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Cycuntica Destiny

Sasi © 2008

It was the night before the beginning of Cycuntica 18th year. She the princess of the remote Amazon Tribe called the Managua.  The entire tribe had gathered to celebrate her becoming a woman. She had been trained and prime to service the one who would now claim her as his property .She had heard story of what happen to the women of her tribe on their eighteenth birthday. The women hut was filled with all the women of the tribe above the age of eighteen; there was both fear and excitement in her heart. Only knowing what she had heard from the whisper of the elders, they washed her in scented oils with the bark of the almond tree. The women spoke of the joy and pain that this night would bring her. The tribe was very primitive and held to the old ways. She was a virgin who had only bled once before this time. The blood was the sign that this maiden had come into estrus and was now ready to under go the tribal ritual. Her hair was black and straight which cover her back like a silky blanket. Tonight it was to be tied up on her head like a crown with wild flowers adorning it. The women took special to insure that her entire body was exposed. She was shaven with the sharpen rock fashion especially for this purpose. The only hair on her body was now her crown. Her skin was tarnish from the sun and glisten like gold from the oil.  A blindfold made of palm leaves was placed over her eyes and a rope made of vines placed around her wrist. She was now prepared to meet her destiny.

There was a large structure in the center of the village and two smaller one on each side. One held all the senior men of the tribe and the other the women. The senior men had gathered to prepare the Young man for his challenge. To claim his property, she must suffer by his hand and follow his commands bend to his will completely. . His body painted in vivid colors of green yellow and brown and adorned with feathers and the skin of the giant anaconda believing it give great strength and bravery.

The center structure was the place of becoming, the place of the beginning a sacred place.
In the center of the structure there is a large pit filed with hard wood wrapped in opium leaves, the smoke from the fire was sweet and intoxicating. White hot spears protruding outward. The center post was adorned with the prickly vine of the Japusso tree which also bore a beautiful white flower with an intoxicating fragrance. Tribal legend says that the scent of this flower has both an aphrodisiac and analgesic effects. The time is now it is almost midnight. The men line the way to the sacred place …. Each armed with braided vine of the Japusso tree. As Junucock walked to the beginning place he was struck over and over again by the elder of the tribe leaving the mark of becoming a dominant member of the tribe he had learn well from his guide… inside he takes his place beside the chief  follow by the men of the tribe who encircle them. Chanting and dancing almost trance like awaiting the arrival of his property.

From the distance a loud cry is heard announcing the coming of his soon to be owned property. She is lead in to the sacred place by the eldest woman of the tribe. Her head is bowed in respect the rope that binds her hands is given to the chief, for his inspection of her. The chief squeeze her firm breast and takes each of his nipples in mouth causing her to squirm from his touch. He examines her belly and the smooth shaven mounds leading to her pussy. He forces her legs apart and feels the heat and the moistness building there. He forces one finger into her tight wet virgin pussy to insure that she had not been spoiled before this day. He pulls his finger out of her hold his hand in the air then smell and tastes her.  The hut was then filled with all sorts of joyous sounds. She was pure and unspoiled. Her time has now begun. She was lead to the center of the hut and placed on the mat that had been prepared she was then tied spread eagle. Junucock moved close to her head and kissed her gently and whispered you are my property  from this moment forward your will is mine your body is mine soon I shall  soon claim your heart and soul , at this he stood  and begin to whip her with the braided vine leaving his mark on her body. She pleaded with him to stop but it fell on deaf ears … the chanting and the scent of the burning opium  had begin to take it’s toll on her… the pain she was experiencing had translate to pleasure  like the sweet caress of a thousand hands. Her mind now in a place not know to her…The chief  kneels down between her thigh and begin to lick and  suck the juices of her sweet virgin pussy she moan with pleasure …just as her very first orgasm was nearing he stopped… as he rose his cock was hard and throbbing for release. He removed her blind fold so that she might see to who was taking her virginity…the chief was her father and he had the right to deflower all virgin in his tribe … He pushed his swollen member deep into his daughter and felt the rip of her hymen … this elicited a loud scream from her and cheers from those who witnessed this event… The chief pulled out of her pussy and exploded on her belly showing the spotting of blood that was proof that she was unspoiled.

 Junucock moves to his now deflowered property and assist her to her feet and escorts her to the post adorn with the prickly vines in the center of the hut. The vine is covered with thrones and beautiful white scented flowers. Down her thigh streams the evidence of her deflowering. Junucock pick a flower from the vine and captured a portion of her juices turning the flower from white to red. He began to eat of the flower when finish he spoke these words. “I have taken you into my body you are now a part of my soul I own all that you are and will ever be, your heart and soul now reside with in me… You shall serve me suffer for me and prove your self worthy. Is this your hearts desire? “

Cycuntica… with arms extended outward palms upward head bowed and eyes downcast replied… i am your property… to do with as you will… my heart desire is to serve you. May the Gods give me the strength to prove my self worthy. With her declaration
Junucock pressed her hard against the post eliciting a scream from her, her arms tied high above her head and her ankle secured to the post. Now was the time of suffering his raft for allowing another to touch her to take what was His.

He strikes her with all of his might with the vine that was fashion for this purpose. The whelp rose on her skin with each lash, she murmured not a word for she knew that this was the cleansing, the purification of her transgression. As she weakens from the onslaught of his raft… he went to her and whispered “To whom do you belong”… in a whimper she replied … I am your property … marked and made pure again…

With this Junucock walked slowly to the pit of fire and removed a white hot  spear and pressed it against the mound of her pussy… she scream with pain and passed out… those in attendance chanted  and dance  in the glory of the moment… Junucock had claimed his property and marked it for life.  The elder women removed her from the hut and carried to the river to be bath in the healing water of the Amazon. There they had prepared a bed of leaves lined with the fur of animal and a feast of fresh fruits and cool drink from the juice papaya and passion fruit. There they laid her to await her Master return. One maiden was left to watch over her while she slept. The excitement and festivities last until dawn… with Junucock enjoying the pleasure of any female he desired; his Cycuntica slept the healing sleep. As the morning light came he returns to the side of his property awaken her with a kiss. They enjoyed the feast of life that had been prepared for them. She was now his branded for life. The bond now shared by them cannot be broken under tribal law. He must care for and protect her; she must serve him in every way, his property to do with as he will.

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