ear. The flogger sings it’s dark dangerous song as You swing it in the air. Smack! Smack! Smack! My ass is warming with the leather strips bite. You hit all over my back and ass. The fire of my passion for You burns bright as you beat me. I cry out in pain and ecstasy.  My body is red with Your blows and my lust. The bed under me feels super wet. “I can smell your sweet juice, my pet.” You coo as you hit my back with Your whip. Your cock gets hard once more as you see my body move with your hard strokes of the leather.

            My back and ass is a deep red and purple in places I know for sure. The sight of my flushed skin and the sound of my cries compel You to push your cock in my waiting pussy. You get back in the bed behind me. I feel your warm weight cover me as you slide Your cock in my dripping pussy. W/we sigh together as you slide it home. You cock fills me like no other. “I love the way you are so hot and wet, slut,’ You mutter in my ear as you start to move. You swing in and out of my pussy as though you want to savor the feeling. I am moaning with need. Your cock feels so good going deeper and deeper to my core. I can not hold it back but I must.” When you are ready, you can cum bitch,” You tell me. I nod as you start to pound my pussy hard and fast. I hear ringing my ears and feel my pussy tighten around Your cock as you cum hard in it. I allow myself to fall over the edge too and yell out my release.  

            I am floating on a cloud as you unlock my wrists and ankles from their cuffs. You roll off my back and, remove my blind fold. “I want you to know, that you are doing well with training, baby.” You tell me with a quick kiss on the lips. You pull me in to your embrace. I feel like I am were I need to be. You have taken me to places that I thought I would never go. You raise up and hold out your hand to me. I take it and follow you to the bath. You start the shower. “ I want you to wash me, my pet,” You say. Next, You remove the chain on my neck. “ Now, you can say what ever you want,” You remark. I just step in the shower and help You in. I wash your deep stable brown skin will sure wipes of the towel and soap. I love to serve you in this way. I look in your eyes for the first time since dinner. You look at me with wonder. “I want you to know, I am so thank full you planned this for me, Daddy,” I tell you with a smile. “As long as you enjoy yourself, I am pleased. I am glad you are grateful, baby doll, “You reply. As I finish washing your body and I clean my own, I know I will never forget tonight.

            W/we dry off quickly. My body is tired and sore, and you are sleepy. I put the bed covers back to discover a second set. Someone at this hotel is smart. You invite me to sleep in the bed with You, then we climb in. “Tomorrow night I want you to wear the lifestyle outfit, my pet. I want to show you off at a party,” You explain to me as you settle in for the night. I lie down and wrap my arms around your waist. “Yes, Sir,” I answer. In my head, I turn over your plans as well as I dream about what is next.

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