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When and where Daddy says. It's Daddy's way, always.

Khepera del Sadico © 2014

The house had been closed up for a month in the dead of winter. No heat, no water, no power, just cold. Daddy had accompanied me there to retrieve some things I needed. It should have taken no more than 10 minutes, in and out. It was so cold, we could see clouds of our breath.

I headed toward the mahogany cabinet, ready to point out the item I needed when Daddy turned on me suddenly. His eyes captured mine and I froze. I knew that look. Awww, hell no. No fucking way! It's got to be 35 fucking degrees in here! He could not be that pressed.

He began to unbuckle his belt. "Are you kidding me?!!"

"Take off your clothes." He pushes his pants down.

"Oh, hell no! Daddy it's freezing in here! You can't be serious."

"Do I look like I'm playing??!" His left brow rose.

Aw, fuck! "Daddy, please. It's so cold in here. Can't we at least keep our clothes on?"

He begins zipping my jacket down, pulling my sweater and bra up and grabbing my breasts. Jeezuss, he's serious. "Daddy, please..." He undoes my jeans and pushes them down to my calves.

"Get on your knees."

"Daddy..." I look at him, my eyes pleading, hoping the cold will fuck with his erection. It doesn't. This is really about to happen. I begin to lower myself to the floor when he apparently decides I need assistance and grabs a fistful of my hair, dragging me down to the hardwood. I open my mouth and lean forward prepared to worship.

I bury my face in his crotch and breath in. I love the smell of him. I don't dare remove my gloves to touch him because my fingers are frigid. I part my lips and gently lick the underside of his head, hoping to get a taste of pre-cum. I take him into my mouth and work my mouth and tongue. He loves his baby girl's devotion to pleasing Daddy and can never get enough of my mouth. As he gets more aroused he begins to pull off my sweater. Come on, man, really???!! I love pleasing you but I just am not gonna' be able to do that eskimo shit!

"Daddy, please, can I just grab that blanket over there?" Before he can answer, I'm running over to grab the throw I keep next to the sofa. I throw it around my shoulders. He starts laughing. "I'm glad you find this amusing!" I can't help but find the corner of my mouth turning up too. You have to laugh, because this makes no damn sense.

"Daddy, can we take this into the bedroom?" He laughs, and says "Oh, hell yeah!"We stumble over each other racing to get into the warmth of the mattress and comforters. In the room, his clothes seem to have magically disappeared and he is ripping every stitch I have off of me. We're cracking up at the ridiculousness of the situation as he dives under the covers first. The look on his face was priceless! "Fuck!" The bed is also 35 degrees. Well, that's to be expected when the house has been closed up.

I run to the armoire and grab every comforter I own, throw them over him and quickly jump in beside him. We snuggle, wrap arms, interlock legs, hug and roll around kissing, trying to steal each other's body heat. It takes time but it is beginning to warm up under the mountain of comforters.

I begin to work my way down his body, kissing, and loving every inch of my Daddy Bear. I get to his manhood and bury my face once again. I just stay there for a while breathing deep, taking him into my nose, and lungs. Feeling Him spread through me from the inside out. I begin to worship.

There is nothing I love more than to hear the sounds of my Daddy enjoying my mouth, my tongue, my warmth, my devotion. The sounds he makes. When he croons my name. When my tongue tricks catch him off guard, make him gasp and begin speaking in tongues. When he curses softly to himself wondering where the fuck I came from. When he begins to worship me like I was sent directly from heaven. When the power has once again become mine as he goes to that place that can only be seen once his eyes have rolled to the back of his head. When he calls out to the deities as he begins to cum for me. When I continue to softly worship after his little death. When he jumps and his breath catches as he is so sensitive he can't take any more. When he grabs my locks and drags me back up toward him. When he smiles, and breaths out with his eyes closed,"Baaaaby giiirrrl..." When he wraps his arms around me and presses me tight to his body. He kisses my forehead, he kisses my face, he kisses me. "You're Daddy's baby girl."

"I am yours Daddy." I hold him and he drifts off...

When Daddy begins to stir again, I snuggle into him. He kisses me and begins to grab and twist my nipples hard, the way that I love. He sucks and bites on my breast, kneading and pulling the other as I begin to writhe and moan. He rolls onto me and nestles himself between my legs. I raise my hips anticipating what will be coming, trying to rub my clit on any part of him I can access. Daddy pushes my legs back, practically folding me in half and enters me. I gasp, looking up at him as he looks down at me. He begins to work His pussy and my eyes close as I sink into myself, just wanting to feel.

"Look at me"
I open my eyes and see him towering above me. He's like a mountain. I love how big he is. His eyes lock mine. He moves, a slow dance, reggae whine, deep thrusts, eyes locked. I watch him stare down at me. I know he enjoys seeing the pained expression on my face as I take in all of this good, good... He knows it embarrasses me to have him see me this way. With my eyes open, I can't deny that he sees me. The little girl in me believes that if I close my eyes and I can't see you, then you can't see me. He knows his baby girl. He won't allow me to hide from him. He always wants all of me. "Open your eyes..."

I play with my clit as he works his magic. My eyes begin rolling back, and he knows I'm getting to that place. I feel owned by him. I'm filled with him. My lungs with his scent, my mouth with his taste, my womanhood with his manhood. He feels it building in me and pulls out. He wants to see. Wants to be close to it. Breathe me in as I lose myself through him.

He sinks down beneath the covers, working his way down toward my hot, wet, love. I continue to work my clit feverishly, plunging the fingers of the other hand into my wetness. "Yeah baby, do that. Can you hear your wetness?" I breathe, "Yes, Daddy". He sticks his fingers in with mine, pumping my pussy with me as my other hand moves warp speed on my clit. He pulls his fingers out and shoves them into my mouth, making me taste my sweet nectar. I lick and suck each finger clean.

Daddy grabs the gloves and the lube. Oh my God, he's going there. I begin to pant in anticipation. I'm starting to lose it, panicking a bit, heart beating fast just thinking about what's about to happen. I continue to work my pussy as Daddy starts to gently touch me there. He's relaxing my rosebud to prepare for entry, and then...and then... "Ooooooohh, Goooood, Daaaaaaddeeeeeee" He works my ass as I work my clit and hole, his face right there, my legs spread wide.

Vulnerable to him, he's positioned so that I am unable to close my legs, and I do try. Knowing his face is right there is so embarrassing, more so because the embarrassment is making me wetter. I'm going to explode with him 'right there' and the thought makes my cheeks flush. Panting, writhing before him, he's added more fingers, just the way I like. He's hurting me...and I love it. It hurts, it hurts, and it's because of Daddy...and I love it. I feel the wave begin in my ass, spread through my pussy and clit, thighs begin to shake uncontrollably, I let out a long note that increases in pitch, back arched off the bed, I am levitating, neck arched, just the top of my head on the bed now, and Daddy keeps working me. Now, the power, again, is all His. I am raw, and can't take any more. Jumping away from him, begging with my unintelligible sounds. He slowly pulls out. And I...hide my face in shame. I am bleeding. I am ashamed because that excites me.

"Look at me"

I slowly, reluctantly drag my eyes to his, embarrassed, full of shame.

"Are you Daddy's girl?"

"I am yours..."

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