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The Story

Kieth Meistersohn © 2016

Dolores Payne arrived at LaGuardia Airport early in the evening on her way to visit a friend; he'd
called while she was leaving the plane on the way to the luggage claim area and told her he'd sent a car
for her. As she approached the baggage carousels, Dolores noticed a nicely-dressed Asian woman, lithe
and slightly shorter than herself, holding a card with the words Dolores Payne printed neatly on it.
“I'm Dolores,” she said, stepping towards her.
The Asian woman politely bowed slightly. “I am Tomiko Fujikawa. It is my honor to be your hostess
for ride to city.
“You have luggage?”
“Yes,” Dolores replied, “I'm waiting for them to start sending it down now”
“Please, your car is this way,” Tomiko gestured towards the doors leading to the curb, “you can wait
there and my driver will retrieve your bags for you.”
“That would be great—I'm soooo tired...”
Dolores started towards the door. Outside, the driver, a tall Black man dressed matching Tomiko is
waiting next to the car. He quickly stepped to the passenger side of the black mid-stretch Lincoln and
opened the rear door.
“Welcome Miss Payne,” the driver started, “I am Dee, your Driver. Please, be seated, make yourself
“Wow, a stretch! I wasn't expecting this ...” Dolores stepped inside, “This feels so nice. And a juice
“Yosh!” Tomiko snapped to Driver Dee, “You get her bags!”
“Yes ma'am” Mr. Dee started towards the doorway and baggage claim.
“Wait—” Dolores started from inside the car, “you don't know what my luggage looks like or ...”
Dolores started to slide towards the limo door to step out; Tomiko stepped to her and with one quick
fluid motion deftly grabbed Dolores's right wrist, twisting it hard behind her, forcing Dolores back into
the car onto the floor, face down.
“Hey! OWWW!”
Reaching into her hip pocket, Tomiko pulled out a pair of black metal handcuffs, snapping one quickly
and firmly on Dolores's right wrist.
“What the fuck– OWWWWUH!”

“Shut the fuck up bitch!” With equal adroitness, Tomiko forced her left wrist behind her, locking it in
place. Dee glimpsed back and smiles slyly, seeing Dolores forcibly bound on the floor of the limo. Her
big legs were furiously flailing about, the dress raised up revealing thick shapely calves, full thighs, and
the broad naked curves of her lower buttocks encased in a pair of snug black lace panties. Her red highheeled
pumps accentuated Dolores's buxom posture. The view was partly obstructed by Tomiko, now
sitting on Dolores's broad behind as she lay face down with her hands cuffed behind her back. The
limo shook from their combined motions as Tomiko subdued her.
Reaching into a compartment under the juice bar, Tomiko produced a pair of black leg irons—big
handcuffs attached by a stout chain—and slapped one on her left ankle, bending her leg up towards her
ass. Just as quickly she manacled her other ankle.
“OWW Help! Hel—MMMFFF!”
She pulled Dolores's hair, forcing her head back and slapped a piece of gray duct tape over her full lips.
Dee—his cock stiffening rapidly—stood in front of the limo door, obscuring the view from outside,
passers-by totally oblivious to Dolores's forced bondage inside behind the heavily tinted glass.
Behind them another sedan quickly pulled up; a driver steps out, card in hand, the words Dolores
Payne and the car service logo on it.
As the other driver went inside, Dee quickly closed the limo door, smirking, his cock swelling at the
sight of Tomiko now forcing Dolores's cuffed ankles up towards her ass and locking the stout chain to
her handcuffed wrists with a quick-link.
Too bad the bitch missed her real ride, Dee thought.
Dolores was now shrieking into the gag, squirming salaciously in the strict hogtie, the dress having
worked upwards fully revealing her panty-clad bottom. Dee opened the rear door from the driver's side.
“Hey, I want in on this party!” He reached for the hem of Dolores's drawers and slowly pulled them
down. “MMFFF!” she protested, clenching her ass cheeks.
Dee thoroughly enjoyed the sight before him—Dolores kicking and screaming, her cries muffled by the
gag; the muscles in her thighs, buttocks, and calves alternately tightening and flexing as she fought the
shackles; dimpling full thighs and scrumptiously firm broad buttocks.
“Is that an ass for whipping or what?” He briskly applied several slaps to those broad cheeks delighting
as they jiggled under the force of the blows. He grabbed the hem of her panties again.
Then the sound of tearing fabric was heard as Dee forcefully ripped Dolores's lace drawers off her ass.
He pressed the ripped cloth to his nose and inhaled deeply, licking the torn cloth at the crotch.
“Ahh! This bitch is ripe for whipping and for fucking.”

He tossed the torn panties to Tomiko. Then he reached over again, pinching the plumpest curve of a
buttock. “I want some of this redbone ass when your done.”
Tomiko took a whiff of Dolores's drawers. “No you don't, this bitch belongs to me!” she spat back,
“Or maybe you want me to kick your ass?”
“Yo T, chill” he replied, “it's all good, save the art for her,” He stepped out towards the front driversside
door and got in. “I ain't gonna get in between you 'n your fun.”
He started to drive off. “Like I said, Welcome Miss Payne,” Dee glimpsed back to see Dolores still
thrashing about on the floor, Tomiko sitting in a seat next to her, a stockinged foot pressing down
firmly on the crevice between her buttocks, parting them. Dolores feel the pressure of Tomiko's foot
against her cunt and asshole; Tomiko feels the moist heat of Dolores's forced ardor from between the
cheeks of her behind. Dee's dick is painfully hard-pressed in his pants.
“You're probably wondering what the fuck is up.” Dee steered the car towards the Grand Central
parkway. “Music?”
“Put on that CD I brought” Tomiko replied.
Dee reach over to the car's audio controller and selected Hiroshima from a menu of CDs located in a
player in the trunk, a moment later the strains of their Jazz fusion sound gently fill the car.
“Well, Miss Payne,” Dee continued, “You're probably wondering what happened to the car your friend
hired for you...” Dee steered the car around a corner, heading towards a ramp leading to a the Grand
Central parkway.
“Well, see, we were hired by another friend of yours, and he wanted you to be—how should I put this
—well ..”
“...Punished, cunt!” Tomiko intoned, grabbing her chin and forcing Dolores to look at her “Your friend
says he's had enough of your cock-teasing bullshit and that's why he's paid our considerable sum to
take your ass and deal with you using our own special methods.” Tomiko moved her hand down to
Dolores's throat, squeezing firmly; then, pulling her hair—forcing Dolores to expose her neck—leaned
over, bite-sucked her neck leaving a large red mark.
Dee went on. “Tomiko here is an expert in several martial arts—Including Hojo-Jitsu, and the Japanese
art of bondage—though her remark about kicking my ass was somewhat tongue-in-cheek.” As if to
illustrate his point, she squatted over Dolores on the floor, grabbed her butt cheeks low and spread them
hard and wide, fully exposing Dolores's vagina and anus. Then she began to dart her tongue alternately
into her tight asshole and the pink meat of her sex while Dolores moaned derisively in the gag,
salaciously pumping and clenching her ass. “Oh yea—one other thing: Tomiko likes girls and she likes
to be, well, rough. Oh but you know that already, right—my bad.”

The sound of Dolores's cries mingled with the wet sucking sound of Tomiko tongue-fucking Dolores's
pussy and anus is too much for Dee.
“Yo partner, you sure I can't git summa that ass? I mean, help a 'brutha out—I'm on my way to a
serious case of black-and-blue balls up here!”
Tomiko paused. “Chill D, I'll blow you later,”
“How 'bout you make her do it?” suggested Dee.
Tomiko grabbed Dolores's chin, forcing her to turn and look at her, eyes wide open.
“Well how 'bout it bitch, you gonna suck his dick?”
Dolores closed her eyes twisting her head away in a vain attempt to avert Tomiko's grip; she responded
by pulling Dolores's hair hard, forcing her head back. Dolores inhaled sharply, staring back at Tomiko,
Tomiko reached into the same compartment that contained the shackles, this time producing a cat-onine-
tails whip, showing it to Dolores.
She released the quick link holding her ankles to her wrists; Dolores's big curvy legs drop to the limo
floor, her ass available for whipping.
“You WILL...”
Crack! Crack!
Crack! Crack! Crack
Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!
Tomiko drove her point home with the cat full across the ass cheeks. Dolores was sobbing hard, her
make up and hair messed up, tears pouring down her face onto the carpet. To forcefully finish her
statement, Tomiko decided on one last insidious stroke. She swept the cat upwards towards the base of
that behind and Dolores shrieked furtively as the whip's thongs attacked her lower ass cheeks, labia and
anus with the same stroke. Dee turned around to catch a glimpse of Dolores squirming face down on
the floor and kicking furiously. The shackles noisily checked her legs, the leather of her red pumps
squeaking as Dolores futilely kicked and fought her steel bonds.
“I'm about to wreck the car, yo!”

“Well pull over and let's handle this then!” Tomiko barked.
She cracked Dolores's ass open again; Dolores's sobbing melded into deep sighing moans as Tomiko
forced her right thumb into Dolores's asshole and two middle fingers into her pussy, working them in a
slow, deep, vigorous churning, twisting, thrusting motion. Dolores started to pump and twist her hips,
and clench her ass wildly, writhing convulsively in a slow, deep orgasm.
“This bitch is soaking wet, D!”
“Aw shit!” Dee replied, swerving abruptly onto the shoulder and into the parking lot of a convenientlylocated
rest area. The vacant lot and twilight would assist in concealing the continuing party. Stopping
the car, He quickly stepped around to the passenger door, opening it just in time to see Tomiko pull
Dolores's hair with her left hand while tearing the gag off her mouth with her right; Dolores caught the
scent and wetness of her own sex still on Tomiko's hand.
Tomiko grabbed Dolores's chin.
“This is only the beginning, cunt!” She hissed, staring hard at her; Dolores stare back deliriously in
shocked submission.
“Suck his dick, bitch, or taste the whip again! Your fucking choice!”
From behind her, Dolores heard the sound of a zipper opening; then she feel another hand pull her hair
and twist her head to face Dee's enormous naked thick black dick.
Without a word, Dolores closed her eyes and opened her mouth...

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