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Shelley's Punishment

Khepera del Sadico © 2007

“Make sure you get your ass home on time! You have a lot of studying to do. And you’d better believe that you are going to rewrite that paper until it meets my approval!” Shelly reddened with shame. She could hear his disappointment. “Yes, Daddy.” Her lips trembled as she tried to hold in her tears. How could she have gotten a B- on that paper she wrote? She knew that she’d rushed through writing it at the last minute, but things usually came easily to her. Shelly was very smart and didn’t have to put a lot of effort into her schoolwork. She always aced her exams, until now. She was used to being the teacher’s pet. She was Daddy’s pet too. Shelly was Daddy’s spoiled little girl. She followed all the rules, did well in school, she was extroverted and well liked. He was quite proud of her. She enjoyed the attention she received from him. Shelly was an attractive woman. She still turned heads and although she was in her 30’s, her freckles and her innocent air made her appear to be in her 20’s. Daddy loved the looks she received from men as they walked down the street together. He knew that her cleavage left many a man salivating, but his little girl had eyes for no one but him.

They’d met a couple of years ago and moved in together about 6 months ago. He was surprised when she wrote to him on that site. He wasn’t accustomed to getting hits from women her age. They didn’t tend to want men of 50. They hit it off immediately and couldn’t stop talking to each other. It wasn’t long before they met and it was all over from there. They became inseparable. The first time they met, when she saw him, her face lit up, she jumped up and down like a little girl clapping her hands, smiling so hard that her cheeks hurt, and jumped into his arms squealing “Daddy!!” She covered his face with excited kisses and he couldn’t help but be filled with pride. She made him feel so good. She made him feel warm and loved like only a Daddy’s girl can. By the time they got to her place that evening, they knew that the fit was just right. He commanded her to remove his clothing so he could settle down comfortably on the bed. He ordered her to strip. She obeyed, laying herself bare before him. He examined her with his eyes, admiring her womanly form, the fullness of her DDD breasts, the round soft curve of her belly, her thickness. His eyes devoured her, enjoying the natural dimples in her flesh. Her copper and bronze dreadlocs were long, cascading down her back and brushing her heavy tits. She was a natural woman. A thick, solid gift from nature. He enjoyed BBWs. He felt that they tended to have a higher tolerance for pain than smaller women.

He reached out, roughly grabbed a fistful of her locs and dragged her head down forcing it into his crotch. She inhaled his scent and immediately opened her mouth, grateful for the opportunity to service him. Her tongue lashed out and connected with his shaft, and suddenly she felt as though her head and neck were being snapped back. Her scalp was screaming with white-hot pain as he pulled her head up and slapped her face hard, bringing tears to her eyes. “Did I give you permission to touch me you greedy bitch?” “No, Daddy”, she managed to squeak out between clenched teeth. She thought he was going to rip the hair off her head and take her scalp with it. She never attempted to break his grip, but instead looked up expectantly, waiting. “Don’t you ever make a move in this bedroom without my specific instructions. Touching my body is a privilege that you must earn. Do you understand me, Slut?” “Yes, Sir.” He got up to stand by the side of the bed. “Lie down on your back and hang your head back over the edge. Now, open that nasty mouth.” Daddy proceeded to force his thick dick down her throat, blocking her airway. She began to gag and sputter. “Open, bitch!” He thrust deeply and held his cock at the back of her throat, daring her to move away for want of breath. Tears squeezed from the corners of her eyes as she fought to endure the assault on her mouth; depending on whatever air she’d managed to suck in before his thrust. He withdrew as she began to gag, then found a steady in and out rhythm. She sucked as though her life depended on it, feeling his balls slapping against her nose and forehead. A guttural grunt rose from Daddy’s loins and worked it’s way up his body, through his lungs and out of his gaping mouth. “Uhnnnnggghhh, Shiiiittt!” He withdrew and shot his milky load on Shelly’s face and into her nostrils, as though he wished to move her from strangulation to drowning. Daddy slapped her face with his softening meat then used it to smear his dripping cum up her face and into her mouth. “Clean it up!” She quickly flipped over onto her belly and licked his shaft and head clean, thanking him all the while for allowing her to serve him. He cradled her face with his large hand and said, “Such a good girl.” Shelly cried tears of joy. She was finally home.

That was then. This is now. She was his little girl and true to form, couldn’t do enough to try to please him and make him proud of her. He’d encouraged her to enroll in grad school to get her Master’s degree. He knew that she was interested in working as a sexuality educator and was very excited about this semester’s course on The Psychology of Human Sexuality. She’d been talking about it for so long that he finally put his foot down and told her to go for it or never mention it again. She was dumbfounded about how she’d managed to get an B- on her paper. She knew she was taking a chance writing about submission in BDSM, but figured it would be an easy A based on her personal experience. She’d done no research, used no credible resources and omitted some elements and theories that she figured the Professor wouldn’t know about. Basically, she thought she could get over on this one, arrogantly thinking that the teacher might be a little less educated about this area of sexuality. She was sadly mistaken. Shit, Daddy was going to have her ass!

True to the nature of a spoiled little girl, she started scheming. Okay, Daddy has to work late tonight, so I need to pull out all the stops to cater to him when he gets home so I can cool him off a bit. She ran to the store and bought all of the ingredients for his favorite dishes. Once home, she began preparing his meal and cleaning the house. She made fresh bruschetta and stuffed mushrooms, lobster ravioli with assorted seafood in a light cream sauce, mesculin salad with apples, warm goat cheese, walnuts and homemade vinaigrette, and she had mango sorbet waiting in the freezer. His favorite Riesling lay chilling in the wine cooler alongside the white wine glasses. Okay, she’d planned for his stomach, now his comfort. Once the house was sparkling and smelling fresh, she laid out his robe and slippers, lit lightly scented candles and prepared to shower. After bathing, grooming and emolliating in the manner of his preference, she dressed in a lacy pink boy short thong with matching bra and a comfortable t-shirt, keeping her legs bare. Daddy liked her to keep things sweet and simple. He enjoyed watching her walk around the house this way catching glimpses of ass and cleavage whenever she bent over or sat cross-legged on the sofa. He wanted no make-up and minimal fragrance. He loved her natural state.

Once she’d finished cleaning the house, she lit scented candles throughout, with special attention on the bathroom. She intended to prepare a warm bath for him and bathe him lovingly from head to toe. He would be relaxed, happy and hopefully too content to remember that she’d done poorly on her paper.

He was due home any minute now, so she made sure she was in the office working on the rewrite, complete with editorial resources, detailed research, footnotes and references for him to read and approve. She was sure that if she showed him this new paper after all of the pampering, he couldn’t possibly maintain the anger that she’d heard in his voice earlier. As she was putting the finishing touches on the rewrite, she heard the key in the door. Her heart started beating wildly. He’s home! Time to get into action. Shelly ran to the door with his slippers. “Daddy!” She threw her arms around him, planted kisses all over his face, removed his coat to hang it in the closet then immediately dropped to her knees to remove his shoes and put on his comfortable slippers. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow, thinking, oh, she must think I’m stupid. Let me see what she’s playing at. “I’ve prepared dinner for you Daddy.” He still hadn’t said a word. Shelly ran ahead to make sure the table setting was still looking as beautiful as when she left it an hour ago. Daddy sat down and Shelly immediately started serving the various courses. He ate in silence, slowly ingesting the dishes Shelly had made. With each item she served, Shelly lovingly placed the plate before him, always checking to see if he looked pleased. She so wanted to make him happy. She would do anything to see him smile. However, he went through each course silently, never giving an indication of approval nor disapproval, which made Shelly a bit uneasy. Well, there’s still the bath, she thought. He’s full, hopefully the “itous” will set in and the bath should put the seal on it. He’ll be way too relaxed to even think about being mad at me. She proceeded to lead him into the bathroom where his bath water was warm and waiting. She undressed him, as she knew he liked, and watched him settle into the tub. She proceeded to bathe his glistening brown skin with gentle hands, all the while glancing at him seductively. He allowed a slow smile to spread across his face as he watched her. He couldn’t resist smiling, as he did enjoy her pampering. Still, he never said a word. Shelly continued, occasionally looking up at him to see if he wanted to give her any specific instructions. He did not. He allowed her to work her magic. Thinking that he might be ready for a nice sensual massage, she asked him if he would like to retreat to the bedroom. He nodded, stood and waited for her to bring the fluffy white towel over to dry his body. He stepped out of the tub and Shelly gently patted him dry, and then began to rub his body with a shea butter emollient that left his skin feeling moist and pampered. He pointed to the ground and she immediately dropped to her knees. Daddy simply turned and headed for the bedroom. Shelly crawled behind him. He walked over to the closet, reached inside and pulled out the toy bag. Suddenly, Shelly’s heart sank. Oh shit.

“Did you really think that you could charm your way out of this punishment? I enjoyed the meal and the bath, but recognize that those are the things you are SUPPOSED to do for me, so I am not impressed by your obvious attempt to distract me. Another thing that you were supposed to do was get an A on the paper that represents our way of life. And perhaps the fact that you think the things you did for me tonight should be the exception instead of the rule explains the B-. MINUS! As in, ‘close but no cigar’. MINUS as in ‘I kind of know about this stuff, but clearly think I can do a half assed job on my paper because I am a half-assed submissive’. You shamed yourself. You shamed me, and for this you clearly need to be schooled.” He stared down at her, fire in his eyes. Shelly hung her head, embarrassed, tears beginning to well in her eyes. “Did you think that you shouldn’t be punished for this?” “No, Daddy” SLAP! “How dare you try to get over after a poor performance? Go into the bag, get out the cuffs and put them on, now!” “Yes, Daddy.” Shelly crawled over to the toy bag, removed the padded leather restraints and buckled them on to her wrists and ankles. “Now lay out my instruments.” She obeyed, removing paddles, clover clamps, whips, floggers, canes, riding crops, knives, blindfolds, dildos, butt plugs, eye hooks, rope and other unmentionables. She laid them out neatly across the dresser so that he could easily access anything he might want to use.

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